Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another year a coming!

Well I missed on wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends! I just slipped up I guess and working two jobs kinda quashed the festive cheer too. So being off for two days I've time to comtemplate things and hope to start the new year off on the right foot.

Happy New Year to you all and hope your future is full of your heart's desire!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sister's cats!

Ooops I forgot about these critters!!! This is the second set of "babies" for Florence and Wayne and it don't matter what you want - they rule the roost that is for sure! LOL! Even to the length of the cold shoulder when left at home while they go away for the weekend - funny! And they even get a catsitter for them, sometimes even me!

Meet Blackjack, who's gotta help out with the wrapping, but also the unwrapping too!!! Also last year when younger crawled up the tree trunk and dared Daddy to come get him! He might not be crawling up the tree trunk this year but those decorations are still very tempting! LOL!

And Toffey (Daddy's girl) is a real tease too, who many a time gets Blackjack in trouble for initiating the rough stuff. She hightails it whenever visitors arrive or that dreaded vaccuum.

I overheard my sister informing them that Auntie is slow on the draw as the tree still does not have their pictures made into ornaments hung on the tree like the first three cats had. Hmmm guess another WISP to concentrate on!

Christmas and CQ pics

Howdy and gosh it looks a lot like Christmas out there!!! I worked 6 hours today and came out to 2" of heavy wet snow on my car and everywhere! Talk about a skating rink on the roads too. Good thing I'm staying put tomorrow and probably Monday too.

Okay here are some of the family pics from Christmas. Here are the "three kitchenteers" as they are always in charge of whatever family function being put together with Elsie (in red)tossing orders left, right and centre to the rest of us.

And here are a few of the BILs, naturally sitting and waiting for the food!

And here's dear Dad in his rearranged LR with the borrowed banquet table semi-set - waiting too!

Carollers have arrived! Elsie's son and his family arrived after supper for a visit and also sang a Christmas carol for "Gigi" - that sure brought smiles to everyone's faces!

And here is a 12.5" cq'd block I've received (Dec. 22nd) from my dear friend "dragonfly" - basically a private swap planned like two years ago and she's beat me to finish too! I'm very pleased with the gift!

And here is my block for "dragonfly", but it's not finished yet!!! I've still some more embellishing to go yet, but hope to get it finished and off to her in the near future. You can't see my spider web or the fancy purple beaded spider just to the left of the Abalone Angel. Hope to get another better picture or the block when finished.

Okay, back to my chair and relax as I'm beat or maybe coming down with something!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hardanger gift

WOW I'm jumping for joy as I was at my LNS (Mrs. Twitchett's Eye) and they had 35% off on books and I picked up the two Janice Love books "Hardanger Fundamentals made Fancy" and "Hardanger Basics and Beyond" - WOW! My Dad gave me $50 for Christmas so I decided instead of putting it to bills I was buying these much needed learning tools. Now I'm set with whatever web freebie pattern I pick and can't complete!

There is also on Nordic Needle a Collectors Angel pattern I want for myself and it's on sale right now so hopefully it's still there when I finally get around to ordering it.

Well I'm working on finishing a 2-year WISP for a friend and thoroughly enjoyed the embroidery and beading last night (4-day withdrawal), so hope to get to more tonight. I'll be taking some pics soon but I need new batteries first or I'll loose what I have in there now if I push to the limit.

Okay, back to stitching and hockey!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Christmas

Christmas greetings! Well I had a lovely visit with Dad and family and even surprised him with my sister and BIL from Ontario arriving unannounced. We had lovely mild weather (some brisk winds) for travelling and now I'm back home - well not quite as my PC is at the techie Dr so I'm borrowing another's to check emails before going home to relax and maybe stitch. Gosh I didn't take any stitching home and I think I'm in withdrawal.

I did take my digital camera home and took a "few" pictures but can't upload as yet, patience, it'll be soon, cause I'm anxious to upload myself!!!! LOL! My youngest sister was a GM in February and as yet Rylan has not travelled the 200 miles to Dauphin to visit them, it's always the GPs travelling to Winnipeg. So apparently they arrived this afternoon and my sister is just FLYING high and has toys and more toys yet for him to open up and I'm sure A/Us also have some for him too! Florence did say she was taking him over to visit with my Dad for a bit and well I too wish I could have stayed another day to visit too - but they've a full house now.

Well guess I'll go and maybe get into some stitching and hockey if it's on! That too I was in withdrawal for!!! LO!L

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Aurora Christmas

Oh yes, I also "ditto" someone's asking to have the Christmas gatherings in the future at the church rather than a restaurant. Gosh we had so much food we could have fed another dozen easily, never mind the dessertssssss (and I was not up to cooking this time) and Linda did not think two chickens would be enough for us all. And to boot all the freedom to shout across or down the table (at times it got quite rowdy - me included), get up and visit, stitch if we wanted to, have an awesome show and tell and to play games too, without trying to keep the noise level down. Also not having others not in our group sometimes letting us know they did not care for our comaraderie (in a restaurant). So Thank You very much to everyone for such a lovely dinner and naturally all your smiling faces and so very sorry that some of you were under the weather or working or other commitments and could not meet with us. Maybe another year! Take Care and a Merry Christmas to all!

And I can tell you I was VERY VERY VERY glad I had booked off the whole day as I sure needed it. Not cause I was so tired like Judith (poor gal) from all the comings and goings, but more like the last unload of dishes out of that !@#$% commercial dishwasher did me in! This is telling how much it hurt, I couldn't even scream or cry or stomp my feet to commisserate my pain, I just gritted my teeth, finished up and left to cry at home. I know it was stupid to rush but I felt that the gals were waiting for me to finish up to lock the doors as I honestly am paranoid about leaving it opened or not locked properly. See I had left the dishwasher door down and the tray out instead of hauling it up and closing the door and then emptying the tray! Nooooooo, Rose Anne thought she can just work around the door and empty as is - well I missed the corner and clipped the inner top calf inside my left knee on the very very sharp corner, didn't cut my pants (how I don't know), but have this white/red () where it connected and now a massive blue purple bruise surrounding the mark.

My Chiro on Tuesday is just gonna shake his head with these incidents. LOL! Yeah I can chuckle now but yesterday I just about lost my lovely dinner from the pain. I'd take a picture of it but don't feel like shaving my legs so you're spared that at least. Sheesh first my shoulder was black, blue and swollen for a good week (slipping off a step stool at work backwards into the desk) and now my knee is bruised and swollen! I don't even think bubble wrap would have helped on this one girls - it probably would have burst to boot!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sewing day with Linda

Oh my, me thinks me had a taste of retirement yesterday and wants more! LOL! Thank you so much Linda! Gonna have to plan more such getaway days next year.

See Linda M's hubby is away working and she asked if I can take a vacation day and come sew with her. Well I managed an afternoon and joined her around 2:00 pm after mailing off my Christmas cards and picking up my stuff. I got to use Bijou (her retreat machine) - not her fancier ones that is for sure - and stitched up four 12.5" blocks for a charity quilt. Linda was working on placemats from a class she had just completed and I loved the colours she had chosen. But I must say having that laptop smack dab in the middle of the sewing machines was mighty distracting especially with all the dinging that mail has arrived! LOL!

Then she fed me chicken divan on rice for supper - YUMMY - and green and yellow beans for the veggies - my favourites!

Then back up to the sewing room and I switched over to trying to stitch up some kleenex box covers - not so successfully but okay. I borrowed my ex-bosses bought one and my sister did the planning and I'm off to the races sewing them with no instructions - see my delimma. I'm sure there is a commercial pattern somewhere but heck I've enough bills/patterns I don't need to buy another one when there are more intricate ones I would like to have instead. Well I finished off the one and Linda graciously gave me two gold ball buttons and VOILA it's finished - sorry no pic either - maybe next week.

Then I assisted Linda in attaching binding the easy way and gosh I could slap myself up one side and down the other for doing mine the hard way all these years!!! This is so easy but you have to allow at least 12" play room as Linda found out, but we were trying to eliminate two joins just about side by side. It worked and I think she's stitched it in place today - if I read her email correctly.

I even was serrenaded(? ) by Jonathan practicing his flute and I was much appreciative and told him so even though he was reluctant to do so. On Sunday is my great nephew's piano recital and this will be the first one I'm missing and was quite put out about it. I passed on my hoorahs with Pat and was told he is feeling stage fright this year. I told him to just play for his own enjoyment and maybe it'll be okay - I hope so as he's pretty good and I love when he plays for me when I'm over there. Not that I'd know if he's following the music sheets but if I recognize the song I know when he slips up. And he gets a charge out of seeing Auntie with tears and smiles - heck what can I say, I'm a softie!!!

Tonight is guild meeting night and tomorrow evening I work. Then Saturday I have off for our satellite Christmas party and then Sunday I work. BUT inbetween and maybe during I'm working on crocheting the tops of the kitchen towels and also have my friend's crazy patched block to finish embellishing. She's already completed mine and it's probably in the mail already so I've got to get moving on it! I definitely need another 4-6 "free" hours added onto my evenings - there just is not enough time in my day!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OMGG I can do it!!!!

First off I have to say THANK YOU to Janet for this gift, I've thoroughly enjoyed this last hour reading the manual and experimenting with it! Oh what demons have you set free?

My heartbeat is just a racing but I'm smiling to beat the band! See I decided to make the time and read this manual and take a few pics and upload them if I could from the HP photosmart 320 digital camera my former boss gave me last night. WELLLLLLL (tonque in cheek) I just might have moved up into the realm of digital photography!!! LOL!

So here goes my first pics! These are of my phalaenopsis in spike and a fuzzy closeup too (gotta practice holding my breath and arm steady):

And now here is the Christmas stocking I received in the CdnQuiltSwappers Royal Treatment Swap from Joyce Hawkes - it was filled with much crazy patch fabrics and goodies along with angel ornaments, chocolates (just about gone now) and other nick nacks.

And here is a craft I made a few years ago from the office coffee cans and yes under the hat is the plastic lid and you can actually store things in there too - or hide pressies! Isn't he cute? I have one donated to the office too. This guy is mine and is on display all year round.

And next are three of the oil paintings that I've done under my sister Sylvia's very detailed tutelage and there's one set of three at the office (will take the camera to work and get them too). I think the poppies were first or the seals next but not sure and then the daisies along the fence and lastly the winter creek which needed much assistance when it came to the rocks - just too much for me to create.

Ooopsie, I forgot to post pics of the Singer Christmas ornaments that my sister Sylvia had painted for me.

Oh GOSH was this ever easy! And here I've been so petrified in buying myself a digital camera and spending money I don't have and then not learning how to use it! GO FIGURE!!!! No I'm not taking a picture of my goofy face from realizing my silliness on this adventure. LOL!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Prize I Won!

Okay, here's what I won from the store Mrs. Twitchett's Eye birthday draw last week.

Jazlyn 28ct ColorScapes Hand-dyed fabric (very soft pink with sparkles) (18 X 26") http://www.picturet
Dusty rose oval and white molded rose Needle Minder by http://KelmscottDes
Kreinik Metallics 1/8" ribbon #195 (should be awesome for my embellishments)
Kreinik Mettalics Tapestry #12 Braid in a Fushia (also for my embellishments)
Needle Necessities Pearl #5 Overdyed cotton # 51471 (varigated earthy tones with soft pink and purple)
Weeks Dye Works Floss #2247 Flamingo (shades of pink)
Lizzie Kate pattern Merry, Friends - Santa '03 (5.5 X 5.5" counted cross stitch)
The Gentle Art counted thread embroidery #9 Rabbit Hop
Simply Old-Fashioned counted cross stitch WW 1320 Knitten' Kitten
Jeannette Douglas Designs canvas needlework Mini Topiary Sampler/Needleroll #4
Indigo Rose needlework pattern My Daughter

WOW, there's a lot of pricey things in here (but heck what's with the shades of pink???) but some I may never do but who knows. The threads, canvas and magnetic needle holder I'll definitely use and the Santa pattern I just might stitch up one day and the canvas sampler looks interesting too. Who knows.

By the way, I leant the correct way to cut away Hardanger ornaments and how to make tassels and my own twisted hangers and how to make up a pocket ornament also. Now just to finish off all my ornaments so they can be enjoyed at Christmas.

BUT you gotta hear about my other surprise of the evening!!! I had gone over to my former bosses' place to pass on a baby gift for their daughter's first born with them as they are flying down to Florida to visit them this week through to Christmas. I couldn't chat long as she was going to play tennis and naturally I had my last Hardanger class tonight too. She had told me she had some "film" to give me as they don't use it anymore as their camera broke plus they use the digital always. WELLLLLLL, on top of the film she also gave me their HP photosmart 320 a 2.1 MP 4x digital zoom camera with connecting cord and software CD!!! She remembered I still didn't have one and since they'd gotten a newer one and weren't going to bother to sell this one she gave it to me until I can buy my own with more bells and whistles!

PHEW first Ada Betty let me have her first 1 mp digital to try out but I just haven't had a chance to check to see if it is compatible with my PC yet (might have to buy some $20 reader part) and now Janet gives me her's that she had been using till just recently on their PC. So will have to see if it works as is on mine and then decide which to keep or that I can work it probably is the operative word! LOL! I've got to find some time to check things out but when?????

Gosh I just can't believe how fortunate I feel lately!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I WON something!!!!

OMGG why did I have to work today!!!! I just sat in my armchair to watch more hockey and do some crocheting and thought I'd better check my phone for messages!!! WELL, lo and behold there was a message and from Mrs. Twitchett's Eye and apparently I've won one of two prizes drawn this last week from purchases made. Now I have to wait until Tuesday (my last Hardanger class) to collect my prize and find out what is inside. Hmmm unless it is on their website - will have to check it out and let you know - whenever I find out! OHHHH yummy!

More Pics

Okay here are more postcards received from my PC Cottage group:

from Carol L, ON, Canada, rec'd Nov. 21/06

from Linda M, MB, Canada, rec'd Nov. 22/06

from Carolyn J, BC, Canada, rec'd Nov. 30/06

And here is what I sent out to these three gals:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Pics

Okay, a big thank you to Linda M for taking my pics for me! I really appreciate it.

Well here is my Hardanger Angel ornament that I had lots of problems with and had to ditch the first attempt as I messed up on my Klosters. This second one turned out great except for those dratted picots which a fellow classmate told me to skip totally and also there was to be a kloster star flower in the centre but the instructions were not clear so she suggested I stick to the stitches I had just learnt. Yep, it looks lovely! Hope it's new owner loves her too!

Here are all my CQ Friends Holiday Postcards I've received - thank you so very very much ladies for such wonderful embroidered items:

from Sandie W, Australia, rec'd Nov. 15/06

from Maureen B, Australie, rec'd Nov. 16/06

from Julia C, Australia, rec'd Nov. 16/06

from Maureen C, Australia, rec'd Nov. 23/06

from Katie B, USA, rec'd Nov. 30/06

And here is what I sent out to Sandie W, Ulla F, Margaret P, Julia C, and Maureen C (pic from Sandie W):

Okay, guess I'll save this before I loose it and have to start all over again!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Undivided Attention!

WOW was it ever neato to have a One-on-One with the teacher for undivided attention on my Hardanger ornaments the other night. See those that were there knew those stitches and just went ahead working on their pieces etc. WHILE Rose Anne here, even after reading it through, found it all "Dutch" (which brought on some laughter and comments about maybe another nationality etc), but still I was lost. So up I went and Carolyn demonstrated on my pieces each of the new stitches and gosh darn was that ever easy once shown how - now will I remember. I really think I'm one of those hands on type of people rather than learning on my own. I just about finished all the new stitches in class except for the larger ornament which was slightly behind - but I think now I've caught up and just have to do the new stitches on it. Then I'll be ready again for the last class which is the finishing and adding the crystals to each one too! Ohhhh can't wait to see the results. But then the fun will be over and I'll have to wait till I think February for the next Hardanger class!!!! There is even a one-day class on repairs which I'm definitely taking as I've already snipped the wrong thread and it needed patching. LOL!

Oh well, nothing says I can't make duplicates or try an online freebie - getting ready for gift giving for 2007!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Orchid is in SPIKE!!!

OH MY, OH MY, it's been a while since I've had an orchid in bloom, especially a phaleonopsis!!! And talk about perfect timing to perk up this silly blue person!

This is one of the old faithfuls and I was debating if it ever was going to bloom again or should I give up on it! Well guess it proved me wrong! Now hopefully I'll see the blooms too! Yes, I'll keep you posted on the spikes progress and when it finally blooms I'll naturally post the pic too!

Dtps. Memoria James McPherson
Canyon Mist X Alice Loeb

Well I've finally gotten another postcard swap mailed (a few days late - sorry no pic as yet) and ideas clammering for another two swaps so guess I better get a move on and get them started so I can work on my long awaited for Chain of Hearts in the new year, especially when I just purchased a nice colour selection of EdMar rayon threads at 30% off. I've also a friend's crazy patch 12.5" block to finish embellishing hopefully for Christmas - guess I better get moving on that one! Apparently mine is coming along very well and should be posted soon - YIKES!!!

Oh and my Hardanger Christmas ornaments are coming along very nicely and tonight I think I learn a few more new stitches and some finishing too. Also my Hardanger Angel problem has been solved and it looks not bad since we changed the stitches and dropped the picots!!! Gosh they gave my grief and I hear others too, so now I don't feel too badly! Yep will post pics once completed.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Been Busy

Well I'm not sure if it's the after effects of my recent fall or if I'm coming down with a bug but I've been definitely not myself this last couple of days.

Wednesday, Nov. 22nd

See we were commandeered into having an OFFICE cleanup day today! Our Managers are going to do Shauna and I in soon! Then Sharon said while we are cleaning up how about if we help you put up Christmas decorations - I said Yeah thanks, so we did that too - looks lovely! Gosh it does look cleaner but my desk is still a bit messy so gotta get to work on it more never mind everything else. Oh and while I was out for 20 minutes!!! They took away my mail cabinet with the mail buckets - had to send them off to get the stuff back! Then they wanted to take my locker away too, had to put my foot down - guess gotta nail things to the walls and floors!!!! Then while cleaning off from the tops of the storage units, I backed off the step stool and stepped onto some piled up cardboard on edge and slipped backwards into the desk drawers. Yep my bad shoulder and looks like I skinned it (it's burning and hurts like heck) when sliding down plus my butt when I landed. And I had to work that night too!!! I swear I'll do myself in before my retirement!!

My part time job evening was work work work as stock came in this morning and lots of Christmas stuff. So I literally spent 4.5 hours pricing gift bags and putting them out. At least the time went by fast and I wasn't thinking about my sore side! LOL! Then I was called in to help out Thursday night too but had to run some errands after supper first.

Saturday, Nov. 25th

I worked the afternoon again, rushed through hectic traffic and packed my stitching bag. Well about halfway to the needleshop I just about turned around and went back home. I'm just not feeling great, ache all over and not sure if it's from the fall or if I caught a bug. I'm even in long sleeves today and even my runners which usually I can't stand keeping them on inside. Hmmmm and I work tomorrow too. But I perservered and arrived for another PJ party at Mrs. Twitchett's Eye (needlework) tonight. We got fed ham and meatball and salads dinner with awesome desserts, Flosso Bingo and stitching and even got to pick up some purchases (30% off on EdMar threads for my Chain of Hearts) later on in the evening. And got home about midnight!

It was an enjoyabe evening and I'm glad I went. Well Katherine, one of my fellow classmates in Hardanger helped me over my problem with my angel pattern but we changed the stitches instead of doing those dratted picots!!! Apparently not too many stitchers like doing them. Fine with me! My angel ornament was not finished for the ornament exchange but she will get hung up this year. So lots of fun but I think I can say I was not really myself and Linda kept asking how I was doing! Poor girl I think I kinda spooked her! LOL!

Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm Back!

Did ya miss me? Yeah right!

Anyways the weather cooperated and I hitched a ride with my sister and BIL to Dauphin for the weekend. We had a small impromptu supper Kentucky Fried Chicken (his favourite) with Black Forrest Cake with Dad on his 93rd birthday and a few siblings and a couple of grandkids. Dad was surprised that we'd made it home for the weekend and had an enjoyable evening.

Then the next day Sylvia and I tidied up his place, did his shopping and invited nearby siblings and spouces for supper Saturday evening (all came except for Marg who called but could not make it as she was just released from hospital - diabetic stabilizing). So we cooked up Dad's frozen half turkey, a beef roast and some meatballs, along with mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, coleslaw, bean salad and mixed veggies. We had Florence's home made angel food cake and strawberries in sauce topping and peanut butter squares for dessert. Yummie. He was totally surprised that just about all his kids/spouces arrived, even my brother came!

We visited Sunday and left very early Monday morning back to Winnipeg and I was chauffeur for the afternoon for Sylvia and Len before heading to their daughter's for supper and overnight. Then tomorrow they'll leave for NW Ontario and stay home for a while, especially if the snow or freezing rains hit! They too hate travelling in bad weather.

In between the visiting and on some of the 4 hr drive I even worked on my Hardanger class projects and my crocheted tops for the kitchen hand towels.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

RAB's WISPs Listing for 2007

Sheesh Sandie what have you started!

I have 38 WISPs (that I could find that is) in various stages of preparation that I truly would like some day to see completed. Now this isn't the whole list by any means but those I'd like to concentrate on for completion in 2007 (there are some patterns I've bought or been given that are just that as yet but I would like to move on some of them too - another list maybe - Dream Projects?). So here goes for starters:

1. Rosebud blocks for guild's ABC quilt project (have 4 of the 7 half done)
2. CQd 12.5 inch block for Jeni (started on embellishing) (private exchange long overdue)
3. Moondance quilt - work on completing the remaining pieced blocks at the February retreat
4. CQd oval block for shadow box from CQ Round Robin (completed just needs assembly)
5. Under Stars Galore - 2005 WR Mystery Quilt - top completed, need to by backing and then my sister can quilt it for me (batting purchased, binding already cut too)
6. 2006 WR Mystery Quilt wallhanging projcet - top completed, needs to be assembled
7. Colourwash Applique Quilt - try to complete the assembly and stitching of colourwash blocks
8. Birthday Block Sampler Quilt - blocks are completed from a blockswap - needs sashing, borders and assembling
9. Fall Round Robin wallhaning - top is completed, needs assembly
10. Let it Snow Round Robin wallhanging - top is completed, needs assembly
11. Texas scenic wallhanging - needs appliqued pieces stitched on and then assembly
12. Necktie School Tote - whole new project to be completed by June 2007 from CraftBits

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yep, still up at 1:30 am

It started out weird today! I woke with a head that felt like a 10 gallon pail, a fat tongue, and to boot felt like someone hit me across the nose with a bat! Sheesh it was so warm in the apartment that I even opened the windows and that did not help. Now it wasn't a hot flash even though I thought that at first too, but instead heat was just pouring out of the registers - YIKES!!! - and my thermostat was like right down. On my way out to work I ran into the caretaker and asked what's with the heat and she said the air compressor on the boiler is busted and the repair guy was heading up to fix it pronto like! When I came home after supper from work it was much cooler in here so guess things are back to normal.

Boy did I ever have quite the commotion just after 1:00 am and if anyone was in the hallway they probably are wondering what the heck set her off!!! See I received an email with some pics of a present for Linda M from her friend Joy (yep another of her bears) and was so surprised I laughed out loud for a few minutes (setting my poor head a knocking) and bringing tears to my eyes. The details are so amazing I just don't know how you do it Joy. And I mentioned to Linda that I'd love her to wait till I was back from my family Christmas before she opens it so I could be there to see her expression when she sees it. Personally I doubt she'll oblige me (and that's putting it nicely)! Oh well her hubby will take pics and they will probably be posted shortly after opening!

During the evening I completed my hardanger Christmas ornaments class homework, now I'm all set for Tuesday and the next step. And then I started on an angel hardanger ornament from the Kreinik site (lots of freebies of all crafts) and so far so good. Yep, you guessed it, I can't stop and get to bed, probably as soon as I hit a stitch I can't figure out. I sure hope this turns out as I would like to have it for an ornament exchange soon.

Okay a quick check on my emails and back to stitching or bed, not sure which will win out!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stitching with Friends

There were four of us from Ravenesque satellite group at Dianne's for some stitching and gabbing and laughs! There was Pat making some unusually attractive business cards, Linda working on Christmas presents, myself working on Hardanger class homework and Dianne creating one of her materpieces again! Her DH went out on an errand to get away from us all me thinks! LOL! Linda had brought a pan of her lasagna and I brought orange almond salad (minus the almonds) along with strawberries for dessert. Pat was going to pick something up on her way out but couldn't cause it was all closed am - next time she said! It was scrumptious.

Afterwards I visited my friend Linda and while I continued stitching on my ornaments, I walked Linda through the steps for the Snippets postcards and I think she enjoyed herself immensely.

BTW I've only one more Christmas ornament to complete the first week's Hardanger class homework and then I'm ready for the next step come Tuesday! Here is Frosty Heart, one of the ornaments we're working on. If you'd care for mor information on these patterns please contact Mrs. Twitchett's Eye. These will be finished off with more stitches, metallics and crystals.

(Sorry, picture removed to protect designer's copyright. You'll have to wait for all the ornaments to be completed and a group picture taken then.)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stained Glass Angel pictures

Okay, I've been convinced to at least put this on my BLOG!

Now it will be onto the next couple of sets I have to stitch up and send out. I've already got the ideas drafted out on paper, just need to trace onto the Dr. examination bench paper (which works like a charm for this and more durable than tissue or tracing paper) and off I go with paper piecing them up. A couple of friends even gave me ideas to change them slightly and so I've incorporated this already and found some lovely angel, heart and star charms to add for accent on some. WOW! Now I need some free time again to play!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What a LOVELY evening!

Well after the awful start with a pounding headache along with some smell that sent my allergies for a spin I was feeling kinda reluctant to go to a stitching evening after work too. Yes I'd taken a couple of meds but it was not clearing and then the floor below started reconstruction on their offices alongwith their washroom being demolished at the same time - needless to say I was not the only one with a headache!!!!

OHHHH but we have both mens and ladies facilities on our floor opened up as of today! HOOORRRAAAAYYY for something good at work! Yes, I still spent the day crunching numbers and preparing letters and memos to go out for my Yearbook data! Okay enough of this onto the good stuff!

I prepared for my second set of classes in Hardanger starting tonight - this time for Christmas ornaments with metallics and crystals - WOW! - they are lovely. I saw some of the ornaments on display (designed by Carolyn Mitchell of Mrs. Twitchett's Eye) and there are a couple more she's still drafting up for this class. Well I was a might apprehensive with this headache but I can tell you after a very slow and scary start back into the stitching, I just about finished the homework on two ornaments in class and the last half hour I even participated in the conversations - guess I was relaxing by then - LOL! As soon as I have the homework finished on the ornaments we have supplies for I'll post a pic and then also the progress after each week (5 in total). I'm still debating what colour of metallics and crystals I'll choose with my offwhite canvas and white perle cotton - my tendancy is to lean to the dark green but they all are lovely!

Gosh I can't believe it but it's been just about a whole year since my first initiation class into Hardanger embroidery (placemat needs washing and finishing then a pic) and I did one little heart pincushion in between as a gift and nothing since! I was totally lost starting out tonight but my stitching neighbour was so helpful and even gave me a very easy tip for checking on alignment, I could have hugged her. So simple you needlework ladies will probably say DUH! but heck I did not know such. See you bring your needle up to the top and lay the thread across to the other side in the row of canvas and see if it lines up with the stitches on the other side - eliminates counting, missing stitches and/or crosseyed and having to start again!!! LOL!

So as soon as I finish checking emails I'm going to finish off the last few stitches and get the third canvas ready for tomorrow.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another good day!

9:30 pm update

Well it was an early night for me in regards to house sitting, as after I picked up Byran from his football pool party windup at 7:00 pm - he looked totally exhausted - along with his trophy and photos package we went back to their house. I had to bribe him to have a shower with "more" TV time before bed and while he was taking it Mom and Dad arrived! Good thing Byran was occupied as Belle then got undivided attention and cookies - poor thing as if she didn't get any all weekend!!!! Talk about one very happy boy to see Dad coming around the door to his room! So I was home by 8:00 and able to catch up on my emails etc.

And Byran is game for another outing to Fort Whyte whenever I have an afternoon free! He sure loves walking around that place and it's only a nature park and the animals skedaddle fast not like at the zoo. But heck we did see two handsome bucks and probably 7 foes and 4 youngsters along with many geese and a woodpecker too! He wished I had my camera so I promised next time for sure. LOL!


1:39 pm original post

WOW, I can't believe it Amanda stayed home (in her room but that's okay) and Byran and Belle both behaved and I got a good night's sleep! YAHOOIE!

And now lunch (joint effort with Amanda before she headed to work), pots and pans done - rest in dishwasher, towels and sheets in the wash and Byran out walking Belle for some exercise. YEP I'm off duty for a half hour or so !

I've been stitching up some quilt blocks to add to a couple of donationa quilts that my sister will be quilting up from the both of us. Guess I should put together the labels soon too. Sheesh it's been busy at least in one of my Yahoo groups but most are just about lifeless! Wonder what gives?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Well I'm shaking my head wondering why oh why I set myself up for these house sitting escapes? They all start out okay but something inevitably happens and usually to me - sheesh!

Well this time the 21 yr old had "friends" over before going out - I bit my tongue on the noise level from the basement, then she came home with a friend around 3:00 and they chatted some and kept me awake a bit. Then got woken up three times with the DOG trying to get away with sleeping in Byran's bed so I had to get up and chase her onto her own bed. She even has a blanket to cover up with but guess not the same as the heated water bed! Well the third time I got fed up and gave her a swat on her rump and yep, guess I connected wrong and burst or bruised a blood vessel in my thumb so it's tender and a bit swollen - GRRRR! Then all quiet again and I get woken up by Byran at 7:30 wanting to go down to play video games - NO!!!! Well then I hear someone coming up the stairs and out the door - guess Amanda's friend - SHEESH! How my niece puts up with this I don't know! I need sleep!!!!

Thank goodness I booked off my part time job for the weekend or I'd really be !@#$%!!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Are You Up For A Challenge?

Anyone up for a challenge?

I decided to take up Sandie's offer of a challenge, you can read about it here upon her blog. The first 5 people to respond to this challenge, via comments will each get a crazy patched postcard or a crocheted angel ornament - your choice.

The catch is, you must also offer on your blog the same sort of offer. This is not an exchange where you send back to me, it's called 'paying it forward' to others who read your blog.

I've decided to offer a crazy patched and embellished postcard or a crocheted angel ornament - your choice. It may take some time to complete five of these babies, but you WILL receive it. Hmmm, I wonder who will bite first?

Why Oh Why!

Do I do this to myself???? Yep I joined up with another "smaller" postcard group and was going to lurk - well that lasted I'd say a day until my friend Linda M (co-owner of Postcard Cottage) uploaded a swap topic I could not resist.

OMGG Linda what have you done to me this time!!!! Here instead of going to Sears and Michaels for things or sewing my Christmas pressies I started, there I spent a good hour and a half and drafted up "three" not just one of my ideas for my new postcards! SHEESH! AND I really like two of these ideas so which to choose as I'm (and that's just me!) very adamant on keeping all the same for everyone in the swap. Okay, I'll check my emails, post this message and then head out the door as I really need boots for all this snow and cold. If you want to see the snow that fell this week check out Linda M's message and pics.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Heavenly Beauties

Sorry, that I've no pics as yet to show you how heavenly I think my stained glass angels postcards really are. That will come soon I promise.

Well all I had to do was sandwich the pieces then satin stitch around the outer edges but I had a slight delimma. See I really did not want to use the fancy rayon thread around the outer edges so was debating on whether to use the blue that matched the background, a darker blue or just white to pick up the angel pieces. Well I decided to experiment with my "keepsake" postcard and used the white on the top and the cream to match the backsides - I liked the effect - so I've now completed all the stitching and just have to bury my thread ends and they are READY FOR MAILING!!! WOW like two weeks plus early!!! That definitely is a first for Rose Anne! LOL!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stitching up a storm

"Scarecrow" was my first torture machine applique project (totally a weird process for me and I probably messed up too) from "Miniature Quilts" (which I dearly miss) and I even submitted a pic to the Editor and was in the Show and Tell section!!! WOW for me. And it was on display at work this last week!

Sorry no pictures of the progress I've made as yet, but nothing really completed as yet either that you haven't seen already!

Well yes it's been heaven having my evenings free and since I went to my sister Sylvia's in Ontario on vacation I've been either stitching or planning/drafting stuff to stitch just about everyday, even on the weekends before or after my part time job shifts. I've made quite the dent in planned Christmas presents that have to be mailed out by mid-end of November. I'm also in another group for a Holiday postcard swap and they are all going overseas and have to be mailed by the 17th, well the tops are finished just waiting for the already planned out PC backs to be penned out. No ink in my printer, so doing it the slow way, but I at least printed one out at work on paper and will use my light table for tracing with the Micro pens.

And if not stitching, then I'm embellishing crazy patched items, either postcards or blocks. Then (guess too much time on my hands) I've also been trying to get organized in regards to swapped items and just lucky I'm a list type person as I had most of my info either on paper or the emails and got my Postcards Swapped list together - I couldn't believe the amount I've done and I've barely participated in the various monthly swaps. I've made up 53 so far (give or take a few I may have missed), sent out 47 and received 48 - not bad, and two no-shows from one swap! These are all kept in the Staples purchased postcard pages so you can read the backs and stored in the large 4" ring binders that work was throwing out cause they were ink stained from other projects (I'll cover them one day).

Also I'm thinking about and checking out what type of unit I need for my FQs so I can get them off my floor in the spare room and then maybe get to some organizing in there! It's a mess and that can't stay like that forever! Sheesh what will happen to it when I perish??? Scary thought if my sister Elsie has a say!!!

So that's what I've been up to just about every day since beginning of the month! Besides computer stuff at home with other groups too! But not much chatting time nor housecleaning!!! He He He!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another step finished!

Well first off I feel a total goofball!!! I would have missed my quilty sister's 65th BD today if my niece had not emailed me telling me so!!! SHEESH, I can't believe it - I was just there and she'd mentioned it and I had it written down!!! Well I got a card off to her but did call and chat a bit again today! We really should just get a direct line already!

Anyways, I've completed all the satin stitch on my angel pieces for the postcards and now I'm adding in the beads, trims and star sequins. Then I'll draft up the backs and they'll be ready for addressing as soon as our swap lists are posted. YAHOOIE this is the first in a long long long time that I'm actually catching up with things. Maybe just maybe I'll even get to more cqing on my personal swap block yet. That would be lovely.

Guess it helps not to work the part time job every second day - on top of a fulltime one too!!! LOL!

Comments posted

I LOVE receiving posted comments but sorry ladies, without your name or email I can't provide the information you've asked for. I hope you check back here for the answers.

Lately my satellite group asked that I do a postcard demo (my way) and thus I did a write up with pictures. Now I've uploaded that to a couple of Yahoo groups in the Files section and I hope you belong to one of them for your own copy.

Now as for the clear envelopes or bags as they are called, yes I will be posting my personal swaps in them in future and hope for similar in return. I've never used them before but have been told they are great and accepted by the postal system too. I hope these will help to prevent embellishments from hindering the delivery process. Apparently sending to or from Italy, they are a must.

So you prepare your postcard as usual, I take mine to the postal outlet to ensure proper postage is stuck on the back of the card AND have it hand cancelled too! Then insert it into the clear bag/envelope, seal it and hand it back to the postal clerk for mailing. The FibreArtPostCard group I'm in does not allow these (cards are to sent "as is") and most of those I've received have arrived okay. But a few have had machine cancelling on top of hand cancelling and also pinkish bars across the front of the cards or smudges on the back. So I'm hoping the clear bags/envelopes will prevent this but yet you'll have the cancelled stamp on the postcard back too.

Guess time will tell.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I like it, I like it!


I've been playing with my new stained glass postcards and LOVE the effect. So much so I had to phone my sister again today (definitely long distance) and squeal with delight! Yep, naturally she has call display and knew it was me and asked what the heck I was up to now!!!! (I hate that feature!!!) But I can't help it, I just love the stitching (a soft pastel multi coloured rayon thread) on these fabrics and boy at times like this I WISH I had my own digital (oh well maybe soon) and then I could post as I go!

Oh no, that's not true as BLOGGER was blogging itself and wouldn't let me in this past hour or so, so guess I couldn't do my uploads anyways! LOL! Good thing my hockey game is on so between the sewing and TV I've been kept occupied you can say!

Sorry for the teasing, but I know my neighbours definitely are not interested in seeing my sewing and I really don't feel like dressing up and heading out the door at 10:00 pm either. LOL!

New Pics Again!

Hey I think I just learnt how to insert a link in this baby too - and if it works I need to give my head a shake for not trying it sooner! If it does not work, then check on the left hand side for Favourite Blogs and Dale Anne's to see who and what I mean!

Ohhhh I'm having so much fun, would be mucho more if this blasted headache would go away! I finally broke down today and bought the Advil Migraine gel tabs - hope they work.

Okay, here is the first of my attempts of a thread and snippets postcard. I received on from my friend Dale Anne a long time ago and she just showed me the techniques on my last visit to her place in June. I loved it and my sister thought I was loosing it, digging through my thread catcher and then her's too, but then when she saw what I was doing she went to her serger and pulled a few black threads for me! Then she wanted to know if I wanted her to collect them for me - NO!!! LOL! In the end she thought it was neat - that was before the sandwiching and edging too! Talk about recycling to the itty bitty pieces!

Then here are two more of my crazy patch heart PCs - I just LOVE doing these but still have trouble keeping the edge in line so my decorative stitches cover all the edges nicely. Remember PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTION! Otherwise I just shrug and say the world's not perfect so why should I be! LOL!

Then there is the new "stained glass" PC that I want to attempt for my CQF group holiday swap. Now I know it's not crazy patch and hope you gals don't mind this, but I sure hope it turns out like I envision it to and that it is liked by those receiving it. My friend Linda (thanks again for the picture taking) really likes it and it's still in the rough stage.

Okay, guess I'll go start my embellishing on this baby and maybe get them finished this weekend too! That would be great as the clear envelopes should arrive next week and then I can concentrate on the backs ready for mailing! WOW!

REMEMBER to have fun and play with these babies!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Postcard playing

Ohhhh, I started playing with a thread and snippets postcard while on vacation at my sister's and then it just carried on from there. I'm kinda relieving work stress by playing in the evenings and finishing off what I started.

Then I thought what about a stained glass type of PC and after a very slow evening shift Friday night I drew out my design and yesterday put the finishing touches to it and traced out all the Steam a Seam II pieces and today I played once again. So I have all the pieces puzzled together ironed onto the background fabric and so far so good. I can even envision the finished effect - now just as long as I don't screw it up!!!

I also finished off my FAPC group list birthday postcard for November and it's ready for mailing off - WOW - that's a first for being on time for me!!! That'll now allow me to play and play and play and play some more!!! LOL!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Colourwash Quilt Update

Well I've just finished stitching together that block I started at my sister's. So I still have two 21" centre blocks to plan out and stitch along with 11 side and 3 corner blocks, then all the hand applique (yep that's how I'm doing mine) of the nine flowered centre blocks. We haven't decided as yet how we are going to quilt this baby but I'm sure Sylvia will figure something out and pass it onto me. We both know that with all the applique blocks (she's doing her's by machine) there is no way it can be machine quilted on the frame.

I know I mentioned working on these blocks before so I thought I should maybe pass on the info from where we've gotten our inspiration for this quilt.

My sister first saw it in the magazine "Quilt Works Today" August/September 2003 stitched by Sharlene Jackson of the pattern by Rose Hahn found in but neither of us cared for the presentation of the flower blocks and also not all the light colourwash squares. So Sylvia redrafted the colourwash and we've found various flower images from other books (I grow orchids and she's a painter) and adapted them for a nondirectional layout. This way the quilt can be placed on the bed anyway - no definite top.

We both have lots of extra 2.5" squares for the colourwash and plan to make pillow scarves for the beds - I'm not into pillow shams that is for sure! Heck I don't even make my bed upon waking - why when you just crawl back into it at night! LOL!

I teasingly said this quilt may never get finished in my lifetime and Sylvia said she'll keep pestering or challenging me to work on it every so often. Well I phoned her tonight to chat and she'd just finished stitching up the two blocks she had planned out while I was there - SHOOT! So that's what got me up and atem tonight and finishing my half together block. She even suggested more vacation time out at their place and thus working on it more often than I do at home. LOL! Will see!

Here's the pics

Well here they are! My projects from my week semi-private quilting retreat at my sister's in NW Ontario. Check the previous couple of posts for some of the details on these babies or my Webshots albums (links below my email siggies).

Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Day!

Shoot don't tell me I'm coming down with a cold, been sniffling and sneezing a couple of days now and head feels stuffed. If it continues I's getting some Vit C tomorrow!!!! My nephew is coming tomorrow early to take out my AC - hope it's not too cold as it takes about an hour to wrestle this stupid unit out and finally close the windows - should get a different one next year and save both of us this aggravation!

Last night while driving home from my part time job I noticed my signal lights not working right = weird like! Well this morning they didn't even come on nor my flashers - YIKES!!! - I then wondered about my brakes but kept forgetting to ask someone to check for me. So I drove very carefully just in case.

Well in another group that is basically handstitching/embellishing crazypatch, we're exchanging postcards for Christmas. I haven't made them yet, but my evening job was dead and after the day job hectiveness I found myself nodding off so searched for angels and kept myself awake drawing up my plans for my postcards. She looks just lovely! And today I visited my needleworks shop and picked up some charms to stitch in place too. Now to get sewing and order myself some of those "clear" envelopes and I hope I'll be ready for the November mailout. This should be fun! I also drew out some simple Christmas light ones and have an idea of how to "embellish" them to give them some pizzazz! Not sure how many of those I'll make up but definitely will use my machine for some of the stitching.

Well today I had a quilting guild meeting 10-4 and a quilting satellite meeting 10-3 so I went to the guild in the morning and Linda M. took my pics for me so hope to post tomorrow results of my vacation quilting marathon and then the afternoon at the sewing meeting but no sewing for me. I did clean up from lunch and chit chatted with the gals (two I hadn't seen for months). Just lovely.

After my meetings I drove to my niece's and her DH checked the fuses and found my culprit so then off I went to Cdn Tire and got the clerk to find me my fuse, also picked up a steering wheel cover and back to the car I went. There I was in the parking lot stretched out under the door and under the dash trying to fit this !@#$ into it's plug! Then fighting with this rubbery fabric cover trying to get it onto my steering wheel, hopefully to keep it more even temp in both seasons! VOILA the lights work!!!!

Now I'm just relaxing (should be cleaning but no energy) and listening to the hockey and switching to the baseball game too. Why both at the same time!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

UFOs no more!

Okay, I've finally recapped my sewing projects and here's what I worked on at my week long retreat at my sister's!

1. planned and stitched up 3 more 21" colourwash blocks with 9" cream centre blocks for my queen sized quilt. Lots more blocks to stitch up and then the nine centre blocks need the applique flowers yet - I think I'll be doing mine by hand needle turn technique - I've more control that way.

2. free motion machine embroidered the finishing touches to the pansies on a wall hanging started in Oct. 2004 and learnt to use Glad Press n Seal and free motion quilting in the border, then bound it, hand stitched the binding and hanger and wrote up and stitched on the label. Now the office will have a "spring" wall hanging - one for each season and a few extras too! Wonder what they will do when I retire and take them home with me?

3. planned out of swapped charms, stitched up, learnt to free motion quilt the sucker too and hand stitched the binding and label on a 51" table runner (for a Christmas gift).

I was then really tuckered out and stressed out from trying to control the free motion and doing it on the runner the proper way instead of stopping and turning the piece like I did on the pansy wall hanging, which my sister didn't say anything until I'd finished (good thing she waited as I probably would have cried and run away - LOL!). Then she got me to practice the proper way and it did get easier. But after finishing, I needed to play!!!!

4. gathered up our snippets and thread trimmings along with some serger trimmings and added in a coloured trim too and scattered them all willy nilly on a white with silver glitter charm and overlayed with some fine white netting and used my variegated cotton and satin stitched in varied widths and meandered all over the top. Then I added various beads scattered too. Just have to finish off the back and put together the PC and voila ready for mailing.

5. then Sylvia convinced me to finish off my guild class double wedding ring table topper her way and I must say it is BEAUTIFUL! So using a fine zigzag and her wine variegated cotton I stitched over my pencilled poinsettia in the centre and the holly leaves (green variegated cotton) and the holly berries (in wine) in the melon spaces. Then I used Sylvia's Quilt in Ditch foot (we've similar Kenmore machines) and WOW just about perfect in the ditch quilting around the arches. Then I added the biased binding and it's clipped ready for hand stitching (this completed Wed. night) and I've the label yet to do (this designed and stitched on along with beaded poinsettia centre Thurs. night) - all complete now!

6. We also hemmed up my 5" too long ski pants so I'm ready for the snow and cold!!!!

7. Also I crocheted tops onto 4 kitchen hand towels which I gave to my sister and her friend Fran as thank you gifts.

Okay I think that is it and I promise as soon as I get pics taken I'll post them too!

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Back from my Semi-Private Retreat

Howdy there! Yep I'm just back from a VERY VERY VERY LOVELY week long quilting retreat at my sister's! Even though it SNOWED Monday evening and STAYED all week (over 6 inches deep and heavy - one snow drift was 13 inches deep) and just started melting slowly when I left today. My BIL even cooked a wildgame supper for us one evening and others I helped out my sister prepare or heat up already prepared frozen meals allowing us to SEW just about from morning till late evenings. One day we drove into town (60 miles away) for BIL's Dr. apt and groceries and scouted out two quilt shops (one had 40% off moving sale on so I splurged) along with the Salvation Army Store and found two small crocheted doilies for CQing and ate out too. It was my BIL's 69th BD on Friday so in the evening they had friends over for some celebrating and we had all kinds of muchies BUT totally forgots the awesome Black Forrest Cake and candles!!!! DUH!!!

Well I got lots of stuff sewn and planned out and ideas for more. As soon as I can get over to Linda's (probably on the weekend) I'll have pics to post of my items completed. My sister loved having me there even though she didn't get much of her stuff completed - see she hemmed up my ski pants for me and coached me on my first solo free motion quilting and lent me her Quilt in the Ditch foot and now I'm going shopping for one for myself on Saturday! AWESOME! We did work on our individual colourwash quilt blocks but they are very very very time consuming so naturally neither of us are finished yet, but Sylvia is close, whereas I'm still a long way from having the blocks together. Then the nine centre blocks (21" squares) have flowers to still be appliqued either by machine or hand and then it can all be assembled. LOTS of work yet on that project, but I'm three blocks closer than I was two years ago when we started it! LOL! Oh and after the struggles with my initiation into free motion quilting using that awesome Glad Press n Seal for the designs I just had to PLAY! So I gathered up all my variegated thread trimmings and made my first snippets postcard - it was lots of fun but I've still to finish it off.

Gosh I've 120 individual emails to check and during the week sometimes check the various groups for group messages. Okay talk with you again soon! Gosh I missed the PC chatting but you know I sure got lots done without the distraction! LOL!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I gave up!

Well I was trying to change the "mug shot" to a nicer angled view retaken the other night and BLOGGER just would not cooperate! I hate that - I've limited evening time for whatever and computer aggravations I don't need! So I deleted that side view and am hoping I can upload the new one in this message.

And I can't believe it but only three people have noticed my new glasses! Guess there isn't much of a change after all. LOL!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

the "new" me!

Well I finally got my new glasses and on one of my groups we had a guessing game of what Rose Anne selected this time around. See I wanted something different and more with it, but you know I kept coming back to those same safe bronze ovals - LOL! Well I finally did pick something "slightly" different and I remember being very impressed with them at the shop.

On Thursday I picked them up, got them fitted and had a heck of time with the new prescription but just about okay now, just having a bit of trouble relearning not to move my eyes with the progressives again! LOL!

Okay so you can see the really old me in the first picture - round bronze frames - holding a miniature; then in the next picture with the bronze oval frames; and the last two are the new MOI! Sort of rectangluar but not too definite which did not appeal to me at all or to my round face but changed the arms totally.

Well like I mentioned to the office crew - I feel they are now too fancy for the plain Jane moi!!! Oh well this is what I have until I can get myself a backup pair and those will probably be more boring and plainer! LOL!

Sheesh not sure it's smart showing these all in one message!!! LOL! Now the new glasses!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sept PCs completed

Well I've finally completed the September fabric postcards and I think finally after some half dozen months I think I'm letting loose with my embellishing instead of following examples. LOL! The two vertical heart ones are for the FAPC birthday swap group I'm in - basically all are the same pattern but I'm varying the fabrics and embellishments.

Then the horizontal one is an extra "Thank You" to one swapper who obliged my request to please send her "Betty Boop" PC to my caretaker who oohhed and aahhed my card when it arrived. This one is from the first batch I made and were basic crazy patches and I just finished embellishing it and now I've gotten a might more creative with the hearts!

Who knows what I'll try next - LOL!

A very appreciative Thank You to Linda M for most of my picture taking!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Peace Doves block

Well here is the second attempt at my latest hand needle turn applique project. Aren't they lovely? This block is part of the Christmas in July/August swap I have with my New Zealand quilter friend. This was a liquid embroidery image on a sweat shirt in an add that I just enlarged and then made up the dove freezer paper patterns and found some actual leaf fabrics and cut them out and embroidered the stems and that swirly thing - not sure what that is supposed to be - ribbon maybe or some straw or other nesting stuff! For the doves I used batiks so I could get the colour variations and then used my own ideas for the fabrics for this 12.5" block. Now I sure hope it gets to Sandra sooner than later!

This should have been completed earlier but in one of my two June quilting retreats Aie Rossman (fellow retreater) was missing her hand applique and wished she had some to work on. Well I mentioned I had a project here if she wanted to work on it! AND talk about surprised when Aie asked to give it a try and she actually did applique the lower dove on the first block, even though the technique I used is alien to her! Needless to say I'll finish this one off and make a small wall hanging as a keepsake for myself. Gotta think of an appropriate title and write up for it too. I have a couple of her smaller patterns and one of these days I will do them for myself.

Well tonight I finished embellishing and sandwiching three fabric postcards that have to get into the mail this week - also a little late! I can tell I'm letting loose with my freehand embellishing and was very pleased with the end result. Now to continue making the rest of them and hopefully keeping ahead of the list - that would be great!

Tomorrow night I'm hoping to search for some fancy cream and pale green fabrics to stitch up my hearts and have a few ready for Saturday's PJ party at my local needleworks shop. I figure it will be easier to work on embroidery and maybe even some beading than my hand applique that I took last time. I made so many mistakes I had to totally "rippit" and start again. LOL!

Well CU, till the next update!