Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 3 - Creative Challenge

Day 3 - Creative Challenge.  This is early as I'm away till Wednesday evening - so Day 4 will be later in the evening.
"Scarecrow" was my first torture machine applique project (totally a weird process for me and I probably messed up too) from "Miniature Quilts" magazine (which I dearly miss) and I even submitted a pic to the Editor and was in the Show and Tell section (I think prior to Oct 2006)!!! WOW for me. And it was on display at work every Halloween now at home with me!

Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 - 1 Year of Stitches - Week #8

Feeling relieved that I've finally finished even with this cold 😰 or flu bug that sure slowed me down last week just when I needed to play catch up.

My Annual Panel took me 5 hrs 10 minutes to complete the Primula - Primula malacoides, Flowering Almond Cherry (PRUNUS) - Prunus glandulosa 'Rosa', Daffodil - Narcissus sp., Winter Rose (PINK HELLEBORUS) - Helleborus orientalis, Cotoneaster horizontalis, Alyssa (SWEET ALICE) - Lobrularia maritima, Fushia - Fushia sp. squares.

The Rose Table Topper took me 4 hrs to finish off the upper section of satin stitch in blended DMC #3345 and 936 and outline stitch in DMC # 936 - not sure if there is a noticeable difference to the colours.

Onto the next week which I know will be crammed as I've some travelling to do too.

Day 2 Creative Challenge

I then started on my quilting road with this Phaleonopsis pattern from Keepsake Quilting and finished it in three months (80 hours).  Yep my first major project by myself in hand needle turn applique using silk threads!  Actually Orchids Forever was displayed at the local 2000 Orchid Show and Competition the week after I finished it and won a Red Ribbon (was even offered $300 cash on the spot - but could not part with it), then at our Red River Exhibition where it also won a ribbon and then at our guild's quilt show but no ribbon there. I'm still very proud of it and once Christmas is over it goes back onto the wall in my entrance way (bought a simple but lovely hanger) - you can see it from just about any direction. I keep thinking I'd rotate from work and home but it seems to just stay put here with me - LOL!

Today I nominate Audrey to post something creative each day for 7 days and nominate someone each day as well.

Day 1 Creative Challenge - Feb. 26, 2017

My friend Melissa Marginet and an awesome quilting teacher nominated me for a 7 Day Creative Challenge on Facebook.  Hope I can do it justice.

DAY 1 Creative Challenge.  I keep forgetting about "how" I got started in this madness! Yep that orchid one is basically the "first" major project I've done (shown tomorrow). But about 2003 five years before that I made my first actual project - a large tumbling blocks cushion top I did with Sylvia (worn out now)!!!

Then with a co-worker's guidance and a number of tried and true shortcuts, purchased the right tools to do the job right, I practiced first on this small 6" square of appliqued robin on a branch with cherries to understand what I had to do (check out the uneven binding!!!). Well that baby was done like overnight and poor Shirley didn't know what hit her as she unleashed a stitching demon and I've not stopped since - hand needle turn applique is still my #1 favourite.

Today I nominate Linda to post something creative each day for 7 days and nominate someone each day as well.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rotary Cutter Wakeup!!!

Oh and I forgot about the rotary cutter fingerprint skinning until I'm trying to crochet and it's stinging.   Had a bandaid on at the class and evening so didn't notice.   Nothing like Audrey's emergency visit but I can see a layer of skin removed and a very slight cut.  πŸ˜„  It was a new and sharp one.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Feeling Curious!

On how my own 'Now for Art' class by Susan Selby will turn out.  I fell in love πŸ’“ with her Oak Leaf but this week drew out a maple leaf from the Canada fabrics I've collected plus a poppy featured on a table runner pattern that I also love.  Decisions to be made upon arrival at her studio!!!  This was an MPQ class that was cancelled because I was the only one signed up for it - so she's offered to do a trial run on the class in her studio.  Yeah for me!!!  Stay tuned for class and final pictures.

Feeling Emotional!

This day started off being stuffed up, then on my way out to Susan's studio I got lost.  A quick call and back on the road again but then another light came on my dash about 10 minutes from her place and as I'm entering her driveway I've a flat tire.  So not only am I half hr late for my class I've also got to call CAA for help.  Well he was there promptly and tire patched and back to my class real quick.  The only thing is my feet flew out from under me and flat on my back under my opened door.  SHEESH!!!  Then he tried helping me up and had to grab the door or he'd have fallen too.  I'm not sore yet and lucky I didn't hit my head!  Ok back to my class and boy I sure tried things I've not done before.  Started out selecting my raw edge strips onto fusible interfacing and sandwiching ready for free motion quilting - Yikes!   Then used paint sticks and coloured the canvass for backing and at first real nervous and blended too much so after lunch we added more colour again and this time happier.  Next I did some different designs for quilting and just went with it - not bad!  Then chose the maple leaf shape I drew and appliqued it onto the quilted strips then the fun and games began.   Sewed facings on and fused to the back, then decided where I wanted it on my canvass and sewed it in place with a varied zig zag.  Then Susan stapled it onto the painters canvas and VOILA!!!  I like it very much and now want to do a poppy next.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Feeling Concerned!

That I've fallen behind just about a week on my 2017: 1 Year of Stitches and not sure if I'll catch up this week or not.  But I've enjoyed the time I spent with friends this past week.

So my Annual Panel took me 6 hrs 40 minutes to complete the Magnolia - Magnolia x soulangeana, Shasta Daisy - Chrysanthemum superbum, tatted Li'l Heart, Garrya (Tassel Bush) - Garrya elliptica, Silver Birch - Betula pendula, Wallflower - Cheiranthus mutabilis, and Jonquil  (Yellow) 'Grand Soleil d'Or' - Narcissus tazetta squares.

The Rose Table Topper  took me 4 hrs to continue to satin stitch and outline the next 8 middle section of leaves in DMC 3345.

Now to plan out the squares for this current week and get to work on them!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Festival du Voyageur - 3 days

Saturday evening enjoying atmosphere too much me thinks with Janice!!!!

Janice and I finished off the evening trying to walk across the frozen pathways to check out other ⛺s but the line ups were long for the good entertainment so we headed to the πŸ”₯ pit to warm up.  Then watched a flame thrower trying to perform on icy ground and losing his flaming baton a few time when losing his balance.  We ended the πŸŒƒ in the ice bar ⛺ where the minor entertainers were and it was actually better 🎡 than the last two paid bands were in the MTS ⛺!!!!!!


Sunday evening listening to Sweet Alibi at the Cabana du Sucre!!!  Hot chocolate and cinnamon twists for snack after my meatloaf sandwich and carrot sticks I brought for both of us.

Monday afternoon here with Edna and Janice waiting for Sierra Nobel to perform.  Right now are some jigging performers and lively🎡.

At home relaxing but happy after an afternoon again  at Festival du Voyageur with Edna and Janice BUT my camera lost power after the chainsaw carvings and before I was finished taking pictures thus the late upload.  So naturally I don't have pics of the awesome Ca Claque! Irish performers from here in Winnipeg and the Nova Scotia's Danny Boudreau Party band - both just awesome lively music!  They were great but maybe I'll go back Saturday and get in to see the dancers again?   We finished off the visit with a glass of spiced cider without liquor!  Awesome!

This is the first year I remember that temperatures were above 0C and one of the tents was flooded and had to be moved into the parking lot and the ice sculptures were a wreck and crumbling.  So sad for visitors to the event plus all the hard work and talents wasted!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Booby Bird Joint Project

Here's Linda's post of the Booby Bird joint project we made for her friend battling breast cancer.  Thank you Patrick for taking our photo.

A little something that Rose Anne and I made from my friend Lise who is battling cancer.  I hope you like it Lise it comes from the bottom of our hearts. XO XO XO

Embroidery by Rose Anne and assembly and quilting by Linda.