Saturday, June 29, 2019

Busy Days!

Arrived at the street side pickup spot on time to catch the smaller Kasper bus to Dryden arrived for lunch.  Took the sewing machine downstairs where it's cooler.  Even made it for the year end potluck supper guild meeting last night too.  PFAFF sewing machine winner was Noreen Christie - ticket bought at South Beach OMA's Quilt Retreat.  Congratulations!!!

Today we spent an hour digging up encroaching grasses and another day we will do a proper landscape material ditch around to keep smaller animals out.  Not sure what else we'll be doing today, maybe catching up on my #52blocks52weeks as I'm now 3 weeks behind.  Right now I've my coffee and tablet to relax and read in the cool shade!

Yesterday I decided on the layout for my Canada blocks and Sylvia figured out the yardage required for the shadowing.  Next is for the sashing and borders.

OK it took 3 early mornings (I'm up 6:30ish and in by 8) to dig out those encroaching grasses and weeds.  This morning I was greeted by 3 deer and a small spotted fawn in the yard.  They weren't scared, actually came towards me thinking I was feeding them - NADA in this yard!  Next is digging the ditch, laying the landscape material and scattering the bark.  Then that's one job off the list. 

Today I'm sewing my precision sewing project (Crocus Conference class by Wanda Steiner) mitered borders on with lots of swearing plus help from Sylvia.  I've one more border to sew on and then it's ready for quilting - probably another nightmare!

Thank you Sylvia for taking this photo for me! This project top is now complete, next will be to quilt it!

Tomorrow is breakfast with friends and maybe back to yardwork!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Busy Monday!

OK this has been one CRAZY day!  😜

First off to MPI - too long a line up, so back home to wait for my Dr appointment - all is good, then back to MPI to find out I was supposed to call it in first - GRRRR!!!  The good thing is I could use their phone to call in my claim to them - OKAY!!!  Fifteen minutes later I'm told I can go straight to Pembina Autobody and Glass to get their estimate, no replacement vehicle in my policy!  Yeah, I then called them and could bring it down right away but won't get it done to go to Dryden.  Once looked at was advised not to drive that far either!  But if MPI approved, it should be fixed before I'm back.

So back home to find bus transportation to Dryden, that's booked (7:20 am departure - YIKES!) but they couldn't tell me where to meet the bus - HUH!!!  So I walked over to the general area, found the small sign, took a picture and finished off running many errands on foot.  By this time I'm exhausted, but suitcase is packed (a few projects too) and now relaxing!  Would love to open the wine friends gave me but will keep it to celebrate having my Baby back!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

My Baby is Hurt!

MY BABY IS HURTING!!! I'm very sad!!!

Out this morning driving Mission, Panet to Regent I had a slight accident, no I'm not injured, but the CRV is!  I didn't stop on the yield and bumped the Ford Escape ahead of me, lucky no one was hurt, and we pulled into Coop parking lot to exchange info.  Both of us didn't take pictures of visible damages nor take down vehicle info, just exchanged Dr License and phone info.  It seemed to be OK to drive, no airbags burst, nor any lights on.

Then on to get Dianne and head out to the Aurora picnic at OMA's Quilt Shop.  George had a quick look and said OK to drive.  We had a lovely visit even with the small turnout.  Thank you Adiena and George!  I had the burgers and onions to BBQ so didn't report the accident immediately and then MPI shops were closed when I got home, so guess Monday morning.

Adiena, Sandra, Val, Audrey, Dianne, Ricky and me taking the group selfie!

Guess my trip to Dryden is either delayed or I'm going by bus if the car is not safe for long distances.  It was OK to Grunthal n back.

Visiting Eileen - June 21st

I spent the morning visiting my girlfriend Eileen, having coffee and homemade tea biscuits - YUMMY!!!!  We sat out on the deck then moved into the beautiful gazebo for our awesome visit.  I'm going to have to go back soon and spend more time out there - their yard is beautiful! 

From the gazebo side 

Her first poppy to open up - it knew I was coming and that I love poppies! 

And this was the last of the blooming Lady Slippers too!  She was going to cut this one for me and I said Nooooo!!!!

These two also just opened this morning just for me too!  Eileen was tickled pink for these beauties for me.

Then Edna and I got our nails spruced up with summery manicures before going to Tim's. Afterwards I went grocery shopping to get hamburger ingredients for the Aurora BBQ tomorrow. Another busy day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Awesome Hump Day!

Here at Banh Mi King at Pat's request!  Much to Jeanette's dismay!  Veggie Pho for Pat and Vietnamese Salad and Iced Latte for me! 
We ordered for takeout as Pat only had an hour, but we were finished and had lots of time to spare.

This evening with the Prairie Pathfinders group at Henteleff Park for a walk with Edna.

Afterwards we stopped at London Drugs and found some Colour & Dirt Collectors, 30 for $3.99 and then a stop at BDI for sundaes!  YUMMY!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Aunt Monica's Attic

This is where I'm purging larger pieces of my fancy fabrics and laces to!  Some are sewn up for the dressup birthday tea parties she offers in her shop, some donated for fundraising efforts and like this special one for sale - maybe for a family wedding or other such special event!  Some little girl will feel extra special in this beautiful dress that is one of a kind! 😍


Monday, June 17, 2019

Catchup June 16th - 17th

June 16th

An awesome jam packed day for me and it could have been more too!  First off to Angela's before noon to drop off some of my mini quilts for a project/event her Mom is part of in Teulon and have a coffee with her!

Then off to Diane's Celebration of Life at Khartum Shriners Hall and enjoy seeing her many beautiful quilts on display along with the stories of a spunky lady!  A life snatched from her family and friends WAY too soon!  Even met a couple of camera club members, including Jack, from years past, before my meeting Diane.

Afterwards I headed to Chief Pequis to join friends sewing up cancer port pillows!  Thank you Barb for having us over to help you out.  Chores go fast when shared with friends!  Also thank you Dianne for the bags of fabrics which I'm sure Monica of #AuntMonicasAttic will be very pleased to receive.  Then Barb, Kim and I went to BP for supper.  Once home I got an invite from Monica to drop by tonight, but I was already vegging out and didn't feel like going out again!  😊  Another time!

Another party dress by Monica and some fabrics from me again! I'm so happy to purge some excess fancies and help increase her birthday party dresses!

June 17th

Yeppers I'm so excited I can zip to the moon and back on my energy!!!!!! ☄🌝🌞 See I had registered to go to Cambridge ON for the Fringe Element Tatters group Tat Days - my first one! Then I found a roommate to split the hotel costs - that's book too! Then today I booked my return Airmiles flight online by myself (nervous as heck) and have printed off my receipt too! So I'm at a conference, visiting my girlfriend and her family maybe and hopefully connecting with some quilters out east too! Might even see some fall leaves??? OHHH GOD!!! I'm going to be sick now with relief that that's all done. I'm going out for a walk now to calm down!

After our 8 km walk around Assiniboine Park we're enjoying our coffee, chai latte and shared applejack!  I'm pooped and finally calmed down!

We got back to the car and near Polo Park before the Heavens opened up to heavy rains.  So much so that the towers of downtown were just about lost in the greyness in the distance.

Then headed back to Angela's to pick up more fabrics from her Mom who is purging too, for Monica's party dresses and Barb's Cancer port pillows.  Now home relaxing with my last Radler grapefruit!

Yeppers this is me! But gotta chsnge soon?