Monday, June 10, 2019

June 9th

Another beautiful morning outside, even city gardeners agree with Hamish!

Ohhhh boyyyyy!  In the minute I looked up and saw this cloud as a happy dog wagging his tail and by the time I picked up my phone it was a chicken and then quickly into Boomer the Bombers mascot when I captured it!  Now it's just drifting apart and a cloud only!  Honest it was like a little terrier with a feathery tail wagging.  Can't you see Boomers beak?  I've a picture, I'll find it!


Ohhhh this was a treat to see!!! In all the time I've sat Hamish he's not been much for toys!

I've a few friends that when together this applies!

Today this came up on FB!  I was here, my retirement gift to myself, in Australia and rode that train but can't remember if it was down or up!  DUH!!!!!!

I even walked down and back up the cliff edged rock crumbing stairs to the lookout way below.  🤢

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