Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A New Zealand Surprise!

After taking a break when I got back home, I started checking my email and was totally blown away with one.  It was from my friend Sandra in Christchurch where I spent five lovely days recently, Oct. 1st-6th, with Sandra and her Mom visiting and touring, even taking in Sandra's guild's quilt show.  That's where I had bought this lovely 12" green challenge wall hanging. 
Here's the gist of it.
Hi Rose Anne!!!!
###### CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You have won first prize in the quilt raffle, see attached photos"

When I was at the show I told Sandra that I hoped I'd win this next quilt and she said it was not the "first prize", but I did not mind.  This chevron pattern is so striking in these bright colours.  Hmmmm, in my files this is rotated with the light at the top but when uploaded here it's sideways, wonder why?

Well never mind which I may have liked more, I'm so pleased that I won this quilt and after the Christmas rush I'll arrange to have it sent to me and hope it arrives safe and sound.  In the meantime, I mentioned that her Mom enjoy it on her bed!  (smiling)

Family Quilting Retreat - Dryden Ont

The weather seemed to make this weekend retreat questionable but it cleared up enough for Pat and I to escape the city and travel without incident to Sylvia and Len's in Dryden Ont.  Sylvia was looking forward to this weekend for the sewing companionship and I think Len too having us visit for family bonding.  When we arrived we helped Sylvia move her sewing items downstairs so we had a larger area without interfering with Len's TV time!  I felt bad for Sylvia going up and down the stairs but she did not seem to mind.  It was nice to have a couple of meals out and then Pat and I ordered and paid for pizza one night to help out.

So Sylvia finished stitching together a lovely table topper and it is just awesome on her square dining room table.  She also finished off her OMA's retreat fall prints sunflower table topper too but I forgot to take that picture then cut out another poinsettia table topper in reds with a fussy cut poinsettia for the very centre.  That should look lovely when complete.  She was very happy with her sewing and pulled out a just about completed angel wall hanging and hopes to finish it off to hang up for the holidays.

As for Pat she had planned to cut out and sew up three funky poinsettia table toppers for Christmas gifts and she did complete all three and used my shiny green polyester thread for the top stitching and was very happy with them.  She also spent time upstairs with Len watching TV, playing games and chit chatting, especially when Sylvia and I went to the Dryden Quilt Guild meeting, we both joined up too, I'll catch periodic meetings depending on visits.

NOW, I was just a sewing up storm, that is for sure!  I was determined to complete the kitchen towels I was making out of my Australian/NZ fabrics for gift giving and I accomplished it, just barely over the weekend.  I did take a break Monday to stitch up a needed mug rug for a group swap and enjoyed that so much I stitched up two more for gifts.  I also showed the girls the various blocks I've managed so far to cut out of my Australian/NZ fabrics for my couch lap quilt that I hope to work on at the Gimli Retreat in January.  Then just before packing up I did assemble and stitch together my two poinsettia table toppers I had stitched up at OMA's retreat in October.

So yes I'd say we had a very productive weekend and not too many "rippits"!!!  We went out for breakfast then returned to the house and while Pat was cleaning off her car and packing up, I shovelled my sister's back deck and hopefully easier for her in future cleaning.  The return trip, even though it had snowed heavy wet stuff through the night, was good and the highway was dry too!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Lovely Fall Day!

Well I bussed it out to Assiniboine Park as it was +12C outside and I wanted to take a walk while listening to the birds (and dogs enjoying themselves too) and my audiobook instead of sitting inside.  It started out just lovely, wanted to stop for lunch at the new restaurant by the Duck Pond but a 45 minute wait was a waste of a lovely day so I continued with my walk - not overly hungry anyways.  Not sure why the geese are still here - guess waiting till the snow comes and freezes the waterways!

So turned into the English Gardens and stopped short by this lovely statue reading a book outside that was transferred from the Winnipeg Asper's premises to here for all to enjoy.  I thought this quite relevant - I love the library and my right to borrow books to pass my time and they have audiobooks for rent too!  While stopping to take the picture I happened upon a fellow Manitoba Camera Club photographer and his wife - that took me back lIke 30 years.  We had a bit of a chat and then he invited me to Creative Retirement Camera Club event this Friday as his guest.  Talk about timing as this is one group Creative Retirement that I've been thinking of joining up.  Now I'll get to see what one part of the whole is like.

Then as I left them to continue on my walk I came across this youngster standing like a statue with his hand out, I thought he did a great impression of the various statues by Leo Mol here.  Then to my surprise a Chickadee (?) landed on his palm and fed on seeds.  I continued to be surprised as he did this over and over again.  I quickly went over to the ladies close by and asked why they weren't taking pictures. Was told he's not theirs and I then asked who's but they did not know and there were a number around.  Then he ran over to a young couple with his palm outstretched so over I went and looked at the adults first then said to the kid that that was just awesome.  He smiled at me and walked back to the spot again.  I asked if I had permission to take pictures of him and they agreed so I gave them my card and said to email me if they wanted the pictures.  WOW!  Just made my day!

I continued on my walk through Leo Mol Gardens and around the back of the Zoo and stopped by a concerned looking couple, the guy on the phone, so I asked if they needed help?  "No, just go slowly past the injured 10-point buck up ahead when you go past."  HUH, then I saw it, front right leg bent and joint swollen some, mouth open and sides heaving.  Yes probably in shock along with being in pain.  I hope someone comes to take care of him soon, it's not good leaving him suffering.

As I left I realized my bus was at the turnaround so off I jogged carefully so I'd not have to wait for the next one being Sunday/holiday schedule.  Yes a very lovely day!  Hope we have a few more days before the snow comes.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Lovely Weekend!

Finally a sewing day again with my niece, along with pizza and wine!!!  At my quilt retreat two weeks ago we made poinsettia table toppers and Pat saw the pictures and wanted to make some as presents.  No problem, I just fixed up the pattern so petals were nice and balanced and she went to work assembling her first one and was thrilled with it and that she finished it that day too!  I had started work on my donation block yesterday morning at my Aurora quilt group gathering and also finished it off last night, a good two weeks before it is due. 

And I can't believe we are still in fall conditions and not covered in snow, just a slight covering on Friday to remind us of what is coming!
The following CBC Archives link proves what it could be like.  Ohhhh gosh I remember this storm - Nov. 7th, 1986.  I walked from the Leg Bldg south down Pembina Hwy to Taylor Ave. and west to Cambridge St. to my girlfriend Angela's for an overnight visit and company.  I'd had enough being housebound so bundled up in my snow gear and skidoo boots and headed out.  Was toasty warm even though snow covered upon arrival.  The roads naturally were not cleared but some 4-wheel drive or snow machines had made tracks and/or I made my own.  It was like double the time to walk there but it was more jovial than being shut in myself all weekend!

Monday, November 02, 2015

Finally Rogers Wireless Mess Is Fixed!!!


OK I switched from MTS Wireless to Rogers Wireless in June/July and before I left for Australia/NZ I tried to establish them as a payee on my bank account - no dicerooie!!! Even tried to pay at Shoppers Drug Mart and same - account number incorrect!!!  WELL each time I talked to Rogers about this they "blamed" my bank as it was their problem with their system, not Rogers.  So on the last day, on the way to the airport, I gave up and prepaid a set amount and went on vacation hoping it would be resolved upon my return.  They wanted me to sign up for automatic CC payments - NO WAY!!!

NOPE, NADA, NOSIREE!!!  Again upon return, passing the blame onto my bank, was on hold for an extended period of time until I had this thought that Rogers should give me a new account number instead.  So when Ruby came back on line and before I could ask her, she suggested they'd do this and see if it would work.  Someone would call me back with the new number.  Well that was the 28th and no call back so I called again tonight.

Aaron mentioned that Ruby tried but it failed so he tried to set up a new account number but it would not switch over my services, so he too suggested a Rogers App payment process and I said no.  I've no problems with my bank and payees and that's the system I want fixed with Rogers.  So he tried again and this time in a roundabout way he says the system accepted the new number and my services should be switched over - they better be.

WELL so much for Rogers saying it's the bank's problem in their system as VOILA I now have Rogers Wireless as a payee on the first attempt.  SHEESH!!!  I truly want to go back (but won't as they'd have another excuse ready I'm sure) to all those service techs and demand an apology for them suggesting I did not know how to enter a correct number!!! GRRRRRR!!!

OK one problem fixed, now to work on my fractured thumb, vandalized van, and the mess on reinstating my SHAW phone/internet account to the rates I was paying before the account hold (switched me to regular rates when I came back on - GRRRR).  Sometimes going on vacation is more hassle than planning the vacation!!!

I'm Feeling Festive

After my physio appointment I stopped at Ikea to check stuff out for a possible sewing table if mine does not work for my new machine.  I found something plus other stuff I bought.  I just love this string of lights and will keep them up all year, just need to find my timer and I'll be set.   I found these in the Christmas section just before the checkouts - one set of Sardal 502.816.44 and 2 sets of Strala 503.072.05 and talk about lovely lit lace decorations!