Monday, April 30, 2018

Sewing Day!

Today I stopped at McD's with their friends then off to Tammy's Studio for a sewing day!  This is the first visit with a smaller group of ladies and I enjoyed it - reworked four wildlife blocks I was not pleased with plus stitched them into rows.  I got back to the house and laid them out again and am very pleased with is Taunya.  Not sure if I'll get to the Canada blocks here but we're not heading back till Thursday so I hope so.  NOW gotta help Sylvia with some yard work too!

First layout - not keen on the deep brown on the postcard blocks nor the cream mottled blocks.

Second layout - replaced the "in your face" blocks with an appealing lake/marsh print and the inner darker brown was replaced with a muted green with fall leaves print. 

Here's 3 of the four fixed blocks. 

And while relaxing we're entertained by the deer.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Quilt Show End

Back at Sylvia n Len's relaxing with feet up.  It was an early morning with breakfast with their friends then off to the quilt show for our early volunteering shift.  We had an awesome hamburger soup n tea biscuit lunch before heading home to relax before take down shift.  So I laid out the wildlife blocks and yep like I thought Sylvia did not like the light coloured blocks - lucky I found this lovely lake print FQ that she likes very much.  Back for take down and they were passing out leftovers so we took soup n sandwiches home for supper.  Afterwards Sylvia helped lay out the Canada blocks too  (lucky she has room) and these she helped me shuffle around some plus suggested I sew up another block to replace one she thought was too much.  Yep looking good.  While I sewed up that one block, two of last years young deer came to feed on the new grass.
Tomorrow if tgere is room were going to Tammy's Studio for a sewing day and I'm taking the wildlife blocks to work on.

This won 2018 Viewers Choice ribbon. 

Cindy won the bidding war on my mini challenge. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dryden's Thimble Treasures Quilt Show

Oh my what a lovely quilt show by Sunset Country Quilters Guild Thimble Treasures Quilt Show at the Dryden District Agricultural Society of awesome quilts and hangers.  And the vendors too from Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Kenora, Grunthal, and Winkler.  I wasn't supposed to buy anything - yeah right!  Sylvia and I did one shift at Penny Auction - similar to MPQ's basket raffle.  Another shift tomorrow plus I'm helping with takedown before it's over and we return to sewing at Sylvia's.

Sylvia and her awesome Aurora Borealis Wolf Run 

Tranquility - Fran Blair 

Sylvia's two - Above is Beneath the Boughs, below is Lakeshore  Birches

Fancy Spools - my mini challenge auction hanger 

Sylvia's Sunbonnet Sues mini challenge hanger

Much Time and Many Seasons - Karen Greaves - back is like a second quilt.

Much Time and Many Seasons - Karen Greaves  - front

Wallhanging - Butsie Rivers

The Cardinal - Brigette de Smit

Rhapsody Land of Beauty - Sharon DeLong

Miss Piggy - Fran Blair 

Spinning Logs - Sylvia Stadnyk

My Old Bike - Judith Allard

Mexican Star - Marie Therrien

Poinsettia Wall Hanging - Myrna Bath

Sante fe Trail - Shirley Cole 

Canada 150 Quilt - Myrna Bath 

Scrappy Flannel - Sandy Armstrong 

Northcott Nature Scapes fabric - Hazel Mills of Serenity Quilts, Sioux Lookout  -  SOLD

Mr. Snowjangles - Syrena Lalonde

Fairy Tales - Ines Jungwirth

Peacocks and Braids - Myrna Bath 

Abilene - Shirley Wintle

Quartered Stripes - Bernice Beddom

Japanese Fans - Kathy Doherty 

Northern Lights 2-Fabric Bargello - Eleanore Heidebrecht 

Frosty, the Rag Edge Snowman - Shirley Cole 

Floral Wall Hanging - Myrna Bath 

Amazing Stripes - Brigette De Smit

2018 Quilt Show Door Prize Quilt

Sylvia's mini quilt challenge "Expression"

Mary Jane Flemming 

Tonight is the Dryden Quilt Show banquet at the Royal Canadian Legion #63 along with some of the prizes to be won!  I'm having wine!  Buffet supper was delicious with dessert.

Awesome pic! 

3 door prizes to be drawn along with 3 larger fall table centrepieces

Various prizes to be drawn.

Various prizes to be drawn from the other side.

Strawberry shortcake for dessert.