Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 – A Different Experience - Part 3

OK we downed some much needed water pronto like and went to soak in the hot tub to soothe those poor overworked muscles. Then got dressed and headed into Falcon Lake hoping for a lovely different type of supper. NADA, ZIPPO, NO SUCH A THING!!! Well at least we saw some lovely homes/cottages enroute! I can't believe it, there’s no restaurant there at all, not even in the Hotel and the closest was at West Hawk Lake about 10 minutes away but that was closed on the 26th, so much for that idea, back to the cabin and the leftover pie and salad and some more of that delicious cake! That was the longest night for me as it was around 9:00 and we were both exhausted but it was just to danged early. Well Florence lasted a bit longer then called it a night and I finished watching the movie and called it a night too.

OH NO it’s over and we have to leave!!! Florence said it was the BEST Christmas she’s ever had so that made me feel very choked up and happy as I too had a lovely Christmas here too!

But that evening it was kinda drizzling and very very windy out so you can image what we woke to! Yeppers a good 10C colder and everything cold and stiff AND one of my back doors would not open so our loading up had to be reshuffled to fit everything in.

Well we made it, only half an hour over the check out time but we had called and told the office the linens were ready for pick up, so we didn’t hold the staff up getting ready for the next group for our cabin check in for 4:00 pm. Stupid me thought I’d get over heated in my parka so had my vest and light fleece jacket and back and forth I went loading up. WELL once into the car I realized I was chilled – on with the heat – much to Florence’s delight as usually I keep it low. On our way out we took a different route through the community and came across a family of deer – AWESOME!

Then I stopped to get gas and guess got chilled again and by the time we stopped for a lovely lunch at the Brass Lantern 2:30ish in Steinbach I was just shivering and had to switch to my parka – even hot tea didn’t warm me up. We even checked out the MCC Thrift Store and I bought more china saucers and Florence a book she wanted to read. Yep I drove back with the parka on (a first for me except for the days of my Dart that didn’t have heat in the winter) and heat full force just about – even Florence turned down the fan partway as it was too much already for her – LOL!

We finally got back into the city and I helped Florence unload and then headed home and even in my warm apt I still could not warm up and basically after unpacking necessities I just relaxed. That’s all I had energy for!


Christmas 2011 – A Different Experience - Part 2

Thank you to Tami, who very kindly lent us many of her DVDs for our evenings’ entertainment and Florence for her lovely music selection, as there was no TV reception NOR Internet access – I was panicking of being away from my precious emails for FOUR DAYS, but you know what, I survived just wonderfully. Thanks to Florence’s easy going ways and a job she brought out for me to cut the borders for a quilting project AND I actually FINISHED stitching the binding on the TWO quilts – WOW!!! Yep they’d been sitting at home for ages awaiting some TLC from me and this getaway got that accomplished. Florence worked on sorting out her pieces for her Moose project but didn’t really work on it. She just enjoyed relaxing while there which was just fine – we both did that.

Christmas Day was so strange – it was so quiet out there and I mentioned that many a time!!! After breakfast we opened our gifts to each other and relaxed a bit. Then we got dressed and yes I took my winter attire with me and ENJOYED being outdoors for an hour or so and we walked part of the High Lake Trail – well groomed. We didn’t see any wildlife but saw the sauna but did not partake in that activity. Upon return I helped Florence with a quilting project and we just relaxed while our special supper was roasting!!! It was just SCRUMPTIOUS (thank you so much) and it wasn’t just because of the outdoors and increased appetites either!!! Evenings were spent relaxing listening to music, watching DVDs and the fire, that is when it was kept going – talk about a finicky thing!!! Finally I got the hang of making it Tepee style of wood pieces and rolled up paper underneath to get it going and trying to keep it going!!!

Boxing Day we decided to try and find the short Sunshine Trail – supposed to be only 2 kms so quite doable for us inexperienced hikers! OK we asked a few people around and finally found ONE person who sort of knew and told us that trail has not been groomed but the path is still visible. (did Rose Anne check at the office for a trail map – NO – and there was no such thing in our Informational binder at the cabin either) SO there we set off across the marsh like area – tricky to trek over for Florence and then up the ski slope (faced the sun so was quite bare in places) with a couple of laughing resting episodes - I’d say 3/4s of the way and off to the side to the rocky Look Out area. AWESOME.

Ooooops, no slipping!

Taking a breather!

See not much snow at all on this slope!
Our cabins on the left hand point

Opposite side ski slope - functional.

Across the lake to Falcon Lake Community

Then it was time to continue and return for a much needed rest we thought, BUT Florence did not want to go DOWN the way we came up. HMMM! So I looked around to see if I could spot a TRAIL, not really, but I finally saw a sign that pointed and noted TRAIL – that’s where we headed. After a bit it was we found a kinda groomed trail and definitely going downwards. “Now Norma you know I don’t do well in the bush when lost, so bare this in mind!”  After a while it narrowed some but you could still see it was a path so we continued downwards – our thoughts were towards the lakeshore for an EVEN final walk to the cabin! Hmmmmm no visible path in sight – what to do? I suggested going back following our footsteps – nope not appealing to Florence at all. So she rested and I trekked around to see if I could find anything – thank GOD it was early afternoon and lots of light in the bush – and finally I found animal footprints (not sure what) so called and we followed them downwards again but trying to avoid the branches – getting thicker now. Then ZIPPO no tracks – whatever it was was just airlifted out??? So again Florence stayed put and I ventured a bit and this time came across a semi circle of human steps, again we set out but followed the downward steps. YEP you guessed it, they too just disappeared, totally WEIRD and I was getting spooked – but didn’t say such out loud! Now by this time the terrain was getting rougher and at times you needed to grab at branches for support – but not dead ones like I did and down I went, nope didn’t hurt myself. I was sure we were getting closer to the lake and tried to find the easiest way and FINALLY there was the lake through the trees!!! BUT first a slightly steeper slope but there were tree roots for makeshift steps, except Florence missed one and down she sat – laughing!!! So I went upwards some to help her down but she decided to BUM it down instead. What a chuckle we had but my stomach muscles were aching.

Ohhhh, that was not to happen!

It's easier sliding down on the bum!

So now we were FINALLY out of the bush but where the heck we were on that lake was another story. I decided we head left hopefully around the point we’d see either our cabins or across the lake the community of Falcon Lake and that would be my landmark. We came across a wet snowy patch and quickly traversed it and continued onwards coming across clear patches where you could see the cracks going down I’d say a good 10 inches so I then felt confident we would be OK walking on it. Heck there were all terrain vehicles, skidoos, XC skiers and hikers using the lake so why I doubted it was safe I don’t know!!!  FINALLY we rounded the point and there to the left was the ski chalet/hills and ahead our CABIN and to the right the two islands and further right Falcon Lake – Hallelujah we made it out, now just to cross the lake for a much needed REST. Florence suggested the hot tub first and I totally agreed, BUT first we had the dock and one more hill to climb – Ohhhhh my poor aching back and knees and Florence said her knees were hurting too! Sorry for leading you astray and in the bush yet!!! 

Yep a far walk back!

I don’t think she’ll be following me into the BUSH again!!! Heck neither will I do such again!!! A well groomed trail with a map for this girl in the future.

. . . stay tuned for Part 3 . . .

Christmas 2011 - A Different Experience - Part 1

It was sad circumstances that brought this change of Christmas celebrations about, but I think it was the bestest way to start off my own type of Christmases for the future. This year was the first without my parents and I had decided I was not travelling to Dauphin and this summer I started making different plans. Eventually it included my quilting girlfriend and escalated to booking a 3-night Falcon Lake Trails Resort cabin over Christmas. As the time drew nearer I was sort of feeling guilty, but then decided it was better this way and then my sisters can have their own family Christmases and I can have my own.
Off the steps
(out around point of Sunshine ski hill)

Mountain Maple cabin lakeshore frontage

Our own dock!

Out the living room window

Out the dining room window

So the week before Florence (not my sister) informed me she had started packing already – HUH! I hadn’t even done my laundry as I still had a week of working and needed my clothes, but I did start on packing the two quilts that needed bindings stitched and some of my crazy patch blocks and embellishing paraphernalia and naturally started my ever so necessary LIST!!! That is of what to buy last minute, what to take from home in regards to cooking and enjoyment, and naturally which clothes to pack. This time I did pretty good, I took nearly only what I needed, except for the CQing stuff which I didn’t get to at all, but could have used my XC skis, but was afraid of doing more injury to my knees.

Dang it! I wanted to take a picture of my poor Babe (Montana van) before we started unloading at the cabin but I totally forgot, just too anxious to get settled in and start our relaxing!!! BUT for two people I can tell you that there was no space available except for above the headrests and that would not have been safe for travelling at all. Yep even the space between the seats had a cooler sitting there! We were stock piled full and majority of what we took we used, except for a few articles of clothing.

Upon settling in the owners came by with lovely ice made votive candle holder for the hot tub area - WOW just beautiful and wished we could have taken it with us but it was melting even being outside.  See the ice on the tree next to our cabin?

It was in spiral formation - fascinating!

Florence was the Chief Menu Planner/Cook and I the Chief Cleaner Upper and it worked out very well and the meals were AWESOME and I didn’t even miss my chips but was craving my Pepsi but made do with the wine and water!!! Our menu consisted of: Christmas Eve a tourtiere pie and spinach salad; Christmas Day was bacon and eggs breakfast, leftover pie and salad, baked bread and Bruschetta topping for snack, supper Cornish game hens, stuffing, roasted mixed veggies and an awesome mousse type of chocolate/vanilla cake later on that is; Boxing day was cereal/toast breakfast, leftover pie and more roasted mixed veggies, supper was to be out somewhere but NOTHING WAS THERE except for the ski chalet which we weren’t interested in - so back to the cabin and more leftover pie and cleaned off the salad and more cake. Good thing Florence brought a jug of skim milk for we both had our share. It’s a good thing Florence is a great cook or I’d have been driving to who knows where to get food!!!

The outdoor deck hot tub was used daily and so necessary after our long walk, that’s for sure!!! The resort provided bird seed and we thoroughly enjoyed their entertainment with Florence checking the cabin bird book for the names and both Florence and I kept trying to keep that danged squirrel away from it. Guess it finally took the hint and didn’t show up anymore, that is while we were there. The woodpeckers, grosbeeks, chickadees cooperated for my annoying picture taking but the blue jays were way too fast so avoided my attempts.
Not afraid Chicakees
I was up to a foot away - stayed put

Through the window Grosbeeks and Woodpecker

Through the window Grosbeeks

Through the window Woodpecker

We made use of the wood stove daily, but I had to chop the wood smaller to get it going and the last time I didn’t do as much as I was getting quite sore on my right side and thus left the wood box just about empty. Oh well someone left it stock for us with huge logs – which I promptly took back to the wood pile, heck one of them wouldn’t even FIT INTO the stove – DUH!!! I totally forgot that I wanted Florence to come out and take a picture of me chopping but most time I did this while she was otherwise busy so that would not have worked!

. . . stay tuned for Part 2 . . .

12 Days of Christmas – Wrap-up

OK the CQing gift opening for 2011 is over with and what an adventure it was. I must first thank Debbie Q for hosting this in the WWCQ group and naturally my partner Joyce R for the lovely gifts she sent me and also for her acceptance of my fun and games which earned me the nickname "Schneakkkkyyy" throughout her openings. LOL!

So here's a recap of what I had sent to Joyce, using my sister’s name and mailing address, which threw her till the end:
I had FUN wrapping and labelling all
My version of the song

Joyce's picture of her gifts from me
more gifts
the fabrics from Day 10 and also Extra package
Extra package goodies

And then here's a recap of what I had received from Joyce of Mobile, Alabama:

wrapped gifts from Joyce
Joyce's version of the song
All my gifts from Joyce

Naturally you can see the individual day’s pictures if you are in my blog and on the right is my Labels, scroll down and select "swap gifts" and all the 12 Days of Christmas entries should pop up to scroll through for closeup pictures and comments. To go back to the start, just click on Home button at the bottom or the Go Back arrow at the top left of the page.

Yes it was quite enjoyable and one of these days I will use these embellishments (all bagged together too) in a project and who knows maybe even included in the “hearts” wall hanging I’m planning for myself. Time will tell.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I want to wish you all, especially my family and dear friends, a very Merry Christmas.  Hope that your holiday celebrations are full of good food, cheer, happiness, love and whatever faith you worship!  If you are travelling please do so carefully and safely! 

Christmas Postcards

12 Days of Christmas - 12th Day

OMGG thank you Joyce for "On the twelfth Day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 12 gifts a-waiting" for my crazy patch embellishing!!! WOW LOVELY!!! I KNOW Darlene is probably wishing I had opened this yesterday so we both could have been OOOOHing and AAAAAAHing together as I was in AWE that is for sure with this last gift - everything had me smiling (it was like all the eleven previous gifts all in one all over again and more).  Hope the picture does it justice along with the full verse too.  Thank you Joyce - you can be my gift sender anytime again!!!
OH NO, the last one!!!

12 Days of Christmas reworded!

OK this is the end of this so much fun event and I have to thank Joyce again for sending me such awesome gifts to use in my crazy patch embellishing and also Debbie for introducing this fun activity for us to all enjoy.  THANK YOU!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 11th Day

OMGG thank you Joyce for "On the eleventh Day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 11 fabrics sparkling" for my crazy patch!!! WOW LOVELY - I have NONE of these and Darlene was just OOOOHing and AAAAAAHing with me while I was trying to get a picture (gosh it was hard to take with all the sparkles too - not a good one that is for sure). Thank you Joyce!!!

OH NO, there's only one more pressie to open!  Boooo Hoooo Hoooo I just got used to having a pressie every day and now I have to go back to the "real world" and just make do with a surprise or two if such happens???  It's a good thing my girlfriend and I are exchanging gifts Christmas morning and I've a gift for both of us to open Christmas Eve!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 10th Day

I have to chuckle as a few are already taking notes for next year's such activity - will we have it again - hmmmm I don't think it will be allowed to fall through the slats of other activities.  Many have had their "anticipation" whetted for creating other such packages to go with the drift of the song!!!  LOL!!!

So "On the tenth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 10 buds a blooming" and I just LOVE the deep purple velvet poinsettia like flower.  These definitely will be in a flower arrangement of some type on my block!!!  Thank you Joyce.

Hmmmm wonder what #11 has within it?  It's tubular and squishie soft - I think I know!!!  Then one gift box left for Saturday morning's opening.  I'll do that nice and early so I can get it blogged before I head off for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One Saucer-y Pincushion Ready

Well it's always good to have one finished and I probably should have worked on one for myself first to get the - maybe shoulda not done that - maybe should have tried this - maybe maybe maybe!!!  Oh well I didn't and I still love it and hope my niece will like it also when she opens it tomorrow.  These are from the tutorial found on Stitcharooney, thank you very much Helen!

This is the only one of the four that I'd planned for gift giving that I truly liked the fabric choice but see I need a WHOLE different selection of buttons for the finishing steps.
Top View

Semi front view

Now I'm anxious to finish off the others that I've started and sitting as flat discs on my table.  LOL!

12 Days of Christmas - 9th Day

Ohhhhh yes Joyce I'm truly pleased with my packages you have selected for me.  I just can't wait till this 12 days of gifting is complete and I can actually plan and decide what kind of block I'd like to stitch up with these lovelies!!

Hey not only has the group wondered what activity will follow, even Darlene asked what I was going to do after the 12th day and no more packages - we looked at each other and I shrugged my shoulders - it'll for sure feel like something is missing!!!  LOL!

So "On the ninth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 9 critters flying" and talk about a mixed collection of winged charms and even a button. 
I love the porcelain type one, naturally the tiny dragonfly and also the wasp which has neato details on it's wings.  Thank you Joyce.

Oh Oh only 3 more days of gift openings!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 8th Day

OK I was totally PEEVED at 4:30 am when woken by mouse activity again in my closet!!!  DANG IT I thought they were gone but guess it was only to greener pastures elsewhere while warmer outside, but with winter settling in I guess they are moving back inside again!!!  So when I got home from work I grabbed the gloves, gathered up the various traps, washed with a bit of soap and then reloaded with fresh peanut butter and set them back out again.  I pray this does not go on as long as last year's episode or I may land up just unloading a lot of stuff to get to the bare bones in here!!! 

ANYWAYS onto happier things.  Today a co-worker brought me a gift (says I'm always helping everyone and she appreciates me this way) but this time it was a large bag and inside was this pail of overflowing paint with Seasons Greetings printed on the spill and inside was a "family of snowmen" - I just squealed with JOY seeing them - and also a lovely tan toned necklace from the "fair trade" home parties group (sorry I forgot the name right now).  And also I forgot to take pictures - DUH!!!  Also Darlene who always appreciates my needlework again gave me a gift card for The Bay family of stores.  Yes it sure helped to ease my dissappointing morning start.

And again today Darlene was waiting for me to open my daily present and was thrilled as much I was.  See "on the eighth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 8 beads for stringing" BUT it was eight packages of seed beads and only one packet is similar to what I have in my stash.  The mixed soup packets are shades I don't have so that's just lovely!!!   Thank you very much Joyce!!!

I can tell you that I'm KEEPING these little boxes in a storage tub for my next gift exchange.

Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 7th Day

Today I slept in and woke with a headache too boot!!!  But could not stay home as our Social Committee decided those who wanted to could volunteer 3 hours at the Siloam Mission helping in the kitchen and serving meals - yes I had volunteered.  I had also heard there were five last minute cancellations so I'm glad I took an Advil and perservered!!!  It was good that the turnout was about 100 less homeless in for lunch as we were short on the food service volunteers today.  We had no problems and all seemed thankful for the hot lunch and table service by volunteers.  Also included was a tour of the facilities and all I can say is it was better than I thought and can see why they have such large numbers showing up for food, support to start some type of work and a bed to sleep in.

Now as for the 12 Days of Christmas packages - WELL I have a co-worker who is just as excited as I am about these and was at my desk before I even got my coffee!!!  So she waited while I opened up my gift from Joyce.  It was one of those long jewellry type boxes and no sound from inside at all - another HMMM!

"On the seventh day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 7 trims for trimming."  WOW inside were seven various trims and only the silver trim is one I had in my stash - that is awesome.  PLUS ideas were popping into my head on how I'd use them and some even to embellish for the trim to just "pop" on the block.  Also that gathered zig zag one is quite intriguing and I'm going to see if I can do something like this with the various trims I have in my stash - sure would add a little something special especially with embellishments on top!
Day 7
Thank you Joyce - I'm really loving these packages!

Your Preference Please

OK I'm back briefly to ask for your assistance please.  I've made up various pincushions for these saucers but just am lost as to which I really prefer.  So I'm letting my friends help me out here, if you would like too that is.

So here are four different saucers and a number of pincushions for each - in sets A, B, C and D with numbers of each set labeledwithin the pictures - along with a top and side view.  You can either leave me a comment with your LETTERS and NUMBERS choices here or you can jot your choices down and then email me with the LETTERS and NUMBERS.  I would appreciate your help. Thank you very much.
Set A
Set B

Set C
Set D
And don't feel bad about not liking any of my choices for Set D as I myself am having a rough time choosing for this saucer myself and might have to take suggestions???

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tired - Loads of Fun

PHEW this is a good but busy day for me!  See someone on a Yahoo group sent this link "A little Saucery-y pincushion tutorial!" and today I'm playing.  A month or so ago I and my sister and girlfriend made a few trips to the second hand stores and I picked up various china or stoneware saucers without their cups.  Then I checked with my handyman and he bought the glass/tile drill bit for his drill (which I reimbursed him for) and he drilled two holes very nicely in all of them without breaking one. 

So today I picked out a few to start with and promptly tackled the boxes in front of my two tall cupboards of fabrics - so now my sewing room has a U shape isle so I can maneuver around some.  Yes I need to finish that room just not today!  It took me over an hour to sort through those cupboards for possible FQs and then auditioning them with the saucers and choosing the possiblities.  Now I'm at the point of preparing the pincushions!

Yes I'll be back another time with a possible pick your favourite with each saucer as I know I can't put all five choices on one saucer.  See you back again soon!!!

It's Christmassy-like Outside

I asked for more snow for our holidays - just no blizzards please - looks like my wishes are being considered by Heaven Above!!!  Thank you Lord.

Maybe I just jinxed this to happen today too!  See it was a lovely day of -4C this morning so I took my horribly dirty BABE (grey Montana van) on my friend Florence's suggestion to the Chamois car wash and since it was my first time there I took the Gold treatment.  They apparently did everything and I can tell you that it looked LOVELY outside and inside when I picked it up.  So there I was on my way home praying that it does not get splashed up right away.  Yep I made it home without splashes too!!!

That was an hour ago and I just looked outside and the trees in front of my window are just about all white so I got up to check.  WELL the flakes are huge and floating down from above coating the ground white too.  Now I pray it stays "winter-like" so the snow stays white and not that slushy stuff as it warms up.  YES I am a person who enjoys my winter with as much snow as possible but do not appreciate the winter storms - just winter!!! 

OHHHH Florence maybe we will have a nice snowy winter vacation over Christmas?  That's right I'm not one to have a "green" Christmas (even though that is my favourite colour) like that one mega years ago in Rio de Janiero - nope not for Rose Anne.  I'm also not one for the hot temps so that's why I'm planning on my retirement vacation to the "Down Under & NZ" during their winter and getting away from our hot summer here!  Strange yeah I know!!!

Santa's a Canadian!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! have a great Christmas every one and have a listen

"Santa's a Canadian" Written by William Hardie (with Patrick Ronahan and Terry Banks), this song is destined to become a new Classic Canadian Christmas Song.  It celebrates the spirit of Christmas and also, the spirit of Canada.  Santa has never been so well portrayed as a true "Hoser" from the Great White North!

copy & paste:

12 Days of Christmas - 6th Day

Today I was up after my alarm but earlier than usual for a weekend and the first thing after the usual I opened up my gift from Joyce.  It was a small box but I could hear something heavy hitting the sides - HMMM!

"On the sixth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 6 birds a chirping."  Now I just chuckled as inside definitely were six different birds (not sure if they's a chirping or not - winking) charms and buttons along with a bird nest with eggs!  One of the birds you will see is in front of it's birdhouse.  I'll for sure be using them on my CQing blocks!!!
Thank you my dear as I've not seen the circled one nor the bird nest before!  I'm loving these packages!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas in July Tatting Swap

Well it was supposed to be a NSAN group activity in July but my dear friend Margaret was in the throes of tatting various items for a family wedding and I did not have the heart to put the added pressure on her to work on the above swap item for me.  She promised she'd work on them after the wedding and we were updated with photos of the tatted wedding items and all I can say is I was glad it was not me.

So not that long ago she mentioned that she's recovered and was working on my items.  Well my package arrived Thursday and I can say I'm truly pleased I waited - I LOVE Snowmen of all types!!! 
And also inside the package was a daintily tatted bookmark.  Just lovely!!!

Thank you very much Margaret B - I love them both.  I can just imagine your tatted wedding items if this is an example of your work for them.  Precious.