Monday, November 28, 2016

Tatted Maple Leaf

Hey I just finished my center embellishment for the Crafts Museum challenge art quilt and I just LOVE it.  Next is to search out my other ideas and tat them over the winter.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tatting n Sewing!

My first order is completed and ready for mailing.  Hope they all like their gifts when given.

Then at today's Lace gathering I met Gerdine who knitted these LOVELY little angels - much to my dismay she does not sell them - only as gifts.

Also I started the tatted embellishments for my Red and White Art Quilt for the Canada 150 Quilt Challenge Fundraiser in support of the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library.  I can't wait to see the end result but a long way to go yet Melissa Marginet!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Feeling Energized

Oooohhhhh it's such a beautiful day outside - just don't believe it's the latter part of November in Manitoba!!!  Considering my down mood this week I gave myself a talking too upon waking, had breakfast and out the door I went.  I was determined to make 12 kms today and enjoy the sunshine!

Well I actually walked 12.32 km in 2 hrs 21 min at 5.2 km/hr - which actually BROKE my longest distance record walked at one time.  WOW!!!  I just need to learn how to answer my phone with the ear buds intact - poor Jeane Gaiennie got cut off in my fumbling attempt.  ðŸ˜‰

Friday, November 25, 2016

On the Home front!

Woke today feeling more motivated than the past few days and after getting ready for another round with my dietician this afternoon I weighed myself just to see.

WELL earlier this week I'd finally dropped off my month long plateau and was nearing the weight I'd be happy at and still enjoying my favorites in moderation.   What a relief!

THEN today I've dropped another 1.5 lbs and now am just below that hoping to reach target.   Wonder if this will continue some more?  WOW that would be awesome for me.

This week's Dr followup from lab results saw my A1C sugar levels GREAT, my blood pressure lowered, but my bad cholesterol was still up there and I'm eating more fish and taking Omega 3,6,9 too - AND now my thyroid is registering high whatever!!!  Dang it I thought I was doing so good.  So back in a month and if BP is still lowered then he'll stop one med and see how I do and then another test to see what else changes.   SHEESH!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quiet Sunday - Relaxing!

Well supper was delicious - one more serving of meatloaf and gravy in the freezer for next week and now back to a sewing crafting day!

OK I've signed up for our quilting guild's Crocus Conference end of April and I'm really enthused for this one class so much I've even picked out my fabrics.  Only I'm having an issue of which dark green to use.  I'm leaning to the last picture as that colour was bought at the same time as the awesome border print.  What is your opinion?  Thank you.  These are all from my stash so am very happy not to buy more!  ðŸ˜†

Friday, November 18, 2016

Brrrr Winter's Coming!

And relaxed now that I'm fed, feet up and enjoying a Ceasar too!  I had some of my leftover meatloaf and the last of the asparagus with sweet Kale salad - not sure what's for dessert yet - maybe an apple later on.
This morning I did some craft stuff, then dressed up a bit more for a walk with Edna from Bruce Park to Rte 90 bridge then back and around the Duck Pond - to ensure I met my daily target of 6.5 km at least - then back to the car.
We then headed to Grant Ave to check out a couple walking/running stores for windpants for me and some heavier pants as Yoga ones aren't doing it for me now!!!  LOL!  BRRRR!!!  Then stopped at Fabricland before dropping off Edna for her supper and I headed to Walmart for one thing and came out with a dozen 😕 - at least all but one was kinda needed or could use!
Now to get some work done and get ready for the Aurora Quilters gathering tomorrow.

A few weeks ago on a walk here we came upon two guys sipping the bark off and cleaning the inside.  Thought there'd be more to see but not!

I've Done It & Feeling Proud!

I've finally crossed that long plateau and once again on the down side on the scale and back to dropping pounds.  YEAH!!!!  Finally after close to 4 weeks see sawing a pound up or down today I've dropped 2 pounds from last week's weigh in!!!!  NOW maybe I'll have incentive to staying on track better.  I'm even getting better at my restaurant choices and amounts again.  Heck, I still have 95% of the small bag of Halloween treats Sylvia gave me.  Trick is I bought a cute 3 piece Snowman from Dollarama and hid them inside - out of sight if not mind and only have one or two at the most but not daily.   Dang 5 months ago they'd all have been gone lickety split!  HA HA HA!

Well it helped knowing I'm now prediabetic and seeing how Mom struggled with diabetis and now 3 sisters on various med for it - I just cold turkey changed my eating habits and increased my walking to avoid it.  It's hard as I'm a junk food addict like large bag of chips n dip with a litre of Pepsi for supper very often in between large pizzas.  Definitely not healthy.

OMÄ¢G my comment sounds like it was so easy and I had control.  NOT, I slipped a few times especially on that long plateau stretch but I didn't let the bad habits take hold, I got back on track and for me going for a long walk always kick starts that for me.  I just can't believe the control I have with Pepsi.  I'm gonna have to take the last two 750 ml bottles to Barb as its been now 5 months and the last bottle I had over three sessions over a week like three weeks ago.  I used to drink a litre or more a day each day too.

Getting Back on Track - Nov 15th

Well since getting back from Ontario I've gotten slack in grocery shopping so naturally ate out more or skipped meals.  Not good!!!  So today after my stitchery gathering I went shopping.  Half my cart was veggies and fruits so naturally I made supper tonight.  YUMMY!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter's Coming or maybe Roaring In!!!

Oh no my friend Michelle said we are to get snow this week BUT a blizzard forecast by Global News (check out this link)!!!!  Guess that's what we get for green grass and flowers still blooming mid-November in Manitoba!!!!

I spent a lovely day with Michelle and other walkers on a 7 km tour of Wolesley area and onto Wellington Crescent back to our vehicles.  It was warm enough that I unzipped my jacket but kept my hoodie zipped but we both took off our light gloves.  WOW!!!  This is very unusual for Manitoba at this time.

We've been exceptionally blessed and lucky to have this awesome weather this far into November.  If the weather does get bad I'll switch to mall walking before it opens and outside on milder days maybe with walking sticks for balance.  Don't forget I do LOVE winter just not deep freeze temperatures!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Excerpt from Mila Maximets Facebook or website page.
"I was always "envy" of people who would say " Oh... I don't have problem sleeping".  Now I can say the changed for me when I combined seabuckthorn and tart cherry.  We are all different and there is no formula that we can live by.  Although, there is lots of scientific data that we can empower ourselves with, and try to improve our health by eating nutritious foods."  Plus her attached photo info below.

Now my I personal info.   I can attest to sleeping better too since drinking this mixture daily!  Also it's helping my aches and pains and reduced my use of Advil and Alieve to minimal maybe a couple times a month now - that is a definite plus for me especially with my every second day walking regime of 5-10 kms each.  It's pricey but stretches out a couple of weeks as you're using small amounts.

My usage is 1 tablespoon of Solberry puree and 3 tablespoons of Organic Just Tart Cherry juice with a wedge of squeezed lemon (instead of honey) and 8-10 oz of water - shake well and drink through the day (I have this between morning and midafternoon).  I've 7/8s of a bottle of juice yet but once used up I'll try Mila's Cherry puree - at least it'll be smaller bottles to pack for my getaways!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day Outing

After my visit to the Cenataph close to me where I left my poppy on the Ukrainian memorial, I picked Edna up for lunch before our walk.  Well that was a first seeing Sal's packed with the vestibule also full bordering on spilling out the door.  We didn't even check the wait time - instead headed to Stella's - not as bad and we were seated in 20 minutes.

Then we headed to S. St. Vital Royalwood and the Boise des Esprit Park for our walk.  We meandered trying to see as many wood carvings as possible plus walked back on the bike path (moving off for a few bikers) along the Seine River and some places quite muddy.  It was awesome to see so many out enjoying the awesome autumn weather, the Canada geese still here and evidence of a beaver or two chewing up saplings to huge trees.  I truly enjoyed the crunching of the leaves underfoot and the scenery period!!!

Feeling energized!   Then home to relax and watching curling and now hockey.  GO JETS GO!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I'm Feeling Pumped!

Well I'm back home and so far back into my walking routine but slight hiccups diet wise!  I did go shopping today so hopefully that'll be back on track too.  I also finished burying the loose ends on my tatted snowflakes and washed them - now to see if they need stiffening or OK as is.

Today I goofed on my diabetic nurse appointment so screwed up my afternoon walk time.  But did get great news on my prediabetic condition  -  I'm doing very well without meds and to continue as usual and they'll review my 3 month blood work in two weeks and my Dr will give me hopefully better news yet!!!  She did say that my nutritionist and herself are OK with my results and I don't need a follow-up time but to call if I need too!!!

So when I got home had a very late lunch, a cheese and fake seafood salad then went out for my walk.  Gosh darn 5:00 pm and it was dark but thankful others out on this lovely day.  I cut it short at 6.5 kms at 5.4 km/hr today - was getting hard to see where I was stepping.   Guess I'll stick to mornings or afternoons from now on.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Another Lovely Day in Dryden!

Sitting here relaxing after another lovely day with Sylvia and Len!  Today I didn't go with them for their daily morning coffee group gathering.  Instead I went for a 7 km walk at 5.2 km/hr on another different route (that truck has still spooked me) and took various pictures.  First is a neat manhole cover by Bell Telephone Co, landscape in the marsh area behind Tim's, and then a doe and fawn jumped across traffic at the start of the overpass and down beside me before they ran off.

Then Sylvia and I washed windows inside and out and some we just should have left dirty!!!  LOL!!!   Shortly after that Len treated us both to the B&B Roadhouse for NY steak sandwiches for cleaning up his garage for him - but he still wished we'd honestly took a load to the dump from there.  LOL!!!  Sylvia doubts that would have been OK!  YUMMY!!!

Tomorrow we've pancake breakfast at the Senior Centre with the coffee group, then store the willow armchairs in the cleaned garage for the winter, hang them cafe curtains now we have the correct hooks and nails AND pack up my stuff and head home!!!  This time I made a list of my stuff in various places so hopefully I won't forget anything this time!  LOL!!!  Soon back to my city walks with friends and Pathfinder instead of alone!

Friday, November 04, 2016

My Heron Cont'd

OMGG!!!  I'm so very pleased with my HERON and it's all fused onto the background now.  This is the first project that both of us are working on and I've got mine together but Sylvia is hoping to change some of her fabrics before fusing.  The next step is squaring off and sewing on the blue/black borders and then stitch all the pieces in place as I don't trust that fusible!!!  And eventually I'll quilt major sections and finish it as a wall hanging.

Sylvia's To Do List For Me - Getting Shorter

OH Boy what a day!  We tried to hang Sylvia's lace cafe curtains she sewed but one of the rod packages had TWO left hooks so we made lunch instead.  Then I went down and put together my heron before joining Sylvia in cleaning out the scattered totally covered floor space in the garage - moving items were just dumped etc.  That took just over an hour and items are in their specific areas and some stuff organized and swept out too!!!  Then we cleaned up and headed uptown for some shopping and exchange that curtain rod - this time made sure there were R and L hooks.  Len snoozed through all this so when we got back we teased him that we took a load of his stuff to the dump - he said that was OK - there was too much!  Then when he checked the garage out he wondered if it was HIS!!!  Guess we did good but honest all his stuff is there, just organised into areas.

The HERON Con'd!

Ooopsie I forgot to get a picture of the Christmas table runner I sewed Sunday morning!
Then beginning of this week both of us started to build our HERON wall hangings and I put together the water, head and body so far.
Yesterday I went for a walk and thankfully it had warmed up a bit and did 8 kms at 5.4 km/hr and this time headed through town, along the highway a bit, into the cemetery and back.  I also stopped into The Quilting Trunk and ordered the ric rac I need for my fruit pie hot matts.
In the afternoon I helped Sylvia dig up a flower bed, add some new soil and plant the two pots of Chinese Lanterns I picked up in Winnipeg Cdn Tire for her and wrapped up for the winter now.  Can't wait to see them transferred next spring into some large container and set into the back yard as she's planning.
Then I continued with my HERON but so frustrating as the pieces keep lifting up, the fusible is not sticking down, iron maybe too hot.  So will need to reinforce the larger pieces to adhere soon onto the backing.  SHEESH!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The Heron!!!

Well Tuesday was definitely a working day on our Heron wall hanging.  All pieces are fused onto fabric but not all cut out yet - fingers aching.  I'm very anxious to start building the various sections to see how it looks.  I've already had to retrace one piece as I did not like the fabric chosen.  PICKY!!!  But I'll not be doing this again so gotta like it first time around.  LOL!

Then I took off for a 4.9 km walk downtown this time, and towards the mill and the suspension bridge which is closed for the season now, then around the bend to a park with this awesome pagoda like structure.  Awesome day for pictures even capturing fall leaves transferred onto the cement!!!