Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day Outing

After my visit to the Cenataph close to me where I left my poppy on the Ukrainian memorial, I picked Edna up for lunch before our walk.  Well that was a first seeing Sal's packed with the vestibule also full bordering on spilling out the door.  We didn't even check the wait time - instead headed to Stella's - not as bad and we were seated in 20 minutes.

Then we headed to S. St. Vital Royalwood and the Boise des Esprit Park for our walk.  We meandered trying to see as many wood carvings as possible plus walked back on the bike path (moving off for a few bikers) along the Seine River and some places quite muddy.  It was awesome to see so many out enjoying the awesome autumn weather, the Canada geese still here and evidence of a beaver or two chewing up saplings to huge trees.  I truly enjoyed the crunching of the leaves underfoot and the scenery period!!!

Feeling energized!   Then home to relax and watching curling and now hockey.  GO JETS GO!!!

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