Sunday, November 13, 2016

Excerpt from Mila Maximets Facebook or website page.
"I was always "envy" of people who would say " Oh... I don't have problem sleeping".  Now I can say the changed for me when I combined seabuckthorn and tart cherry.  We are all different and there is no formula that we can live by.  Although, there is lots of scientific data that we can empower ourselves with, and try to improve our health by eating nutritious foods."  Plus her attached photo info below.

Now my I personal info.   I can attest to sleeping better too since drinking this mixture daily!  Also it's helping my aches and pains and reduced my use of Advil and Alieve to minimal maybe a couple times a month now - that is a definite plus for me especially with my every second day walking regime of 5-10 kms each.  It's pricey but stretches out a couple of weeks as you're using small amounts.

My usage is 1 tablespoon of Solberry puree and 3 tablespoons of Organic Just Tart Cherry juice with a wedge of squeezed lemon (instead of honey) and 8-10 oz of water - shake well and drink through the day (I have this between morning and midafternoon).  I've 7/8s of a bottle of juice yet but once used up I'll try Mila's Cherry puree - at least it'll be smaller bottles to pack for my getaways!

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