Friday, April 12, 2019

Awesome Day

What a lovely time had with friends!  Picked up Edna and Dianne and met Barb at Boston Pizza on Henderson for the luncheon specials. Edna and I shared the nooner pizza and she also treated me - Thank You!  YUMMY!!!  Then we headed to Main St over that swollen Red River to Little Britain United Church Quilt Show to see the awesome In Stitches group's quilt show!  AWESOME!!!!  What a variety, beautiful, creative and outstanding workmanship on display!  I especially loved the use of the church!

It's hard to get an engaged picture of Edna. 

Wind Farm by Fran Howard, designed by Lynn Harris,  quilted by Fran Howard 

Bubbling Bargello by Lea Frame, d by Susie Weaver, q by Helen Maslowski 

Sunset Strips by Cynthia Atkins, q by Kathy Rydzkowski

Heirloom Romance Antique Purses by Vi Mozil, d by Crabapple Hill, q by Vi


Friendship Shelf by Ann Eckford, Marion Olafson, Inez Drummond, Tannis Sommerfield, Jeanne Hummerston, Jan MacDonald, Marlene Gustafson, Liz Martin, Gay Wilkes, q by Christy Hofer

Mother Goose Nursery by Marion Olafson, d by Kookaburra Cottage, q by Marion Olafson 

Dancing Umbrellas by Vi Mozil, d by Piecemaker Kit, q by Vi @ Cedar House 

Church display too!

Dianne, Barb, Edna and myself 

Christmas Quilt by Donalda Beresford, q by Marion Olafson

O Canada Bench Pillow by Inez Drummond, d by Kimberbell, q by Inez D
Guiding Angel by Ayleen Ewbank 

A Larel Burch Christmas by Ann Eckford 

Upstream by Leslie Robinson 

Flutter Bys by Juanita Williams, d by Sylvia Pippin Designs, q by Juanita Williams 

Ocean Sunset by Juanita Williams, d by Sylvia Pippin Designs, q by Juanita Williams 

Church window 

Oh Well - String Me Along by Pat MacDonald, d by  Fon & Porter, q by Over the Top Quilt & Design 

Leftovers Shared 9 Patch by Liz Martin and Lorna Knudsen, d and q by Lorna Knudsen


Left:  Swept Away Pillow by Inez Drummond
Middle: Cushion in Taupe by Marion Olafson 
Right:  Petal Pillow by Marion Olafson, d by Emma Jean Jansen, q by Marion Olafson 

Snowman Pillow by Inez 

Left Overs by Ayleen Ewbanks, q by Mary Greenhaigh

Then back in to drop Barb off and to Tim's to wait for Bruce to pick up Dianne.  Afterwards I drove Edna on her errand and then met up with Florence and Wayne. 

What an AWESOME day!  Ending with dinner with Florence and Wayne in for the Jets game and then home to watch the Jets for me!   Well I kinda wanted the salad n steak but then when Florence was ordering Fajitas I caved and shared with her - it's been a long time since the last time we had that together.  It was fun watching her build her last one as she was cleaning up ALL ingredients!   But I just got a call from Florence and apparently we didn't get the free appetizer that we had a coupon for!  Dang it!   So she phoned, waitress checked, she apologized and Florence now has a free appetizer PLUS $15 off her next meal - so I'm invited out next time again!!!  Better deal than originally should have been!

I really didn't expect to see it wrapped! 

No problem and no mess eating it either. 

Talk about a jam packed day and lots of fun too!  I'm still smiling!  And tomorrow is another such day driving friends to Selkirk for a weekend stay, then I think an evening at home again.

A Quiet Yesterday

A quiet day! Met fellow coworkers for lunch, then some walking downtown shopping before heading home to finish off these tatted dragonfly orders for Barb and Dianne.   Then one more order from another Diane next before returning to more hedgdhogs!  🤗  And then look what the sunset is painting on the buildings in Osborne Village!

The Security Guard at the Hydro Bldg took this one for me - showing off my Cuban jewelry. 

Mike took this one for me at Rudy's - showing off my Cuban jewelry. 

It's deeper with the naked eye! 

Yeah and should have known that wind was up to something!  Yep snow again!  Guess Mother Nature is not ready for Spring yet!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


April 9th

Finally uploaded photos from my underwater camera - only possible at home. Ohhh and on that tiny screen in the sun, I missed setting the month to 2 for February! Gotta fix that!

As you can see the waves were cresting higher than me in the water. 

Yeppers glad I stayed near the beach.

Broken bits of seaweed.

Some of my swimming friends.

I love this image!

I updated my FB profile in support of our Winnipeg Jets hockey team IN for the payoffs!

April 10th

Our Winnipeg Jets are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs! YEAH!!!   GO JETS GO!!!   I even picked up a long sleeved White Out tshirt for tonight!

Now here's my new #52blocks52weeks #13 and yes this is an easier way to sew this block but I dislike making two the same this way.  Then because I loved someone else's beaver block I just had to try it too.  So I used my corner ruler and fussy cut the four pieces and sewed them up.  Not quite the effect I hoped for but it will have to do.   Now to decide which will be in the quilt, or both!

All 13 blocks (2 #13s) together.
Next grouping will be when another row is complete.

Had my aquasize workout then home to catchup on my Jets game in my white out tee and a glass of my smooth amber Cuban rum to toast a hopeful win!

Not so this game!  Game #1 lost, Jets will get their MoJos in order for next game!

Sunday, April 07, 2019

A Mixed Day

I finally picked up a large photo album to organize my 500+ Cuban pictures and started sorting out my three packages of pictures I picked up last week.   I told the clerk I was picking up three large orders, guess he assumed because the first he came to had three thick envelopes bound together that these were all of them.  He didn't check order numbers either.  And silly me didn't double check either before leaving!  Well not so!!!!  I'm still missing two large packages yet!  And weird someone didn't notice packages not picked up and following up etc!!!  So hopefully they are still there or they'll have to reprint my already paid for orders.  GRRRRRRR!!!

Well I've had some fun finishing off the request for more of my hedgehog pincushions (wool roping stuffed)!   Now to see whether the PO estimate is what I'll be charged tomorrow!  The left 5 are Kroy sock yarns and the larger brown is a Bernat tweed acrylic.  The right side are two pricier superfine fingering wools.

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Another Jammed Packed Day!

What a beautiful iffy weather day for our walk.  It started out overcast and a bit cool but finished off sunny and warmer!   Today I felt like something different, so met Edna at the Bay downtown and we walked Osborne Street, stopping in at various unique shops, to just about Jubilee before turning around to stop for our usual Borscht and cheese toast at the Oakwood Cafe.   Then we continued walking even though we'd already made my 6.5 km goal, stopping into the Mulvey Flea Market - zippo caught my eye, before heading for home!  It was not our usual pace, more like a stroll and my hip just bothered me when we stopped to check things out!  Edna suggested maybe we walk Academy Ave sometimes to check out those lovely shops - sounds good to me!

For a total of 13,386 steps!  WOW!!!

Finally I have ink and was able to print off week 12 and today I sewed it up!   I just LOVE this weekly challenge and can see one awesome Canadian type fabrics quilt for MOI next year!   Thank you ladies for all your time and expertise in this fun event! 🤩

OK this year I'm aiming for completing and delivering my ...old, new, borrowed & blue... Quilt Challenge this time around!   Also I've decided to have some fun before it's displayed at the Quilt Show.

So this time I'm also not showing my finished work until I see it on display, but am going to tease you some!   That's the kid in me having fun!  So if you're going to the show see it all finished there - that is if I finish it!!!   So mark your calendars!

Here's only part of the next section I just finished today alongwith a section I forgot earlier.  Since it was a small section I just might continue on tonight some more!

Well so much for following the pattern for my 2019 Morden Challenge.   I do not like it as is - so I've taken a picture of the stitched together top, drafted it on paper noting what I don't like and then noted how I'm changing it.   But that's for another day as I'm beat!   DANG I just hate when things don't look as nice as in the magazine!   Also it is way to big even reduced 50% in size --- that is to my liking!!!

But here are the sections stitched up.  I love my fabrics and what they represent when together.   Once fixed I pray I can quilt it accordingly! 🤪

Now relaxing watching the Jets hockey game!  Come on win this game!!!!  GO JETS GO!!!