Sunday, July 29, 2018

Something Got Me!!!

Within a few minutes of arriving before the ceremony something bit me on the ankle.  During the evening I kept using the gel soap to cool it down.  But as you see I react badly, even feel it tight on the other side - if not covered with deet type insect repellent - my  Dr. orders!  Last year's Kenora lake episode and mosquito attack sealed the deal for me!  If it's still bothering me tomorrow I'm going to Victoria's Urgent Care.

Groom's Family Photos

Here's a few from Linda's and Caroline's albums that I wanted to save.  Thank you.

Linda, Val (daughter), Caroline (niece)

Patrick n Linda

Right Patrick, grooms men, left Johnny the Groom to be

Luminous String Quartet

Barry, Linda, Patrick n Lise

Caroline, Kim, Johnny n Val

Christian n Val

Riel (brother in law) n Caroline (daughter)

Johnny n Kim's Wedding

At Kimberly Quinn and Johnny Rolland wedding.  Sorry no ceremony pictures.  It would have been pointless as four photographers blocked the view most of the time.  And about 5 minutes after the vows were sealed it started to rain so inside we came!

I'm stuffed and near bursting my dress seams!!!  All very tasty and delicious!  And some after dinner fun before speeches and dancing.

Now back to the serious part!

Now the yummy part - but is there room!

Just before leaving Lise asked for pictures of Linda Lefebvre Mullen and me as last year  during her battle with cancer we both made together a pink breast cancer wall hanging for her.  Now she met me and the circle is complete!

Then just down the street on the way home I saw this steeple peaking over the trees and drove around for this St Charles Catholic Church picture.

Now home relaxing and even after an hour of dancing (which I'll pay for tomorrow) my hair is still in curls!