Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lovely Christmas

I had a lovely Christmas, lots of food and actually lovely company all three places while in Dauphin.  My sister's cats were well behaved until the last night when they started to fight mainly Blackjack picking on Toffee and again Boxing Day.  I rushed across the kitchen floor to stop them and wiped out and fell onto the raised metal join of the hardwood into the hallway on both knees and then continued to fall and smacked my sore shoulder and noggin onto the floor and started to cry as I ACHED and my knees were a burning pain.  Both cats stopped fighting and sat their with heads cocked sideways and stared at me!!!  FRUSTRATED I sure was and pissed at them!!!  It was as if they were saying "well you fell we didn't do it to you!!!"  When I called Wayne and Florence before leaving to check if they'd left already, they just laughed as they both said they can just see the cats reactions too and told me to get the icepack out and put it on the knees - which I did and it felt better!!!

They thoroughly enjoyed their vacation to Alberta and were so pleased to have me come out that they even paid me plus filled up my van before they left Saturday morning - I was shocked.  She was the one who always said I should pay them for allowing me to stay in their nice new homes with AC etc, never mind charging them.  NOW she sees why and says it was well worth it to know they both could go at the same time and know their babies were looked after the whole time and without arranging a schedule for her girlfriend and Wayne's son to take turns coming over.  This way they were more well behaved and not into so much mischief as when left alone all day long.  LOL!

Well all I can say is I'm glad my van had enough heat to be comfortable on my return trip home, but when the sun went behind me or down the temp dropped and I had to crank her to HOT and then was comfortable again.  Definitely NOT my baby of last week!!!  I was quoted $400 to start with and depending if it is a US part under the hood or a Cdn part it could be more, plus the thermostat and naturally the replacement antifreeze so for sure a $500 plus job @ CdnTire.  My mechanic was ticked and said not to do that, if there is enough heat to stay comfortable to wait till Easter and then go back to Dphn (maybe another house sitting for my sister too) and he'd work the weekend on it and replace it for lots less.  SO please pray that this baby stays somewhat comfortable for me till then!!!

So when I talked with my other sister Sylvia & Len, I was told since I had heat on the inside air circulation (can't drive with that as windows fog up horribly) to check the vents or filter as they might be plugged with leaves or even mouse nest (SHEESH - not into my vehicle too) and also to check the antifreeze (that was checked & OK) as both have happened to him before.  So hopefully this weekend I'll  check if I don't have time tomorrow night.  I'll be ticked if I froze driving to Elsie's and also Erlene's (45 min - 1 hr) there and then back and it was still COLD as it was -30C out!!!  I was COLD!!!  And that was with my parka, boots and mitts on!!!

Then it was back to work Thursday and Friday for me!!!  I survived and now I've the weekend off and Monday too!!!  Today I went over to Pat & Randy's for supper with all of them and tried a Ukrainian first for me - I made Nalysnyky (cheese rolls - crepes with cottage cheese filling) and took them over for all to try out!  They were delicious and only 3 little pieces left over!!!  Now I know I'll be making these again!  YUMMY!!!

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone reading this!!!
I'm going to relax and read or stitch these days away!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ABC Nickel Charity Quilt Challenge

In the fall of 2011 Sue B brainstormed an awesome quilt challenge for our MPQ quild to bring in some adult sized charity quilts this past month, as our guild is awesome with smaller quilt donations!!!  So thank you Sue as I've enjoyed this first project and have now signed up for the next one too (well this time there are THREE sets of 10 each - WOW!!!).

So basically there were twelve of us and we had to cut up I think 12 FQs into 12 - 5 inch scrappy squares (called Nickel charms) - one of each in the twelve baggies.  Then Sue sorted them out and we all got an assortment of charms/baggies back and then it was pulling out the scrappy quilt books and the thinking caps and you had to come up with a twin sized quilt top.  Now some did their own quilting but I don't have the expertise nor the inclination for this size to battle on a regular sewing machine so Sue B very kindly donated her time to quilt some of these ABC charity quilts for us.  Now both my sister Sylvia and myself had lots of leftover charms after out tops were sewn up, so Sylvia managed to stitch up a second quilt (she did her own quilting) in time for handing in and I will stitch up a second top and Sylvia will quilt that one for me some times next year for the ABC project too.

A very warm thank you and hand clapping back slapping goes out to Sue B, Liz M and Wendy R for the three of them put together an awesome Christmas Card greeting and thank you card for us participants along with a slide show of the quilts.  See many of us were up there holding these quilts for others to see so we did not get to see them on parade, just glimpses when they were folded up and handed over to Kenna Ann for the ABC program.  Sorry no slide show but here are the quilts and again sorry as I don't know who's were who's!

1st two are Sylvia's, last one mine!

Middle - mine - HST madness for me!

An AWESOME gift for whomever!!!  Congratuations Nickel Challenge Quilters!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Crazy Patch

OK this baby is a might behind as it was received in September as I was madly purging and then packing from my 3-floors up apartment move!!!  Needless to say nothing was worked on it till a couple of weeks ago and now my CQd patch is finished and it will be mailed on after Christmas to the next person in this round robin.

First off I saw this lovely patch and it was calling for the awesome branches covered spider web and naturally a spider too that I found in Carole Samples "Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches".  I have admired that example for ages but just didn't have the opportunity to try it out until Katie's block arrived.  Now my attempt is no where near the expertise of Carole's but I'm very pleased with it.
So first off I embroidered the spider web with DMC metallic in backstitch and then with DMC floss embroidered the branches.  Then was the deciding point of how to add the leaves as I did not want them all the same.  The first ones were padded with batting and variegated floss in satin stitch and anchored for the centre vein.  The next were bought leaves whipped stitched in place over their loops and last were varied sizes of chain and fly stitched DMC floss leaves. Then I found these irridescent flower-type beads and anchored them in place with a gold seed bead.  VOILA I think that's enough - now the spider!
I wanted something I've not done before so I researched Google Images for beaded spiders and after seeing many I worked my needle magic and settled on this one!  This is the first time I anchored the body beads all in one needle pass through the holes and then anchored at the head with two seed beads before anchoring downwards on the next pass through.  Yes I like this attempt lots better as there is not such a build up of threads for each bead visible.  OK I initially thought this would be it but then decided not.
It just needed some of my tatting, so I again experimented with my favorite dragonfly pattern and enlarged it slightly then anchored it in place with some beads for the body. NOW my efforts are finished and it will be mailed on soon. Hope Katie likes how her block is growing in CQing beauty!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

My 1st Christmas in 508

If only I had persevered and unpacked my stuff I'd have had lots of room to put out my Christmas decorations AND have a full sized tree so ALL my ornaments could dress it up!!!  OH well there is always next year.

BUT I did put up my flashing angel and my three star lighted window decorations which look just lovely when dark outside.  Then this year at Zellers I saw this "MERRY CHRISTMAS" battery operated garland and when I saw it marked down to $4.59 and then 50% off last ticketed price I picked up TWO - one for me and one for the office picture garland.  It has gotten lots of compliments from passers by!  Mine at home just fits across the two wall units where all my cards are on display for the time being - guess I should have shut the TV.

Now next year I'll make sure I decorate like I used too - my angels on my table with my fancy quilted decor out too along with my stand up stuffed fabric angels who've not been out for years along with my fancy cans etc.  OHHHHHHHH yes next year I'm going to dress this place up and maybe even have my Christmas "drop over for a visit" too!  Naturally that did not happen this year.

Friday, December 14, 2012

40 YEARS!!!

No not my age, - LOL! - but years of service for Manitoba Agriculture (uninterrupted)!!!

OMGG, today at work I just received a "heads up" email to mark my calendar for a long term service award event planned for May 3rd and I'll be there with bells on my toes, so to speak.  Even if I have to drive back from Morden's Quilt Show/Aurora's Quilt Retreat planned for that same time!!!  No way I'm passing that up - wonder if it's just a certificate, plaque or if we'll all get a gift?  Guess I'll have to wait and see.

OH MY!!!  It just dawned on me that next year, August 13th, I will have put in 40 years of work - nonstop for child bearing/raising, secondments, leave without pay, etc!!!  Yes sir, my years are accumulating and retirement is more and more in the picture and appealing!  WOW!!!

OK this calls for some reminiscing!  I found one "group" photo of the Motley Crew of the Economics Branch and cropped myself out of it and then the more recent one!

early 1980s      -     March 2011

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Tatted Hedgehog

OK I tried this pattern again but refused to add the movable eyes period!  So the lighter one on the left is basically as the pattern with larger beads tied on with the ends and still did not like my effort.  Then I tried altering it and yes I like it much better.  Basically the darker one on the right, I added the larger beads for eyes into R1 along with the seed beads nose and then increased the number of CH rows increasing the picots accordingly - needed the picots a bit longer and would have been perfect.
The pattern can be found here at  Suzann Does It All  blog.

Finished I Spy Quilt

OK here is the finished "boy" type I Spy Fun quilted blanket - no batting inside!  I had a ball making this quilt as I knew who it was going to and I hoped it would become a learning tool for John (my deaf coworker) to teach his two small sons ASL and have fun too!  When I gave it to him I mentioned it was for the "three boys" - well his eyes popped as his youngest is only about 6 months!  I quickly signed that there were two small boys and one big boy - meaning the father to play with this gift!  He laughed.  
Well the next day he gave it to the boys and said the youngest Landon was just looking everywhere but Jadon grabbed it as a cape and started playing around.  Then he kept asking "what" and looking at John to sign till finally he said enough!  OH NO, maybe it'll be more of a pain than a learning tool?  I mentioned he'll have to set a limit to the number of pictures and questions!  LOL!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Work & Moving Update

OK today the higher authorities handed down the word that no more OT will be granted without full justification as to the what, why and how listed and forwarded for prior approval to the Director, no more just the Manager's approval as in the past.  So guess that means no more OT for me, who for the past 3 years has been doing half of an ex-employee's job who left for green pastures along with trying to do my own work too.  Oh well guess I'll continue packing in as much as I can into my work day and figure out priorities and let less important tasks fall by the wayside.  

I truly do not know what will happen when our staff retirements start to happen this March and into next year, see Treasury Board has decided to eliminate jobs through attrition - that means no replacement of staff who retire or resign.  Guess that'll be the end of our office as there are a number of us retiring in the near future and we are only about 14 staff as it is.

The good thing about no more OT for me is that I came straight home and unpacked all my fancy glasses and cups (5 liquor and 2 paper boxes) and they are all nicely put away in their wall units and newspaper/boxes will be dropped off into recycling bins at the depot this weekend. So maybe tomorrow I'll tackle the ornaments and arrange what I want on display on my glass unit in the corner - WOW that sure will be nice.  Slowly but surely I'll get this place ship shape.  I think my next step is to work in the sewing room so the rest of these boxes can be emptied and items arranged in appropriate places in there.  Then maybe I'll have my living room to rearrange as I imagined it to begin with. 

AND to top my day my great-niece Bethany came over and picked up my 1970's table and chairs and she also took a box of plastic canisters and another box of wine glasses that were hand me downs that I decided I don't need so many.  I don't have large dinner parties so the couple of sets of fancy ones I have are enough for me.  Now more room on my shelves too.  She was very happy to have the table and chairs and said her room mates will be too!  Everything fit into their vehicle and off they went!  YEAH!!! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aurora Quilters Gathering

Well I think this was the smallest turnout for our monthly gatherings that we've had - sure hope it picks up for next year!  If anyone in Winnipeg MB is looking for a centrally located quilting group that meets regularly (10:00 am to about 3:00 pm) and in a fair sized Church basement, please contact me by email for more information.  We do have a nominal annual membership fee (to help defer rent), a monthly drop in fee along with a potluck dish for our luncheon.  There are banquet tables for block layouts, quilt sandwiching and smaller tables for gathering around and stitching/gabbing along with iron, ironing/cutting board and a members' library of sorts!

So yesterday was a shown n tell of Jeanette's lovely hearts quilt for her darling Caraleigh and you can just see her Mom Raquel peaking from behind.  They are our newest members.

And here is a charity quilt donated by Margo who is currently enjoying the Arizona weather in her "snowbirds" home.  This one is very cheery with a fleece backing so will be very nice for someone to receive who needs the warming comfort during an illness.  Thank you Margo.

Now I'm hoping that we can get together as a group and make up more of these larger sized quilts for donation/charity.  They don't have to be fancy, look at the scrappy that I did for MPQ ABC Nickel Challenge group - yes I took my time to PLAN it out but it can also be a pull out of the bag type of scrappy.  Would be just as lovely and eventually will deplete your stash.  Honest I thought all those HSTs I made was going to make a huge dent in my stash - HUH I swear those blocks multiplied when I was out of the room!!!  Yes I have enough for a second quilt for that group but won't be done for this year, maybe next summer if my sister will quilt it for me?

I SPY Quilt No. 2

YEAH I finished off the borders for the second I Spy quilt top I stitched up while at the Pinewood Retreat November 8th-11th this year!  Now I have to decide how I'll sandwich it and then quilt it up.
Disappearing Nine-Patch pattern.
So now I'll have a baby gift ready for whenever - that is a FIRST for Rose Anne!!!  Now that I've made this one I'll probably do up more with this pattern and a muted lighter colour for the centre of the nine-patch and hopefully enough for the inner border.  I like this pattern with the darker fabrics to showcase the novelty fabrics.  Yes I might even make some for donation - I've a paper box FULL of novelty fabrics and sure there is still more in the scrap bins too as I try not to repeat the images - maybe the fabrics if it's assorted images within!  LOL!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Catch Up

Well last week the maintenance man came in and replaced my broken hallway light fixtures and removed the GROSS kitchen ceiling fan for me too.  He asked if I'd wash it now so he could put it back up but I had to return to work - lunch time was over.  Oh well he'll put it back up next week.  WELL when I got home after work the fan was 95% washed of all that grimy mess, apparently the caretaker had come up and she washed it as best as she could!  That was awesome as I was leary of tackling that job, so I finished it off and now it's ready to go back into place tomorrow.

So I proceeded to tackle the dust/cobweb covered chandelier and in the process BURNT my inner arm.  You know those old Christmas like bulbs, well I have that very defined shape burned into my mid inner arm and it HURTS even a week later yet.  It had blistered about 3/4s of the inner shape which I then stupidly in my sleep scraped off waking to excruciating pain the one night I didn't cover it and days of oozing!!!  BUT the chandelier is crystal clean!!!  I was using polysporin a few days and nights, then some aloe vera gel later on during the day and today my niece gave me pieces of her aloe vera plant and I'm using that.  It's itchy as !@#$ and the angry red is shrinking in size so it's healing!!!  YEAH!!!

Thursday I had packed up my sewing machine etc and escaped for a much needed quilting retreat once again.  This time to Pinewood Lodge in the Whiteshell just outside of Otter Falls.  I must say the Lodge is beautiful, food served for our retreat excellent and the weekend escape wonderful.  We even had a new quilt shop owner come out, Karen's Market & Quilt Shop, Pinawa MB, for a few hours as a treat - well it's just not the same if a vendor is not there for us to shop!!!
Lower Level - left side
Lower Level - right side
Upper Hall - middle section only
Then on Saturday I moved to the large windows and worked on three crazy patch blocks all afternoon.  I got to put my feet up and enjoy some quiet time away from the machine, but had in the morning cut out the squares for second quilt top (a disappearing nine patch) that I'd sew up once the natural light faded away.
It was an awesome weekend and I got two kids quilt tops stitched - sort of an I Spy theory but in squares and rectangles instead of the usual pattern.  I had taken out my printer paper box full of novelty fabrics and barely made a dent in the stash, but have two very lovely quilts for some toddlers to play on.
Finished on Monday @ Pat's
Sunday came too soon and so did WINTER!!!  You could barely see the road but the grader/sander had gone by so I knew it would be passable with care, at least I hoped it would be.  See it poured Saturday evening on top of the inch or two of snow - bad!!!  In the end the trip back to the city wasn't as bad as first thought, but Hwy 44 was the worst and naturally some jerk with a 4WD decided he'd pass us who were doing 90-95 klicks already, but could not manage that slushy lane and had to fall back in line!  The radio stations told everyone to SLOW DOWN!  Also the closer I got to Winnipeg the MORE snow on the ground and still falling - hmmmm talk about slushy messy city streets!  I don't care now, I'm home and can relax!

AND Monday was another sewing day, but this time with my niece Pat - YAHOOIE!!!  Well I added on the striped borders for the one I Spy quilt but forgot to bring the navy fabric to add the inner borders on the second top and then add the striped borders.  Another day!  So then I switched to my mini that we had started Sept/Oct 2009 - kinda got set aside while Pat/Randy did major house renovations a few years etc - then picked up again this year to finish off.  Yes now both of us have our "Improved Nine Patch" by Toby Lischko (using John Flynn templates) minis finished but both agreed this was a pain to stitch and I wondered what the previous version was like if this was an "improved" one!!!  YEAH one of my UFOs is now finished!!!
So now we can search for a new 1930s fabrics mini project for the next sewing day together!

Friday, November 02, 2012

ABC Quilt Challenge

October 2011 Sue had a brain wave for a Nickel Challenge for twin sized quilts for adults to be donated to our Manitoba Prairie Quilters group's ABC charity project.  See the group receives MANY smaller sized quilts but not enough larger sized ones.  I thought it was a great idea so signed up, found my pattern and started to sew up my ZILLION HSTs from the 5" squares that were swapped between ten ladies.  

It didn't take long before I realized I picked the WRONG pattern for fast preparation prior to working on the "planning" of the quilt top layout!  Well finally in August after months of stitching I thought I was ready for the planning - BUT I did not have enough "lights" to make the transition in the pattern.  So back to the drawing board and pulled out my lights and went back to work.  In the process I decided to move apartments and had to square off the HSTs whenever I could.  This past weekend after finalizing the move and during a relaxing quilt retreat, I took my styro planning board and with my sister's assistance got this quilt top underway.

The inner section was completed and I added the 1" mottled brown inner border before laying out the leftover HSTs for a scrappy border.  It was very late so I left it for the morning and was greeted by fellow quilters who didn't like that border - said it detracted from the lovely pattern - maybe a lighter outer border the width of the inner stripes.  Shoot, I didn't bring any other fabrics with me so had to leave the quilt as is until I was back home and could pull out various fabrics till I found this batik.  It looks great.
So Saturday I'll drop it off for Sue to quilt it for me and then I'll add on another brown/sand striped fabric for the binding.  It sounds weird but it truly did look great all together.  You'll see next month when I get it back to add on the binding.  Hopefully I'll get it finished for the mid-December MPQ meeting where we unveil these charity quilts.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ireland Trip Update

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!  I now have a roommate and not only is she my sister but a very dear friend too!!!  I initiated her into quilt retreats a while back on a road trip to Alberta to the Western Retreat.  She liked it but wanted to stay closer to home so we've been going to local quilt retreats a few times a year and she LOVES them!  NOW she's coming with me to IRELAND and taking in their International Quilt Show there!  WOW WEE!!!

It's not too late to have your own Irish quilting experience.

I received this notice from my girlfriend, Dale Anne Potter, of an upcoming trip June 5th-14th, 2013 to IRELAND and it also includes the International Quilt Show of Ireland!!! 

Here are the links etc. OR     This is for a total cost based on double occupancy of $2,535 US (insurance and flight extra).   Now CQing friends don't fret I've not forgotten my trip to Australia/New Zealand, it's just that I can't go for that time length without first retiring.  My travel agent suggested going in April/May so it is being delayed to 2014 when I'm finally free of my job.  The above trip is only 2-3 weeks vacation time which will include visiting with my Irish girlfriend in Toronto afterwards!  YEAH two trips at once.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Move is Done!!!

Well I’m totally finished with 209 and handed over the keys last night too.  I’m kinda ticked as Betty on her checkout list just noted G for good and she did note that closets and drapes washed and painting needed throughout.  There were bits and pieces of arborite edging that had fallen off but I had kept the strips so she noted they had to be reglued by maintenance.  BUT nothing about a totally cleaned apartment, even though I mentioned twice that I had washed all shelves, fans, bathroom and floors.  And naturally I CAN’T write anything but my signature on the form. (sticking out my tongue)  Kind of annoying considering the dirt/grime that was not cleaned in the apartment I moved into.

BUT she did ask twice if my hallway lights are fixed yet and I said no and it’s getting darker and darker upon entering.  Hopefully soon that will be repaired so I can have hallway entrance lights again.

OK NOW I think I’ll work on my kitchen - get the cupboard boxes unloaded as they are bugging me.  Would be nice to have a useable kitchen table and my freezer out of the living room!  LOL!

Also I set up my sewing machine last night as I have to finish off the last border on the charity Nickel quilt I finished off at the retreat last weekend.  It took ages but looks pretty spiffy!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I've Had It!!!

You know I've been pushing myself just about two months now, if not purging, then packing, moving and now cleaning trying to get 209 ready for my checkout report and hand over the keys - I had hoped for the 24th.  That is before I left for my extended quilting retreat.  And who knows maybe the new tenants would like an extra week to move in provided they were willing to reimburse me some rent.

Well today I got the bathroom cleaned up - fan included - and all the drapes washed and rehung - looks spiffy if I say so myself!  So I contacted the new tenants to see if they were interested in my option.  You know what she said, "Oh no I can't afford to pay extra who's going to pay mine, but if you are out early you let Betty know and if you give it to us we'll take it!" HUH!
I borrowed money to pay for the second apartment cause I knew I could not move in one day and I did not get any breaks from my not having my apt until Lilian finally moved out 2 days late and it took the painters longer than a day or two to paint and they want me to GIVE them the week for nothing!!!  And I've yet to clean 508's fan and closets and I had to clean the bathroom and the kitchen cupboards grime myself before I could use them, whereas they are getting a cleaned apartment.   Yes the landlords did give me new floors and drapes (which were in need) and the new appliances.
Oh well now I won't push tomorrow to finish it totally, I'll do what I can and finish off the rest on Monday night and get my checkout report and hand over the keys on the 30th.  Heck I still have to UNPACK 508 which is a total disarray of boxes etc which were just dumped as things were moved in.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moving Saga - It's CLOSE!

OH MY my poor body does not know what has hit it with all this purging, packing, moving, cleaning business!!! 

TODAY, I did totally clean inside, outside and from behind both the stove and fridge - YEAH!!!  It wasn't as bad as I had thought so that is very good and even washed the kitchen floor, BUT I did not get the bathroom done.  OH well I did take up two more loads and even found two boxes of old recipes in the closet which went straight out the trash along with the bag of garbage too.  I only have weird odd things like the ironing board, mirror, corner table and naturally all cleaning supplies (still need them here though) to take up.  I do have two cupboards of cake decorating items to sort through and take some to the potential buyers interested in this and the rest to take pics of and post on Kiji one of these days. 

YEP that baby is just about all empty - waiting for the final vaccum and the washing of floors!!!  It's been a long painful journey with only me doing 75% of it myself and after work hours too.  YEAH!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moving Saga

OK I definitely am seeing the light at the end of this annoying tunnel of work!!! 

So this morning I started by dropping off another two boxes at Valu Village before opening up for the Aurora Quilters at the church then rushing home and moving some more stuff before my much appreciated helpers arrived.

Today with much THANKS to Angela and Bruce my three ceiling fans have been removed and the original light fixtures (I cleaned them first) restored to the ceilings.  Now Angela and Bruce both thought that they'd have time to do the reverse in my new apartment but much to Bruce's dismay he had to run out for some supplies that were needed before doing the restoring part.  So for sure the fans are out and he'll come down another day and put them into my new apartment.  I OWE him big time for filling in on the crunch!

Then after they left some three hours later, but mucho more knowledgeable of what is required for the next setup, I went and hauled another load upstairs and then three more boxes to Valu Village before closing up the Church after the quilters gathering.  Then did some banking for the Quilters before heading back to the apartment to haul another load upstairs along with my AC and golf clubs up to the new locker and lo and behold they all fit in there nicely and some room to spare.  I think I'll set up some shelving in there so my binders can go upwards instead of wasting space, then maybe my luggage can also go in there!!!  Would be nice.

Now the moving saga is not enough, no Rose Anne has to take on house/cat sitting too BUT thankfully that makes me STOP by supper so I can go and feed McDuff and then put my feet up and relax some for a change.  I'm hoping he'll come and cuddle some today as yesterday he was a bit standoffish.

So tomorrow will be hopefully the last of the hauling upstairs and starting on the cleaning.  I'm not sure that I'll get out of there for the 24th, but then the caretaker said they won't be painting in there before the end of the month (hasn't been painted in 17 years - YIKES) so guess I can finish up the 29th/30th if need too.  BUT I'm hoping not to!  I need to get into my new apartment and start unpacking as it's way too MESSY!!!  Guess I'm darned lucky that they painted my suite before I moved in!!!  PHEW!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moving Update

SHEESH when is this move ever going to end???  I still have to do a thorough cleaning of my old apartment and here I'm not totally out of it.  Today I brought up another three loads on the dolly and brought bedroom items to the living room for tomorrow's hauling up.  Then I took down the caretaker washed living room drapes and hung the brand spanking new ones up and took those older ones into the bedroom for a fuller coverage and hopefully less light coming in from the street lamps and sunrises!!!  I KNOW my ankles and knees do not like step ladders - LOL!

Now I'm back to working OT each evening and totally drained by 9:30 so this will be short so I can put my feet up.  Since the beginning of September when I started the purging, then the packing and now the moving and cleaning, I've dropped a good 10 pounds and I'm still not finished the work - one more week to go!!!

I'm thinking by the weekend I'll be cleared out, then the cleaning!!!  UGH!  I'm not moving again - and who knows maybe will recheck and downsize more yet!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving Update

Well so much for getting myself all moved up this weekend!  

Before I could unload the kitchen stuff I hauled up Friday I had to SCRUB the grime off the cupboards with a wood cleaner - that took me 6 hours with a few breaks in between and a trip for more wood cleaner as my 3/4 bottle was a gonner.  The caretaker said she had washed them down when I noted with disgust the condition of them, but later on when I scraped my nail over it there was a groove in what was still there - not good.  Yes it was a chore but now I have nice clean cupboards.  Eventually I'll oil them down.

I also brought up all the sewing bins and put them into the sewing room closet and sort of rearranged things so I can work in there one of these days!  I still have to dismantle and rearrange the plastic towers so they are ready for Harold to anchor that counter top on top of and then I'll have a nifty cutting area smack dab in the middle of that nice room.

Then Today I started with the shelf liners and that too was a chore with the space restrictions but eventually I got to unload the cart and go down for another load and even went down for the food stuff too but I'm too tired to unload that so it'll be tomorrow's job.  There's still LOTS downstairs that has to come up - hopefully tomorrow will make a BIG dent in that.  Plus I have to clean the ceiling fans so my nephew doesn't choke when disconnecting them to move them upstairs either Monday or Tuesday.  Then it's clean that apt up - UGH!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving Update

Yeppers I'm still not all moved in but hopefully this weekend, except for the ceiling fans which my nephew will come next week to do, I should have all my "stuff" in my new apartment - maybe not put away - but all under one roof so to speak.  It was funny yesterday as I cooked myself supper but had no utensils - they were downstairs - GRRR!!!

Anyways I came home today to find my new bathroom and kitchen flooring was installed and I just LOVE IT!!!  I told Betty that it was probably what I would have chosen if I had the option.  Yep I walked through the door and just smiled - and even after setting up my 1970's table and chairs it's still LOVELY!  So here are the before and after pictures.
Old flooring - lifting up in places
LOVELY new flooring

Mucho better than the turquoise 1" tiles

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

1st Day - New Place

OK maybe I was just too sore and tired to notice anything BUT I can tell you it was AWESOME to sleep undisturbed by moving furniture or running from above me at 2:00 am - which she claimed was "normal" noises!!!  Sure this place has different noises that I'll have to get used to but it is awesome - especially the view from my living and sewing rooms windows.  
Straight ahead
The bedroom faces the backlane which might prove to be noisy from time to time but then I had faced the bus lane before so I think that noise I seem to not be so disturbed about.  Time will tell and I have earplugs!!!

Now the chore to move the rest of my stuff up this week and start unpacking this mess!  I have no idea when I'll accomplish this feat but guess a little at a time.  Next week I have to work on clean up 209 and getting it ready for the checkout report before handing over the keys.  At least I did not have to do it all in one day - like my previous move - totally INSANE!!!

I was going to upload all my premoving and moving pictures but decided not to.  I'll upload pics of the finished rooms whenever that will be - BUT here's the general layout.
Kitchen from the living room
Living room from kitchen
Bedroom entrance
Bedroom looking out
Sewing room entrance
Sewing room looking out
Sewing room added storage
Yep it all looks lovely without my "stuff" in there and yes I've gained more floor space than the old apt which was a long rectangular layout compared to this square compact layout.  But I don't seem to have the hallway storage that I had - oh well maybe can't keep as much stuff eh?

Moving DAY - Monday - Day 3

First off thank you Amanda for lending Justin's time and muscles for my move, it worked very well with Dwayne's help too.  And thank you Margo for all your help in putting my COTTONS all back into the two cupboards - one less chore for me to do eventually.

The guys arrived 9:00 am sharp - WOW that's awesome - and we got right to work.  They carted stuff out and up (moved up three floors - now no one is above me to disturb me when I'm relaxing) and I worked on removing the doors/shelves on my three huge entertainment units - which Justin asked me afterwards if I was thinking of downsizing my furniture.  Ha Ha Ha those units were from my long time ago $2,400 649 jackpot winnings.   Maybe someday when I have to downsize to a seniors unit that would happen but not just yet.  

I kinda felt bad as I was running from suite to suite when questions arose and missed removing my drawers from my dressers - those guys didn't bother to load them on the cart either and I freaked seeing them cart them out.  I truly meant to do that and just forgot.  I said SORRY but they said it was OK!  SHEESH!!!  But they did complain about my huge units and even marked them trying to get around the corners a bit but not damaged, so a furniture marker should correct that.  BUT nothing got broken and they even carted up half of the packed boxes before they had to leave noonish.  See the Bombers were playing and they are football fans and I was not going to impose on that - good thing too as I heard it was a good game and the Bombers won.  So off they went and I continued even after Margo left to haul more up until I WILTED!!!

Talk about a laugh though, I had garbaged my old shower curtains cause I bought new ones for up here and when I started to get the shower ready realized I'd bought the "STALL" one and it did not fit period!!!  OH NO MY HOT SHOWER WAS A NO NO!!!  My poor aching muscles!!!  And to boot Shaw had disconnected my phone already bad enough I had disconnected the computer and brought it up but no phone too!!!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Moving - Sunday - Day # 2

OK I've decided I just DO NOT like this work work work business involved with moving!!!  Today I had a sluggish morning after yesterday's busyness and it was after lunch before I started serious stuff.  First off I armed myself with steel wool and a screwdriver and checked the new apartment for any holes.  I don't think there are any per se but one was a bit loose so I just packed it solid just in case (oops I forgot to check behind the stove and fridge - tomorrow I guess).  Then I took up a couple of loads and set up some things then came downstairs and seriously started packing up so the furniture could be moved.  Now there definitely is no room to move around in the living room nor kitchen.  I packed up a box of jars for my sisters as they still do their own preserves and a box of cookbooks etc for a friend's daughter plus another box for the Church's garage sale (will drop that off Tuesday).  I only have the one end table that I sit near to pack up and then I think that's it for Monday's move.  

Then after I get some semblance of order upstairs and the floor installed I can maybe work on moving my bathroom and kitchen upstairs and put away.  I only have one week or so to somehow unpack the important stuff and then come and clean out the old suit before I head off for a much deserved quilt retreat end of the month.  The rest of the boxes will just have to wait - I need to escape and be catered to for a few days!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2012


With heartfelt thanks to Margo who once again came over for a few hours and between the two us we got the hallway and sewing room cleared of boxes and the books and Christmas decorations boxes from the bedroom.  We worked like clockwork and she's a slave driver too.  After the first load where the two of us went up together and Margo helped me unload the shopping cart she went back down and started loading up while I unloaded the other items.  We worked like this till 1:30 when I heated up pizza and we relaxed just long enough to eat then up to drop off the last load before she had to leave.

I can tell you that her eyes sparkled with approval as she looked around the new place and  said she can see I'll be really pleased with it once it's all settled and boxes cleared away.  Now to ensure all has it's own spot and stays that way!  Yes it's not perfect, but it is clean (except for the exhaust fan) and a very pleasing layout.  I've a new air purifier going and hopefully it'll clean the air of cooking and paint smells soon too.

I continued to unload the last two loads then vacuuming the floors and window slides and finding that I can't open my living room windows.  So much for using the RIGHT window cleaners who know our windows and how to put them in etc!  The slider was put in last and thus locked in place by the middle panel.  Oh well I need them back to wash my out going apt windows so he can go up that same day and just correct that slip.  LOL!  I have the shopping cart filled up once more and my large suit case full of bedding and blankets to take up but I'm tired so am listening to my audio book while writing this for a brief rest.

Guess tomorrow will be a full day again as I need to box up my computer and chair sewing stuff before Monday!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Moving Update

Well I'm sitting here close to tears and wondering what the HELL possessed me to do this move!

See the painters have been in that suite for two days and two primer coats and they still have not covered the previous colours and the door frames are messed up too.  NOR has the apartment been cleaned at all - it's a mess - the only thing done was the bathroom floor scrubbed.  AND not only that but the huge living room windows are installed incorrectly and not closing properly so the window cleaners have to be called in to set that right.  When I checked out the apartment, Lilian did tell me that the apt drapes were in the closet, but dang you should see the state of them - bedroom ones were washed and in horrible state.  OH and it's a good thing the kitchen floor is being replaced as it's lifting up and close to the doorway.  I hate to see what condition the locker is in after seeing what the cupboards in the suite are like.

I think if it's not looked after I'll have to call for some cleaners to come in and scrub the place before Monday!!!  I know someone who does this as a job so will have to give her a call and see what she'd charge and if she can do it by Saturday.  I know I don't have it in me to do both apartments.

I PRAY that I can somehow manage to have a presentable apartment to move into over the weekend.  I should have taken my camera up, I didn't even measure anything, just didn't have the heart to do anything as it is.  I did email the Landlord and tell him I'm not happy especially since I had paid for both suites for October and I can't even move boxes into that suite as yet.

Hats From a Life Lived

Most of the following is extracted from emails sent by Colette Balcaen or Roberta York on the above project.

The hats came from a woman named Anastazja Urbanik who immigrated to Canada from Poland (going to France to South America and finally to Canada) and lived to be 94 years old.  During her life she collected many hats that were all special to her, so she kept them all. 

When she passed away, most of the hats went to Colette who wrote in the first proposal for this work:   

“As a tribute to her life, I decided to use her hats for my new art project. Since I generally work with fabrics to create installations, and that many of my pieces are the product of people collaborating with me, I thought that it would be great if I could donate a hat to each individual (artist or artisan) who might like to transform it to express their life situation as an immigrant or as a person in a minority because of gender, a person with a mental illness or whatever difference in society.”

Since this time, thirty-eight artists have taken at least one hat to transform.  This transformation is unique to each artist.  While each hat speaks to something from the life of the original owner - it will change with the new one.  Each artist undertakes to make it represent something from their own life, some event, feeling, opinion, belief, or life experience which speaks to or for them as an individual. 

As Colette wrote in her introduction to the piece: 

“When all the hats are completed, they will be ready to be installed in a gallery as an installation. Some hats will be suspended from the ceiling, from varied heights with fishing line, and some will be placed on surfaces, so that viewers visiting the exhibition would be able to appreciate the hats. A number of varied mirrors (floor-length or hand-held) would be available for people to visualise themselves in the world of someone else - the creator of the piece. The goal of this experience is to enable people to interact with the hats, to reflect about other people’s life experiences, and probably entice people to discuss, enjoy and appreciate uniqueness of individuals in our society. We plan on making further contacts for this exhibition, so that it may be able to travel to other areas in the province and even, possibly, other places in Canada.”

We feel that the context of this installation will touch many people and make many aware of all the differences in our society. It is a celebration/manifestation of our mosaic Manitoban / Canadian society.

Thank you so very much for being part of this very special project.  Please remember that you can contact us any time.

Colette Balcaen             Roberta York

So each ARTIST has taken one or more of the hats from the collection left to Colette and agreed to transform the hat into something representative of that artist’s life or experience.  The term “transform” is wide-ranging and the format of the transformation is the decision of each individual artist.  

Well Monday, Oct. 1st, we had our own small Ravenesque group’s unveiling of some of our hats which were left behind with Colette afterwards.

First to show was Dianne Johnson who had three hats and all are so different:  “Those were the Days” is a cowboy style hat decorated with various pictures of all her horses from years past; the second “Puttin' on the Glitz” is a fun piece that’s more a decoration than a hat; and her last piece "Buttoned Down Winter Wedding" is a lovely white hat actually decorated with wedding dress finery. 

Then I showed my hat which was very basic and I think utilitarian which I then dressed up slightly.  This piece “Poppies Aloft” was inspired from my love of poppies and my Ukrainian heritage (used as headdresses with various coloured ribbons for the female dancers).  I hand needle felted the poppies, buds and leaves then stitched into place on the black twill hatband.  As was pointed out to me, this hat portrays the hardships Ukrainians endured and yet the joy and beauty they cherished in their culture/heritage.
Then came Val Wilson with her dressed up “Milady” but her’s is actually attached to the mannequin’s head form and has quite the statement in itself even with my added d├ęcor in one of my pictures.
added chandelier reflections above
Roberta's added room decor behind

Then there is Pat Findlay with her bowler type hat transformed into “Life in a Goldfish Bowl” and quite realistic like too.  I really wanted her to model it but it is not meant to be a hat now at all.
We did not get to see Roberta York’s creation as her's is not finished.  Guess that means I truly HAVE to visit whichever gallery this display will be featured at and see all the creations!  From the above plans it will be something to see alright!  Yes I will post the whereabouts as soon as I hear and those able to can check it out too.

Again thank you Colette Balcaen for bringing in these hats and dreaming up such a display and also Roberta York for helping to organize the artists and artisans drive to pull it off.  Much appreciated ladies.