Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving Update

Well so much for getting myself all moved up this weekend!  

Before I could unload the kitchen stuff I hauled up Friday I had to SCRUB the grime off the cupboards with a wood cleaner - that took me 6 hours with a few breaks in between and a trip for more wood cleaner as my 3/4 bottle was a gonner.  The caretaker said she had washed them down when I noted with disgust the condition of them, but later on when I scraped my nail over it there was a groove in what was still there - not good.  Yes it was a chore but now I have nice clean cupboards.  Eventually I'll oil them down.

I also brought up all the sewing bins and put them into the sewing room closet and sort of rearranged things so I can work in there one of these days!  I still have to dismantle and rearrange the plastic towers so they are ready for Harold to anchor that counter top on top of and then I'll have a nifty cutting area smack dab in the middle of that nice room.

Then Today I started with the shelf liners and that too was a chore with the space restrictions but eventually I got to unload the cart and go down for another load and even went down for the food stuff too but I'm too tired to unload that so it'll be tomorrow's job.  There's still LOTS downstairs that has to come up - hopefully tomorrow will make a BIG dent in that.  Plus I have to clean the ceiling fans so my nephew doesn't choke when disconnecting them to move them upstairs either Monday or Tuesday.  Then it's clean that apt up - UGH!!!

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