Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dorothy's Patch RR on the Move!

Well I managed to finish my patch onto Dorothy's Patch RR block tonight and have had many compliments on this one.  Originally I found a silkie given to me of a fan which I embellished with Japanese Buttonhole Twist ribbing.  Then I tatted a blue edging which I secured in place with pastel pink seed beads on the lower picots.  As a last touch of embellishments I added three tatted butterflies in the bare patch space.  Hope Dorothy likes it.

Rose Anne's patch
Block after Rose Anne

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Patch RR on the Move Again

Finally with some of the more pressing deadlines completed and moved on I was able to return to some of the less pressing commitments.  This is my own Patch RR from the SewBuds crazyquilting group that was received back in April (yeah I know) and I've completed the green patch with a tatted angel and some sparkling stars to guide her. 

Here is the whole block so far with patches from Dorothy, Katie and myself.

So tomorrow it'll be on it's way to Dorothy for another patch and onwards.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LC Gals Evening Out

Well the Northgate LC gals had such a good time with The Bay LC gals last time that Erica last week hosted a backyard BBQ for us at her place. Talk about a LOVELY yard and awesome spread too even with the mosquitoes uninvited I must say!!! How RUDE!!! Here are some pics compliments of Michelle. 
 Georgie - Pat - Erica - Sherry - Mary Grace
 Erica & Sherry (Nortgate gals)
 Mary Grace & Michelle (Northgate & The Bay gals)
Moi - Audrey (guest) - Georgie (The Bay gals)
Yep my two vices - food and stitching - keeps me happy! 
Pat - Georgie - Audrey (their Mom)

I'm so glad that Audrey was well recouperated enough to join us gals once again, she truly enjoys these gatherings and also keeps us all on our toes with her wittiness!!!  And I must say that we missed the others, Karen and Amy Jean along with Cathy too (hope I've not missed anyone).

CQd Batik Block

Okay, another tardy block is finished, washed with Retayne and hopefully colourfast now and once dried and gently pressed will be sent on it's way! PHEW I think I took on more than I anticipated within the time frame for this one but it was what I wanted to do right from the get go and did not waver even when I passed the mailing date. Hopefully I've not held up the activity too much in this personal swap!

This is the first time I've actually embroidered on Batiks and I can tell you it was a tough challenge but I think it turned out very lovely - I even tried some new tatting patterns and seam treatments too. I know that every chance I had, I dragged this baby around with me and either tatted the pieces or embroidered the seam finishes. It garnered many glances and compliments and the best was from my Manager voicing his approval on my work and that I was giving it away - most others are female and many are in awe of my CQing/quilting/etc. And most just don't understand that aspect of swapping such time consuming pieces - it's the joy of seeing one's work appreciated by the reciever and knowing it will be cared for too.

Okay enough of gabbing, here are the pics and I'll try and include pattern links for the tatting underneath.  First the finished block intact!

Then the individual tatted and embroidered embellishments.

Sherry Pense Butterfly in Profile

Small Tatted Heart by Betsy Evans

Simple Angel by Birgit Phelps 2002

Butterflies are Forever Free (varied slightly)
Riet's Dragonfly (split rings)

Now here are section pictures for a closer look at the stitches used etc.
 Top Left
Top Right 
Centre Left
 Centre Right
 Bottom Left
 Bottom Right

Now it's to sit back and see how this is received!  Well actually won't be much sitting back as I've other swap blocks I've got to get cracking on to - well maybe not cracking - but stitching!!!  (chuckling to my slight joke)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Home!

Okay 10 hours of a mini quilt retreat in the work boardroom was kinda neato!  I did finish off quilting two crib quilts and now to decide if one needs a border or just finish bind them - oh gotta do up labels yet.  So not bad quilting but not good either - I needs LOTS OF PRACTICE!!!  Guess it's good I have a few more panels to practice on before I try my own quilts!  LOL!

I stayed and finished off the second quilt and started packing up at 10:00 and left shortly afterwards.  Talk about mosquitoes out there and silly me was in shorts and tank - well it was HOT when I left!

Okay here are the two crib quilts I quilted today (too bad pics don't show the work but maybe that's good too)!

Little Suzy's Zoo (panel only)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
(panel with yellow, red and green borders added)

There was a lot of start and stop free motion quilting around the characters and then burying the ends within both quilts and then I changed to the walking foot and did the straight border quilting.  Like I said not bad but would be lots better with more practice.

Taking a Break!

Okay, 4:30-6:45 I did free motion quilting on the characters of my second crib quilt and then buried the ends and by then my stomach was just growling so a supper stop was a must.  It was lucky I had some left over dry roasted ribs so I'm having them along with a mini Brie I found at Sobeyes and some mini pita pockets along with veggies.  Also I's checking my emails at this break too.

Then I'll try and finish off that that second quilt and then probably pack up and head home.  Will see how I'm doing.  I can tell you it's awesome working on these large tables and a whole bank of windows along with a ceiling full of lights!!!

I'm Quilting!!!

Oh first off I have to say that I'm back on track with my 5km-1hr brisk walk first thing in the mornings and talk about lovely out there at 6:30 am!!!  Well on the weekends it was a might later but today at 9:45 to start out was just too brutal with the temp rising!!!

Yep don't fall off your chairs but I decided that this weekend would be like a quilting retreat and so far not bad.  Friday night I took a drive outta the city with Linda and Dianne and checked out some fabric samples for sale and yes I picked up a handful of items - one is a package of three crib quilt panels for $8 - good deal I say.

Then Saturday was our summer "picnic" gathering for the Aurora Quilters and Norma and Ted once again hosted it for us, but sadly to say it will be their last as they are moving in August to Naniamo BC to be near their aging parents.  It was a lovely turnout with an awesome buffet once again and I stitched lots on my CQd block and hope to attach all the embellishments tonight then it's ready for shipping on.  When I got home from there I zipped out for some groceries and then washed/dried the crib panels ready for assembly.

After supper I gathered my quilt tops, batting, backings and the 505 spray baste and off to work I went.  Yep I got approval to come in and use the meeting room's large tables to assemble my quilts and also stitch here too.  NOW I can tell you that I will not be using regular basting pins or stitches to sandwich quilts again.  I LOVE this 505 and thank you BRANDY so much encouraging me to give it a try, and there was no smell like the 606 that I've used for my postcards (which I've finished the can and will not be buying again).  The layers stayed in place lickety split even for a beginner quilter to tackle.

AND today I packed my supper and after a late start hauled my sewing machine and music to work, got set up and at 12:30 started quilting my first crib panel AND was finished at 3:30 - WOW!!!  I definitely need one of those smooth teflon panels for my machine for smoother slide but with those quilters gloves I got in one of my retreat door prizes over the years it was not too bad.  I even was catching onto the rhythm needed and some of my stitches were decent.  NOW I still need lots and lots of practice but I was not so scared this time to give it a go and no one around to come to the rescue.  There was one patch I had to rip out as my tension just went screwy but the rest is not bad from the back too.  This first panel was basically start and stop around the decorations and then I switched to my walking foot (that works great now it was adjusted) and did a bit on the preprinted borders.  So now I just have to decide if this is it or if I'll be adding on a 1" border around this (picture to follow).

So now I'm checking emails and taking a rest before tackling another panel before stopping for supper.  Yep I's having fun and it feels like a mini quilt retreat for me too!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My CAR!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was the STARTER!!!  Gosh four guys scared the crap outta me saying it might be my immobilizer and then I’ve wasted money putting in the starter etc. Well I just got the call and it was the starter and it was only $75 for labour. PHEWIE!!!!!!  So I’ll have a car again after work today!  YAHOOIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All I can say is THANK GOD this did not happen two weeks ago when I was driving all over the place by myself!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OKAY what a DAY!!! At 10:30 my mechanic phoned (so I left work) to tell me the truck driver hadn't shown up to pick up the part and instead of putting it on the bus etc which would have been a north end trip and then all the way across the city to the south end where the car is at Linda's and then semi sideways cross the city to Fort Garry where the mechanic is!!! Sheesh thank GOD he decided against that and just ordered the new part and I had to go to Polo Park area to pick it up and then off to Linda's. Well I got to St. Vital Centre but needed a quick stop and by the time I got back to the bus stop I had missed the feeder bus by 10 minutes and had to wait 25 minutes for the next one. So I finally got there around 2:00ish but could not slide my head, never mind my body (guess I still have not lost enough weight), under the frame to find this part I had to hammer on - so I gave up and called AAA to tow me to the garage. And talk about the day to go to 29C and sunny too!!!

So the truck finally got there 3:00ish and he tried the tapping as he also knew that trick, and was skinnier than me too, but did not work and boosting did not work and finally he checked the immobilizer and yep it was working as it should so he too thought that was not the problem. So once my baby was hooked up I then had to CLIMB into that cab for a rocking/bumpy ride to the garage. Robert met us and said that he'll get it fixed tomorrow for sure as he was shutting down when we had arrived which was fine for me.

I then walked over to Pat & Randy's and had supper with their family before heading off to Byran's piano recital - WOW that was quite eye opening!!! I can't believe how much he has improved since the last one I was at and I told him so!!! I actually was teary eyed listening to his recital even if he said there was a mistake - I didn't know it! Some of those kids were WOW and one played the music from The Sting and I was just a swaying to and fro!!! Then Pat gave me a ride home.

Yep a totally worn out day for me and not at all one that I'd call a vacation day!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well Saturday it started with a tiny hiccup no problem at all so I drover over to Linda's, parked on the far side of their 2-car driveway/garage and then drove her car to enjoy the trip to Kenora for their Quilt Show (previous post) and a visit with my sister and friend there too.  When we got home my car would not start at all - just made a very brief attempt at turning over then quiet!!! 

So I'd found out from my mechanic that it probably was the starter and he was arranging with a truck driver to send a rebuilt starter into the city for me.  Also instructions on how to try and "fool" it to start once I had the part.  So armed with my plastic mallet in my tote and all the instructions (I thought he was a bit kookoo when he told me this but hey he’s been right most times so who am I to doubt) and when I kidded with the guys at work this morning with it they naturally wanted to hear the story behind it.  AND Tom said yep sometimes you can fool it or if there’s a short you can juggle it that way but it still needs fixing pronto like. OKAY I’ll give it a try!  Now just waiting for the part to arrive and hopefully the Winnipeg mechanic (not a regular garage) still has an opening to fix it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kenora Visit and Quilt Show

Well my weekend started off with much anticipation of a lovely weekend get away with my friend Linda and meeting up with my sister and another dear quilting friend at the Lake of the Woods Quilter's Guild Quilt Show.  We stopped into Louise's Cottage Country Quilts before joining Sylvia for lunch, then off to the Quilt Show.  The competition was smaller than I'd expected but still very entertaining and there were many vendors present too.  Yes, I shopped and thankfully did not do MAJOR damage, then we supped at Boston Pizza before heading back to the Super 8 to relax for the evening.  Sunday, Sylvia went her way and we returned to the city.  A lovely time we all had and some pictures can be viewed at my Webshots album!

Now it's just too bad that we forgot to get a similar picture with Sylvia!!!  And also upon my return to Linda's that my car would not start at all, seems to be the starter as the lights and fan had battery power.  Hmmmm not fair but I guess it's better in my friend's driveway than somewhere on the road this past two weeks of traveling.  Phooie!!!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Newest Shuttle

Well I was loading up my newest shuttle today which I bought from Gail of Trillium at our Lace Days yesterday when it popped apart on me as my thumb was pressing on the centre area for a grip!  OH NO, I've broken another shuttle???  But nope, it has a spring like catch on the post like that which fits into the sewing machine bobbins for winding up!  WOW so I can get more bobbins for my machine and also for this shuttle for other cotton colours - YAHOOIE!!!

Also at the event a guest stopped by to chat at our tatting display and showed us her awesome G8-Shuttle and WOW now I have to get myself a couple of these too.  They use the Husgavarna bobbins (greenish in colour) within - changeable too!!!  It was just so compact and the screw in post acts as a tension control for the bobbin!

Yep I just loved our Lace Days and saw so much there and even have my very first pair of lacemaking bobbins as a thank you gift from Gail for my purchase.  But after checking with Anne at the demo table I find that most patterns take around a dozen pairs to execute - HMMMMM - guess I won't be making anything with mine as I need six pairs for the simplest pattern.  LOL!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lace Day - 2010

Oh WOW our first annual Lace Day is over with and I'd say a wonderful turnout too!  We had a full hall of displays and two vendors with their lacemaking wares along with some of our members and their pieces on sale.  Then many thanks to all who donated the many wonderful items for the Silent Auction and also Landmark Gallery for their donated framed lace piece for our group to fundraise with and to all the members who brought in the delicious dainties to go along with the refreshments.  Yes I think it was an awesome event!

Jocelyn - Silent Auction table

Anne - demo table

Bev's display

Bobbin Lacemaking bolster and project

Michelle - tatting display

Michelle and I put together a "tatting" display (yes that is part of lacemaking) and we both have other ideas for next year's event (and yes we are going to do it again - YAHOOIE!) and hopefully more time to make up other tatted items for our fundraising towards the fall lace retreat for members.  Even Michelle's daughter Cathy and my friends Joan & Harold dropped by for a visit.  Lovely!

If you want to check out my Webshots album, you can see other pictures from our first event.

Friday, June 04, 2010

New Postcards!

Okay, I know it's been a while but I've finally gotten my FFPC Mother's Day swap finished and mailed off.  I was not keen on the topic (as my own Mom has passed on) but then thought I'd I could make it into a tribute to a Special Lady with some of the items that she loved to get as gifts from me.  Well good intentions went awry when I could not find the Cameo buttons I used to have and no luck in the stores either - guess I'll have to scrounge around again and stockpile (used them probably in my CQing).  As that was to be my main embellishment on the PC and the rest addons, I had to scrap that idea and go to the back up plan.  Seems I'm doing lots of that lately, hmmmm!  So here are my postcards.  Hope the ladies like them.

Now the following postcards were made to feature my tatted friends (the dragonfly and butterfly) and ready for our Northern Lights Lacemakers' first annual Lace Day here in Winnipeg on Saturday, June 5th from 1:00-4:00 pm at St. Peter's Anglican Church Hall at 755 Elm Street at Grant Avenue.  This event is chalked full of lace demonstrations, displays and even items for sale from our members and specific vendors known to our group.

And this next group includes an extra one of the For a Special Lady, the Kokopelli and lastly a Tatted Frame which are patterns I'm trying to do to expand my basic tatting skills.  I just love the edging and have used it on a CQing block and just found the Kokopelli so will have to do up some in black and onto a southwestern orange-like sunset fabric for backing.

Yep I do LOVE my tatting (glad that I finally learnt the basics and maybe more) and as noted on Georgia's site in some of her pages:

Tatting ... is NOT a lost art!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday Delimma

Talk about adjusting to my morning walks - mucho better than during the heat of the day!  I was even singing with the music this morning - ?WOW? I also really need to find different music to keep me at my brisk walking pace! But I’m finding it quite chilly and glad my sleeves have not been hemmed up on my fitness jacket as I pull them down as mitts for my hands! Don’t laugh at 7:00 am it’s sunny but chilly temps for now anyways - at least no rain so far.

THEN when I got home and headed for the shower talk about a startling WAKE UP CALL – COLD water out of the hot water tap and it did not warm up. I needed a shower and wash my hair so just pretended I was camping and going for that 6:00 am swim in Ontario's Rushing River – BRRRRRRR!!!! Not fair!  See they were working on the water yesterday afternoon but it was back on when I got home after work just not hot yet - but should have been reheated by morning.

Well not sure if this 1 hour walk each morning is going to make a difference, but I weighed in after work today (stayed even) but I can tell you walking with that waist belt is lots easier on me! Thanks goes to Sylvia for suggesting that. BUT I can sure tell you I’ll have to start packing a morning snack for work as I’m growling by 10:30 and today I was smart enough to pack two Peak Frean cookies I bought grocery shopping yesterday (they are fibre ones and 2 boxes for $6 at Safeway – cranberry citrus oat crunch and bran crunch) – scrumptious.

Today I have on my comfy green dress pants (used to be real tight) and now are very very loose so guess that’s another pair for the sidelines but they are well worn so not much of a loss. Along with that I have my black shell with my new black 3/4 sleeve sweater on and my fake diamond necklace (yes I’m trying to remember to put something on daily) and matching earrings. Yep guess I do clean up pretty good when I wants to! LOL!

AND then when I get home there's a message that there is still a problem with our water and still no hot water - OH OH not another cold shower tomorrow!!!