Friday, November 27, 2009


This morning after dropping off the the PJs and quilts made by members of our Aurora Quilters I decided on a spur of the moment stop at the Wolseley Wardrobe and found this precious tote for $4.95 that I think would just look LOVELY with some beadwork on it - WOW!!! Well I'm going to try and figure out how first. It is 7" tall, 8" wide and has a 2" bottom - I'm not sure about the handles, might look into maybe removing them.

Then I also picked up my first copy of Piecework (the Nov/Dec 2009 issue) there too and want to try out a couple of patterns in there - but nothing for tatting inside the store.

So thank you Leona (from Ravenesque) for introducing me to this interesting place (lots of yarn in there) - their jewellry is lovely and just might return there another time for a better look see. I did find some AWESOME large MOP buttons but at $3.95 each it was easy to resist buying. And also I dropped into the Prairie Sky Books and what a mistake as I found two pairs of Abalone earrings in there but will have to wait some time before returning for those - but they were lovely!!! (definitely my weakness)


I thought I was exhausted yesterday when after work I did some major fabric purging!!! HA!!!

Well I was up my usual time and out the door by 8:30 for quick zip into work as I forgot something and naturally a question from my Manager (grinning) before on the run doing:

-- 10:00 am drop off a large bag of sewn PJs and nightshits with toothpaste n brushes each and a bag of personal care samples a co-worker gave me

-- home to load up 3 boxes and two large bags of fabric odds n ends for the Mennonite Community charity works
-- 10:30 am drop off a large bag of quilts for kids along with a bag of personal care samples too from a fellow quilter
-- 11:00 am met Anne from Morris and made arrangements to drop off the fabric etc
-- headed off to Nygaards on Notre Dame and found a pair of dress pants at a great price - no t-shirts
-- stopped into Economy Textiles and WOW they had buttons for my towels and some awesome trim for my CQing at a great price too
-- stopped into Michaels and used my 50% off coupon on a package of soup mix beads for a project I have to work on this weekend
-- 1:30 pm headed off to meet Anne's hubby and transferred all my boxes n bags into their car
-- 2:00 pm stopped at Tim's for a quick lunch
-- 2:30 pm stopped at Dollarama for a Happy Birthday hellium balloon n card for Ruth from her fellow Aurora Quilters
-- 2:45 pm dropped in on Ruth and visited for an hour - she's doing good
-- 3:45 pm headed off to EyeWear to have my glasses adjusted
-- 4:00 pm headed for Nygaards on Broadway and there found a lovely dressier t-shirt at a good price
-- 4:30 headed for home to relax!!!

SHEESH I swear it's easier to go to work and crunch numbers all day and deal with a headache than all this running around and being totally worn out!!! NOW I totally understand you Sylvia when you say you need the next day to regroup after running into town the day before!!! It's no wonder when you have to plan your day to get everything you want done as it's an hours drive one way to town for you, so you can't forget and zip back to get it!!! LOL!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Exhausted

It was rough today at work as I was still fighting flu/cold symptoms and dealing with cleaning my desk off so I could have tomorrow off for personal errands.

Then I came home and after supper spent like 3.5 hours sorting and packing up various hand me down and bargain buy fabrics I know I won't be using in my CQing and hopefully tomorrow passing them onto a ladies group for their charitable works. Talk about a big difference once these are gone from my hallway. Now just to tackle the various crafts magazines - hopefully of use to someone through Wpg Freecycle and another area of my hallway will be cleared out.

Also being the gopher for our Aurora Quilters I finally contacted two charitable organizations, made appointments and will drop off a large bag of sewn up PJs/nightshirts for one group and another large bag of quilts for kids to another group. I still have a few more PJ sets but also I have two pairs to finish sewing so hopefully another delivery before Christmas from our group.

Then my new year plan is to tackle all the plant pots and plant stand - hopefully get them cleaned up, photographed and then listed with the Orchid and/or Bonsai Society and maybe find a buyer for these soon too! And have my dining room back! That would be just GREAT!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bead Fest Buys!

Yep I spent more tonight - probably shouldn't have but OH WELL!!! Most of the items were 70% off and the seed beads were half price of the store's prices.

See Soul Expressions Beadery here in Winnipeg closed it's store front doors last month and just as she promised had opened up with periodic sales from her home. Yesterday and today were the FIRST of such sales in the works and if you're interested here is her BLOG and EMAIL. The next one is planned for Wednesday Dec. 9th and Thursday Dec 10th from 2-9pm.

So here is my loot (under $25 for the lot)!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hand Dyed Tatting Yarn!!!

OMGG on the Tatlist there was a post about free tatting patterns on Craft Gossip site and well did I have fun checking it out!!!

Then I came across The Yarnplayer's Tatting Blog - awesome patterns and yarns too! Too bad I'm not into tatted jewellry as she does some AWESOME stuff! I could not resist and had to place an order for the A Leaf Falls thread - hope it comes fast so I can play with some of my new patterns from the Craft Gossip!!!

Ain't it pretty!!!
(from The Yarnplayer's Etsy shop)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Block Finished

This is an 8" large block and I only embellished a small part. I wonder what it will grow up to be with other additions from someone else?

So first I added a simple tatted edging of rings and picots (which would look lovely with some added beadwork I think) and then edged the bamboo circle with metallic beads. I then added my signature metallic web and made a beaded spider. You can just see a gold trim I added for one of the seams too.

Then I tatted my first dragonfly from Riet's pattern and added a variety of beads for body parts. I think this would look more dramatic if I could find the same beads but in various shapes and sizes - WOW!!! And then I added the butterfly from the NSAN tatting groups pattern Butterflies are Forever Free.

Yes I love this so far and would LOVE to see it in it's finished state.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tatting Again!

Yep, it's been a bit of a dry spell so to speak as everything I tried to TAT is a might ahead of what I've learnt already and very confusing so I dropped it. That was OK as I'm running behind in some CQing and postcard commitments and needed to get them done - some are and some will be so that's good.

BUT I needed a couple of tatted items for this Christmas Cracker exchange I'm in so had to just get to it!!! Well I was mighty impressed with myself that I actually made this lovely dragonfly, but first I had to read up on "split chains" (still don't get it). Now can you imagine glass beads inside the body rings? I can!!! So that's a start and then I'll do a split ring trim for one of the seam finishes and that should be it for the tatting.

I truly do LOVE the fabrics I chose for the block though!!! Now back to the embroidery input and then that'll be finished and hopefully into the mail on Monday!

I'm Doing Good!

Well I had my H1N1 shot Friday noon and while back at work thought I was doing Good with just a bit of tiredness and feeling out of sorts late afternoon, but nothing like others were complaining about. YEAH RIGHT!!! Mmmmm Hmmmmm!

At MPQ (quilt meeting) around 8:00 I was feeling more tired and quiet but the worst was reaching across the table with my left arm (don't do that with my right much anymore) when the pain in my arm/shoulder hit and I sat right back down. When home, took a Tylenol and went to bed early, but what a waste as I was up every hour or so not finding a comfortable position to sleep without the pain building (had radiated up towards my neck and into my shoulder blade). Like I mentioned to a friend when I called my regrets to this morning's meeting that I felt like I played tackle football all night and no fun at all either as it was all by myself!!!

This morning I again took a Tylenol and went back to bed until the pain woke me again. Then I gave up and got up - too cranky right now to show my face anywhere - hopefully it'll ease soon and that'll be all the reaction I'll have which would be good!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hmmmm Whatcha Think?

Okay after I had posted the four finished blocks from pics uploaded to the CQI Photos into that square wall hanging idea - I then got a brain wave!!! So I played some more and this is what I came up with. Now I would like your input as to which layout you like better. I've included my email so you can keep it private or just post your comment - either way. And Thanks!!!

Yes I know I've still Gerry's block for this DYB to come yet but I don't really need the finished piece to decide the basic layout, but the block layout will be the last task! By the way, I tried gold and green around the blocks but blue seemed the best and then again for the outer border the gold looked the best, but it may be the gold fabric from the blocks and the blue I'm not sure about, might just be some of the green from the blocks - gotta experiment when they all come home.

Not sure if vertical is an option for my bedroom - depends on the width of the borders, I guess.

I LOVE this layout and was thinking of either decorative quilting in the corners or some other accent pieces to be attached.

This is a more balanced horizontal and suggested by some co-workers.

So I'm polling my readers and hoping you will let me know which layout you like best. Click on my name
Rose Anne and you should be directed to your "create/compose" via email or click on "Post Comment" within this posting. Again thank you!!!


Yeah I know you've seen the blocks BUT here's what I'm thinking might be my wall hanging - two more blocks yet to come - colours are not final yet - will see what I have at home and what looks best. These blocks are in the order they were worked on and WOW talk about awesome layout!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DAD is 96!!!

Yep, yesterday was his birthday and in a way I was sorry I wasn't there BUT then I remembered the lovely four days I had all by myself with him and you know what - I didn't feel bad at all!!! (smiling) See I booked vacation days for Thursday and Friday and drove to Dauphin Wednesday so I had three full days with him except for the mid-afternoons that I let him veg out and regroup before I came back again. Yes besides cleaning and laundry, I cooked lunches for him along with joining him too (some frozen packages) and suppers I made whatever light meal he wanted then tidied up and joined my sister Florence and Wayne for supper. So I got the better of two worlds I'd say! See not only was Dad in a fairly good mood while I was there but also Florence's choices for suppers were right up my alley and I enjoyed the food and company very much.

And to top the weekend off my car got new rear tires and brakes too!!!

I did call Dad last night and he was so chipper it was GRANDE to hear! Apparently he had four daughters (with DHs) and Mom's brother and wife drop by for a visit and/or supper along with many phone calls too (even his brother in Alberta)! So yes he had a good day I'd say and was nice and quiet relaxing when I called. Maybe this nice weather is a picker upper too???

Margreet's Winter DYB Block

Okay this is a third RR event for me, but the second while the first is still going on, within the CQI group. Sometimes I think I'm CRAZY for signing up for another while the other one is not finished - especially as it's challenging topic of "faces" to boot!!! Oh well it'll all come out in the wash as they say!!! So here's the first group of the Christmas/Winter DYB belonging to Margreet of The Netherlands and she wanted them to have an ice - cool like look to them so only using white, silver, grey or ice blue colours!

finished block

OK I started out by adding the beaded cord and then anchoring in place her awesome accent piece adding more beads around it. Then I added the iridescent sequins to the eyelet fabric and silver beads to lock in place. I remembered I had this awesome sheer with sparkles on it so I hand appliqued it in place and anchored it with silver Colonial knots here and there. Then I found this appropriate yarn with a silver thread in it and arranged it in the open cretan stitch (my favourite) anchoring from the back and adding beads at the crossovers. Then I found my light grey shiny DMC and filled in the spaces with daisy stitches.


bottom half

OHHHH I wanted so badly to make up some tatted/beaded button snowflakes but after three attempts I put paid to that idea and tatted a split ring trim and added larger silver lined beads to the centres. And sort of to complement, I did DMC perle cotton daisy stitch for another seam finish and larger iridescent beads at the centres. Then I took my ice blue (I think) shiny DMC and tried to imitate one of NZJO's
seam treatments but still not close in resemblance ;>) ! And for the last seam finish I used my silver DMC metallic (which I HATE to work with) and did my second favourite stitch – feather – with Colonial knots. I then found these sparkly snowflake buttons but cut off the chunky shanks and anchored in place – they can be removed if not wanted. Lastly I added the three star beads (always changing colours) and then the silver/grey flat sequins with beads to hold in place. Whoops, I forgot the seam broken by the accent piece - here I tried Kerry's BAS Week 39 - Braid Stitch with blue shiny DMC - but my photography is not so great!!!

top left

top right

Then I chose the “joint RR block” that we all have to work on to complete five of the six blocks before they head home. This one was easy as I decided to use the tinsel type of yarn Margreet included (couched of course) and added the silver beaded trims along with the star I learnt to make at my 3-D beaded workshop in August. The other seam finish is from my Judith Montano book “Embroidery and Crazy Quilt Tool Kit” on page 190 – Pistil Stitch + Colonial Knot + Straight Stitch using the shiny and metallic DMC and added the trio daisy stitches as fillers.

joint block


So I hope she likes what I’ve done here! Oh here's her emailed response to my uploads to the group - I gather she likes it!!!

"Hallo Rose Anne,
I took a look to what your work was on my DYB.
It is very good and cool I'm most pleased with it !!!!!!
... I loved to see the details. Thanks a lot.
Smiles Margreet."

My Faces DYB Update

Yep, I've got another picture of another block completed for me - that means there's only one more to go before they all come home to me!!! Then I have to stitch up one myself and naturally put them all together!!! Previous ones can be seen here!

"Rose Anne, I have just loaded a pic of my angel work for you - Goddess of Light. Hope you like beads cuz its fulllll of em! LOL!!" ... Leslie

"OMGG Leslie, I LOVE angels and beading period!!!!!!!!! That is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW!!!! That's my MOM, my angel in heaven, now on my wall hanging for my bedroom. THANK YOU so very very much!!!!!!" ... Rose Anne

Monday, November 09, 2009

LCgirls Night!!!

Yep our Lewiscraft girls night out is still going strong and mostly at member's homes and we do some type of craft or play a game the odd time and have an awesome potluck meal along with heartwarming friendships.

This last one Saturday night was at Mary Grace's and she taught us how to "QUILL" and I'm telling you I'll not be doing any larger projects with this technique! ROFLOL!

See I caught onto the winding those narrow strips onto a tiny post and managed to make a flower card with them but the part I hated (remember this from my crafting days too) is the fact that all my fingers etc gets covered with glue!!! I even went a couple of times and cleaned off too!!!

So thank you Mary Grace for hosting this fun night and also thanks to Vic for visiting his friend so we can have the place to ourselves. Ohhh and thanks everyone for the very tasty snacks and meal and "Mom" (Pat & Georgina's that is) for the dessert!!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Pat's NEW Kitchen!!!

WOW WOW WOW, I dropped over to my niece's house tonight and got an awesome surprise! See their house renovations are slowly but surely nearing the end and hopefully by year end will be all complete. Apparently over the weekend most of the hardwood was installed in the master bedroom.

Then today the kitchen countertops were installed and WOW WOW OH WOW it is just gorgeous!!! I haven't seen such a stone/granite/whatever you call it but it is just beautiful. And with all that WOW I didn't see the built in pantry fitted so nicely into the corner and the wood sort of just flows around the doorway joining with the cabinets etc.

Yep, I LOVE their kitchen and I'm sure she's relieved to finally have it back to just about 100% - the sink still needs some work but the fridge, stove and dishwasher are all working!!!

Then tomorrow some of Randy's family are coming over and they'll start installing the hardwood floors in the large open area - dining and living room!!! Wonder how far they'll get before a halt is called?

GOSH it will be just wonderful to have their HOME back and maybe even Christmas in their home too again??? It's sure been a long painful steady haul but I think the end is in sight!!!

Previous posts on the progress are here and here!

Diane's Faces RR completed

Okay my promise to get this block finished and out at the beginning of this week went !@# for tea kettle I can tell you! See I am in the middle of a "dustup" in a local fibre arts group and have taken it pretty rough considering how it was done, now I can imagine how my friend is feeling as she's positive her designs were stolen . Oh well nothing I can do but keep doing what I've done for years and that is note the book/pattern that the inspiration arrived from. Enough of this verbiage! Onto the good stuff!

Okay right off the bat (as we always do) I’ll tell you that my block was inspired by the “Feather Maiden” watercolour by Judy Balchin in “The Complete Book of Art Nouveau Designs”.

Diane wished someone would use her lovely face beads so I decided to give it a try and I sure hope my idea stands up to it’s beauty! I had such GRANDE ideas and plans (before it even arrived) for an art nouveau block until I read her message and realized feathers are not washable so had to rethink. Then I found this book at the Library “Stitches for Embroidery” by Heather Joynes (awesome landscape embroidery) and inside were these awesome stitched feathers so back to the grindstone to try this. I kinda like it, even if I had to shorten them some and it hides those larger white patches on the bead that should be black me thinks.

Okay, now the DMC floss and metallics for the braids along side the feathers with shorter strings of beads (had to redo this as the multi-coloured beads I first had didn’t do anything for this elegant Indian Maiden). So far it’s progressing but slowly. Then a beaded fringe over her doeskin (let’s pretend) dress, learnt at the beading workshop I was at resently and found inside “Beading on Fabric” by Larkin Jean Van Horn and again had to redo it as my spacing was wrong. I tried to have it lie over top the lower portion of the bead but no dice so I gave up. And then the finishing touches were embellished patches and seam finishes of sweet grass wreaths, feather-wheat ear-herringbone-cretan stitches and added a bird charm which I hope passes for an eagle besides sequins and beads.

Full block.

Though, I’m not sure of the idea of putting these blocks into a jacket my dear – I’d be scared of them being damaged with wear and tear along with laundering – but it’s your blocks and definitely your decision. LOL! I enjoyed working on this baby but am very sorry it took so long. Now onto the next DYB and hopefully it will go a lot smoother!!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Faces DYB - update

Oh my it is nearing the end of this round robin soon and I'm anxious to see these blocks all together and in person - they are all looking so lovely.

Here is the latest edition and she even has the Gemini Twins on the block - that's what I'm calling them.

AND here is Diane's blog to read up on her making up! I've yet to read it all. I was just so excited to see the picture and post my blog entry! He He He!!! Also here is the previous post on this RR. Yes when they all come home I'll put them together and post as one picture - unless I finish it off lickety split!!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Tree of Life - ASL presentation

Okay the only way I could upload my video taped ASL presentation was to go through YouTube (checked Private there) so hopefully it will now upload here in my BLOG for my friends to check out (7 min 18 sec duration). Here is my video:

For those of you who are new to ASL maybe you'll get a kick out of how nervous I was and this was not memorized, I only had three run throughs - two with notes and signs and one from the notes only. And those that do sign I hope I didn't botch it too badly and I promise I am going to try and continue to use it daily with John. Enjoy!

Shuttle Finds

Okay, I'm sure these are not antiques at all but I had gone for a walk to the Forks today and checked out the Antique Shop there and actually found 7 shuttles (3 were metal and I didn't even look at those) and the other 4 were some plastic but two were grungy like so I settled on these two for myself ($5 each).

Now I checked Tatmeister's site and I think one is noted there (PLASTIC, Plastic, Ivory - mine has closed tips) but not the other. Not sure if I can find it or if it's even worth the time searching. I'm just going to find some type of glass covered box and line it with whatever that these can sit in with a little card identifying them if known. I'm sure I'll be checking for others in my travels to add to these. If needed I will use them periodically but right now the thread on them is way to fine for my expertise to use at this time.