Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stitching Saturday

Gosh it sure feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!! (think of Tony the Tiger - LOL) to have time for myself and not second job to run off to after putting in the Monday to Friday daily number crunching job! See I've booked off two weeks so I can help out my great niece with the pet sitting while her parents are away. So far I've only had to help out twice when she went straight from university to her job's evening shift and also today when she put in a full day working. Actually the pets were very quiet - I think they are missing the full household and naturally the dog does not like being left alone and is starting to misbehave but I left that for Amanda to take care of.

So while catering to their whims of in and out I stitched on the HUGZ comfort quilt for a fellow quilter and just about finished sewing together all the blocks. I've never before taken on this type of a challenge and I mean a challenge as some blocks needed slight restitching to the required size but some needed slight sashing added on to measure up. These are now all the same size and the top is coming along nicely - with help from my Aurora Quilters who helped with the block layout last weekend. I've hemmed and hawed and finally came up with a possible borders layout too so hopefully tomorrow I'll get to that stage of sewing.

Here's a picture that I took on the Timer option on my digital using the ironing board lowered to ensure I got most of the block strips and me too in the picture. Too bad I didn't think of throwing a towel over the window - DUH! And honestly I didn't plan on being colour coordinated, just everyday clothes because of the pets!

Another Orchid Blooming

Well just as my Phaleonopsis is dropping is blooms the spiking one is opening up! WOW talk about timing!

So Dendrobian Pixie Princess H R opened it's two 2" blooms on March 27th much to my surprise! This particular plant has not sprouted a spike in some 10 years and I just don't know why I've kept some of these this long with no benefit! LOL!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Set Done!

Oakie dokie these took the longest to do and here I thought being small pieces they'd be no problemo at all to zip up!!! Each took a whole 4-5 hours to stitch up and then there was the assembly time too. Guess I won't be jumping so fast in doing these up again, I think I'll keep them for special occasions, so hope you gals in the Open Theme like them as much as I did to stitch them for you.

I still have to stitch up my own keepsake Hardanger Oval, but that can wait until I get the other swaps mailed out. I thinks I gotta learn to pick easier ideas for these PC swaps!!! LOL!

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Been a While!

Yep, not my usual posting lately at all. I started a Hardanger doily class beginning of March at Mrs. Twitchett's Eye for four weeks running and the homework has kept me quiet and busy!!! I doubt I'll have my homework requirements completed for tomorrow's last class but hopefully around the corner enough to get the drift of the finishing part of the project. If not guess I'll have to bring it to one of those "open stitching days" this summer to catch up what I don't understand. I have two very good resource books by Nancy Love(?) but Carolyn does do some things differently so they may not be of help reading over if I don't catch onto the class notes.

Needless to say my postcards are once again running behind too and even with all my free time spent working betwen these two commitments I still couldn't get everything finished this weekend. The postcards I've finally finished the tops of my FAPC Open Theme ones, now just to put them together and get them mailed off this week. My Crazy Patch and Eggs ones will be next up to bat!!! Then in April I have the Trapunto and Buttons swaps and then I realized That's IT, no more this girl can do right now! Enough already! Yep, I know I'm my own worst enemy, but like I've said this to my groups many a times, my postcards are an extension of what I "think or feel" when I read the postings of new swaps and that's when and how I sign up. If nothing jumps out at me that instant then I'll not sign up no matter what. So now I guess I better stop reading them posts or I'll never have a LIFE!!! LOL!

Gosh so much for thinking that with this next two weeks off from my part time job that I'll be able to relax - Yeah Right!!! I'll be using this time off to get caught up and also work on a comfort quilt that I'm making for a dear friend from "hugs" blocks from various quilters (just received hopefully the last packet on Friday). This too is a first for Rose Anne and I can tell you it sure is an eye opener! I just hope I can put it together in the next two weeks (with my limited knowledge but very good intentions and advice from fellow quilters too) and get it mailed off to the next leg of it's assembly.

Okay enough gabbing back to my Hardanger homework while I still have time during my lunch!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Sheesh, it's a good thing it's not Halloween or my over imaginative mind would be driving me bonkers with this HOWLING - like about most of the day already!!! Even at Mrs. Twitchett's Eye the shop's front door kept opening and closing driving me crazy and looking to see who's coming and Carolyn sitting there not even phased!!! LOL!

I can tell you that when I left work the wind was so strong that it slammed into my back just about went sailing on the icy patch - my hood came up and over my head and down over my eyes and I thought I was going to be a gonner in the rush hour traffic. Well I made it home safely and then to my class tonight too. On the way home I gave up waiting for the bus and just let the wind push me to the next stop (some badly needed exercise) but shoot it was so strong that it was kinda treacherous in the dark and over the icy patches. Somehow and I don't know how but I stayed upright! Good thing my parka had a hood with those toggle thingies to keep it in place as I sure needed it.

Can't wait now for the sunshine and warmer temps to met all this ice away! I LOVE winter but this stuff no siree!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

More Postcards

Okay, finally I've completed the remaining five birthday postcards for the Fibreartpostcard Yahoo group - this was a whole one year commitment and I found it a might too much for my helter skelter "life". The following will be mailed out tomorrow - just before the deadline!!!

As you can see the design for all cards were the same, just the colours, trims, and embellishments varied - no two cards are the same either.

Now this one is an extra sent just because to another group. The star is a free hanging one from underneath the rickrack and held in place with slip stitches while in transit only - they can be removed once received. I had sent other such charms with other crazy patch cards and did the same just to keep them flat while sent either "naked" or inside the clear envelopes.

Now back to the drawing/stitching mode as I have three more groups of postcards to be prepared and mailed by the first week in April!!! YIKES why do I do this to myself!! Granted I LOVE making my postcards, I just wish I could "let go" and simplify them some but that's just not me!!! Oh well guess I'll just have to watch as to how many I actually sign up for in the future.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm So Happy - I could skip to Malooo!!!

Well I'm sure you get my drift! ROFLOL! Let's see, I think most people that know me have got the idea that I don't do anything on the spur of the moment and if I loose out on the "fantastic offer" well that's life!

This latest one was from Shaw and the rep tried to get me to sign on the dotted line right then and there to switch my phone to $40/mth unlimited Canada and USA calling and five calling features and also two free months and then $19.95 after that for my internet. Needless to say it sounded better than what I was paying now but without checking my bills I was not about to sign anything. He tried (nicely though) but in the end left me the paperwork with the $$$ amounts and asked that I call only him back to switch - I said I'd do that if I decided to.

Well I really do not like changing services and then what get a price hike and change back? So today after paying my bills online I called MTS and told them the offers I have and asked if they could do something to reduce my bills, if not then I'd probably be switching. WHOA there, they jumped at matching these two bills right on the spot PLUS they also are reducing my phone by another $10/mth. So I'll have a savings of $56 for this next two months and $36/mth after that and I don't have to worry about switching anything!!! PHEWIE!!!! Talk about a delimma off my shoulders - I hate making decisions!!!! LOL!

Talk about timing too as I'll be quitting my part time job in April, so this will help me out nicely!

Happy Quilt Day!

Well I slept in and didn't feel like rushing to dress nor dashing out to catch a bus on limited service to a guild meeting this morning. Guess I'll just sew until I get some oomph then I'll go do some shopping. Well so far it's been quite the LAZY DAY for me and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

I started off by opening my WR and CQS online group Quilt Day swap parcels and WOW Miryam and Dawn packed my packages full of awesome quilty items and some I can say are already relegated to projects, this wall hanging to work to cheer up my area and the Chai teas split between home and work to enjoy! And the beads to embellish my Bag It! pattern project when I get around to it!!! Again thank you ladies for making my day feel so special.

HAPPY QUILT DAY everyone, hope you take some time to stitch some today too!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Day Off!

WOW I used my last 2006/07 vacation day Tuesday and zipped over to join some fellow quilters for the day. I took my Hardanger class project and just about finished all the homework needed for that evenings class along with the inspiring company shared. It was lovely to have lunch with them also, homemade soup from Maureen, chicken oriental salad from me (bought though) and Faye made the biscuits (to die for as far as I'm concerned) and desserts too! Gosh I think I ate more than I sewed!!! It was a good thing that I missed out on breakie at home cause I walked in the door and was offered coffee and fresh biscuits with butter and jam right off the bat. ROFLOL! I must say that I missed Beryl's chipper self though, but hopefully will see her the next time I escape from the office grind!!!

Well my evening class was a might rushed as I didn't get home till 6:05, grabbed my supper and lesson stuff and rushed off to catch another bus to head out to the other end of the city this time and while waiting for the bus to arrive I wolfed down the salad. Lucky for me they buses were quite timely - well except for on the way home - it zoomed by while I was on the other side of the four lanes!!! I walked about 8 - 10 blocks before another one came along. My project piece is coming along quite nicely (even though I'm not that pleased with the colour of the varigated hand dyed floss) and I've learnt how to use a "laying tool" (basically a guitar pic with a blunt large needle welded on the inside of the pic part) and also received another batch of homework for next week! UGH!!! Bentleys were supposed to be closed, that's why I had signed up for this class, cause I was supposed to be "free as a bird". Oh well I've given them lots of notice so if the store remains open then they better hire someone to take over my shifts by the end of April, cause I'm refusing to work another summer!

Wel I then came home and checked my emails - wrong thing to do that is for sure! I went to bed very upset with something that did not involve me and can't seem to shake my feelings all day today either (continuous emails on it don't help either). I know with me it's wise to just separate and let myself "calm down" but that is hard too with various concerns for my friends lately. And now my co-worker will be away for a week or more depending on her situation and recouping so I'm once again alone in the office. That's no fun either - well there are other co-workers but I mean my other half in the support staff!!!

Okay, guess I better high tail it to bed, tomorrows another busy day!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Mixed up Weekend

Well I was not that great yesterday and can't tell what is wrong so maybe it's just a blah mood!But I did do a bit of sewing Sat. morning and then walked (lovely outside if you forget about the slush) about 8-10 blocks to Dominion News and picked up two quilting mags for my swap partners (yep a might slow I am but they are going out XP so will make it for Friday - at least it won't be tempting you to open it early!!!) and then back to catch the bus to work.

Well I'm waiting at the bus stop and see everyone walking around with Tim Horton's coffee cups and getting royally ticked cause I want a coffee. I'm looking around for the Tim's signs like upwards and ZIPPO so I walk to the corner to see if it's around the corner - NOPE - so turn around to come back and smack dab in front of my nose - the building beside the bus stop - is two doors with Tim Horton's signs in the middle - DUH!!!!! I check the schedule and still have time so zip in and get my French Vanilla coffee, come out and relax sipping my coffee on the ride there.

When I got to work my Manager tells me there's a package in the back for me - Oh No not a coffee ! See the other night she was picking me up one but there wasn't French Vanilla in the Mall, so I thought she'd picked one up on the way for me today! Nope she says, so off I go to the back to get my coat off and shoes changed and there's a rose and mini carnation stems wrapped to go for Karen and I - naturally tears start and when she comes through the doors I hug and thank her - a Just Because gift! I know it's not much, but she still did not have to do it and the gesture was much appreciated. She said she thought the two of us were kinda down lately and needed cheering up! WOW!
Then later in the day she mentions I'm too quiet and that's when I tell her I don't think I'm 100% and not sure why - said she could tell too! Yep, that's what the office co-workers have said for years, when Rose Anne's quiet enjoy it, it won't last!!!! ROFLOL! Then her hubby picks her up and also gives me a ride all the way home - definitely way way way out of their way and he was surprised how far away I lived!
So I watched my hockey and got to work on my sewing and finished off the Kleenex box covers that my sister helped me zip up when I last visited and now I've done these on my own. But I messed up on the second last step (nothing written down) so I cheated and did some hand stitching and worked well. Then I again walked to the Tim Horton's (missed my local bus) and got coffee and muffin before catching the other bus to work again today. This time Karen's hubby picked her up and also gave me a ride home but at least they are just across the river from me. WOW twice this weekend I've escaped the drag em out bus trips home!

So guess I'll get back to my Hardanger class homework and watch the curling finals and hope there's a hockey game on later on too!

The Weather or Blah Moods?

I'm feeling deserted or lost in space or whatever you want to call it? Guess I gotta talk to myself! LOL! Yeah I know it's my fault not having a family of myown to keep me hopping but even though I'm juggling two jobs and still working on my quilting and embroidery etc - I LIVE for my online friends' emails! Especially with the Western Retreat coming up in June I'm totally surprised there is not much list action working up to this retreat - what gives! One of my other groups has an Easter gathering and they are so chatty getting ready for it and I'm just chuckling but yet very envious as I wanna go too! EXCEPT and it's a big one, but the gathering is in Port Pirie, Austraila - so that's in my dreams - can you believe it though, there are gals travelling from England and the States and I think someone from Canada too for it!!! I can tell you that I've paid my WR fees and class fee this month (and that was tough for me even with two jobs) and now am trying to save for my spending money as I'll be travelling with my sister and will have a "van" to cart home whatever my heart desires from this upcoming trip. Oh yeah, will have to allow room for a couple of quilters and their stuff, but can probably leave early purchases at Dale Anne's or Heather's and pick it up on the way back -ROFLOL if that is necessary!!! All I know is this one has to stay within limits.

Our local guild is bringing in Nancy Bergman of Kenora ON, a landscape fabric artist, in May for a weekend workshop and don't ask me how but I've even managed to pay for this too as Sylvia has always wanted to take her classes - so we both are. There will be a trunk show Friday evening, then Saturday's workshop is the actual preparing your fabric landscape and then the Sunday workshop is the thread painting and embellishments - which might be a bit more than I'm up to but gonna try (haven't finished my WR piece that Shirley taught). Sylvia is looking very forward to this weekend and has been working on her challenges and blocks and whatever else, so she has her time open for May and June. I think's I'll send my stuff over to her since she seems to manage her time better than me!!!

Well I've been checking further on retirement and soon have to decide whether to officially set a date so I can start to save a weeks vacation this next couple of years or not (increases my monthly retirement amount so it's worth giving up one week now). It's kinda scary and I'm sure many go through this and I'm always getting comments like "Yeah right you've a dozen or so years yet - things will change by then!" - and then they are so surprised that I'm retiring at 55 - "That's too early!" Well not early enough for me after working 36 years and 9 months when that "minimum age for retirement" comes up - I've had the "magic 80" which is years of service and age now a couple of years - but I'm too "young" legally to partake of this event. ROFLOL!

See what happens - I have to talk on and on and on by myself when my Yahoo groups are quiet???

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Bargain!

Look what I bought at Valu Village last night for $0.99 - my postcard stand and it sits on my desk at work. I also bought 8 pkgs of various rhinestone buttons (16 pieces) for $3.98 and two crocheted doilies for $0.99 each both for my crazy patch works and just for me - three paperbacks for $0.99. WOW what a steal! There is another different stand there and I might pick it up next Tuesday if it is still there.
I had to kill time before my Hardanger class and it was well worth it.
I had a very nice evening as there are only two of us in the class, so undivided attention! I sort of broke my pattern and chose a Waterlilies that has some coral/pink in it so now anxious to see what Mrs. T's "Old Country" turns out to be. The other student (see I forgot her name and did not write it down on my notes) is more knowledgeable than I am and even helped me a couple of times along with Carolyn and both complimented me on my mini Hardangers (bought some more 32 ct so will be able to continue making more) and postcards. But gosh talk about a tonne of homework (bringing it into work with me to stitch on breaks again) - don't know when I'll get this done and other projects and work on cleaning my apartment in case my niece moves in for the summer - where I don't know!!!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm SO Excited!!!!

Well here is my completed "Tea Time" postcard - yeah I know it has two cups and two spoons whereas those I swapped with only got one of each! Sorry but thems the breaks!!!

I'm also so excited!!!! I SOLD my first postcard for today!!!!!!

Some time ago a co-worker asked for the teacup postcard and she thought she'd like the blue background.
Well it's not as nice as the rich wine ones that I did - so she asked for the wine instead. I don't mind as I'm sure someone will want that or I could use it as a "Cheer up" card sometimes.
Well I finally finished the wine one (had to wait to buy more spoons) along with my own postcard too. I finished her's off with a hanger and 2.5 X 4" cardstock ribbon edged back with my "Expressions from Rose Anne" stamp, the card number and the date. Shoot I didn't take a picture of it BUT my co-worker very kindly did for me.

Do any of you have other ideas of how I could do a better back with a hanger? Please post to the postcard group if you do or leave me a comment and I'll forward it to the groups. Thank you.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

What a RUSH!

WOW considering I had such a LOUSY work day I can tell you that TODAY I FEEL GREAT!!!!! You know like the bellow from Tony the Tiger???? Gosh guess that glass of wine last evening did the trick (or maybe it was the migraine meds in the afternoon finally kicking in)!!!

Anyways I'm just about finished my third mini Hardanger piece and I want to make up three more so halfway stitched and then all the playing around with it. I also machine stitched on my Ravenesque Challenge and today I've completed "both" - yep two for someone who has a hard time understanding the concept of a journal quilt - and even have labels on them.

OHHHH and I must say thank you to all who demoed the fast and foolproof way of ending a binding!!! Yep it has finally sunk in and in about a half hour I had both bindings stitched and clipped ready for hand stitching in place. Well that's my next job along with finishing off the Hardanger piece and I've a "teacup" postcard "commissioned" to finish off now that I've gotten more of the teaspoons from Mrs. Twitchett's Eye recently. So yep I's a stitching up a storm today - hopefully not weather wise - we've had enough snow dumps!

Guess tomorrow before and after my stint at the part time job I'll try and work on some kleenex box covers that Sylvia figured out from the design of a gift bought in the Far East - just lovely it is and now that I've made a couple not so hard to do without instructions - ROFLOL!

Okay I'm off and back to stitching again. Hope you all are having a good day and maybe stitching too!!!

Another Orchid Spiking

WOW, I was watering my orchids this afternoon and noticed this stick sticking out of some dried up stems - was thinking of throwing this one out as it has not bloomed since I purchased it in 1998. Phew that's just about 10 years for this baby!

Well I had to search the web to see what it might look like and here it is. Kinda cute!

I wonder how long I'll have to wait till the spike buds out and blooms. Guess time will tell.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Time to Sew!

Well I've been busy in the evenings (gotten a break this past few weeks from my part time job) and stitching up a storm (much to the dismay of my kitchen) and thoroughly enjoying it. Guess I'll be able to clear up some of these WISP's (UFOs to some of you) when I give up that part time job end of April - at least I hope I'll do so! Then I was called into work last night and boy was that feeling emphasized all over again. When I got home I was exhausted (fell asleep on the transit bus again too) so I just checked my emails and then went to bed early (at least for me) and slept like a log till this morning.

I'm having a ball stitching up my Hardanger mini pieces and love the effects on the various sample fabric pieces that I received from my needleworks shop last year. I can't wait till this weekend when I can finish them off and take my pics to show you all. Some of the gals on my stitchery groups are waiting patiently too but I can tell you this does not go as fast as the stitching of blocks in quilting!!! It is definitely a pleasure to have the various hobbies I do have as when I'm kinda in a funk with one I can pick up another and get all enthused once again and then go back and I'm all gung ho once more! LOL! Guess Amanda (my great/grand niece) is correct that I'm just "a kid at heart" with a short attention span for one thing - one of the nicer things she's said about me. LOL!

Well my co-worker is off tomorrow morning for Mexico for a week and she pulled up online the all inclusive resort she's staying at and WOW WOW WOW I wanna go tooooo! There was one more opening and a lot cheaper than they paid but I think this place would NIX that idea fast - no way would they let the two of us go for the same length of time! LOL! Actually after a rather rough day in the office today I asked my Manager if I can snap up that last spot and join Shauna! Tongue in cheek, but he actually thought about it and said maybe something could be figured out if I really wanted to - WHAT - YEAH RIGHT, I've no passport and no money so forget that snap idea! ROFLOL!

Wonder what kind of trouble I'll get into having this evening and all of Saturday off from the part time job - better get my stitching out for sure eh!