Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Been a While!

Yep, not my usual posting lately at all. I started a Hardanger doily class beginning of March at Mrs. Twitchett's Eye for four weeks running and the homework has kept me quiet and busy!!! I doubt I'll have my homework requirements completed for tomorrow's last class but hopefully around the corner enough to get the drift of the finishing part of the project. If not guess I'll have to bring it to one of those "open stitching days" this summer to catch up what I don't understand. I have two very good resource books by Nancy Love(?) but Carolyn does do some things differently so they may not be of help reading over if I don't catch onto the class notes.

Needless to say my postcards are once again running behind too and even with all my free time spent working betwen these two commitments I still couldn't get everything finished this weekend. The postcards I've finally finished the tops of my FAPC Open Theme ones, now just to put them together and get them mailed off this week. My Crazy Patch and Eggs ones will be next up to bat!!! Then in April I have the Trapunto and Buttons swaps and then I realized That's IT, no more this girl can do right now! Enough already! Yep, I know I'm my own worst enemy, but like I've said this to my groups many a times, my postcards are an extension of what I "think or feel" when I read the postings of new swaps and that's when and how I sign up. If nothing jumps out at me that instant then I'll not sign up no matter what. So now I guess I better stop reading them posts or I'll never have a LIFE!!! LOL!

Gosh so much for thinking that with this next two weeks off from my part time job that I'll be able to relax - Yeah Right!!! I'll be using this time off to get caught up and also work on a comfort quilt that I'm making for a dear friend from "hugs" blocks from various quilters (just received hopefully the last packet on Friday). This too is a first for Rose Anne and I can tell you it sure is an eye opener! I just hope I can put it together in the next two weeks (with my limited knowledge but very good intentions and advice from fellow quilters too) and get it mailed off to the next leg of it's assembly.

Okay enough gabbing back to my Hardanger homework while I still have time during my lunch!

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