Thursday, March 30, 2017

Anxiety level raised!!!

Not a good feeling after a lovely start.  But it's a first for me in all the years I've pet/house sat to LOSE the house keys.  Lucky Tom gave me the garage code and showed me where the spare was so I could get in and let the girls out after being gone 3 hours.  SHEESH!!!

So then out again and I backtracked and found them at the Thrift Store lost n found.  They were on my clip and guess when I unclipped the car keys from my purse the house keys fell off.  NOW they are on the keyring not the clip and spare back in its place.  Thank you Tom!!!

Clothes Shopping

Thank you to Angela who offered her opinion on pants, capris and tops I tried on at the Thrift Store today.  See I just can't afford to keep up with this continued slimming down so going for hand me downs for everyday wear!  So I got 3 pairs of pants, 3 capris and a top for $43 with senior discount and a $9.50 top at Giant Tiger.  They're all in the wash now.

Also thanks to June who left me some clothes to try on too.  I love the capris and top but the pants are too big on me.

So I just might be ready for summer except for more walking items from Walmart.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For once the dogs woke me at 7:45 - usually I'm waking them later than that.  So I was thrown off and after their breakfast, my shower and breakfast I was relaxing with them in my lap when my phone rang.

Here I missed my hair appointment at 10 but she fit me in 3:15 (I felt horrible as I was ready at 9:30) so I continued to veg with the girls till I headed home to meet my niece for lunch, check mail and then back to medicate Sadie and then walk and foot bath both before getting my hair cut.

I'm still thrown off kilter and came down to watch some TV only to find both girls eyeing me from the top!!!  Yeppers they were telling me I forgot to feed them - SHEESH - honest this is ONE bad day for me.  LOL!!!  Good thing they set me straight.

Ohhhh I've nicknamed the girls "Princess" who does not want to get wet if at all possible and "Tomboy" who hits every second puddle and rolls around to boot  -  I think you know which is which!!!

AND FB had an app or whatever that creates an 'artistic rendition' of your own portrait.   Well I'm totally impressed!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

All settled in!

All settled after our walk and quick foot baths and now snoozing while I'm catching the Russian vs Sweden game in the Worlds Curling Championships.

Well I'm not getting up at 2 am to catch the gold medal game of Canada vs Russia that is for sure.  And I can't figure our how to record on their units either so thankful it's repeated in the evening or I'd be crying!!!

Sadie wouldn't stay by me so she settled on June's sweater in their bed.

Mea had no problem and settled in my lap!

It'll probably take a day or two for them to be sociable with me.  At least they come to me for their walks and treats.  Will see about supper tonight.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Celebration Night with Team Comte!!!

Barb and I were at Tavern United for John's Team Comte celebration night.  I'm amazed I can still sign or at least spell out the word I don't know.

Also CTV came and interviewed the Team - with an interpreter - but not sure when it'll be on.  And Trevor your coworker came and chatted a bit with me - that was nice as I was curious who he was.  Lovely evening and even chatted a bit with John's two sisters - Shauna I worked with for a bit when I first met John.  Awesome evening!!!

Week #11 - 2017 Year of Stitches

Again I'm behind a good week with Week #11 which took a total of 12 hours and 45 minutes, but hope to get lots done this weekend!

So my Annual Panel took 6 hours 45 minutes!  The squares consist of Evening Primrose - Oenothera laciniata vocturna,  Violet (Sweet) - Viola odorata, Hen & Chicks - Sempervivum, Cottage Pinks - Dianthus plumarius, Rose 'Rosamunde' - Rosa X, Shamrock, and Lily - Lilium.

The Rose Table Topper took me 6 hours to satin stitch and outline the lower 8 leaves in DMC #3345.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

This totally relates to my feelings of my tatting!!!!


Why I tat?

Guest Author - Sariah Joy - ed. by Georgia Seitz

Why I Tat

This poem was written by Sariah Joy, a tatter and friend with whom I have lost contact over the years. Maybe she will see her poem online and get back in touch. She shared this with tatters from the Online Tatting Class years ago.

Tatting is Simple.

Thread + Fingers = Lace, Only One Knot, No Tools Required

Tatting Isn't Easy.

Tatting requires me to discipline my hands and mind, and quiet my heart.
Although tatting is simple, it isn't necessarily easy.
Simple things aren't necessarily easy to do… loving unconditionally, for instance.
(And now that I think of it … simple things are seldom easy,
and easy things are seldom worth it.)

Tatting is Frivolous

"Frivolite", the French term for tatting, has been adopted by many languages.
I'm adopting it, too! Tatting is my frivolity!
No lie or death scenarios hang on these knots.
A tatted knot won't rescue a cliff hanger, nor secure a surgical wound.
Unlike its crocheted cousins, there are no tatted dishcloths…no tatted wool socks.
I've never tatted a necessity.

Tatting is Essentially Useless.

It's the difference between a freshly bathed baby,
cuddled in a clean nightie (a very good thing!),
and that same baby presented to his community and his God in a tatted christening gown.

Tatting is deliberately choosing to celebrate the ethereal.

Tatting surrounds wedding veils and edges bed linens.
It decorates a little girl's spring dress, and her Grandma's funeral handkerchief.
It's a lace bookmark found saving a favorite passage.

Tatting Saves Time.

Each small ring and curve of chain captures an otherwise wasted moment.
With a shuttle in my pocket, I can gather all the worry out of my wait
in the emergency room, and turn it into one more inch of lace for
my daughter's wedding gown. Then later, each cloverleaf speaks to me, saying
"See God is in His Heaven and all's right with the world."

Why Knot?

I thought about knots while sewing one day:
The "grab tight and hold" knot I use to tie the end of the thread
as I finish mending, the glob of chaotic knot caught under
the sewing machine bobbin when the tension is out of whack.
Tatting can do that, too. My otherwise orderly progression of knots can become
a tangle when my spirit is tense and out of balance.

Tatting is Self-Correcting

The requisite patience and attention to detail
(labeled 'tedium' by those who've never tried)
smoothes my ruffled feathers and calms the savage beast,
even if the beast is the two-year-old watching, and bouncing, at my knee.

Tatting is a Paradox.

Lace magically pours from thin air (and a ball of string) into my lap.
Looking fragile and delicate; it's strong and durable.
Picking up my shuttles while the pasta boils,
I think of how fast the spaghetti disappears in this home of four teens.
Then I glance at the lace forming in my lap and smile …

Life is wonderful! And I hope to last long enough to see a future grandchild
wear this bit of lace that'll soon be a bonnet.

And that's why I take this time to tie useless knots
in paradoxical ways with the hope of creating…
something simply beautiful … something tatted.

Sariah Joy

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

🍀  Top of the Mornin' to all my friends and family!!!  🍀

I just LOVE this Google banner!!!!

I couldn't decide which ONE to post so I just chose my favorites!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

World Deaf Curling Championships - Sochi, Russia - March 2017

Here is a "commentary" from various people along with pictures of awards, events etc I thought I'd put into scrapbook collages.

Team Comte:  “We won the gold! Undefeated world champions!  Thank you everyone for watching us play and supporting us!  It was quite a journey to get there!  We had a lot of fun playing against 9 other countries. It was a challenge learning how to communicate in different sign languages.  Ava was a huge help with interpreting using universal sigh language.  Thank you Ava!  Thank you Canada for standing behind us and supporting us the whole time!  We are taking one day off to relax.  Do a little touring of Sochi before we fly back to Canada early tomorrow morning.  We will arrive at Winnipeg at 11:20pm tomorrow night (Tuesday night).  Hope to see you there.”

Asham:  “Congratulations to Team Canada on earning a Gold and Bronze medal at the
2017 World Deaf Curling Championships in Sochi, Russia!”

Rose Anne Burdeny:  “Barb Bednarski here's what Sharon Lucovic and Lisa did to John's office and I brought the balloons and sweets from both of us!!!!  I did not share
with Meaghan to keep it a surprise for John!!!  Will show her tonight at the airport. And still awake and soon off to the airport to welcome John G and Team Comte back
home.  I'm still amazed I know someone else besides Thomas Osborn who's been in
International sports competitions!  And what a busy and long day this was for me! BUT not as long as Team Comte had that is for sure.  Yes they'd landed 20 minutes late,
been officially piped down, met by the official delegation and finally by wives,
girlfriends, family and friends.  They looked tired but still talkative.  John G won a
separate trophy for ALL STAR 🌟 SKIP!!!”

Team Comte:  “On behalf of our team WE want to THANK EVERYONE for showing up
last night, and the people who helped us to get to Sochi.  We couldn't do it without you
guys.  We also want to thank Asham curling for working hard to get our Team jackets
in time for our trip.  Thank you to MSDA AND MDCC for helping us.  Once again

Brenda Comte, Manitoba Deaf Sports Association:  “It was quite an emotional moment and sweet homecoming celebration last night when Team Canada arrived home as GOLD CHAMPIONS from Sochi, Russia - World Deaf Curling Championships.  Coach Lorne and Chris Hamblin, along with CDSA Director Rita Bomak and Curling Canada Vice President Resby Coutts were there in presence to show their support, welcomed and congratulated Team Canada home, along with many fans cheered on.  Definitely a
memorable evening to remember by. Thanks to Mandy MacDonald for interpreting.  Thanks to everyone (too many to name) for coming out to support Team Canada.  Let's call for a Golden Celebration Night with Team Canada on Friday March 24, 2017 at Tavern United (Polo Park) at 6:30pm.  Please share!”

Middle picture:  Ava their interpreter using universal sign language for the team.
Middle right picture:  I’m guessing howling in relief and their accomplishments!
Bottom row:  On left is Edmonton ladies Team Canada who won Bronze!  On right are both teams and personnel.

John’s office lightly decorated to welcome him back and those gathered at the airport (for 11:20 pm arrival that was 20
minutes delayed!) to show Team Canada our congratulations and how proud everyone is of them!

OK NOW TO THE RETURN AND CELEBRATIONS – especially of family members who gave their all to have these guys go to these competitions and the preparations ahead of time!  Maybe back to normal soon?

First picture on left:  Piper Helga Towerzery lead them down.  WOW!!!
Second picture:  Official delegation greeting this time around:  Coach Lorne and Chris Hamblin, Rita Bomak of Cdn Deaf Sports
Association, Resby Coutts Vice-President of Curling Canada along with Mandy MacDonald as the interpreter.
Middle picture:  Resby Coutts with Team Comte/Canada’s John Gessner, Shawn Demianyk, Ross LaVallee, Kayle Miller,
Joseph Comte, and Rita Bomak.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 WDCC - Closing

Team Comte post:
"We won the gold! Undefeated world champions! Thank you everyone for watching us play and supporting ugs! It was quite a journey to get there!"

Alberta's women's Team Canada won bronze!!!  Congratulations to them too!

Howling their triumph and relief???

2017 WDCC - Final Update

But I'm up, Deafsport is livestreaming Canada/Russia game and it looks like the start of the 2nd end but don't see their score board!!!!  Tied 0-0.


WOW our JG made a lovely first shot and just about doubled.  And ended with 1-0 in the 2nd.  YEAH!!!
End of third tied 1-1
End of 4th Canada 3-1.  Russia tried taking ours out earlier but jammed cleaning their own out and leaving us in.
End of 5th the Russian skip missed his takeout and now Canada is 5-1
End of 6th Russia 2-5.  Canada 3rd made nice double takeout on 3 Russian rocks.
Hmm not sure what happened but Russian skip took out Russian guard and tapped Canada rock a bit.
Russia cleaned out Canada's 2 rocks but John pushed up the guard on his last shot and now Canada 7-2 end of 7th.  YEAH!!!
Canada is cleaning house in the 8th.  Russia scored 1 and conceded so Canada WON GOLD 7-3!!!!   OOOOHHH I've tears of joy seeing Team Comte celebrate before live streaming ended!!!!!

Team Comte played with such precision and team effort and deserved their win.  CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!


Now back to bed!!!  (9 am ish)   I'm groggy - feel like I've been on a binge!!!  Only hot chocolate.

Both Barb and I are sad we're not working there now to decorate his office again lol!!!  BUT we're both hoping to again welcome him and Team Comte/Canada back home!!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week #10 - 2017 Year of Stitches

WOW I've managed to complete Week #10 in time for Sunday posting!  So my Annual Panel took 7 hours!  The squares consist of Love in Mist - Nigella damascena, Cat, Cyclamen - Cyclamen sp., Delphinium -Delphinium elatum, Colchicum - Colchicum autumnale, Rose of Mexico or Pink Evening Primrose - Oenothera speciosa, and Little Penquin of Phillip Island, Australia.

The Rose Table Topper took me 7 hr 10 min to complete the first fern under leaves outlined in DMC #3052 as I forgot this step last week.  Then I traced on the opposite side another fern and satin stitched the main stem and outlined in DMC #3345.

OK here are the actual Little Penquins that I saw on Phillip Island, Australia.  
And below is my rendition embroidered in the last square this week!  They're sure little cuties!!!