Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 WDCC - Final Update

But I'm up, Deafsport is livestreaming Canada/Russia game and it looks like the start of the 2nd end but don't see their score board!!!!  Tied 0-0.


WOW our JG made a lovely first shot and just about doubled.  And ended with 1-0 in the 2nd.  YEAH!!!
End of third tied 1-1
End of 4th Canada 3-1.  Russia tried taking ours out earlier but jammed cleaning their own out and leaving us in.
End of 5th the Russian skip missed his takeout and now Canada is 5-1
End of 6th Russia 2-5.  Canada 3rd made nice double takeout on 3 Russian rocks.
Hmm not sure what happened but Russian skip took out Russian guard and tapped Canada rock a bit.
Russia cleaned out Canada's 2 rocks but John pushed up the guard on his last shot and now Canada 7-2 end of 7th.  YEAH!!!
Canada is cleaning house in the 8th.  Russia scored 1 and conceded so Canada WON GOLD 7-3!!!!   OOOOHHH I've tears of joy seeing Team Comte celebrate before live streaming ended!!!!!

Team Comte played with such precision and team effort and deserved their win.  CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!


Now back to bed!!!  (9 am ish)   I'm groggy - feel like I've been on a binge!!!  Only hot chocolate.

Both Barb and I are sad we're not working there now to decorate his office again lol!!!  BUT we're both hoping to again welcome him and Team Comte/Canada back home!!!!

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