Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not MIA - Just Quiet

OK first off THANK YOU to Sylvia for the lovely Angel - her appreciation of my patience, consideration, helpfulness and caring during our trip to Ireland - a trip she would not have made herself.  You are very very WELCOME Sylvia, like I said many a time without a roommate I may have had to cancel my dream trip.  Yes we both have lovely memories and pictures to remember for a long time.

I just got back in time for our annual OMA's - AURORA picnic - small turnout but lovely!  We even presented Virginia with her Comfort Quilt.
Ricky, Audrey, Gail, Wendy
Virginia & Dianne
My CQd and tatted block

NOW as for getting back to the grind, well work is still a mystery as the Dept. is once again undergoing major reorganization with some closing of offices, shuffling around of staff to fill required vacancies and realigning branches.  The magic day is June 30th and those affected (me included) should be in our new positions with new responsibilities.  Personally I'm trying to take one day at a time and keep an open mind but with many questions and rampant chitchat some days it's really hard.  I'll survive but I can tell you this definitely is solidifying my retirement plans.

In the meantime I've tried to escape the sweltering heat in my apartment (AC still in the locker) by joining the Crescentwood quilting group at the community centre and actually went to their mini retreat day and stitched up my MPQ Bali Strip Challenge quilt strips together.  WOW what a full day of sewing in a cool place.  While matching up darks with lights of all those strips I only messed up 2 sets - not bad for me I'd say.  Then the following Wednesday evening was their weekly get together and I actually squared off blocks and marked for HST stitching using my new Quick Quilter II ruler - thank you Ann!

NOW Friday evening Harold my awesome handyman came over and once again used his ingenuity (for easier and faster future in & out) and installed my AC so now I'm comfy and actually have some energy to do some work in here!!!  Then we anchored my four plastic towers and set the gifted counter top (thank you Margo) and VOILA I'm in business.  We then tackled the Harold designed movable Cork/Peg Board and even used the cutting table to trim the cork to fit and glue together.  By this time it was midnight and I was afraid we were making too much noise and asked that we quit for today.  Harold wanted to check the locker yet and see what he still needed to do in order to add the third shelf for more storage for me.  Only needed one notch to be cut in one board and when he's got time he'll be back to finish that off!  WOW then I can get some storage stuff reorganized and more out of my apt closets to the locker and then back to the apt reorganization full speed ahead.  THANK YOU Harold!

SO today I'm actually doing laundry, reorganizing half of the sewing room and maybe take some time to cut apart the HST and press them ready for Wednesday's stitching together into the actual "Strip Twist" quilt top.  Well maybe plan out the various twists before sewing blocks together!
Entrance side of studio
Utilizing plastic towers and countertop

OK enough for today!  But hopefully more soon.  Sorry no pics or stories as yet about Ireland.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yes I arrived back Thursday evening about 9:30 pm - like two hours late leaving Chicago because of a storm on Wednesday that cancelled flights and they were in a whirlwind with standbys trying to get home Thursday and probably Friday still too.

Our trip of the AWESOME GREEN COUNTRY OF IRELAND was just fabulous - especially the country side which we both enjoyed the most - well except for those narrow roads (which they said were two lanes but I'm still wondering where the second lane was).  The International Quilt Festival of Ireland was very lovely but two days was definitely not enough to take in the various exhibits in various University buildings on campus and also take in a side trip or two.  We were kept hopping and totally exhausted when dropped back at our hotels in the evening that I did not even venture out to check the pubs - too bad but not enough time for everything.

For sure it was TOO SHORT and yes I DEFINITELY would LOVE to go back and take in the quilt show again but the rest of Ireland touring on my own (probably public trains etc from place to place) for as long as I want in one place to see all that I would like to see, even Northern Ireland!!!

There will be various posts on my travels along with a few pictures uploaded in the future when I get myself organized.  I'm also putting together a scrapbook when I get specific pictures printed, soon too I hope!  So much to do and I want to get it done before I start to forgets!  LOL!

Yes I am glad to be home as the bus touring was just too taxing on me and especially my sister who happened to miss a 3-4" step (lots in this country) and sat down hard and badly bruising herself but - she said yesterday she was finally feeling better but her elbow is a rainbow of colour patches!!!  I'm very glad she did not do any damage to her hip replacement or break anything else.

So next week back to work!!!