Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lorrie's DYOB - Joint Block

OK I've chosen and completed the Sew It Up DYOB RR joint block from Lorrie's group and went to town with some of the many ideas I was collecting from online pics, catalogues and even from friends!!!  This RR was a bit intimidating for me as I thought HOW DOES ONE STITCH sewing stuff in reduced size and onto a 6 inch block???  Well with some creative thinking and help with stitch selections I think I'm going to be OK with this RR!

So first off I worked on the joint block and had no problem with the one seam allowance.  See I read and then saw a different pattern about joined tatted butterflies and thought I could do that with my simpler pattern.  Well it was easier in my mind than actually tatting it but after about a half dozen mistakes I got the knack and produced the trim length and stitched it on with seed bead bodies.

Then I found this lovely motif in a flowing design but unless you were lying down it really would not work on the patch I had chosen.  Not defeated though, I just chopped it up and stitched it on right side up anyways - like "redwork" but with a cream floss.  This patch I then wanted "pins n needles" for a seam treatment - now how was the question!!!  But while watching TV and cuddling/petting the two little dogs I'm sitting the idea came to me and boy was I glad they decided to go curl up on the couch not long afterwards!!!

See I thought of the herringbone stitch but adding Colonial knots strategically to resemble a stick pin border!  It worked too - was I ever glad - gonna have to use that one again I think.

Now was the real delimma - that tiny corner patch!!!  This time I sent out a pic and email to my RR group and asked for ideas - many good ones came back too!  One I truly loved from our very own Kerry L and also after checking out her BAS stitch recently the idea came to mind and off to the races I was - stitching like mad.  Even a bit annoyed I had to stop to take the girls for their nightly walk halfway through - but I was back at it right away much to the chagrin of the girls as they thought it was now bedtime and here I stitched till 10:30 (Lilla periodically let out a few growls that she was not happy).  He He! 

So there filling that 3-patch triangle is a needle and thread with a needle threader.  I thought that was so ingenious of Kerry to mention this motif but she meant to stitch on an actual threader and here I incorporated her Fishbone Stitch into a stitched threader!  Thank you my dear!!!

Lorrie's DYOB - Joint Block

Rose Anne's input on Joint Block

Stick pin border & Raised Fishbone Stitch BAS #73

Now I'm back to playing on the whole block (partial ideas stitched - need to be appliqued on) and pray I can finish it this weekend so I can stay focused and send it on before mail out date mid-month.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saga Continues

Yep I'm still house/pet sitting but just started the second home which does not come with maid service but still just as likeable and easy to care for as the other home.  I dropped over to Lexi's house to pick up the odds n ends I left behind and to drop off their keys and the owners were very happy with the house and their pets.  Well Lexi just tried to crawl all over me she was excited to see me - Simba well needless to say not interested at that time.  I'll miss them but also glad those walking marathons are over as Lexi knows only "fast" speed and for 20-30 minutes that was a might too much for my aching knees.  LOL!

Well I'm in a more relax environment now as both Lilla and Molly have to inspect each tree to the ninth degree before you dare move them on for their walk around the long block - yeppers that's all you get to go but that in itself takes just about 20 minutes or longer depending on their moods.  LOL!  Mucho easier on my knees and only once a day, otherwise breaks into the back yard.

I've naturally got my stitching with me so will keep you posted as I have something to show.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Debbie's DYOB 3 Block is Here

Yes I've just received today my swap block from Debbie H and it is another soft tone-on-tone crazy quilted block and embellishing.  Something I don't seem to achieve - most of mine are bold and colourful!!!  I'm going to have to sneak a page from these girls colour schemes and give a try one of these days!  All I can say is next to my own block for each DYOB it's going to be neato seeing them the softer tones and different embellishing styles. What a lovely learning experience.
Rose Anne's swapped block - sent to Margreet

Debbie H's swapped block - sent to MOI!

Lovely presentation!

Top Left

Top Right

Bottom Right

Bottom Left

Do you see the three embroidered insects?  No, well check out the heart clockwise:  12:00 noon;  2:00 pm and then 7:00 pm!  Aren't they just sweet!!!  I especially love the beetle at the bottom!  Thank you very very much Debbie for the lovely block.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farewell Lorne

December 9, 1951 - August 21, 2011

With Maggie at his side, as always, and a handful of his closest friends and family nearby, Lorne passed away peacefully on a sunny Sunday afternoon at St. Boniface.

extracted from the Winnipeg Free Press, August 23, 2011


Yes it’s with such a heavy heart that I have to say "Goodbye" to Lorne, one of our most caring/understanding colleague/friend!  He’s hopefully leading the choir of angels with his accompanying music!!!  I feel so devastated for Maggie – they were always together!!! 
These words are from a card that my niece gave me and I truly think they sum up what I feel!

Monday, August 22, 2011

DYOB #3 for Margreet

YEAH it is FINISHED!!! And will be mailed off Monday to Margreet! OK I've got the LADDERFLANELSTEEK, Basque, Tulip, and finally the Cast On Stitches along with some of my favourite ones: Feather, Daisy, Chain with Stem, and finally the Cretan Stitches, some with beads too.

The Whole Block
Naturally I've included my simple Allison's Edging top right, some of my purchased laces and Bullion knots for a rose (bottom left) and paisley shape above the rose filled in with beads. And finished off with a brass butterfly over the pansies along with my crocheted heart attached with pearl beads.  Below the top left shows off in the upper left corner Basque stitch, below the tatting is the LADDERFLANELSTEEK (twisted cretan), right of the crocheted heart is the Tulip stitch and the pansies were done with the Cast On stitch.  Those were the four stitches called in this DYOB this round.

Top Left
Top Right

Bottom Right

Bottom Left


OK this is all the pics!  Now hope there's a bit of a break before the next DYOB starts as I've no time to stitch up my blocks and as yet have to finish off my own heart block some day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Good News!

OK August started off with my girlfriend "gifting" me a vintage electric sewing machine, to her selling me her widescreen HP laptop with wireless router and SlingBox (still not sure about this baby) for a good deal. So now when my sewing room is all sorted out and I'm in there for any length of time I can just swing the chair over and check my emails!!!  YEAH!!!  But better yet I'm using it with cable at the house sitting instead of up and down the basement stairs to the computer desk!!!  This way the pets are on the main floor too and I get to listen to the music too!

Then last week I had a "delimma" to sort through and today I've made my decision.  Sylvia and Len are shopping for a new vehicle and from past experience they are not bothering to trade in their vehicle.  So I was asked if I wanted it as it still is in good shape and well looked after.  I checked what insurance etc might cost compared to my old bomb (which needs some much needed repairs soon and tires) and decided I'll buy their Montana van (smaller sized) off them and with some more determined spending controls it should not be a problem.  Plus I'll have a vehicle that works properly and as Florence says "YEAH finally a car that all the doors and wipers work"; plus cruise and AC and power locks n windows!!!   So as soon as they purchase something then I'll be doing the switcherooie!!!

Then while chatting with Sylvia about the van she also gave me some more good news!!!  WOW no wonder my insides have been jittery!!!  Well she'd been for a checkup on her broken leg and was told it is finally healing and that she can now walk with that boot cast instead of hobbling with the walker or using the wheel chair.  YEAH!!!  So our fall quilting retreat will be a lot easier I hope for her to attend - OH YEAH she is definitely looking forward to it and has even been doing some quilting at home.  Finally she's feeling better and definitely looking more healthy too!!!  Now just to get Len on the road to better health and mobility!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovely Day with Friends

Today started off as usual - another long brisk walk with Lexi and the because it was Saturday an hour's nap on the couch with Lexi on her pillow - pooped out as much as I was or maybe I was more!!!  Then I did a quick run to the SuperStore and then home to get ready for my two friends over for stitchin n gabbin!!!

Florence and Dianne arrived around 2:00ish along with all their scrapbooking and quilting stuff and I had crackers n cheese n Brushetta mix along with Dianne's contribution of Costco's Artichoke n Spinach Hummus  YUMMY!!!  What I'll do with this huge dish I don't know but Bruce did not want to see it come home!!!  LOL!  Florence arrived with some of her cooking paraphenalia as she grilled steaks with mushrooms and onions and I tossed together potatoes onions carrots n zuchinni into a casserole and into the oven.  We had wine and then finished off with a fruit salad and Florence's chocolate cupcakes - YUMMY!!!  Our evening together ended with watching It's Complicated in the front room before Bruce arrived to take the girls home!

So there I was 9:30ish putting away the leftovers, filling the dishwasher and washing up the plastic and pots n pans with the help of another glass of wine (had to finish off the last bit in the bottle!) and now to check my emails before bed.  Yep gotta get my rest as they are back again tomorrow for more stitchin n gabbin!!!  At least Lexi was having a ball checking out what each of us were doing and Simba had a sympathetic lap to curl up on for a nap while Dianne iced her newly replaced knee!  I'm not sure that Lexi wanted to leave for her evening walk but then just shook her head and out the door she went without coaxing!!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Lexi & Simba?

Yep that's the name of the two critters at my new house sitting stint for this month.  Lexi is a sweet Australian cattle herding dog that just does not know what to do with herself as she's used to having FOUR family members to herd in and out of the house and now it's only me!!!  Ohhh and she knows one speed for walks and even Florence commented the other night when she joined us - being pulled along briskly.  LOL! Then there's Simba the cat who thinks he owns this house and can do whatever including batting my stitching and tatting off the tables!!!  I took a couple of pictures but not good ones so will try and catch better ones soon.

Well it's been a week and we're all eating just fine and Lexi is getting in two good walks morning and evening - that is except today!!!  We got out there and made it two blocks when it started to rain but not heavy so I continued but she did not like it.  Oh well too bad!  Hmmm like a good six blocks from home it started to POUR and she definitely was not happy with me and would not do her business either so there we were rushing for home - par for the course.  Guess there's another walk before bed - hope it's not raining then - as she does not really use the back yard unless in desperation. 

All I can say is I's getting my exercise with the dog walks and then the up and down the stairs looking after the cat's business too and the bedrooms on the second floor.  Yep my knee does not care for this but I's hoping to lose those 10 pounds that came back on with reduced exercise because of the aching knee!   AND this place comes with maid service every two weeks so I just have to keep it tidy and things off the floor and she looks after the cleaning!!!  WOW eh!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

A New Toy!!!

Well not so new as it's bought from a friend but golly be it's new to me!!!  And here I said I didn't want a laptop and now I have my own!!!  Now it's just to get used to it!!!  And once back in my apt it'll be wireless too so I'll be able to have it in the sewing room with me or just relax with it in my easy chair.

I can tell you right now while house sitting having my own laptop saves me the up and down to the basement computer area wear and tear on my knees and hips.  See walking the dog twice a day is exercise enough and then looking after the cat's stuff in the basement and the the bedrooms on the second floor needless to say I's getting my exercise along with walking to and from the bus stop too!!!

Guess it'll come in handy too while at retreats???  Will have to experiment with that one!