Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovely Day with Friends

Today started off as usual - another long brisk walk with Lexi and the because it was Saturday an hour's nap on the couch with Lexi on her pillow - pooped out as much as I was or maybe I was more!!!  Then I did a quick run to the SuperStore and then home to get ready for my two friends over for stitchin n gabbin!!!

Florence and Dianne arrived around 2:00ish along with all their scrapbooking and quilting stuff and I had crackers n cheese n Brushetta mix along with Dianne's contribution of Costco's Artichoke n Spinach Hummus  YUMMY!!!  What I'll do with this huge dish I don't know but Bruce did not want to see it come home!!!  LOL!  Florence arrived with some of her cooking paraphenalia as she grilled steaks with mushrooms and onions and I tossed together potatoes onions carrots n zuchinni into a casserole and into the oven.  We had wine and then finished off with a fruit salad and Florence's chocolate cupcakes - YUMMY!!!  Our evening together ended with watching It's Complicated in the front room before Bruce arrived to take the girls home!

So there I was 9:30ish putting away the leftovers, filling the dishwasher and washing up the plastic and pots n pans with the help of another glass of wine (had to finish off the last bit in the bottle!) and now to check my emails before bed.  Yep gotta get my rest as they are back again tomorrow for more stitchin n gabbin!!!  At least Lexi was having a ball checking out what each of us were doing and Simba had a sympathetic lap to curl up on for a nap while Dianne iced her newly replaced knee!  I'm not sure that Lexi wanted to leave for her evening walk but then just shook her head and out the door she went without coaxing!!!

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