Monday, August 08, 2011

Lexi & Simba?

Yep that's the name of the two critters at my new house sitting stint for this month.  Lexi is a sweet Australian cattle herding dog that just does not know what to do with herself as she's used to having FOUR family members to herd in and out of the house and now it's only me!!!  Ohhh and she knows one speed for walks and even Florence commented the other night when she joined us - being pulled along briskly.  LOL! Then there's Simba the cat who thinks he owns this house and can do whatever including batting my stitching and tatting off the tables!!!  I took a couple of pictures but not good ones so will try and catch better ones soon.

Well it's been a week and we're all eating just fine and Lexi is getting in two good walks morning and evening - that is except today!!!  We got out there and made it two blocks when it started to rain but not heavy so I continued but she did not like it.  Oh well too bad!  Hmmm like a good six blocks from home it started to POUR and she definitely was not happy with me and would not do her business either so there we were rushing for home - par for the course.  Guess there's another walk before bed - hope it's not raining then - as she does not really use the back yard unless in desperation. 

All I can say is I's getting my exercise with the dog walks and then the up and down the stairs looking after the cat's business too and the bedrooms on the second floor.  Yep my knee does not care for this but I's hoping to lose those 10 pounds that came back on with reduced exercise because of the aching knee!   AND this place comes with maid service every two weeks so I just have to keep it tidy and things off the floor and she looks after the cleaning!!!  WOW eh!!!


Judy said...

Yup, dogs are a great exercise device!!!

Linda Mullen said...

Sounds like a good deal. :)