Saturday, July 29, 2017

Feeling Annoyed!

But guess also my fault to take a nap when the kids did this afternoon.  As kids the pup woke up before me and chewed my well fitted sports flip flops and I woke to this God awful squeaking noise.  Also well past their supper time too!  Guess he told me that is not allowed!  Now to try find them again at that sports discount store on St Mary's or Ste Anne's where I got these from.  Yep Pat the ones we bought together!

Friday, July 28, 2017

First morning with the dogs!

Well it was a 5:30am nature call and then all three went back to bed till about 6:45 when they all started barking at those who dared walked their dogs by etc.  Didn't they know it's the crew's property and no one else to trespass?  Yeah that was it for my sleep in and time to feed the crew.  Once fed outside again briefly then they napped.  Well so did I till 10ish on the recliner.  LOL!!!

Then off I went to meet with Nestor who retired from work years before me but always meet up whenever I'm in the Regent Lag area.  This time I called and we had lunch at Fionn MacCools and I had the awesome Flying Pig chicken burger again - awesome it sure is!  But I removed the bun and all but a couple crosshatch chips and ordered a garden salad with beets and citrus vinegarette instead of fries.  YUMMY!!!  See Dianne Urquhart I behaved but still enjoyed that loaded burger!  Oh and that was Nestor's first time there and he too enjoyed his loaded bacon beef burger and fries.  It was a nice trip down memory lane plus he too walks like 15 plus Kms daily and I said I might join him an odd time or two to supplement whenever I've no walking plans.  Be nice to have a tour guide for this Concordia Regent area.

When I got back out they went and I quickly vacuumed as there's hair all over.  When I first pulled out the machine the pups were jumping at the door to be let in.  When I started it up they turned tail for the back of the yard.  Funny!!!!  Guess they to don't like that noisy machine that might attack them?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ballet in the Park

Had an awesome evening with Angela at Ballet in the Park tonight!  There was only one act we did not care for and that was the cave man one!  I especially loved the Greece and Celtic pieces.

Angela and Bruce have invited me to join thdm for two movie nights and guess what - I'm free those nights so booked them in!  Angela said she's bringing the snacks!  😘

Greece dancers

Caveman dancers

Celtic dancers


Beet Buns Done!

OH OH I guess I did put a bit too large pieces inside.  Wonder if they'll stay this size baking?

OHHHHHH yummy looking!  Now to wait for supper and just a few not my old usual piggy amount!!!

Garden Raspberries!

And now it's time for breakfast.  Hmmm maybe a little cereal with the just bought banana AND Michelle's own garden raspberries.  I couldn't help but treat myself!  It's gonna be an awesome day!!!!!!  😉

Beet Buns Once Again!

I'm thankful that Michelle picked beet leaves from her daughter's garden for me!  So I picked them up last night along with frozen bread dough and this morning I rolled them up.  That bit of dough was all that was left over from two frozen loaves and a large zip lock bag of leaves - maybe a tad too much in each - oh well the others I made were too small.  Right now they are resting in a mini roaster prior to baking.  You know what I'm having for supper?  Beet buns, garlic sausage and salad before going to ballet in the park tonight!  😋

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fort Whyte Alive Trails Walk

OMGG it was very warm this morning on our 8.2 km walk to Fort Whyte Alive from IKEA in 1 hr 34 min!  Thank goodness for the cooling breeze.  We even saw the official summer games mountain bike venue!  Afterwards Edna had chosen the Wok Box for lunch so Michelle and Linda from Pathfinders joined us - lovely!  Would love to do this again in the fall but from Fort Whyte and other trails there too.

IKEA's so far away!  That hill on the right is the mountain bike summer games venue.

 Hmmmm Loons or Mergansas?

Awesome trails!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Keystone Retreat - Packup Day

Well Day 3 and pack up day too.  I did get to gift one and sell one thread catcher this weekend and possibly might have a consignment chance.  Will see.  I hate retreat endings - I want a forever one????

Front to back and left to right are:  Kat, Linda, Dianne, Rose Anne and Tami.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Keystones Quilts Retreat - Day 2

OK gambling and sewing and a bit of walking fun today!  And Florence and Wayne stopped in for supper and visited a bit too.  But for supper we had saulted zucchini, eggplant and red peppers and I HATED IT!  I ate all except the eggplant - Linda wanted a picture of my expression on how I liked the eggplant.  She got it alright - flying eggplant at her head!!!!  🤣  Pickles and salmon were awesomest!

Working on my retreat bag up to the zipper step where I'm at a stand still as I've a 2" too short of a zipper!  BOO HOO HOO!  Thank you Linda for the picture.

And this I have to make some day.  Useful and elegant too.

Plus I need to find these lockable cases someone bought from the Bargain Centre  (at The Pas - hopefully they are in our stores too) for my sewing threads and notions!

Quilter's Retreat - Day 1

Keystone Quilt's Retreat - South Beach Casino - day 1 done for!  And my thread catchers project is on hold as the pattern pieces for the bases is too small for the tube - so hopefully Saturday I'll get back to them.  Thank you Tami for the Pringles can!
But I did sew up the scrappy charms large Christmas runner - it'll have a black binding around.  This would make a nice cover for a counter buffet or display.  Also from all the leftover Disney fabric from the table topper I finished off in May, I pieced together seven coasters to finish off this gift.

OK time out now!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Retreats Disappointments

First off our Keystone Quilts retreat is cut short by one night at South Beach Casino - probably some big Whig wanted a block of rooms so we got cut!  I'm still going as it's been paid in full months ago (partial refund coming) and I'd passed up on pet sitting for this weekend and too late to change with 3 days notice.

Then I get an email that due to renovations at South Beach Casino OMA's October 2017 quilt retreat is totally cancelled.  She is offering us first dibs on the May 2018 retreat and that too is disappointing but can't be helped.

OK things happen in threes - what's next????  Please nothing earth shattering!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Refreshed Look n Bargains!

Here's a couple of pics I took today after my visit to the salon for a cut!  While shopping for gifts at Ten Thousand Villages they let me take some pictures with their decor!  The other picture in my hallway is of one of my purchases from there.  Notice it has a teardrop stone in back.  They have a jewellery sale on today - buy one and get one 50% off including sale items.  I couldn't resist 4 as gifts and two for myself!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

King's Park Walk

What a lovely day for another Prairie Pathfinders walk with Michelle and Edna on the south end of the city.  And too boot I recognized my Camera Club friend's laugh and there she was in front of me but in a NEW sleek body!!!!  You look great Caroline!  Hope to see you on other walks.

Afterwards Edna had to go strawberry picking but Michelle and I had a delicious lunch at Mama's Noodle House - both with leftovers for home.  Delicious!

Assiniboine Park Entertainment

Here Sunday night with Janice and two of her friends enjoying some soul music by Winipegger Cecille Brown.  😎  Afterwards lovely skyline in the sunset.