Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nickle Block Swap Complete!

OK I'm so happy that this is finally finished.  At first I was way behind, too many dropped out, hostess changed, my blocks still not finished so I had to express post them to the USA - BUT they did make it in the nick of time for swapping.  Thank you ladies for swapping - some blocks are just lovely and I did receive two of my own back as there were not the nine participants originally planned for.

Blocks received back

Now to decide what and how I'll stitch these into an awesome wall hanging.  I at first thought maybe a fabric book but I don't think so.  There is a wall space just above my printer and that way whomever walks into my place will see it - I think that is where it'll go all the blocks together.

FNSI - update

Oh boy I've not blogged since Feb. 17th about the Friday Night Stitch In that I had signed up for - weekly update on the Friday night catch up on sewing projects. Well considering I was sick with a headcold flu for some ten days I guess that's not so bad. But I do have lots to report one that happened over the past month.

First off the last of February/beginning of March I finished off my china saucer pincushions (well the ones that had the holes) and these will be in the Quilt Refections 2012 Quilt Boutique along with other items (folded heart needlecases, couple of wall hangings, a baby quilt and maybe some fabric postcards). Anyways I do have more china saucers I would like to make into pincushions but they can wait to the June Lace Days and I'll top them with some of my tatting.

Top view

Angled view

Then while I was sick I did spend some time with mindless nine patch block stitching. These blocks are made up mostly from my stach of 6.5 inch charm swaps in black & white, white & black and the centre blocks of red & whites. I'm trying out the disappearing nine patch technique and so far I like it. Now these layouts are not final, I just wanted some pictures to post and with my sister and niece's help this next week I'll then have them numbered ready to stitch up into a top sometime in the future. Then I'm thinking of a narrow red inner border and the the repeat of scrappy left over blocks to go around for an outer border.

basic nine patch blocks

disappearing nine patch block
disappearing nine patch layout

Then I got busy this past week and seriously tried to work on the backlog of stitching projects I need caught up. The first to get stitched was the nine crazy patched 8 inch blocks that I need to start one seam treatment on each block and get ready for the May 1st mailout to the round robin ladies for embellishing. I hope I can make the deadline as I still have much to do for the April 15th quilt show!!!

left pointing, birdhouse, right pointing

rectangle, fan, square

triangle, diamond, hexagon

Won't these make up into a lovely reference fabric table topper book - full of CQing seam treatments?  Yep you guessed it they are various shapes!  I think so and just can't wait to see the results from all the participating ladies!

OK now back to the drafting table and start constructing and embellishing my Quilt Reflections Challenge wall hanging for auction to benefit the Winnipeg Humane Society. Then to finish off my bed quilt label and binding and also my Faces, Faces, Faces wall hanging that I also want to have hang at this Quilt Show.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Tatting

OK I've knotted up more of my favourite Allison's Edging for crazy patch blocks but then I decided to try something else.  I came across a pattern of basic tatted leaves and thought I'd give this a try as the pattern I have looks too much like holly leaves.  So I did, WELL my first is DUH, but my second is not so bad and I think if I keep practicing I may just have some leaves to add to CQing!
La Feuille Frivole
by J. Paulson - InTatters

Sew It Up DYOB - Peggy's

OH yes I did pick up my blocks back from this swap on Friday but as yet have not taken pictures to blog - BUT I can tell you I am very very very pleased with the creativity these ladies embellished with.  Thank you.

Now I finally finished my last RR block along with the group block for Peggy and today they will be winging their way home for her to assemble at her leisure.

So first off I tatted an edging and added to the yarn covered button in the centre patch of the group block.  I thought it needed some browns to bring out the button spools - hope I'm right!

Then I tackled the remaining block which was a challenge as it had THREE patches of pink and that causes me grief.  Now I'm slowly getting over this mental block happening but it's still there.  LOL!

So I started with the easy part - covering the thread on the spools with floss (yes I used a hoop but still have tension problems - SORRY!) then moved onto the half wheel seam treatment, and the needle threader (using the raised fishbone stitch), left over thread from the Colonial knots on the needle and a few scattered pins as fillers.  Then I added those roses trim and moved onto the yellow patch for green embroidered vines with SRE leaves and my funky beaded flowers.  Now to tackle more pink!!!  I needed to cover them up and found this purple ric rac, threaded it through this lovely silver buckle and cretan stitched in place with beads.  Yep that worked!

Then I was looking through my sewing notions fabrics and came across this white one with an appropriate saying and proceeded to stitch on a circle holding straight pins.  Some are in some are on their way to be used and some are scattered around.  NOW I'm happy with the pink showing!  LOL!

I saved my favourite patch for the last and embellished the printed pincushion and added a pair of scissors to finish it off.  The two seams just got some basic slanted buttonhole and herringbone embroidery with Japanese Buttonhole Twist. 

I sure hope you like your blocks and I can't wait to see the whole groups' sewing machine covers completed!!!  But I personally won't be able to work on mine until summer probably.  Just too much on my plate getting ready for the guild's quilt show mid-April.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

What A Day!!!

And it's just started!  Well after being down with a head cold since Friday, I was finally feeling better today so got ready and off to work I went.  Needless to say maybe I should have stayed home another day and my feet sure were rubbery by the time I walked from the bus to the office etc and after about two hours of quietly catch up on my work.  Well I was not doing too badly until one co-worker yelled at me "why are you here - go home!" - not nice when I was already feeling blah - but I know they meant well and wanted me to get better.  So when my Manager did the same I closed up my computer and went home.

I rested a bit and thought I'd blog about my good news and maybe pick me up too!

This is the article that Val H of the Manitoba Prairie Quilters prepared with my input and sent into "The Canadian Quilter" for the spring 2012 edition.  I was tickled pink that is spans 1.5 pages plus a couple of the postcards on the index page.  So thank you Val for asking - they did a lovely job!!!  And I've had a few compliments from friends who have their own subscription, also coworkers who have read it!  Sorry for the small pictures, will replace these with larger images once I'm at home again.

And like I mentioned earlier, one of these days I will frame the cover and article along with some embellishments and attach some hooks underneath so I can change the postcard periodically.  A definite keepsake for me!

Monday, March 05, 2012

A Quilt Challenge to SEE!!!

If you have some time and want to check out a really interesting "challenge" to quilters click on this link to view the "Ever Changing River Quilt Exhibit" in "Faith Fabric and Photos" blog that a friend of mine sent me the link.  AWESOME and in the end I wished it still continued!  WOW!  Congratulations ladies on a job well done that is for sure!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lots Happening!

OK I've just finished off my loan for my bad debts and then I topped it off with purchasing TWO RSPs (first for me) and then added to it by locking in some of the extra funds into bi-weekly deposits to my TFSA.  Now that's not saying I'm rolling in it, far from it, but finally I think I can manage comfortably.  Along with the occassional house/pet sitting sessions life will be good!

Now I think I mentioned that my postcards will be featured in CQA "The Canadian Quilter", Spring 2012 edition, and now I have the living proof on page 26 and top of 27.  YAHOOIE!!!  I'm impressed and very pleased with the layout.  There are two postcards that really inspired me to try harder in this endeavour and I'm sorry they did not publish the artists' names, but you'll know who you are when you see it!  One day I'll scan it and blog the articles.  BUT a coworker mentioned that I should obtain a shadow box type frame and do a collage of the magazine cover, article and some embellishments along with a postcard or two.  And you know what - I'll just do such and even with my first one too!  It was a submission of my "Scarecrow" miniature quilt that I made from the "Miniature Quilt" magazine and submitted in the "members' section".  That's a great idea.

Well even with all these good happenings, I succumbed to a horrible head cold on Friday and left work early to hopefully get some rest.  Well in this heavy snowfall it took me two hours to finally get to the house where I'm cat sitting and needless to say my symptoms were in full mode by then and totally dragged out.  By evening I was not fit for the public and Saturday morning cancelled all my plans and stayed on the couch in my fleece blanket.

I decided Sunday, feeling a little bit better, I had to get to my apt for my cold meds or this baby would get worse or drag on too long.  It was great relief to pop a Buckley's cold tablet and be allowed to at least think in between sneezes!!!  Hopefully tonight I'll have a better sleep too with the night tablet!

So Michelle picked me up at the apt and we went to the check out an embroiderer's stash sale where I bought what I thought was the makings for a Victorian crazy patch stocking in creams and it turned out to be like class supplies for students - not just one stocking - WOW WOW WOW!  I picked up a few skiens of floss and some size 80 tatting thread for future endeavours.  Then we went to the Lace meeting and afterwards home for me as I was worn out.  Michelle had a little package for me and inside were some awesome vitage like buttons for my china pincusions - needless to say I'm saving some for my crazy patch blocks.

I'm not keen on soups and one day of chicken noodle was enough - I heated up some perogies and had them with sour cream and salsa - comfort food and now will retire to the couch and blanket to watch more curling.