Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lots Happening!

OK I've just finished off my loan for my bad debts and then I topped it off with purchasing TWO RSPs (first for me) and then added to it by locking in some of the extra funds into bi-weekly deposits to my TFSA.  Now that's not saying I'm rolling in it, far from it, but finally I think I can manage comfortably.  Along with the occassional house/pet sitting sessions life will be good!

Now I think I mentioned that my postcards will be featured in CQA "The Canadian Quilter", Spring 2012 edition, and now I have the living proof on page 26 and top of 27.  YAHOOIE!!!  I'm impressed and very pleased with the layout.  There are two postcards that really inspired me to try harder in this endeavour and I'm sorry they did not publish the artists' names, but you'll know who you are when you see it!  One day I'll scan it and blog the articles.  BUT a coworker mentioned that I should obtain a shadow box type frame and do a collage of the magazine cover, article and some embellishments along with a postcard or two.  And you know what - I'll just do such and even with my first one too!  It was a submission of my "Scarecrow" miniature quilt that I made from the "Miniature Quilt" magazine and submitted in the "members' section".  That's a great idea.

Well even with all these good happenings, I succumbed to a horrible head cold on Friday and left work early to hopefully get some rest.  Well in this heavy snowfall it took me two hours to finally get to the house where I'm cat sitting and needless to say my symptoms were in full mode by then and totally dragged out.  By evening I was not fit for the public and Saturday morning cancelled all my plans and stayed on the couch in my fleece blanket.

I decided Sunday, feeling a little bit better, I had to get to my apt for my cold meds or this baby would get worse or drag on too long.  It was great relief to pop a Buckley's cold tablet and be allowed to at least think in between sneezes!!!  Hopefully tonight I'll have a better sleep too with the night tablet!

So Michelle picked me up at the apt and we went to the check out an embroiderer's stash sale where I bought what I thought was the makings for a Victorian crazy patch stocking in creams and it turned out to be like class supplies for students - not just one stocking - WOW WOW WOW!  I picked up a few skiens of floss and some size 80 tatting thread for future endeavours.  Then we went to the Lace meeting and afterwards home for me as I was worn out.  Michelle had a little package for me and inside were some awesome vitage like buttons for my china pincusions - needless to say I'm saving some for my crazy patch blocks.

I'm not keen on soups and one day of chicken noodle was enough - I heated up some perogies and had them with sour cream and salsa - comfort food and now will retire to the couch and blanket to watch more curling.

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