Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Tatting

OK I've knotted up more of my favourite Allison's Edging for crazy patch blocks but then I decided to try something else.  I came across a pattern of basic tatted leaves and thought I'd give this a try as the pattern I have looks too much like holly leaves.  So I did, WELL my first is DUH, but my second is not so bad and I think if I keep practicing I may just have some leaves to add to CQing!
La Feuille Frivole
by J. Paulson - InTatters


Life can be simple said...

you guys make it look so easy,thank u for the words of encouragement,I will not give up

Rose Anne B said...

HEY don't give up Lisa, I can truthfully tell you it was NOT EASY - I had major crying sessions and times that I was going to give away all my tatting stuff. Glad I didn't as now I can't get enough shuttles for the varous threads and projects I work on - lots of small stuff. I've finally graduated from size 10 crochet cotton down to trying size 50 tatting cotton. Now that's hard!!! Just hang in there and one day you'll get it and be off to the races like I am now!

Rose Anne B said...

Copied in:

Love the leaves on your blog...tried to leave a message but it wouldn't go

Joy in OZ