Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Surprise!!!

Yep, I received a surprise gift in my Christmas card today from Kerry K and talk about a sweetie!!! See she claims I've got her started in Hardanger hand embroidery after seeing the couple of items that I've finished! HMMM??? Not sure about that but she definitely feels like I do that this is just awesome and also that you need QUIET to keep the mistakes at bay! LOL!!!

Well I just LOVE my special bookmark and yes it is in GREEN too!!! Thank you so very very much Kerry! And also I hope you continue to enjoy this handwork and maybe some day have a collection of Christmas ornaments to share with your family - talk about heirlooms to pass down to the family!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CQd Block

Well finally, I've stitched up my "first" naked crazy patched block for the small RR group I'm in - yep ready to send it on it's merry way to be embellished as soon as I get my booklet ready and find my rotation list. Actually it's not a block but a heart shape as I'm wanting to "frame" it with some type of matting for a special wall hanging. That's what I'm thinking but then who knows what will happen when it eventually gets home - hey I might have a totally different idea pop into my head!!! LOL!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I was Spoiled!!!

Yep, here I've been saying for years that I've not been getting the Christmas leftover care packages like I used to when Mom made the food. Sometimes I do get the odd items to take back but most times not. Oh well that's life, I don't make and take anything so why should I get any in return eh!!!

Anyways, this year Sylvia mentioned that she was making sauerkraut perogies for her family gathering and Christmas meals and I begged for at least a dozen if there were any leftover. WELL a few days later and email came and she said they were packaged and labeled and in the freezer for me!!! YAHOOIE!!!

I went over to Pat's to pick her up for some quick shopping and she had a gift from Sylvia for me. It's a lovely handmade beaded necklace which I put on right away - and there's a story behind this baby!!! See in Sept/Oct when I finally decided to tackle my finances I had a retreat that last weekend and no money for it. Somehow I managed the retreat cost but no spending money and I was very very very good that weekend but there was a Christmas craft sale going on in the community and we checked it out. There I saw this necklace but no money so I set it back down and just kept walking around chatting with my friends until the group I was with was ready to walk back to the retreat. Well guess my sister saw this so when I walked away she bought it and put it away for Christmas - what a sweetie!!! Thank you my dear. I was going to ask to borrow the money but I already owed enough so put on the brakes and felt good but yet shitty too.

So then Pat and I zipped out for quick in and out to St. Vital for a couple of things and coffee at Tim's and then back to her place. I picked up my care package and talk about spoiled, Sylvia packaged for me some cabbage rolls which I'm not really keen on so I left them for Pat as she likes them (thanks for the thought though Sylvia!!!); and some YUMMY cheese rolls and my hoped for sauerkraut perogies!!! My New Year's meal that is for sure!!! And I bought my Delicio's pizza's 2/$10 so now I'm set for sure with my boss's gifted ceasars too!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I "escaped"!!!

chuckling at this title See co-workers and family asked me how long I was visiting - I replied that I was hoping to come back Saturday instead of Sunday, unless Dad had plans for me!!!

So I had just arrived at Dad's and he quickly asked me when I was leaving??? Now I wasn't sure how to take that at all and Florence even chuckled and we teased him "what he's already wanting me to go - I just got there". So Nah that wasn't it at all, more like planning if I was going to be around to do his laundry on Saturday - I said I would. And that was okay then we visited.

Christmas Eve was okay with three sisters and spouces preparing naturally all the food which was awesome and I enjoyed some leftovers with Dad for the following days too. And naturally I got the gears for not bringing anything - but why bother as everything I do is never good enough - so I don't bother anymore.

Visiting with Florence and Wayne was also good and even had a lovely after Christmas dinner with their family yesterday as Dad said he'd look after himself. Their grandson also arrived for a visit so that made their day, I know. Nope I've no pics except for the two cats, Blackjack who was snoopy and had to check out my fabric testing on some samples Florence gave me (soaking away the paper and it worked) and naturally Toffey couldn't care less and continued to snooze!!!

Needless to say both cats high tailed it when the grandson arrived, but later emerged to check things out - curiosity got the cat!

Well I got up early today and was prepared to head over to Dad's to do his laundry but someone took over the washer/dryer so he said I could just head back in earlier if I wanted to. Which was exactly what I was hoping for as I just want to veg out nice and quiet like before going back to work Monday. So now guess I'll enjoy my frozen pizza, ceasar and book for a bit, then check out my scads of emails!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and now prepare to ring in the New Year safely and soundly!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CQI - Christmas Cracker Unveiling

Yes I know it's not Christmas but I've been sitting patiently since Nov. 22nd and have decided I'm opening this baby before joining my family for Christmas this weekend.

So without further ado a heartening Thank You to Hideko for this package all the way from JAPAN!!! It arrived in one of those plastic express type envelopes and I was kinda anxious about it's condition but even the awesome Oriental green box it was stored in was unmarked - WOW!!!

Okay, here is the cracker with the added lace on the ends to cover the raw edges (now why did I not think of that???) and the various ribbons to hold the insides in along with the lovely bauble charm and card. Now I'm wondering what is inside that I might use to embellish this lovely block?

Well inside there was a note wrapped around some kimono fabrics for another block and inside the tube were some neutral laces, three cards of varigated silk ribbon, various silk threads, a baggie with various buttons and beads along with a pair of Japanese scissors. Now these look lots more precise than the Dollar Store ones I've been using!!!

NOW WOW!!! I'm going to have to keep these items together in the lovely Oriental box and one of these days I'll tackle the challenge of embellishing this lovely block made for me.

Thank you so very much Hideko!
(hope I got the translation correctly?)

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Christmas Message

Here's something that I feel strongly about and want to share with you!

Friends that light our pathways,
the memories warm and dear ...
... are treasures our hearts cherish,
every season of the Year.

Merry Christmas and
all the best in 2009!

Hugs, Rose Anne

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doggie Jacket n Boots

Okay, I'm getting emails about these and thought I'd put the particulars here so everyone is privy to them.

The jacket is a "redrafted to fit" from Quilting Arts Gifts, Holiday 2008/2009 edition, page 102 but I didn't do the embellishing - instead cut out a Winnipeg Blue Bombers football logo and reapplied that onto the center back. It sure would have been easier if I had the dog right here to model as I go type thing, but what I have to fix is minor and one of these warmer days I'll fix it for her lickety split. See I can prepare the addon now and then it'll just be to cut off the previous seam and add these together.

Then the booties I googled for and here's the one I basically followed by Domestika, but again please measure and allow at least 2-3" from the ankle up the foot for the length - something I didn't follow correctly. And then you might want to read this on how to teach your dog to wear booties. Yep, her greyhound reminds me of Belle when they were trying to dress her up too! Poor things, but then they don't want to go outside bear either!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Belle's Winter Gear

Well last week Pat asked if I'd make Belle a warmer doggie jacket out of Randy's older fleece hoodie and maybe use the emblem off his T-shirt to dress it up? See Belle never liked the cold and since she's gotten older these frigid temps we've been getting cramp her style badly. She doesn't even chase rabbits like she used to!!!

And I can tell you it's getting cold again after a lovely -16C temps today (balmy compared to last week) and with the snow that fell all day and now the wind picking up I'm glad I did my errands today and finished off Belle's outfit and delivered it. It's not perfect but without a model handy it's not that bad, but in need of some butt end extension!!! LOL!

Last week I stopped into ValuVillage and found this kids fleece blanket like brand new for $0.99 and could not resist making another inside cover for her as her sweater is looking well worn. I think its really cute and I even hand embroidered a black blanket stitch all around too!!!

It was kinda cute when she was getting dressed, she didn't know what to do and I wish I had a movie camera to catch her first steps in them booties!

I can just see her thinking "Gosh how many does it take to get me dressed and for what reason pray ask I - and pics taken too"!!! ROFLOL!

Kinda funny but she was spiffy that is for sure and the family LOVED the fact I cut out Randy's Bomber's logo and stitched it onto her back.

"Okay you - both you and Dad have tortured me to get this stuff on, now what?" Yep they were all happy for her and Byran even took her out for a walk and the fleece booties stayed on.

"HUH, but I was out today already, do I really have to go again???"

Yep, I think when she realizes those booties will keep the snow from freezing in her paws and there's the vinyl traction on them too she'll be more inclined to venture out - I can hope! But I'm not sure about the outer nylon and fleece lined ones I made too, was thinking for the really cold days, I think they are too small for Belle. Will see.

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Postcards

Well I've finally completed the December birthday postcards and before month end too - WOW for me!!! So hopefully tomorrow they will be in the mail and on their way to the Birthday Gals!!!

Now just one more to ship out and this full year's commitment of birthday postcards will be finished. I think I'll be rethinking this type of swap in the future as time is of the essence especially when I embellish thus!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clear Postcard Envelopes

Okay, now I usually get my supply of these clear resealable mailing envelopes from:

Crystal Clear Bags Canada
56 Canaan Street
Strathroy ON N7G 1L8
PH (888) 436-6197
FAX (888) 469-4415
B4X6XL - pkg of 100 - Bag 4 5/8" x 6 3/8" or 117 x 162 mm
$0.10/env - $10.00 Cdn = Total $13.62 (taxes and shipping)
They were received in three days of ordering (there is a US link also). But now without a credit card it is costing me $6-$7 more for payment by cheque or COD purchases - just too pricey for me.

BUT today I personally picked up locally a supply and at half the cost:

WR Display & Packaging
30 Plymouth Street
Winnipeg MB R2X 2V7
PH (204) 925-7900
Toll Free Phone 1-800-665-8447
Toll Free FAX 1-800-668-4743

#655432 - 4.25 X 7.25" Clear Self Seal Bag
- 100/package @ $4.95/pkg (plus taxes)
Thank you Carol B for pointing this out to me!!! Much appreciated.

Also I found these and a larger size at Dollarama but not the postcard size - at least not yet!

Quality Archival Bags/Envelopes
25 pieces - $1.00 per package
clear plastic resealable & acid free
6 7/16 X 6 1/4"

Now these I used only for storage, not for mailing as I feel I would have to secure the two sides because it was folded over for the 4 X 6" mailing size - too much fuss for me.

So I thought I'd share just in case others were wondering where to buy from!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well last night I was playing Majong Garden and was doing not bad when I noticed my mouse slowing down. Well I removed the ball and cleaned inside, continued for about 15 minutes and then total lock down, no mouse control at all - GRRRRR!!! Try reading emails and shutting down programs without the mouse - TRICKY!!! I did it and then didn't bother starting up this morning at all and figured it'll be a brisk jaunt to get another once stores open up.

Well last night my sister Florence called and made plans for lunch and shopping on Sunday. Silly kids travelling from Dauphin in these cold temps and that windchill of -43C - BRRRRR!!! Good thing as her car is newer and warmer than my holey one and after she checked out Indigo for Daycare items and Christmas gifts she took me to WalMart and then back to Staples (was cheaper than WalMart - can you believe that and not on sale) and I got an Optical Mouse for my PC and now I'll back in gear again.

Then we went to Montana's and shared nachos for lunch while Wayne was at his meeting. Now I presume they are well on their way back home and pray that this blowing snow in the city is not total white out conditions on the highway!!! I hope they call me when they arrive otherwise I'll be calling myself later on just to make sure they arrived safe and sound.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Amazing Angel

Yep, that is what I've named her and THANK YOU Linda for making her for me and also for her fortunate arrival.

See last week I was fretting horribly because of one of my creditors and their shennanigans and the next day I open a Christmas card and WOW there's this angel. Yes, Linda machine embroidered this lovely 3-D angel and walked me through how to form her and now she's hanging on my knick knack stand with many other angels etc.

Then I realized I needed to show her off!!! So I hooked her onto my crystal light pull to show her off.

Front view.

Back view.

Side view.

See, ain't she beautiful??? She is about 4" tall and maybe 2.5" wide (wider when flat and wings outstretched) and in a lovely white irridescent metallic thread. You can see the sheen on the back and side views very well.

Again thank you Linda for my Amazing Angel!!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Personal Delimma

Okay, coming into work today was full of stressful apprehension I tell you.

As I mentioned previously, one of my creditors is pushing for a money settlement or threatening repossession of some of my personal possessions, outside my Consumer Proposal that they had accepted. At the time I questioned them as to why they didn't counter the proposal to include this amount and they said it was separate. Well after talking with my Trustee and Financial Advisor who also contacted a Consumer Lawyer, I now have in a letter the legalities of this and have to write my letter to the creditor and hopefully close this delimma.

See they had a chance to counter the proposal - they didn't; the deadline to do so has now passed - so they can't reapply; also they can't accept the proposal plus press for additional settlement - which would be frowned upon by the other creditors and the Trustee's office; plus the items they listed for security did not have serial numbers attached as necessary for repossession purposes. So if they abide by the law - they haven't any legal rights for additional settlement. Also if they continue to persist it would be considered harrassment and charges could be filed with the authorities.

Yes this was a very very very hard and stressful lesson for me to learn!

The reason I'm noting such here is for others to maybe read and know that they really should not sign anything that has any "reasonable doubt" in their minds and that you should look for some type of Community (usually free) financial/legal assistance if such probjems arrise!!! You do have options and it's better to be aware of them when dealing with such creditors as I am right now.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Postcards

Well it's a good thing I've these postcards to keep me occupied this weekend as I've been threatened with repossession of some of my personal items in the near future if I do not fork over a large sum of money (in my opinion anyways). So needless to say I'm unnerved and I've my Trustee and Financial Advisor looking into the legality of this and seeing what my resolution will be. Hopefully totally dropped, since the TV is not working and the other items are not worth what was noted even if they could resell them, also I've been told they don't want the items but the money - which is a non-issue. So like I said, a good thing I have these postcards to work on to keep me sane!

Here are three pictures, one is of a completed silhouette and the other two showing eleven various Hats n Boots I've prepared for that special order (if it goes through) - they are not finished as yet - see my home PC is being overhauled so I haven't finished the computer printed backs. Maybe this next week.

Yes, that's feathers you see in some of those hats!!! I still have to stitch a buckle of sorts on some of the bands then they'll be finished.

And in between these I've also been working on the December birthday postcards for another group and they are just about finished. Just to generate the computer printed backs and then they too are ready to be shipped off.

AND if that's not enough I did shortened a pair a pants I picked up a while ago and even hemmed them!!! WOW!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2008 Bead Journal Project

Ohhhh my but Robin is not going to be happy with me at all, hey I'm not myself either!!! See I signed up for this 12-month postcard journal project with a whole load of ensthusiasm and honest intentions and even planned out the whole YEAR's pages along with the write ups and where am I????

You guessed it, not even the first one completed!!! BUT I have started it and am working on it in amongst the other projects on the go too!!! I've even pulled out the leaves for the October page too so hopefully that won't take as long as September's BUT November is another that might take some time putting together! I've decided I'm getting a 4 x 6 photo album and pulling out the inside divider sheet and that way you can view the fronts and the back blurbs too! I'm not sure about putting them into a wall hanging - this will suffice for now.

I just have to get going on these and they'll get done, not sure if on time though!!!