Saturday, June 23, 2018

Interesting Day!

Lovely day for an East Grand Beach forest/beach walk and Lester Beach picnic with Prairie Pathfinder friends.  Now to see if I can find that restaurant with fried pickeral cheeks for snack!

Stopped at the Sandbar Motor Inn at Grand Marais for pickeral bites for a shared snack and Corona to cool off as water just is just not doing it!  Then heading home!

Even took the bus from my place to Waterfront as I just could not walk the 2.3 km back there now!  😥  Then look who I found sunning on the deck!

The fireworks at the end of the indigenous day celebrations st the Forks.


Friday, June 22, 2018

Condo Relaxing!

Enjoying the birds and breeze on their balcony!  There's so much construction around here that evenings is the only time to sit outside - even have traffic going the wrong way on a round about!  Just watched a flashy sports car going the wrong way even cutting off a police car - nope didn't give home a ticket either.  There'll be an accident here yet!

Cuba I can't wait for takeoff!

June 21st

OK here's the sandwiching of the wildlife duvet cover - hopefully start on the quilting soon.  Hamish is standing guard.

June 22nd

Hope I can get the girls together for this event at Rainbow Stage - our annual get together!  Neil Sedaka's Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

And I've my new low beach chair ready and waiting for Ballet in the Park!  It's Wizard of Oz July 25th-27th!

OMGG!!!  It started raining 3ish but eased up shortly so off to the Forks I walked.  Was in there maybe 30 minutes and headed back.  About half way to the condo the wind whipped up along with thunder in the distance so I picked up my pace.  Made it inside just as the heavens opened up knocking over the plant too!  Hmmmm maybe 15 minutes and it passed over but still looks ominous!  Just hope this is not for tomorrow as we're walking the beaches trailhead and a picnic too!!!!

OK that's enough excitement for me!  Looks like it didn't bother Hamish any!  Thank goodness!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Feeling Emotional!

OMGG!!!!!  After such a lovely day I was feeling leary seeing a Winnipeg Police Service envelope in my mailbox.  Once opened - I'm devastated and needless to say I won't be going to the lake this summer for sure now!!!!

It took me a while to place when this happened and then it clicked.  I was Tuco sitting and dropping off a freebie item to a friend and was heading back to the dog.  I saw this car sitting on the side and a few school kids and the odd parent on the sidewalk nearby - automatically I thought of something weird but the kids walked past the car.  As I drove by I thought it might be a cop and looked at my speedometer and realized I was speeding (I've a heavy foot) and eased up but no flashing red light.  PHEW!  Then totally forgot about it!

Yeah right it was a ghost car with camera obviously!  Dang it!!!!  I'm thinking I should start using my cruise control in the city too, not just on the highway!!!!  I'm forever up and down like a yo-yo without it.

June Catchup

June 13th

It's a lovely day for a friends walk along Wellington to Assiniboine Park and back through Wolseley for lunch at Stella's on Sherbrook.  I stopped at a small shop and found a wrap skirt cum beach cover-up for Cuba but Tall Grass Prairie was closed due to water damage so no cinnamon buns for me!

Janice, Monika and I (ex coworkers)

June 16th

OK I'm finally getting some get up and go to sew.  I finished off a large square baby bath towel (forgot to take a picture - need another for August), gathered all I need to start sandwiching/quilting the duvet tops this next month and then when at Sylvia's hopefully finishing off some table runners and crib quilts started last year.  Also finished off two tatting orders - one large tatted snowflakes order yet to start and finish off by November.  Somewhere there I need to make up some landscape postcards before mid October.

June 17th

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Florence's post about Wayne getting himself this motorcycle.  Then I thought they were just pulling my leg and teasing me about some lawn ornament that was a motorcycle but nope he won this at an event this weekend in Riverton.   Congratulations Wayne!  Then before they could load it up and take it home a local has bought it off him!  Damn but double lucky!  Good thing Florence got a picture of him beside it before returning home without the toy!

June 18th

Finally this morning Hamish stopped long enough for me to snap a picture and sat for a combing.

After our 6.81 km walk around St Boniface Edna and I are at our usual Oakwood Cafe and Bistro having our usual.  Not sure why soup after that hot walk but go figure!

After relaxing a bit I'm feeling kinda blah and treating myself to white Sangrias and a light supper.  It's only a block or so from the condo so just strolled over to Cibo's.  So far the seared mushroom one is great!  Have the cucumber n tomato w feta and the green apple n brie to try yet.  Sangria is refreshing and reminds me of Olive Garden's drinks!  Toffee salted caramel cookie stack was scrumptious!!!!  Reminded me of the awesome desserts in NZ but not quite like their's!


Hmmmmmm what's with the fireworks tonight?  These are taken from their balcony - awesome view!  Was told Goldeyes baseball team won their game!

June 19th

I had a lovely visit this afternoon with Dale and Ted after delivering her palm trees.  Enjoyed a light lunch and awesome BBQ supper while stitching my bobbin lace pillow bag (thank you Dale for picking out my next strips) and watching Ted's fantastic fireworks slide show to music and sound effects!  Just beautiful.  Thank you both!

Hamish still won't sit and relax in my lap!  Silly one - maybe tomorrow he'll finally accept me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

After Class Relaxing!

What a successful quilting day of the 2 fabric bargello class with friends at Cedar House with Helen Maslowski and Geoffrey.  Now nourishment - don't need liquor as I'm flying high with excitement on my project plus driving!  Thank you Taunya for the GCs for my enjoying this supper with friends.

My Mini Yorkies and we all shared sweet potato fries.  YUMMMMY!!!

2 Fabric Bargello Class

DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!  Here's the pics from today's 2 Fabric Bargello class from Cedar House by Helen Maslowski and her helper Geoffrey (hope I spelt this right).  I was there with Edna Bennett and Dianne Urquhart.  There were two other ladies in the class but sorry I've forgotten their names.  We had an awesome day and Helen wants us to FINISH our projects for an MPQ show n tell in the future!  Great idea as they all are spectacular!

Helen's sample in back.

Edna sewing her tube.

Working on my tube.

Dianne sewing her tube.


Awesome colours

A team effort!

Center is an Australian fabric and so striking!

Another striking effect!

It's hard work!  Silly me miniaturized mine!  

LOVE how it's shaping up! 

Dianne's joins are perfect - mine needed lots of rippits!  Dianne used Northern Lights batik for her center - lovely! 

Using her new toy!  A roller that temporarily presses open seams. 

I just LOVE it even if its been a pain sewing up! 

OK it's close and I'm leaving it alone!!!!


Now to straighten off and plan the borders.