Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catchup on Projects!

Boy do I ever miss my home computer and my laptop as yet does not have any of my useable programs on it so I’m stalled with that baby too – only readable stuff. I can’t even use my printer as my CDs for upload are with Tom and my hard drive getting fixed. BUT it’s just about ready to come home so hopefully next week I’ll be up and running again and able to find my large sized postcard pics and send to be included in the CQA spring issue article on “Miniature Masterpieces”. Then he’s taking my laptop to ensure all the correct programs are on there and then I’ll have both lickety split again!!!


OK a while ago I learnt how to add beads to my tatting and since then have been varying the Allison Edging for various looks and weights of cotton used. I love this basic trim and this time I made it into an oval – now just to find the perfect shape to use it with!!! LOL!

Coffee Sleeve Swap:

Within our WorldWideCrazyQuilting group I volunteered to host the coffee sleeve swap activity and had a few grabbers on this. So I uploaded my own guidelines and also some links to web articles on making these and the ladies are just finishing up, getting ready to mail out to their swap recipients. My recipient asked for washable (not fancies) so I used batiks, cotton laces and flosses along with buttons, beads and sequins to embellish my embroidery. This time around I did not satin stitch the edges but did the pillow slip technique (won’t do this again) and then had to hand stitch the closing together – YOWSERS!!!

So first off I stem stitched the vines, sewed on the button flowers and leaves, then embroidered smaller leaves and added seed bead topped sequins for smaller flowers. Then pulled out Marsha ??? book and followed her instructions of using tracing paper to draw your image and then baste to your piece and outline in embroidery. After that you remove the tracing paper and fill in with various stitches – I used the stem stitch as this is my second attempt and wanted to keep it simple. I then added with perle cotton chain stitched leaves and finished off with straight stitched scattered grasses.

On the final patch (so to speak) I found an “M” and also used the stem stitch to outline and with a different colour filled in some details. I then used the same sequins but a different colour seed bead for patch fillers.

The two seam treatments have the same cotton lace accents with cotton floss embroidery. Nice and simple and yes all washable – just might take some time to dry with the batting!!! Now I just hope she likes it as it’s on it’s way today!!!

Christmas Swap Postcard:

In the Chain of Hearts we once again are having our Christmas postcard swap which has to have a heart somewhere on it. This year I decided to try a different way of doing an already fun technique and I think I achieved it with my friend Pat’s help. See I tried out her needle felting machine and YOWSERS it’s a good thing there’s a finger guard as there are lots of needles on this baby. So I had my fabric image beside me, my bits n pieces of wool roving and by hook and by crook I eyeballed my image pretty darned good and it just fit into the postcard 4x6 inch size and it only took my 20 minutes – not like the 3 hours with my single hand held needle!!! I also did a Christmas tree but that baby is not quite finished – a later blog for it. I then went home and hand embroidered my outlines and decorations and topped the offering with a crystal heart and bow! Hope you like it Debbie!

I Got Mail:

On Friday I ordered through AirMiles (bonus on Black Friday) two books from and they arrived today!!! A fellow stitcher mentioned to obtain the book “Drawing Trees” by Victor Perard if one wants to stitch realistic trees on their CQing blocks and then another fellow stitcher mentioned about this CD book you can buy “Crazy-Quilted Memories” (not keen on a CD though) but I found the book instead so ordered both of them. WOW WOW WOW, I’m itchin’ to get stitchin’ – both are fantastic and the ideas in the CQ book are just AWESOME!!! I now have special reading while I’m house sitting!!!

Yeppers lots of items mail out this week and many are on time or only a day late – pretty good for me – must be turning a new leaf getting ready for a new year!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


OMGG I'm going to be published again, it's been year's since the first time, but this time I was interviewed and will have a story along with some of my creations published.  Yes the theme is small quilting projects and my story is "Miniature Masterpieces" at least that was on my draft copy in the spring issue of CQA magazine!!!  WOW!!! 

So I've a few photos that were chosen (including the top half of the Gwen Fox Gallery postcard display) and then was asked to send along my own favourite crazy patch "White Winter" and maybe a postcard that I've received - well I've chosen two - Shirley P's Waterfall Landscape that actually got me inspried to start postcard swapping and MaryLou C's Summertime Crazy Patch that inspired me to explore further into "crazy patch quilting".  So I'm not sure which one or all that they will publish with the story but the reply from CQA sure sounded positive.  Thank you Val H for asking for my story!!!

AND if that is not enough to put a smile on my face and pick me up some, I also attempted embroidering my second tree - and succeeded!!!

Yes I followed Marsha Michler's instructions from "Crazy Quilted Motifs" for tracing out your image onto tracing paper, basting to the block and then outlining the image.  Then remove the tracing paper and continue with filling in the image with whatever stitches you wish - for my tree I continued with the outline or stem stitch and then the leaves were chain stitch with perle cotton to give some dimension.

Now to try my quilting friend Leslie's Tree tutorials and see how those trees turn out for me.  I need more hours to my day that is for sure!  And also back to my healthy self - this flu bug is kicking the ???? out of me and cutting into my stitching time too!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crazy Quilting Journal Project 2012

OK you're probably thinking what is that woman up to now!!!  Well I've always wanted to do a CQd wall hanging for myself, by myself and this is an activity that I'm hoping will help me achieve my end result.

I've even got the plans for this project mapped out and just have to manage one block of at least 6" square monthly and embellished. Again I'm not sure what to expect from this or how it is going to unfold but I'm going to try!  I will be posting my monthly accomplishments in my CQ Journal Project 2012 page (tab in the border above this entry) for all to check out and hopefully a finished Christmas themed wall hanging to show off a year from now.

OHHHHH I wish I was retired now so my days were my own and I could play full time - I sure have enough stash, if I really put my mind to task and use what I have, to last me a long time that is for sure.  I know I'm going to have to do up some type of Task List to help keep track of my many projects.

So anyone else who wants to play with "crazy quilting and cq embellishing" check out the CQ Journal Project website and blog for more information.

Take a Stitch Tuesday

OK I missed out on this learning tool last time around and never did try and catch up or even review previous postings as I'd hoped to.  So this time I'm signed up right at the beginning and hopefully will expand on my mostly self-taught embroidery knowledge and eventually improve more so for my projects.  So not sure if I'll make this into a binder of learning stitches or a practice cloth made into a sampler.  Who knows as I'm not sure what to expect here at all.
So if any of you are interested in the Take A Stitch Tuesday by Sharon B of Pin Tangle please click on the link and sign up as it starts January 3rd, 2012.  I use Sharon's Stitch Dictionary LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS - thank you very very much Sharon.

Well let's hope I keep up and practice some of these and maybe incorporate some new stitches and/or variations into my crazy patch stitchery projects.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Blocks Finished!!!

OK I’m ahead of the game in the SewBuds December BOM heart to be mailed out Nov. 28th – YEAH!!!  And I can say this one was the easiest to assemble with Sylvia’s suggestions.  Thank you my dear, I even did pretty good with the join this time.  I’ve one more to do and I’m sure I’ll have it down pat for future such blocks needed.

Here is the block I chose from Carol L's selection.  It took some time to finish off, but I'm happy with it.  First off I attached the intriquing cotton lace and embroidered on top and filled that patch with French knots.  Then a friend of mine suggested trying to mimic the flower petal curves in my Bullion knots seam treatment - not so great a job - but I love that finish.  Then I added the ivory flower like buttons, dismantled those ivory earrings and anchored in place and finished that motif off with silk ribbon leaves and brown tendrils.  After this I worked on my tatted Allison Edging with bronze like seed beads and attached in place then anchored the green safety pins.  The other brown patch got some herringbone silver metallic straight pins with seed bead glass heads and the gold scissor.  The moire patch I found this lovely ivory button which got a cabachon treatment - I need lots of practice on this one.  Then the centre patch I knew was going to have my sewing stuff in there:  yep that raised Fishbone leave stitch for the threader, my thimble button with the huge loop cut off and anchored in place.  Then I added the half thread spool with floss wound on it and a stitched loose trail too.  The last seam was of the same floss as the spool has in cretan and a tail of thread still in the silver needle.  I really like this block.

This is the Joint Block in the CQI Sew it Up DYOB for Carol L and I was not sure what to do but then thought to mimic the mirrored butterfly (broken in transit to me) on the opposite side with my joined Butterflies are Free seam treatment.  Then I anchored the silver scissors and scattered silver straight pins around along with this really cute (well at least I think so!) varied sizes for fall buttons for my patch work.  Then I finished off the very small seam finish with cream floss cretan stitch.

Here’s the close up of just my patch.

And here are the four stitched on patches so far.  Top left is by Cathy L (love the flosses – gonna have to remember that one); Lorrie (Chef Tiger) – awesome button embellishment and fuzzy butterfly; Bottom left – Rose Anne B and last the Joint Block by all of us so far.  Definitely gonna make a lovely sewing room wall hanging for that is for  you sure Carol L.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm TIRED!!!

Well today was the opening reception for "Judith Panson's Art Exhibit" at the Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk Manitoba which a few of my fellow fabric artists along with myself were exhibitors too.  This was my first exhibit showing so I had no IDEA what to expect but today, a snack table along with punch, coffee or tea was provided by the exhibitors and what a lovely spread it was.  Yes I do have a few pictures of the exhibited items and will post them tomorrow!  If you are interested in seeing these close up the display is up till November 26th I think,call the gallery first for viewing times.

First off the turnout was awesome and kept us all chatting about our exhibits most of the three hours, with lots of interest on the how and why I make my postcards.  It was lots of fun and I'm hoping to do something like this again - you never know.  Now let's see if that interest turns into postcard purchases???

The clincher to this event of being a member of this gallery is having my postcards in their Gift Shop for sale and I can go out there any time to make use of the hall and even have a class or two there if I choose.  And to sugar coat that I've been asked to teach two ladies to tat from that area - so who knows that just might happen!  WOW!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guess I'm Ready!

I mentioned previously about my entry into a gallery's juried fabric art show being held this month at Selkirk Manitoba, Gwen Fox Art Gallery, “Judith Panson Exhibit”.  Well my postcard entry for the art exhibit was refused BUT I was asked to bring in any fabric postcards I had for consignment sale in their Gift Shop – WOW!!!  THEN I was asked if I’d prepare a display board on postcard making and be present to answer any questions this Saturday afternoon – now this truly blew me over – WOW WOW WOW!!!

So slowly but surely I’ve been thinking on how to do this and finally came up with a cork board type of display.  So I tried to find in my VAST stash of made and swapped postcards for examples of various methods and techniques for postcard fronts and backs along with examples of the middle and mailing preparations.  I think I’ve covered most of what I have done and even labelled each one along with the various components of the postcard. Then to top it off I even prepared a handout for those who are curious enough to venture into this very much enjoyable part of fabric art!!!  Oh YES they are definitely “ART” pieces, each and every one and some are even signed by the maker on the backs!  Well here is my display board, hope it stays together for the trip there and draws lots of attention, maybe even prompting sales!  That would definitely be AWESOME!!!

The Whole Display

And here are two closeups just in case you want a closer look.
Top Half Only
Bottom Half Only

Monday, November 07, 2011

Hearts for Rengin

Here is my heart made especially for Rengin of Istanbul, Turkey.  It's so sad to see another country devastated by another terrible earthquake.  Our CQI group asked for crazy patched embellished heart ornaments to be sent to her but I'm thinking she might want some heart blocks to make up into something lovely for herself - so I left mine unfinished.

I did my favourite flower spray with chain, stem, satin and Colonial knot stitches along with my favourite beaded tatted trim and naturally a butterfly!  I hope she likes her block and the "we care" messages being sent to her.  Hopefully the situation will improve albeit slowly and life will eventually return with some semblance or order!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Gwen Fox Gallery Display

Some time ago Pat from my Ravenesque fibre artists local group had asked us ladies to enter pieces into a local Fibre Arts Juried Show by Judith Panson, I didn't think I'd have anything to enter as I've not finished anything lately.  WELL I was wrong as my photo landscape of my parent's first homestead JUST made it so I entered it an a couple of my postcards (which did not make the juried show but did for the consignment Gift Shop).

Then I was asked to do a demo/presentation on my fabric postcards.  So on Saturday November 12th I'll be there from 1:00 to closing to talk to visitors curious about this fabric postcard craze.  And guess I'm back out there for Sunday, November 13th for the reception too.

The next day or so I was emailed that my photo landscape display on an easel will now be joined with six of the fabric postcards on a back table. WAHOOIE!!! My other fabric postcards will be in the gift shop on consignment during that month of the Fibre Art Show.  Definitely more than I originally thought and maybe close enough to the demo station to draw interest?  Will see!

Now let's see how many visitors come and see this show!

Oma's Fall Quilting Retreat

WELL I can truly tell you it was "fun had by ALL" and boy is that ever true.  Hmmmm wonder if that hysterical laughter from the other end was carrying on - but they forgot what they were actually laughing about?  It took nothing at all to set some of them off I can tell you.  Guess that's why they say - laughter is good for the soul - they were stock piling maybe! 

Dianne's helpers!

Dianne's project - deciding on borders

This is the first time that I can say I truly finished a "quilt top" and not only one BUT two I did and even used up a Maureen-tossed-away quilted bag fabric that with help I made into a quilted tote for my foot pedal and cord!  FINALLY my machine is protected from the metal foot!  YEAH! 

See over the years within Canadian Quilt Swappers online group I collected the 6.5 inch charms depending on the theme and actually have a large recycle bag full to the top - two rolls.  I had given some away and some I had sorted to keep for myself and a plastic bag and half reserved for charity quilts.  WELL let me tell you I used 63 charms for this one quilt and it didn't even make a dent in that pile.  Then Sylvia sorted through and chose some for her cream n browns scrappy quilt and STILL it didn't deplete that pile.  Needless to say I was deflated as I thought I'd use up maybe half that one bag at least in a quilt and I even added on two more rows either way!!!  The pattern I used is from Fons & Porter's Fall 2011 Scrap Quilts magazine and by Kaye England. 

Sylvia's table runner completed!
Now she's onto a quilt from her stash!

I'm working on my charm quilt.

Then Adiena from Oma's Quilt Shop in Grunthal (who set-up this retreat) had a surprise quilt race for us to do with a Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt from Heirloom Creations.  Well if it hadn't been for one roll of woodsie fabrics calling with my name on it I would have continued with my scrappy quilts and maybe made two BUT no I bought the jelly roll and followed Friday nights instructions to sew the 40 strips end to end and accordian fold them (which I didn't do and paid the price for in delayed sewing time) ready for Saturday afternoon's instructions. 

So in the mean time I continued sewing up my scrappy quilt and visited the bar and casino sporadically but minimally too!  For some reason my pounding headaches reappeared periodically even with having Advil and a massage this year.  It was awesome to have this student who needed the practicum hours come for Saturday (couldn't return on Sunday though but will try to next year) and he said with the donations he received from us - his debts will be reduced some!  I think he enjoyed himself also, even though at first he didn't know what a quilt retreat was!!!

Then Sat afternoon the 1600 Inch Quilt "race" began and we were given the instructions to sew up our quilts with a prize to the quickest stitcher finishing.  Yep a jelly roll was the prize and the lady did her's in 35 minutes, it took Tami and I just over 2 hours - so she must have flown!!!!  AND Tami did her quilt with FQs instead so it's slightly different in appearances and I think I like that mucho better - the changes are more often and more dramatic I think.  Way to go Tami!!!

Just a few examples - more coming soon!

Since I finally finished my charm scrappy quilt on Saturday evening or guess it was Sunday morning at 2:30 am I basically vegged out on Sunday.  I had started my embroidery on the crazy patched heart but did not really get far except plan out the focal point.  DUH!  But that was OK.

After registering for next year (including coming on Thursday so we have a full day of sewing Friday) we packed up and headed back into the city to check out Fabricland's sales and Sylvia picked up some lovely fabrics for a 5 Yard Quilt that Oma's handed out on our Aurora summer picnic out to her shop last year.  AND I found and bought my border fabric for my 1600 Inch Quilt - awesome!!! 

Pat had invited me over for supper and BOY was that ever GREAT as I was too zonked to do anything else, didn't even get through half of my emails nor blogged.  So here it is.