Monday, August 24, 2015

Starting My Adventure!

Well I finally departed on my trip with the assistance of Pat looking after my apartment and Angela basically taking me under her wing and getting me packed and calmed down prior to take off.  It was funny as I was having a major meltdown as the suitcase would not close and I was scared to force it.  Angela comes along and does her magic and VOILA  I'm out the door.  
Checking out my selfie stick.

I'm going to miss you and others too!

At checking my nerves kicked in again and all I can say is I'm glad it was empty.  My attendant is a handsome and very kind man - in his 50'S I'd say - he kept picking up my dropped items and the asked if he could simplify me things.  I said yes please with tears threatening.  He smiled, took my ticket folder from me, then I dropped my sweater, where's the hole to swallow me up I'm thinking.  He took out the check in tickets and the passport and put the folder with all the info away in my outer carryon case.  Said this is all you need until I pick up my suitcase in Perth, Australia.   WOW,  I wanted to just hug him and then my carryon started to shift off and he promptly showed me how it fits neat like on the cart and pointed me to security.  SHEESH the rest better be easy!

Well the trip to Vancouver was not smooth sailing  - could not play on my table so chatted a bit.  Can't say much for my 24 hr clock reading though!  See I panicked as it was a half hour walk to the International departures area and i thought my flight was leaving at 6:00 with preboarding starting at 5:00 pm.  So I stopped at Milestones restaurant and asked if I would be out in an hour, she said yes so I ordered their s Sticky Ribs and lemonade and thoroughly enjoyed both.  The ribs were great and the lemonade fresh squeezed - OOOHHHHH!!!  And as promised I was out of there in 45 min and rushed over to my gate, nobody there!!!  Then the attendees announces those from connecting flights to please check in for a new Air NZ ticket, so I did and asked where are the passengers?  He looked confused and said it was way too early yet.  HUH!  Duh my flight takes off at 8:00 pm and preboarding at 7:00 pm.  Relieved and annoyed at the same time, so I turned around back to that restaurant for sweet potato fries and a ceasar and to calm down.
Lovely aquarium
Sticky Ribs at Milestones
Just lovely!

Back at the gate and a number of passengers gathered, I made my last free phone calls to Sylvia and Florence before switching it ti WiFi and Flight Mode.
That's one mother suckered of a plane, took forever to get to my row and there was still like a dozen rows after mine.  And it's freezing COLD already.  Guess it's a good thing they provided blankets, pillow, and a headset and I had an aisle seat and no one beside me in the middle section.  There were free movies, music and lots of games, even books to read but I knew I'd not finish so didn't start and did not have to use my gadgets.  They had two choices for supper, a beef curry and a chicken pasta, neither my choice, but I choice the chicken and left the pasta, and free wine too!  Then I crashed and basically slept for 9 hours and woke in time for breakfast.  I chose the fruit and muffin but left the yogurt and had juice and coffee at 2:30 am NZ time - yowsers I'm so mixed up.  I'm changing my watch to match current times as announced.  So have no clue what time it is in Canada nor does it matter now.  Landing was smooth and like half hour early - that is 4:30 am.
My own seat flight progress!  WOW!!!
It said like --49C or something totally FRIGID!!!

Ok I'll stop here for now.  

Friday, August 07, 2015

Update on my Trip

Well this morning I got out for my average 9.5 km walk then freshened up and out the door again for some errands - one is trying to get Rogers Wireless as a payee at my ACU - mega problems and both say they are good the other is having problems - GRRRR!!!!  Finally my Manager has taken it upon herself so I have this set up for my trip and got back to me that the new account numbers starting number is the problem with the institutions so maybe it'll be solved soon.

This afternoon I had an appointment with my agent Aruna Hall of Around the World in 80 Ways and we went over all my flights, itinerary and vouchers required for my various land travels, hotels/B&Bs/hostel and many prepaid tours.  Also the various invoices for my files, and other necessary paperwork needed while travelling.  WOW it's all together so nicely for me to deal with!  Thank you Aruna!  I'll definitely be back to see her for my Ireland trip whenever I decide to go.  Now to spend the weekend going over it all to ensure all is A OK!

Yeppers I was totally overwhelmed BUT at the same time I felt relieved seeing it all on paper and so organized for me, even a bound copy of the travel itinerary in front with the various tours etc included separately in the back well described for my perusal.  Then back home and to more tedious chores of laundry interspersed with the computer.

AND talk about getting home in time as 4:30ish the threatened t-storm seems to be coming in as it's quite the downpour outside and even touches of thumb sized hail bouncing off the windows.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

15 DAYS!

I posted the following on FB today and finally got up the nerve to tell my girlfriend about it as I was kind of worried of what she might think or say!  Well not only have others kinda coaxed me out of my anxiety about the trip whenever brought up, but Angela is just my much appreciated support and I LOVE her dearly!!!

"Pooped and vegging out after my 11 km walk and 100 steps up and down at the Leg Bldg getting ready for my Down Under Adventure!!!  I'm beginning to doubt my mind on this one but it's 99% paid for so have to go. Even though I've had two dreams - no nightmares - of not packing and not letting Angela in when she arrived to take me to the airport!!!  CRAZY!!!!"
Here's what she said to me!  She maybe wondered why I was so quiet lately!
"The truth is that you have been dreaming and planning this for so many years and guess what it is actually happening.  I think everything is just settling into your brain and you are preparing your self for the adventure.  To be quite honest I would be concerned if you did not feel this way.  Once the date gets closer you will calm down.  You have everything ready to go all your I's dotted and t’s crossed.  Start  focusing on trying to get everything into that suitcase.  Everything will be fine, you are meeting some wonderful ladies who are very excited to meet you.  Just take one day at a time, if you are nervous unpack some of those boxes to burn off the anxiety of going away.
Ohhhhh my friend sure does know me!!!  OK I'm looking for supper as I grocery shopped the other day and then to the task of "LISTS" - what to pack - what's left to do before going!

Walking for Exercise

Well a few years ago I was walking daily, up at 6:30 am and out the door to put in anywhere from 5-10 km before getting ready for my work day.  Now this pace was worked up from casual walking to finally power walking with my short legs!!!  After some 6-18 months my bad knee finally just said Enough was Enough! and when I got it checked out it was just about bone on bone and was told to ease up on the pace for sure, even the distance to calm it down.  Darn and I had lost a good 20 lbs during that span and was liking my stamina and endurance along, which was lacking, along with myself in general.

So now some 2 years later I'm going on my dream adventure and have chosen many walking tours with beach and park like excursions so naturally have to build that all up again plus try to lose some lbs too.  Some time into this program again my knee was aching some - got it checked out right away - can't have that worsening on my trip.  Happens it's worse than before and basically bone on bone, no knee replacement just yet but into the future, so now have a walking only brace to use and take with me but after a few weeks it still was not taking the ache away.  So in for a cortisone shot and some anti-inflammatory meds (for the trip in case) and VOILA between the two walking is much more tolerable with periodic rub downs of A535 and no pills so far. That is really good.

Then with my new toy, Galaxy S 4, I have electronic fun/help in S Health app included on my phone.  YEAH and I know how to use that app at least!  I did a couple of Ooopsies but think I'm recording my sessions correctly now and today was the FIRST day that I did my route comfortably plus a bit more challenge to it also.  Anyways here's what I've got in my log, my weight too but that's mine alone - LOL!:

Pedometre (which is different from the Exercise-Walking option):
July 28th - 68 steps - distance 0.05 km - 2 kcal burnt - 1 step ran???
July 29th - 7,663 steps - distance 6.34 km - 379 kcal burnt - 1,302 steps ran
July 30th - 20,297 steps - 7,025 steps ran - distance 17.37 km - 1,168 kcal burnt - counted the whole day not just my walk in error - forgot to shut the app off
Aug 2nd - 13,974 steps - 8,146 steps ran - distance 12.67 km - 949 kcal burnt
Aug 3rd - 7,969 steps - 66 steps ran - distance 5.97 km - 324 kcal burnt - walking downtown on errands
Aug 4th - 823 steps - 6 steps ran - distance 0.54 km - 31 kcal burnt - shopping etc
Aug 5th - 16,291 steps - 2 steps ran - distance 12.09 km - 648 kcal burnt

Exercise - Walking
July 29th - duration 2:49:28 - distance 7.31 km - ave speed 2.6 km/hr - 400 kcal burnt - both levels of Polo Park shopping mall with shopping - too hot outside
Aug 2nd - duration 1:36:15 - distance 7.53 km - ave speed 3.8 km/hr - 402 kcal burnt - Wellington to Harrow St.
Aug 3rd - duration 51.54 - distance 4.44 km - ave speed 6.5 km/hr - 237 kcal burnt - walked twice around Kildonan Park with Michelle - speed is off as there were times stopped for picture taking
Aug 3rd - duration 34:08 - distance 0.40 km - ave speed 0.8 km/hr - 21 kcal burnt - wanted to see about grocery shopping - you should see the crazy map - LOL!!!
Aug 5th - duration 2:19:33 - distance 11.00 km - ave speed 3.8 km/h - 588 kcal burnt (my usual route from first walking stints just not power walking - just before Wellington Crescent/Lanark Park turned at the railway tracks across from Polo Park) - also walked around the Legislative Bldg and did the front steps till 100 up were reached (one tour is 90 steps up and then down again and I want to make sure I can do it)
Within the Formal Garden
Michelle - left side of bridge entrance to gardens
right side of bridge entrance to gardens

So I think I'll continue using the Exercise-Walking option as it seem more realistic and really I KNOW I don't run so not sure how the pedometer got those readings.  Some days I sit out but if I can get up 7:00ish I try my darnedest to head out the door before it gets too warm.  But I also know I'm not up to matching Angela's nor Eileen's steps/speed but found an equal walking partner within Michelle so will have to give that a try again one day and for sure when I come back!  Maybe even out to the Assiniboine Park trails???

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Fun Times!!!

OH BOY I said I hated Facebook years ago and deactivated the account I had and now I'm back with a new one!  This better work for me or it too will go by the wayside! LOL!!!

See many have been asking if I'll post on FB my pics while in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand and I said probably not but after continuous pressure from Linda I've opened a new account for family and friends and basically stated it's for my travels.  Now I've uploaded my "Retirement" pictures as I thought that was a major aspect of my life that allowed for my dream vacation to come to fruition.  This is two major dreams/goals in my life that have happened - Ireland and retirement - and now a third a trip Down Under!

So those that are on FB and want to follow my travels just click on R Burdeny Travels and hopefully you'll be rerouted to that page for "friends" to be added BUT if you want travel details you'll have to still follow the blog (if I've time to post) or email me and I am going to send updates periodically wherever free WIFI is available.