Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas to all my Blog followers, and here's to ringing in the New Year safe and sound and 365 days of joyous family times and quilting days in 2014!!!

Oh my this year has sure gotten away on me!  I think all the energy I needed to get myself ready for my June 2013 Ireland trip and then coming home and work upsetting me to the point that I developed shingles and then just being in the BLAHS sure kept me quiet.  

One really great thing was helping my sister and brother-in-law move into the city in November for the winter months.  This is a huge relief for their three daughters and also myself and for them too - just the timing was kind of rough on Sylvia as Len could not help much with his back problems.  But now that Christmas is here and before we know it over, they'll hopefully be able to settle in and adjust to city living and want to stay!!!  I's praying so!

Afterwards I found out that my check up tests revealed kidney stones so that probably was the root of the pain and all around blah in October - even though I traveled to Toronto to visit my Irish girlfriend for a week.  Just was not myself this fall and at least I now know why.  I can say that I'm feeling more myself and enjoying life more - EXCEPT those -30 plus C days especially with high winds which naturally lowers the temps more so!  Oh well I live in Manitoba - what do I expect for WINTER!!!

Now with much regret but necessary too, I've resigned myself to delaying my retirement plans until I've reached the big 60 and hopefully then with my work and CP pensions together I will not have to work part time - just hopefully cruise into a more relaxed mode of living and naturally more quilting during the daytime hours.  Well that's only just over a year away so hopefully work does not frustrate me more so and I can hang in there.  It's kind of scarey as this past year has seen lots of my co-workers retiring - many sooner than their original plans - also more this coming 2014 - just fed up and ready for a change!  All the best to them.

OK back to my tatting and listening to more Christmas music on the TV in front of the fireplace with the dog and cat!  Happy stitching my quilting friends.