Fabric Postcards


I've been tossing up an idea for a Website and then created a second Blog and now my friend pointed me to "Pages" within my current blog.  So hopefully this will work well for me and I'll only have one to look after!  So within this Page you'll find various pictures of my "extra" Fabric Postcards for swapping, sale, etc, otherwise checkout Blog for the latest in my personal or creative life!!!  All fabric postcards have a preprinted back ready for mailing purposes.  If you are interested please email me directly with your request.

Victorian Ladies:  Two of these are available. I sandwiched the Victorian Lady within the lovely picture frame and then embellished with Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery for the flowers and metallic DMC for highlighting the birds and the gold ring.

Victorian Hats:  Who's ready for the racetrack or derby??? These hats (including a tulle face veil and back poof) are sitting on head forms ready to adorn some fancied up doo and paraded around! The under brim which is edged with tiny French knots is of satin whereas the hat top is velvet with various craft feathers, trims and silk ribbon embroidered flowers/leaves.

Fall Flowers:  I wanted to try my hand at using silk flower petals and leaves along with hand embroidery and seed beads - turn out pretty good.

CQd Hearts:  Now these are my pride and joy and in the past I've kept them for my "birthday greetings", "just because", and "cheer you up" postcards, except I've been asked if I'm willing to maybe trade these. So these are crazy patched hearts which are then embellished to my hearts content along with a web and some type of spider (could be embroidered, beaded or a charm) along with other types of charms that catch my interest. Then the drapery Moriera(?) fabric is cut to template shape and bonded over top and then machine satin stitched around. Now they are sandwiched and finished off as postcards.

Tatted Flys:  I've just learnt to tat and you guessed it these I've mastered and just LOVE making them up  and now enhancing them with embroidery and beads for postcards.  Some are overall scenics and others are framed.

More Tatted Postcards:  These were made for the Northern Lights Lacemakers' Frist Annual Lace Day yesterday and left over. The "tatted flys" were all assembled in a framed setting, tatted with #30 cotton and attached to the mottled backgrounds with various beads for the bodies. The tatted frame is a computer printed silk image appliqued onto a background and edged with a tatted trim attached with pearls. I think I've learnt the basics in tatting now and trying other patterns now.