Thursday, May 31, 2018

Down n Up Days!

May 28th

This is crazy but I'm panicking about saying I'd go to Cuba in February with some lace ladies!  😣  I asked for more info and if I'm going then no trips this summer unless a 2 day lake trip.  GULP!!!  But the price seems great and seems like all but my spending is included.  Will see after getting the info!

OMGG I can't believe it's three years ago since retiring!  I don't miss the work at all and glad I still keep in contact with some friends from work off and on!  What memories plus the adventures I'm getting into since then!  HE HE HE!!!!!

May 30th

Just got home and got wet from the carport to the house in this downpour.  Katsu is not going for a walk just yet.  But if it does not let up some we're both going for a wet one that's for sure!  And I don't have my rain pants here!!!!

YEAH I'm going with Janice on the 6th to Cavalia!!!!!!  Now I'll see what that TV is raving about myself!

May 31st

Well it started off on the right foot!!!  Also was a busy day!!!
1.  Had a good full nights sleep - maybe because I found the two missing library books
2.  Katsu enjoyed a brisk walk in the cool temps
3.  I sorted out my bills, paid them and thought about travelling after finding out more details
4.  I packed up my crafty items as I'm not in a sewing mood and took that home as I have to finish off my cushion repair
5.  I finally found my tatted palm tree pieces where they weren't supposed to be so I'll have to sew them together soon
6.  Stopped in to see Betty my caretaker and she looks better than last month in hospital
7.  Went to Urban Garage for a 2nd opinion on the suggested rack n pinion repair before travelling with the CRV - was even shown and told there is no seepage worth speaking of and the underneath has no signs of seepage except for drippings from the AC system - PHEWIE!!!  I'll be going back there for servicing that's for sure.  Was told my car is in great shape!
8.  Needed gas but was frustrated it was $1.309 a litre until I got to Costco where it was $1.179 instead, so I filled up
9.  Then home for a beautiful walk with Katsu who was quite active too except that he cut in front of me and got stepped on again!  That's all four paws either clipped or stepped on - SHEESH!!!  Never mind the two times I just about did a nose dive - not quite awake then!
10.  Back to cushion repair while relaxing.  And hope the rain holds off till after Katsu's evening walk.  🤗  Yeppers a lovely day on all counts!
Also stops for grass feedings!  LOL!!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fringe Tatters Exchange

This year I joined the Fringe Tatters group based from southern Ontario but membership is International and just missed the first tatted exchange "buttons" but did manage to enter the June one "beaded".  I received from Ruth in Eboticoke ON this lovely beaded name fob and this lovely sparkling ornament.  I was floored to receive two items but very pleased they arrived on time for my birthday!  I hope to participate in more of these in the future and who knows maybe attend a tatting conferences or gatherings!

Now my tatted maple leaf which I had to play with the pattern Canadian Sugar Maple Leaf by Gale Marshall found here to incorporate beads is now finished and should be off to its recipient tomorrow.  I perused for the tail which I did my own thing.  Now that it's finished I'll try it again but use larger sized beads.

Not sure which background is best.

Friday, May 25, 2018

My Day!

THANK YOU to my family and friends for all the B/D wishes in person, by phone, emails, messages, cards, and on FB.  All are muchly appreciated❣

My day started out nice and sunny and warming up fast (mid day hit 31C) but still enjoyable for a walk.  Then off for some groceries and doggie toys plus a couple pairs of crystal earrings plus a matching necklace.

"I'm  being good and today I got a NEW Piggy.  Yep I tore the other one to pieces!  And I got a sausage Doggy 'Squeaky' TOO!  Ohhhh I'm going to drive her crazy with this one plus tire myself out too!"

"She stepped on Squeaky and broke his squeaker!  😢"

Then zipped over to get Edna and checked out MCC quilt show, said HI to Adiena of OMA's and Sheri of Road 17N quilt shops as vendors.  Then over to Angela's for a rest on her patio before heading over to Stella's for supper.  We were to be up on the patio (I'd have preferred AC inside) but it started raining and got really ugly sky so that was axed.  It was a lovely visit with everyone and awesome to see Amanda's baby bump too!

I can't believe the baby who's diapers I changed is going to have a baby!  
Now 5 months and feeling real good.

Afterwards Edna and I went to Sargent Ice Cream for a nightcap before taking her home!  I finished the day with a nicely cooled down to 21C walk with Katsu and some cuddling too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

More Cleaning!

Gosh these blooming trees sure make the walks more enjoyable and not minding the many interruptions for Katsu!  Looking for shaded streets that's for sure!

Well I thought I better finish sweeping the brickwork as he brought in much debri yesterday.  So now it's fairly clean until more falls but the buildup is gone. I filled the can so covered it for Harold to deal with.  Talk about twigs - added lots more to the fire pit.

View from the house into the backyard.

Today's second half cleaning.

View from the backyard to the house.

So ready to go in and called Katsu - YOWSERS -  there he was just covered and this time I stayed outside to clean him up!!!!

Katsu was cleaning up too!

Just some from him!

I'm ready to go back to bed after our 3 km walk and his 6am wakeup just to go downstairs and back to sleep under the table!  Not fair!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018



What a lovely day for a group walk and some 50 or so others thought so too!  Then Michelle and I went to freshii for lunch - first timers too!  Was good but way too much quinoa.

Michelle and I on the north side of 'Woody - Edna was at her daughter's planting their garden this weekend. 

Even a fisherman setting up - said small Goldeye and ???? forgot the other.

Talk about timing!

This is Edna and I last year on the south side of 'Woody'.

Rice bowl.

Market salad - just noticed the mass of quinoa. 

Michelle said I had to retake. 


Well I thought today would be the usual type of day but nope it didn't start that way!  I woke to muted buzzing but nothing in the room so down for breakie and our morning walk.  This time I took Katsu's water bowl, bottle water to share and some of his dry food.  Sure glad as halfway around we stopped on the edge of the park and he happily drank and ate then back to checking things out.  Once home from our 2.75 km refreshing walk he walked around the yard and promptly was covered in the green tree droppings.  So I found the yard broom and swept up the one half before stopping - naturally Katsu took a nap after having more water and food!  Tomorrow I'll finish the other half.  I cleaned up and settled inside when I heard again the louder buzzing.  Looked at the window and there was a huge wasp like thing not a bumble bee - quickly it was dead!  Your life is toast if you enter the house!  So beware and stay outdoors!!!

So Close!

Even Katsu is watching with me!

Enough of this - I'd rather be sniffin trees.

AHHHHHHH!  What a year you Jets gave us!  So close!  It was a season to be proud of!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Walks with Katsu

What a beautiful day outside.  I'm finally getting used to 3x a day walks with this guy.  After the rains it's been awesome!  Here's some pics for you Joan and Harold!  He still loves that beat up piggy!  I'm going to sit in the sunroom and stitch till the Jets game starts.  Wish I could figure out how to watch on this TV!

Taking a break and begging for tummy rubs!

Checking out the yard for intruders.

I love this image!

Poor Piggy!

Nap time!

Playing Catchup Still - South Beach

Shopping with Sylvia after getting my hair fixed up!  Thank you so much Adele  for the hair styling tips too!

Was told maybe one more cut and it'll be at the stage for the new style - very similar to this but the length!

At OMA's quilting retreat with my sister.  We're still waiting for our room as they had two bus tours with 1pm checkout.  At least we're sewing but Len is in a chair waiting to stretch out and check the TV out!

Well it's an early night as we're all tired from not sleeping good.  But I did sew up a block for Grand Forks Quilters Eden Challenge then 'rippit' and changed the outer background fabric pieces.  So will finish off tomorrow and go onto another project.  BUT OH what horrible forest fire smoke filtering in through the ventilation system.

So far here's what was accomplished yesterday by Sylvia and myself and what we're working on today.

Second baby quilt from leftovers fabrics from OMA's Fold Tear n Drop project in 2016.

My first attempt at mini for Grand Forks Quilters Eden Challenge.

Sylvia's second project. 

My itty bitty second project using challenge fabrics.

And yesterday we finished off the following.  Lovely time quilting interspersed with a bit of casino.

My mini just needs layering and quilting. 

Sylvia's 3 blocks of 16 in total - all different.

I forgot to take a picture of my third project I started this morning at South Beach.  This circle of flying geese needs to be appliqued onto the rose fabric then trimmed for a 1/4 inch frame then appliqued onto the grey floral and maybe edged with the same purple as the geese.  I'll also pad and applique the centre fabric in place too.

Also I gambled with $50 and cashed out winnings of $42.72 in vouchers - not bad for my two day stint I'd say plus all the sewing and friendship enjoyed.

Got back to the city in time to walk Katsu this afternoon and then settle in here for a stay!  He remembered me as he ran straight for the squeaky pig I bought him ages ago and played with it for a couple hours before settling down.   Now to get back into my 3X a day walking routine with him.

Playing Catchup - Menopause

As I arrived the bus was loading up.
OK here with Dianne and Taunya and her friends before heading to Menopause.

How many screens are needed on one wall?
Never mind all around!

Here at Club Regent Event Centre with friends to enjoy Menopause the Musical.

Dianne and I got photo bombed!

Our group.

Well after the show no big spenders from Dianne nor I that's for sure.  I got $30 free play and put in a $5 and after free play gone cashed out with  $11 and walked.  Dianne did very similar.  We're just waiting for the draw from the show and then home!

Again thank you Taunya for the awesome tickets!  I truly enjoyed the show.