Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Bushed!!!

We are all pooped!!! Len's had some good days and even got out for some walks too!  I've not walked since the moose alert and for a good reason!  See the other day Sylvia and I went for coffee and met up with another female moose (older this time) and she kept looking back into the bush after she crossed the highway - definitely had a calf behind her we think.  It definitely is not safe to be near that on foot!!!  Then today at the restaurant I saw this black thing approach - YOWSERS! - it was a young wolf and not afraid of venturing into the parking lot at all.  Now I say what would I have done if I met up with these on my walks - not sure I even know!!!

As for Sylvia's Quilt Show n Sale - I can say this year was mucho better than two year's ago and naturally my sister did the best and beat previous sales total - WOW!!!  I did very well this year too and am able to pay for the lace retreat I've wanted to go to this fall so that is very good (even two orders for postcards).  Sylvia's friend Fran did not do as well and she has such lovely items too!!! Then my two friends', Michelle did fairly well with her tatted bookmarks which many were quite impressed with and Florence sold 4 or her 6 totes.  Pretty good for their first time with us.

I was working on a wolf panel while here but was not able to finish it as I was talked into doing lots more quilting to this baby than I initially thought I would but I can tell you that it's looking great so far.  Ann and Mike have been keeping close tabs on my progress on it and Mike even agreed with me to add beads to add sparkle to the stars and snow on the grass/ground and then Franny is stressing that I continue with more quilting and checking on that too!  Yep, maybe I'll get it finished for the next event!

Well Thursday we took down the quilts and then rearranged all her furniture again so this time she does not have to do it herself (last time I left right after the event). Friday we are resting and Saturday going into town with their friends for a ribs dinner and some shopping. Then Sunday I'm heading back to the city and getting ready for the next stint!!! Again, I bought myself some lovely abalone jewellry at Dutchie's (Hwy stop for gas/liquor/licence's/food) at very reasonable prices too!!!  And on my way up here I stopped into a gift store in Vermillion Bay and found this awesome rayon top for myself - it's just beautiful!!!  Yep a very lovely vacation I've had so far.

Awesome company, healthy food and even some exercise outdoors!!!  And soon I'll be back in Winnipeg to settle into my dogs/house sitting stint.  Yep an eventful summer!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


OK I'm out in NW Ontario on vacation for two weeks with my sister Sylvia and Len in their lovely home with this awesome Lake of the Woods scene out their front door.  Even had a visit from one of the not so human friendly eagles (wouldn't let me get close to the highway from the house for a picture at all).  It's been raining on and off but that has not stopped me from venturing out between cloud bursts for my 3-5 km brisk walks, but I can tell you I'm glad I bought the new pedometre with the ALARM on it plus I take my cell phone just in case. 

WELL I can tell you walking for exercise in the city is tonnes different from walking the highway out here in the back of beyond!!!  AND boy was I glad of the alarm the other day.  See the last 4-5 walks were very solitary except for the non-stop stream of vehicles and majority of them are pulling either boats or are RVs with vehicles behind them.  Then there are the semis too - those darn near knock me off into the ditch!!!

AND yesterday I decided to go for a quick escape (Sylvia manned the quilt show/sale) and off I went.  Well I went to the 1.5 km mark and turned around to come home and slowed right down as a female moose was coming out of the bush about 1/2 mile ahead of me, glancing my direction.  Hmmmm what to do?  I slowed down but she still came out of the ditch onto the highway and then turned and strolled about 15 feet towards me.  YIKES!!!  The first thing that popped into my mind when I spotted her was does she have a calf with her- if so then I'm SOL and prayed to please keep going across and into the bush on the other side as I was not sure what to do.  Nothing came out of the bush so I quickly pulled the pin on my pedometer alarm and she stopped shook her head a few times and then turned about and walked in the other direction.  I'm still strolling some but I can tell you I was scared !@#$less!!!  Then THANK THE LORD, two vehicles came from behind me and she took off into the bush and the last vehicle stopped on the road for a bit and I was thankful as I'm hoping that kept her going further into the bush so I could go past.

Yep a scary walk that day - but it sure was lovely even with the wildlife adventure!  And now my sister's friends are teasing me and saying that I was chased by the moose down the road etc. - now I know how those fishing and hunting stories get so exaggerated!!!  Silly people.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whirlwind Days

Well it's been quiet hectic this past couple of weeks, trying to get more done at work but yet not put in any OT as I had lots of craft/quilt projects that had to get finished up before my vacation.  Needless to say I didn't get everything finished.  But I did do major catchup at work and hopefully after my two weeks away there will be more to catch up on and maybe even finish off one major project then too.  I can hope!

As for my vacation well I escaped work at noon and packed up and head to Sylvia's in NW Ontario so I'd make it there before supper so I could unpack, refresh and join them both along with many of their friends at the local restaurant for some country entertainment by Mike Lynch and harmony partner Dave (shy guy).  It was a load of fun that evening and had my first experience of a "walking taco" - basically crumpled taco chips and then the fixings spooned into the bag and eaten out of the bag too - pretty good and less dishes to wash!!!  But after getting 4-6 hours sleep most of that week and then driving 5 hours, I can tell you that after 10:00 pm I was fast loosing steam and by the time we finally left at 12:30 I was totally wiped. 

Then we were up early the next day for a girls day trip up to Red Lake before coming back home and trying to set up my sewing machine and quilting projects.  I did finish off a postcard and stitched the binding on one baby quilt and the second one just about finished.  Then on Sunday the stupid power was shut off from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm so we slept in and then went to Anne & Mike's for lunch as they have their own power in the mobile home.  Once home it was back to finishing more items off and Monday I actually quilted the third baby quilt, just needs the binding and label now.  

Today Sylvia, Anne and I drove into Dryden for an appointment, groceries and other fast shopping along with a relaxed breakfast and lunch out - WOW!!!  Then back home to set up the family room ready to hang the quilts etc for the start of Thursday's quilt show-sale - contributions by three quilters and two other ladies along with Len's willow outdoor furniture.  It'll be a busy and tiring day tomorrow!  Let's hope the event goes well and we have many showing up - it's quiet "out of the way" but you never know!

Yes I've taken pics so far but not uploaded them as yet.  Will see what I take tomorrow after set up and then maybe Thursday will find time to post again.  Good night.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Okay, I decided I wanted a casual walk in the park today so picked up my quilting friend Florence who was at loose ends this weekend as her girlfriends escaped the city.  So we did a leisurely walk on the paths and through Leo Mol Scuplture Gardens where I realized there is another pond at the back that wasn't there when I used to visit regularly a few years ago - LOVELY place to read and/or stitch someday.  We did the 4.96 km (7, 420 steps) in an hour using up 270 Kcals (see I bought a better pedometre this weekend) and then decided either breakie or lunch was in order (I can't eat before walking).

OH MY, first I have to say it was a little pricey for my budget (or lack there of) but well WORTH the money and food experience!  I ordered the 1990s harvest and all I can say is "I died and gone to heaven" it was so delicious and I even left 3/4s of the other half of the awesome cinnamon bun - just too full. Everything from the poached egg to the bacon strips were just perfect and no sweet sauces on the bun or the half a plate of fresh fruit either - so you tasted what you got!!! And I had the Mango/Banana smoothie that was so SMOOTH, light and delicious too.

Needless to say my FIRST TIME here was a raving success and I'm kinda ticked at my friend Florence for bringing me here as I probably cancelled out the walking benefits!!! But not really, as I now have an awesome restaurant for future treats!

So if you've not had the chance to enjoy a meal here well I've scanned their take-out menu for the creme de la creme tease!!! 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

At it Again!!!

Okay, I've been trying to get back on track with my managing food intake and also daily brisk walks.  Guess I did not to bad after the last month's ups and downs and only doing slight damage as my July 5th checkup had really good results with 25 pounds lost within the last year (could have been 30 maybe but oh well) and 10 pounds since March 9th.  So yes this last week has been more leveled out and I'm looking forward to walking mornings again!

Today, I kicked myself out of bed at 7:30 and was out the door at 7:45 and even though I was not feeling great I PUSHED myself and walked my total OLD ROUTE (like 3-4 years ago) all the way down Wellington Cres to the train tracks that border Polo Park and then back to the Leg grounds near where I live. That's a total of 9.5 km and I did that in 1 hr and 50 min (daily I do 5.1 km in an hour) - so guess that's still in my ballpark but I can sure tell you I was stiffening up by the time I got home. Needless to say I went straight for a soak in epsom salts and feel a lot better, especially getting more water and a nice large salad with cheese into me.

Now tomorrow I'm hoping for a more casual walk around Assiniboine Park with a friend, but for now it's back to stitching!!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Recycling Ties!

Well another set of postcards are complete and only a few days late so guess they'll be received sooner than later this time.

First off I must thank Mary Ann for recycling various ties and also tie labels and sending them my way for my crazy quilting.  I knew I'd make use of them eventually but not this soon - YEAH!!!

So basically I trimmed ties for the background and then adhered various labels and satin stitched around.  This was my interpretation of FunFriendly's "Labels" - hope it's acceptable!  I thought it was cool!

July Holiday!

Hope you all had a nice CANADA DAY and July 4th celebrations!!!

It was hot here in Dauphin and the trip out was interesting with threatening skys and patches of heavy rain to glaring sun - PHEW!!! I got to Florence's and the AC was on in the house so I was in seventh heaven! Then went over to Dad's and he was in a good mood  and doing good. He's even hired a "maid" for 2 hours to clean periodically and I think that is good - takes some of the burden off the girls!!! I had very little to do today as she was just there on Wed. So I'm just cooking and maybe shopping as I left him looking at the flyers! LOL! I'm getting lots of my kitchen towels crocheted this weekend.

Canada Day ended with a lovely Fireworks display after a very threatening storm front that closed down the fair earlier on and chased Wayne off the golf course but it blew over without damage that I heard of. Then after the fireworks there was a mega thunderstorm right overhead with another light show and it even knocked out the TV satelite so we went to bed and the cats hid in the basement!

It poured and thundered and even hailed Friday morning but I slept through it and woke at 8:00 to miserable weather but no rain so out for my hour walk I went but on the way home got caught in the last 20 min in a thunderstorm and pouring rain. That Canada Day Hat-Umb works like a charm as long as the wind isn't too uplifting!!! But I survived and now it's 33C and sunny and talk about muggy!!!  Oh and not sure if it was the storm or what but my cell phone is dead and will not charge up!

Okay, it's Saturday, off to get my cell phone/charger looked at as it won't charge up - what next?  Boy this town, oops guess it's really classed as a city now but I sure wouldn't say so, is bursting at the seams with the influx of Country Fest visitors.  No I did not waste my money on getting soaked or bitten to smithereens or subject myself to some of the craziness some exhibited.  I took various pictures of Florence and her two cats this weekend.  One is a fridge watchman/watermelon addict and made quite the crying issue until he was given some - totally weird and the other is a scardy cat of storms - quite the pair!  
And this day also ended in a rain storm - gosh it must have been a soggy mess in that farmer's field used as the camping grounds at Country Fest! Wonder if they'll get those 5th wheels and campers out of there Sunday/Monday or if they're stuck there till it dries up?

Well Sunday opened up bright and sunny and hot and muggy - YUCK and I'm driving back with no AC - another sweltering sauna drive and I forgot my cool tie too!  No I didn't go for my walk today - nor Saturday either, just packed up then back to Dad's to help with lunch and then walked over to the mechanics and picked up my car - at least the mosquitoes weren't around in this heat!  Finally on the road about 2:00ish and it was a slow process as there were many travellers both ways!  UGH!!!  Yep arrived home safe and sound and not ready for the work week either!  LOL!