Saturday, July 24, 2010


OK I'm out in NW Ontario on vacation for two weeks with my sister Sylvia and Len in their lovely home with this awesome Lake of the Woods scene out their front door.  Even had a visit from one of the not so human friendly eagles (wouldn't let me get close to the highway from the house for a picture at all).  It's been raining on and off but that has not stopped me from venturing out between cloud bursts for my 3-5 km brisk walks, but I can tell you I'm glad I bought the new pedometre with the ALARM on it plus I take my cell phone just in case. 

WELL I can tell you walking for exercise in the city is tonnes different from walking the highway out here in the back of beyond!!!  AND boy was I glad of the alarm the other day.  See the last 4-5 walks were very solitary except for the non-stop stream of vehicles and majority of them are pulling either boats or are RVs with vehicles behind them.  Then there are the semis too - those darn near knock me off into the ditch!!!

AND yesterday I decided to go for a quick escape (Sylvia manned the quilt show/sale) and off I went.  Well I went to the 1.5 km mark and turned around to come home and slowed right down as a female moose was coming out of the bush about 1/2 mile ahead of me, glancing my direction.  Hmmmm what to do?  I slowed down but she still came out of the ditch onto the highway and then turned and strolled about 15 feet towards me.  YIKES!!!  The first thing that popped into my mind when I spotted her was does she have a calf with her- if so then I'm SOL and prayed to please keep going across and into the bush on the other side as I was not sure what to do.  Nothing came out of the bush so I quickly pulled the pin on my pedometer alarm and she stopped shook her head a few times and then turned about and walked in the other direction.  I'm still strolling some but I can tell you I was scared !@#$less!!!  Then THANK THE LORD, two vehicles came from behind me and she took off into the bush and the last vehicle stopped on the road for a bit and I was thankful as I'm hoping that kept her going further into the bush so I could go past.

Yep a scary walk that day - but it sure was lovely even with the wildlife adventure!  And now my sister's friends are teasing me and saying that I was chased by the moose down the road etc. - now I know how those fishing and hunting stories get so exaggerated!!!  Silly people.


Judy said...

Yup, definitely not a good idea to get too close to a moose!

Joy said...

That's what I call 'getting out and enjoying the great outdoors' LOL