Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Postcards!

Okay, I've finally felt like stitching again and finished off some swap postcards and am tackling some "extras" too.

First off my "Motor _______" swap which I truly was not going to go into as I had these Horse related postcards to finish off but I just could not resist. And I's not bad as mailout is Feb 15th and I'm finished and they are going into the mail today!!! I had this idea as soon as I read the theme and pondered on it for a couple of weeks and then the List Mom begged for at least one more sign up so I gave in - even challenged her to fill the last spot but she chickened out - too bad eh!!!

Boy when you have the idea and you LIKE it, I can tell you it comes together lickety split!!! Now there's a bit of a story to this idea (I'm sure you've gleaned it by now if you know me!!!) - see some of my close friends and family kinda call me the "motor mouth" and sometimes tell me to "zippit" - which does work for a bit!!! So I ran with that original idea and I had LOADS of fun!!! Initially I was going to put on the front in embroidery "Motor Mouth . . . Zippit!!!" but then dropped that idea cause I did not want my swapees to think I was talking about them! Yep that's an embroidered zipper with sparkling beads!!! LOL!

Then I finished off a couple more of the Horse related postcards as a friend ordered one of them and I need six to print off the backs so I finished another "extra" one. I think they turned out just lovely!!! The hats on these were made of the faux ultrasuede (at least I think it's the fake stuff)! I can tell you it did not like the iron nor the fusible web so had to stitch it down securely.

NOW I wonder what those Cowboys or is it Cowgirls doing without their hats n boots on???

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RR Blocks Mapped!

OKAY, as if I don't have enough on my plate to do in my spare time, I have to map the journey my round robin blocks are going on!!! See a co-worker gave me the idea and I LIKED it so much I ran with it.

So here they are along with an insert of my "naked block":

Now this one I had the names and places on the map but it was just too cluttered so here they are:

#1 Candi H, Roseville, CA, USA
#2 Katie B, Monaca, PA, USA
#3 Jane C, Houma, LA, USA
#4 Suan H, Russellville, OH, USA
#5 Janie J, Myrtlewood, AL, USA
#6 Dorothy M, Elgin, TX, USA
#7 Susan N, Sioux Falls, SD, USA
#8 Margaret P, Cooroy, Qld, Australia
#9 Carol L, Cambridge, ON, Canada

I thought it was nifty to see the flow of the blocks' travels and when they arrive home I hope to blog the various inputs according to the notes from the booklets included with the various blocks.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CQ Mag Online - update

OMGG, I didn't realize this, BUT they also put me in as an "article" too!!! I'm in tears of joy and it's hard to read what I'm trying to type!!! :>)))

Going Crazy with Quilting: my centre block, thanks to Beryl G, Judith W and Maureen S of Aurora Quilters Online Yahoo Group.


previously posted:

Well I had sent in various items for publishing in the Readers Showcase and I'm proud to say that my CQd postcards are included in this issue. If you wish to check it out I provided the main link to this online crazy patch magazine along with the link to the Readers Showcase in this current issue and I'm about halfway down. Enjoy.

CQ Mag Online is up!!!

Readers Showcase - my CQd postcards published only!!!

Friends & CQMagOnline

Okay, it's been pretty quiet for me, day in day out and stitching when I can.

BUT yesterday our Aurora quilters satellite group met and had an awesome stitching visit along with a smorgasbord luncheon feast! Then I rushed home and made up meatball appetizers and headed out to pick up various ex-Lewiscraft workers for an informal gathering at Michelle's. It was awesome with lots of yummy finger food dishes and chit chat - can you believe it Rose Anne didn't even "stitch"??? But I did show off some of my current pieces I was working on and Pat had pictures to show and share with us from the fall get together. Here's me with the Halloween craft we all made after supper at Georgie's!

WELL in regards to CQMagOnline, I had sent in various items for publishing in the Readers Showcase and I'm proud to say that my CQd postcards are included in this issue. If you wish to check it out I provided the main link to this online crazy patch magazine along with the link to the Readers Showcase in this current issue and I'm about halfway down. Enjoy.

CQ Mag Online is up:

Readers Showcase - my CQd postcards published only:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Remember my Recycling Ties?

Well a fellow CQer sent me this tidbit and I just have to post it!!!

Are you ready to be "tied in knots" so to speak??? Sorry could not resist!!!

Two silk worms had a race.
They ended up in a tie.


Bad I know, but it tied into my story!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another RR Block Finished!

Ohhhhh I think I need a rest after the off and on stitching this past couple of weeks or so!!! I must be sick, as I've had lots of inspiration and get up and go for catching up on my stitching.



Yep, I received Janie's Oriental RR block (she's making a sewing caddy with it) Oct. 3/08 and have just completed my input. When I finally looked closely at it a few weeks ago I knew right away what I was going to do in one spot - the ginkoba leaf quilting pattern that I reduced to fit the space - which I used my moss green seed beads for the outlined shape. Then I used Watercolors silk floss and did the adjacent black/green seam finish of chains and straight stitches.

Then after checking out my CQI group's Build a Seam Challenge #12 of beaded feather stitch, I knew again what I was doing on that long purple seam on the back facing the Geisha Girl. So I again used the moss green seed beads for the three level feather stitch and an orange seed bead on the centre Vs free arm. But then to make it part of my challenge I then pulled out my recently received "Thread Swap" bootie and used all the orange Japanese Buttonhole (gosh I LOVE that stuff) for the daisies with a pale yellow seed bead centre and then a soft green bugle bead for a leaf beside each flower. I'm pleased with the overall effect and Thank You Kerry for challenging us!!!

Now I was going to work some more and realized that there were others to add to this so I'm hoping I've added sufficient and not too much! Gosh that is sure going to take some getting used to - that weighing where I am in the rotation list and how much space is available - to know how much I should do!!! Too much like WORK!!!

Okay, I Can't Wait!!!

I'm like a little kid in a candy warehouse - totally in AWE!

See I just received a sneak peak of my first RR block, a heart naturally (I'm going to have to give this baby a name - HMMMM!) and the work Candi started on it! I LOVE it and she says she's not finished with it yet!!! But I can't wait to show it off!!!! How can you tell this is my "first" round robin CQd block?

I'm Experimenting n Recycling!!!

First off THANK YOU Mary Ann McD for your kind generosity!!! Much appreciated!!!

Well a couple of years ago a local quilter had been purging and cut off the fat parts of TWO LARGE garbage bags of men's ties for herself and then asked me if I wanted the other parts!!! Well I jumped at it, see I LOVE doing minis and know that they would be used somehow and eventually.

Well today I decided to pull them out and gather up my choices for the CQI group's Build A Seam Challenge backgrounds and GUESS WHAT - I found some awesome 100% SILK ones and so I've put those aside and will wash them before taking them apart and saving the fabrics for CQing!!! Now I have to go back through them all and pull out all the others I might have missed as I was not reading the tags at first. Then also in those bags was the actual "labels" - WOW wonder what I'll do with these? Hmmm maybe there's a name that might go with the project I'm working on and can be used that way???

Talk about recycling!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Beaded Postcard

Yep, I've just finished October's BJP postcard (top only) and I just LOVE it!!! This one portrays FALL, a season I wish would last a lot longer!!!

This one has a shiny gold background with various cutout fabric leaves, berries and acorns bonded and embroidered in place. The berries and acorn tops have been beaded along with the Indian corn which also has SRE silken husks. Yep I really like it even though it does not have my usual spider or web on it - that's okay!!!

“Expressions of Me” ♥ Rose Anne Burdeny
Bead Journal Project
“Little beaded glimpses of a month and what it portrays for me”
October, 2008

Fall, the season I wish never ended!!! The days of such beauty that materialized so fast and with a blink of an eye gone with the wind!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Bragging!!!

Okay, I promised some CQers I'd keep them posted with news of my RRs - nope I've not anything on them to brag about but I sure did get some AWESOME goodies in the mail today!!!

See Norma was to travel with me to Australia when I retire but has changed her mind and decided to spend her vacations with her family in the USA. I'm okay with this as initially I was planning on travelling alone, so I'll just continue. Anyways, on the long overseas flight Norma was going to teach me to tat - something I've tried many times and I'm all thumbs! So I'll definitely miss out on that experience, but still determined to learn.

Anyways, Norma had some set aside for someone that fell through so she very kindly sent them onto me - WOW WOW WOW - I totally love these dainty flutterbees!!! And some are pink too!!! LOL! So in exchange Norma will be sent a postcard of her choice. I'm still grinning and it's like hours after opening the package. Again, thank you so very very very much Norma for you lovely creations!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Something Different

I was going to do some more CQing and then thought maybe not!!!

See I needed some of my mini crocheted hearts for CQing motifs so thought I better get crackin' and make a few up. The only thing is yesterday I BROKE my clip on magnifying lenses so it's much worse on my eyes doing any stitching now. I had to resort to my forehead magnifiers and I don't really like them. Guess I better hike over to WalMart and get myself another pair and sooner than later.

Anyways, here's what I made and now I'm going to relax before crashing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stitching Some More!

Oh I definitely think I'm sick as I'm thoroughly enjoying my evenings and weekends stitching up a storm - well at least I'm not out in these frigid temps except for going to work so to speak!!! Thankfully today is was a relatively calm day as with -36C this morning it would have been unbearable with a windchill too!!! Three blocks walk can seem like forever when it's that cold!!!

So first off here's the next CQ Oriental sewing caddy RR block I'm working on - I had forgotten to take the totally "before" picture so I stopped my beading and grabbed the camera. Then I played in Paint and copied over my beading for a truer before image - just the detail in the olive fabric is distorted some. I've other plans yet for this baby so maybe next week I'll have more pics on it.

Then I stitched up my "naked" heart block for my Fabulous First RR in the CQ Intn'l group - a prerequisite before joining any other posted RRs. And I can tell you from the eyecandy I've seen within this group it is with relief that I do this before so others can see my work and hopefully feel better of sending their blocks for my embellishing. Anyways I could not resist stitching in my own web and spider and hopefully the rest will be history!

Then I also started on my October BJP postcard and am thoroughly pleased with the image and the beading I added, now just to do the embroidery and SRE. Then I'll have that one finished too and onto November's.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tools n Results

WELLLL let me tell you I'm learning slowly but surely!!! Yes many of my friends have mentioned about these "minor" accessories and noted how they make the end results so much easier, but I'm not one to JUMP to the PUMP so to speak. And this pertains to all hobbies, great and small!!!

Well lately I did pick up this cute little tray finally when I've had trouble using my smaller plastic containers and paper funnels while beading my projects. And of course after I've seen a spiffy demo by experienced stitchers at Kathryn's Stitching Studio. Yep a definite necessary tool in the beading bag!!!

Then the other day I was at Michaels with my 40% off coupon and would you believe it there was nothing there (not already on sale) that I WANTED to use it on. Then I was in the beading section thinking I'd find something there and VOILA, I spotted another of the necessary tools shown to me earlier. So I picked up the Beadalon Bead Mats (2 in the package) and zipped home to try it out compared to the quilt batting that I was using. WELLLLLL it made a big difference and for the under $5 price it's a definite must in any beaded case or for gift giving, that is for sure.

So yes I must say that my long session of beading last night was so much easier without spilled beads and also just about instant bead pick up and return to their container than I've had in ages!!! Yes I thoroughly enjoyed my stitching last night and wish I'd picked up these inexpensive items earlier on. LOL!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another RR Block on it's way!

Yep, I've decided not to stall anymore but to send them onto Candi H, next on the rotation list, and hopefully someone else can dream up some tasteful embellishments to add in. So here is what Susan H's block looked like when I received it:

Before me

After me

Here on the upper left you'll see a butterfly I outlined with gold DMC metallic and then did the body (bullion knot) and antennae with DMC black metallic.

Now here I did with a narrow braided ribbon the lasy daisy seam finish and with WeeksDyeWorks cotton floss the stem stitch joining each design. Then I figured it still needed something and found a straight stitch with French knots branching out from the base of the large daisy in my book. Well I changed it to a seed bead and like the looks totally. I think it kinda ties in all the colours on that sort of quiet patch.

Then I stitched in a tiny web and did my usual beaded body with bullion knot legs all in dark brown DMC metallic. I tried to keep the legs close to the block so they won't be a catch all - hope I succeeded.

And last of all I attached temporarily a dark pink butterfly on the pink patch and a white dragonfly here on the blue patch. I just was not sure whether to embellish with embroidery or beads and decided to maybe let someone else decide. Heck maybe you have a different idea totally and leave them in the baggie to go with this block home.

Yes I've just run out of "suitable" ideas to use on this block. ALSO, I am still very leary about working on silk ciggie patches so that's another reason for my delimma. I really wanted to do a beaded seam treatment all the way up the butterfly patch but only came up with the feather stitch and well there are two on there already so instead of keeping this longer and stewing on it, I'm hoping the remaining three in this RR will have more ideas to use. Please, thank you!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My First Bead Journal Project!!!

Finally I have my September 2008 postcard top completed for the BJP activity I had signed up for last summer yet. My start to this project is a tribute to my MOM, my heavenly angel! Here it is and following the picture is what will be printed on the postcard back.

“Expressions of Me” ♥ Rose Anne Burdeny
Bead Journal Project
“Little beaded glimpses of a month and what it portrays for me”

September, 2008
I’ll start this off with a dedication to my Mom “my dearest angel” who was always my greatest admirer of whatever I attempted to do. She never said I ‘couldn’t’ or ‘wouldn’t be able to do it’, just asked ‘how I was planning on doing it’! I miss her muchly!!!



I'd like to point out some special items:
- on the right hand side I've used a very precious piece of hand-dyed Venetian lace I received from a dear friend in Australia - I still have more for another project or two
- in the centre is a peony silk ciggie from Judy R of Ontario
- the blue silk fabric (along with a whole sample package) from Val F here in Winnipeg
Thank you very much for your generosity ladies.

Okay, now onto October's which should be a cinch after this baby!!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Something Different!

Well I was looking for some Venetian lace pieces I had and came across this varigated ribbon yarn and WOW it is perfect for Susan H's purse block. Then when flipping through my embroidery book I came across a laisy daisy seam finish so quickly grabbed the block and set to it before I forgot about it. When I finished that treatment I realized it still needed something - guess the ribbon was wider than the image so it needed a bit more filler and I saw a long straight stitch with a French knot on the end - perfect except I stitched on multi coloured beads instead. Just lovely. Nope no picture as I'm not finished with this block yet so you'll just have to wait! LOL!

Another CQ block!

WOW, I think I'm on a roll with my embroidery this weekend!!! Yep, I've now worked on Susan N's purple block and think I'll stop now as I'm not sure how much one is to actually do and whether I should leave for others to add in yet. I'll get the hang of this embellishing RRs yet!!!

So here is the block I received Aug. 28/08 and it truly had me stumped, but the eyecandy in my various CQing groups has helped.

Here is what I've added to it and hopefully it is acceptable. Basically I added the lovely heart lace and anchored it with bugle and seed beads and finished it off with a trio of French knots atop each bugle and added a varigated blanket stitch at the base. Then I added the Folk Art button at the top to hide the anchored end. Now what???

Well for the two lightly embellished spaces I found a Venetian lace butterfly and stitched it in place with two types of beads and a dot of black at the antenna. Then I found my Abalone and Mother of Pearl items and made up an angel with SRE wings - I love doing these up after accidentally finding a shell that resembled a body - now am always on the look out for such. Hmmmmmm, that did not seem enough so I decided to stitch my metallic web and beaded spider with Bullion legs. Maybe someone can come up with whatever is needed at the base of the web???

Okay, hopefully these are enhancements to the block and maybe with more of these I'll gain some confidence to tackle these sooner than I have.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Another Postcard

Yahooie, I've just completed my whole year of Birthday postcards in one of my PC groups. And it's headed to CYPRESS so it definitely is early as her BD is in February. But since I stitched it in December it was ready and I'm allowing for slow delivery just in case! Hope it gets there safe and sound!!!

I had a nice lunch with the Mullen's today and dropped off my cathedral window ornament for Linda too. Her tree was still up so it can be packed away with all the other ornaments till next year.

And I was a might BADDDDD today. See on my way home I stopped and picked up a few fabrics and silk embroidery threads - maybe I shouldn't have - but on sale and some up to 75% off I just could not resist the most appealing items. But I did mail off my packages to CQer members and workshop info to my sister and now I'm home and onto the next CQing block to check out what it needs and what I can stitch competently! Stay tuned!

More Stitching

YAHOOIE I stitched most of New Year's day and actually am feeling elated, but also zapped of energy now - LOL! I even watched the Juniors and the outdoor NHL hockey games in the afternoon too!

First off I had started an ornament for my friend Linda M, naturally with bears, but just did not have time to finish it before Christmas. So I've finished it first and am very pleased with it. I'm going to make more of these but somehow figure out how to make them smaller as I think it's a little big for my tastes. It is all hand stitched - no machine work at all!!!

Then finally with most of my committments out of the way I pulled out the crazy patch RRs out and picked the one that needed very little added before it looks "finished". So I chose my circular motifs for the bottom left corner and stitched them in place and also added the green feather seam finish on the left hand side.

So hopefully Susan N will be very pleased with her "lovely" yellow block. Sorry I took so long to get around to working on it. This is the first one I've participated in for the SewBuds and now onto the next one of the few I've got sitting here. I find these so challenging and sometimes nerve wracking but hey how is one to improve if not with practice. But then I don't want to wreck the block either in achieving this goal!!!