Sunday, August 11, 2013

A New Hobby? - Definitely Not!!!

This weekend definitely was not a fun one!!!  At least I had a decent Friday evening!

Saturday morning was spent at a Walk In Clinic where I found out the supposed mosquito bites on my shoulder blade are instead shingles - so off to get some meds and start treatment immediately.  It's too bad I didn't go when I noticed them Aug 1st as the sooner treatment starts the sooner this nerve virus can be stopped.  Let's hope it'll still work for me.  I did hear that if you've had chickenpox then this shingles virus is not as severe or as lengthy - let's hope this is true as I had chickenpox.

Then on Saturday I went shopping to Canadian Tire and picked up all the various supplies need to get rid of my van's rust patches.  YEPPERs I played "autobody technician" - not that I know what I was doing, but I sure do not have the money for a professional paint job.  I did "Google It" and printed off the "do it yourself rust repair" and read it a few times and felt confident to give it a go - at least hope to delay further spreading until I can get it done properly.  I hope!!!

So Sunday morning I drove over to Angela's and checked the house and plants - only a few pots needed watering - picked some tomatoes to have for lunch and then got busy.  First off I cleaned the areas with brake clean, let dry, treated with rust converter, let dry, tried to patch areas with fast drying auto putty (not very good stuff and was trouble), tried sandy but the hatch was too much work for me, then treated with Rust Check (no primer required with this), and followed up with the matching spray paint for my vehicle.  Now I did allow the stated time in between coats and since I have three areas to treat it was longer yet plus the temps were I'd say 25-27C today with a light breeze - I'd say ideal.  Well it didn't take long to realize the putty was crappy - drying out and a pain to get even on the hatch part and it's a mess - but the rust has been treated and I hope that the paint sticks.  If not next weekend is REDO but I'll stretch it over the two days!!!

OHHHH my hands/nails!!!  I didn't break any but what a state!!!
Now you're probably thinking what a lousy job - yes I agree too but heck that was my first time and like I said at least the rust has been tackled and hopefully will be OK for this winter at least.  I have gotten instructions to remedy the masking lines and hopefully look after that this next weekend.  Unless there are problems that arise this week then I guess I'll have to strip it and do it all over again!!!  I pray not!!!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Quilting - Not Quilting!

Honest, I did try!  See after finishing off the Bali Strip Challenge I moved back to my quilted gift that needed to be redone - yesterday I got similar fabrics together and adjusted my machine until I thought my tension was good and then practiced some.  Soon I found out that I definitely need my "machingers" but oh my where are they - I have two pairs too.  They weren't in my sewing machine which I'd think was the logical place for them.  I was so frustrated after trying to free-motion quilt without that I gave up.

Instead I found my box of pictures, oil paintings and quilted hangers and proceeded to hang them up - like hit and miss with these old crumbling walls when hammering nails into them.  Oh well I did my best and I can tell you it's lovely to see some of my favourites up on display.  Then I read the evening away!

Then today I tackled my "studio" and managed to unload two large bags and two boxes.  I even found some lovely Christmas placemat fabrics that I'll have to do up - who knows maybe if I get this place cleared of most of the boxes I just might have my ex-Lewiscraft gals over around Christmas for a LONGGGGGGGG overdue supper!!!  Will see, no promises from me!

Anyways I came across a load of blue jeans and proceeded to cut them up!  GOSH I remember the last batch I did and how sore my back was from leaning over the table!  HA HA HA - not this time!!!  I just LOVE my new cutting table (thank you Margo and Harold) - it's just the right height and I had to stop because my scissors were bruising my thumb!  OH and it's time I left for a BBQ.  Bye!