Sunday, October 20, 2019

MPQ Men's Shirts Project

So this weekend I stitched up the mostly cut out block pieces, except for the slab four. YEAH!!!!  That means this next weekend I can hopefully plan out the 36 blocks into three quilt tops, then sash and border them.  Then hopefully pass them onto someone to sandwich, quilt and bind them for my MPQ donation from the gifted samples of men's shirts. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘

Incorporated some pockets. 

Sewing the last block! 

Incorporated two shirt labels.

Sunday Morning Retreat

OK I'm home from South Beach retreat and aching feet up, resting!  Here's the last of the pictures from Sunday morning!

I caught Sylvia doing fussy paper piecing - can't wait to see this finished!

Then Pat had trimmed off her wall hanging last night and this morning sewed the binding on.

I finished off the last four men's shirt blocks, next is the sashing and borders!

Then here's a picture of one of Kat's quilt blocks - going to be real pretty!

Also a picture of those retreaters still here showing off their TrendTex goody bags! 

Another year's retreat has ended, anticipation for the next one begins!

Saturday Retreat

Morning, it was a very quiet night, thank goodness.  My shirts blocks are growing.

Well it was again a productive day for all of us! But we can't believe the weekend has gone by so fast. 

Pat took the pic of me cutting out more shirt blocks! 

Then she received these two pictures of Astro her grandson - awesome! 

Here's Pat and her free block of the month from a quilting magazine (needs applique leaves etc), info to follow, and quilting on a workshop UFO. 

Sylvia was a little less productive as she kept finding projects with pieces missing - not like her at all. 

And me, I sewed up 10 nine patch shirt blocks, thought I was done! 

Nope only 32 blocks so tomorrow I need to cut out four slab blocks to have 12 - 12" blocks with sashing between and borders for each of three MPQ donation quilt tops.

Also I figured out my weekend's Casino fun!  So over Thursday, Friday and Saturday I dropped $75, cashed out tickets of $38.40 plus $16 of points converted amounting to $54.40. So was down $20.60 for all three days - not bad I say!  I've always said I'd rather buy fabric than donate to the government!

Friday, October 18, 2019

South Beach Quilter's Retreat

Thursday, Oct 17th

Well we're busy sewing and enjoying the retreat so far!

OK were done for!  Tomorrow's another day!

And after finally falling asleep this happens!

Friday, Oct 18th

Well that was the worst night I've had for pain of the Achilles tendonitis plus the sciatic (opposite legs) after struggling down three flights of stairs!  Even Sylvia beat me down the stairs and I just about collapsed when I finally reached the lobby.  This time around Sylvia helped me to a chair after asking the child in it to please move - I was in tears from the pain! After 45 minutes the elevators started working but no firemen showed up.  I'd say it was another hour before sleep knocked me out. Needless to say I was the last one to get up this morning!  It's going to be slow moving today!

This is what a fire alarm at 1am drove me to for lunch!

WOW, what a productive day for all of us!  Not so for the slots!  Sylvia for sure went to town today! 

I LOVE this one!

I LOVE this too!

Pat's 1600 Jelly Roll Christmas project was folded in half thus the two pics. 

And I totally forgot to take a picture of my mess of shirt blocks I sewed up today, will do so tomorrow morning!  Yeppers we all had good days, even my aches were off and on today!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Heel Pain

๐Ÿค”  Not sure I should have gotten out of bed today!  Was at PanAm Clinic 7am, out 9:30am with an 11am appointment recall, so home for breakfast and relaxing.  See this last week I've felt piercing pain in the back of my left heel (periodically) to the point of losing balance n close to falling, then it's OK.  ๐Ÿค”

Then Monday after only a 5km walk I got home and could barely walk around the apartment and in constant piercing pain since. Tuesday was busy so I managed with my walking stick for hiking and slowly.  ๐Ÿ˜–

Well back at 11am, 12:30 xrays taken, 1:45pm saw the Dr and basically Achilles tendonitis and no walking for a few months (slow healing), prescriptions for anti inflammatory cream 3X daily and heel inserts for my shoes (I just bought some for my boots I hadn't used) and physiotherapy maybe, 3pm got a few motion exercises but basically RESTING!!! HMMMM, do I know how to do that for that amount of time?  DAMN!!!!  ๐Ÿคจ

Good thing I'm packed for my quilting retreat, just gotta remember that walking stick and heel inserts!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

So Thankful!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!  Now I am very glad I emailed my problem to Pembina Auto Body and Glass as Luc replied that he's ordered my window, it should be fixed Tuesday and if all goes well will have my car back that day!  Now that's service!  WOW!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

My BABY!!!!!!

This city is just so mixed up!  This is the second time after a snowstorm since putting in this stupid cycling path on Assinniboine Ave that a Bobcat is out cleaning it off first thing in the morning!  Where are their brains?  Half the time cyclists are on the sidewalks or on the streets going the WRONG way and the two way bike lane is empty!  Now instead of using this to clear downed branches he's cleaning a BIKE PATH!!!!!

Then my parking lot neighbour calls me at 8:38am and my heart and stomach both flop!

To top it all off my new car was busted into last night!  I don't keep anything visible or of value in the boxes in it overnight and just got it back from my girlfriend's place!  I felt leery leaving it here while away!  I checked and they didn't take anything, just left the mess.  OK it's moving out time from here that is for sure! Enough already!  And who know's if I'll get it repaired for retreat on Thursday!!!!!!  At least this time I have car replacement or whatever it's called!

The owners immediately sent me the pictures for my police report - not that they'll do anything with these scumbags!!!!

This is the F****** JERK who did it,
looking right at the camera too!