Saturday, August 26, 2017

Yummy Grilling Again

OMGG I've just about died and gone to heaven me thinks!  Remember that dog floating skyward after his dog bone treat?  Yep I'm positive as I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat after my supper or whatever that saying is.  😁

See it's been well over 6 months since I cut the cord and tossed out my scratched Teflon grill.  I've missed my 10 minute ready grilled meals horribly since.  Well the Thrift Store find of my desired grill for $7.50 works like a charm even with the missing drip tray (foil tray worked fine).  I refuse to pay $159+ for a brand new one whenever it's restocked and was told to wait for October when BBQ season is over and new stock comes in.  Well my grilled BBQ sauced chops, salad and Asian pear for dessert was AWESOME!!!  Thank you Angela for shopping that day with me!  😉

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Toe Update

Yep since I was feeling concerned I decided to get it checked out at the PanAm Sports Clinic as I still can't bend the other toes - why I wonder?  Well it's not broken just badly bruised!  YEAH!!!  Also  the other toes are controlled with the same nerves as this toe so won't work until swelling etc eases.  So I'm not to panic but was told this ProFoot Toe Protector is a good decision.  I wash it out nightly.  ☺

Nifty thing, pliable but still supporting some.

Monday - Aug 21st - Road Trip Contined

Oh and I forgot when we drove in and parked my odometre read 175,000 - WOW!  Edna hasn't been to Rainbow Falls or Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary so I asked if she wanted to go for more of a ride.  Off we went.  Even ran into Kirsten, Tom n June's daughter and owner of two dogs I pet sit, at the falls.

Wonder what's on the other side of this huge rock?

And at the sanctuary which was closed we were greeted by a gaggle of geese crossing the road.

Then onwards home but first for supper at the Airliner Drive Inn in Beausejour.

OMGG we should have split our regular burgers as they were huge and homemade.  The fries box is the size for 4 people not two - we wasted half if not more.  But awesome.  Now heading home!

OK we drove from Winnipeg to Pinawa recording 132 km.  We left Pinawa in a roundabout way and got home 250 km later.  And in total we walked 23,204 steps or 15.96 km.  UGH!!!!  I just took off my toe protector and it's been throbbing the 10 minutes or so I've been in the recliner.  It's now a nice rich purple reddish colour - wonder if I'll lose my nail - never happened before.  Needless to say I'm doing nothing tomorrow!!!

Monday - Aug. 21st - PPF - Pinawa Hike

Well after a late start Edna and I finally got to Pinawa just as the Pathfinders (57 signed up) were getting ready to go on the hike in the steady rain.  Oooopsie just about forgot to mention before we drove into Pinawa on Hwy 211 east last year's black bear cub ran across the road.  WOW!  I used the toe protector and took an Alieve upon start and did pretty good walking with this toe.  Near the beginning of the trail I slipped on the wet rocks and needed a hand to get back up but no injuries thank goodness.  OH and totally overcast with rain so no solar eclipse for us!  Around the 8 Km mark my toe and both knees started burning and aching.  It was a beautiful walk (11.2 km in 2 hr 18 min at 4.8 km/hr) even if it was wet.  Then back to the Golf Course for our buffet lunch of soup sandwiches salad and dessert!  Yummy!  Then our Pinawa guide gave a slide presentation of their 2 month camping  tour of South Africa.  WOW!!!!

Apparently in winter families came out here to skate and picnic.   WOW!

OK here goes I'm going over on it!

I did it and this was the BESTEST one I've been on!

Edna and I have been waiting for this trip for years - I was not missing it because of a sore toe! 

One of many signs on the trail.




Sunday - August 20th

And now at home recouping from a short visit with Edna and a late lunch at the Beachcombers outdoor patio at the Forks.  Today I finally tried the Marquarita Bulldog - totally scrumptious along with the shared bruschetta and BBQ chicken wings.  On the way home picked up some tape and a toe protector to hopefully allow me to enjoy the 10 Km hike on the Pinawa trails Monday.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

What a Day!!!

I felt relaxed being out here the past hour with Zero and Fred - not one bark - just scoping out the yard.  It was awesome to sit and have my breakfast ourdoors and read without bugs - undisturbed!  WOW!  I can't believe it but maybe 45 min and Fred gave up wandering and came and settled near me.  Maybe another 15 minutes and Zero came up too and stood by the door and promptly Fred followed so guess that's my cue to head inside too.  LOL!!!

Boy I had a good day with Edna.  We had lunch at Stella's compliments of Edna then off to Cabela's where both of us found nice expensive hikers on sale and me a GC.  Then across to the Outlet Mall where at Quarks I found an awesome pair of black dressy shoes for $49 to go with those dresses - they feel like slippers.  The shoes I have at home caused my feet to ache walking in my bedroom so no dice wearing them all day.  😉

Then over to Angie's for a few hours of dogs and cat sitting.  Was outside playing chase etc till they headed for the door.  To hot out there.  Poor Murphy he does look sick.  Ohhh dang I tried to keep Murphy from escaping outside while the dogs were coming in and misjudged the door frame.  Yep my toe connected and I think I may have broken it and then later playing with the pups outside Grif the larger St. Bernese, stepped on it - YOWL!!!!  Both pups jumped back like 4 feet watching me on the patio.  😣  Thank goodness I was going home right then as I was not sure if I was going to cry or puke!

At this stage I gave in and ordered pizza.  As I'm paying I got confused and told the two girls that I may have broken my toe as I can't bend it.  One quickly went and got me ice for my long ride home.  Oh was I thankful!  Now I'm home and feet are up - wondering if I'll be up to the hike on Monday - sure hope so!!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Feeling Happy!

That Zero three weeks after his hip surgery is off his meds and also the leash as long as there are no rabbits or squirrels in the yard.  Fred goes out first to clear the way and then I can let Zero off the leash to walk around but more importantly to just veg out in the grass.  Also allows me to relax on the awesome deck too.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Feeling Thankful!

That Angela met me at the Thrift Store for their special 25% off sale and gave her advice on my selections to purchases.  I not only found a dress for my niece's wedding but found two others like new that I'm happy with and feel good in without needing any adjustments.  Like they were made for me!  So along with them I got a pair of brand new jeans, a jean blouse, tiny teapot sugar creamer set (Tina and Dianne) which I'd seen made into a sewing notions holder for beside your chair, stove broiler pan set like new, Hamilton Beach removable plates electric grill barely used that I'd been looking for for ages ($129+ new), a bag of embroidery threads, ice cube maker for skinny 4" cubes for my water bottle and a couple of stationary items.  All this for $67.50 and no killer taxes!!!

Then we went to Tim's for a late lunch n gab session and discuss plans for Wednesday's Greece sing along at the Park Theatre.  Both of us are looking forward to that along with Barb and my niece Pat!!!!

This one has a sheer beaded top.

This one has a folded gros grained ribbon empire waist.

This one is two times black checkerboard fabric.

Then supper with Linda and Patrick at Santa Lucia - I walked back home afterwards.  What a lovely end to a beautiful summer day - not so hot out walking - nice breeze.

Mine was whole wheat thin crust and still filling with side garden salad and lemon water.  I have half at home for two meals this weekend.  I'm going to check my BS 2 hrs after meal to see how it is compared to white regular crust with my ceasar cocktail.  WOW guess choosing wisely in moderation does work to allow me to enjoy my favourites.  It was only 7.2 - AWESOME! - instead of the usual 9.2 or 9.6 readings - 10 max.

Look 2 pizzas!

The bigger one was their's.