Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Feeling Drained!

I don't know if these critters KNOW that Mom is coming home tonight or they are just out to get me.  LOL!!!  Last night they were in and out and I even spent half an hour playing chase with the pups as it had cooled off considerably.  Then at bed Bella kept going back and forth to my room with her tail knocking on the door till she finally settled.  Good all of us out for the night.

YEAH RIGHT!!!!  At 2:09 someone started barking so I got up and all three headed for the door and one of them tore at  my big toe slightly but out promptly and then back in to settle down.  NOT!!!  They barked every so often then would settle again so a very disturbed sleep until 5:30 when I let them out and fed them.  NOW THEY ARE WRESTLING AGAIN!!!  PUPS!

Not sure how socialable I'll be to meet with friends but definitely ready to head home for a good night's sleep tonight!

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