Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Forks - Free Concerts during Canada Summer Games!

There's some awesome entertainment tonight here!  I've packed a picnic and hope to stay to the end but escape before the fireworks.

Faouzia from Carman MB

Royal Winnipeg Ballet

William Prince

Sierra Noble

Dang it they just announced lightning and rain in 15 minutes and if such materializes to evacuate in an orderly fashion.  After it passes the concert will resume.  CRAPPOLA!!!!!!

Guess it blew over as it calmed down and is lovely.  Concert continues.  Glad I brought my book as The Meanies aren't my music.  Wonder what Royal Canoe will be like.  Hmmm Royal Canoe isn't to my liking either.  And someone near me has a stinky smoke going on too.  Can I endure another set before my favourite along with the symphony preform?  Ohhhhh hope I make it through this noise.  My chest is vibrating from the beat etc.  Not good but I also want to hear the last group and the symphony!!!!

Crash Test Dummies and Winnipeg Symphony orchestra - now this is music to my ears!

They did the Tarzan Superman one.  I liked even the other songs too and especially with the symphony accompanying.

Even the parkade is loaded - what a view I bet!  And the grounds!

Fireworks started from Shaw Park just as the concert ended.  So no quick escape before!  Here's some of my better shots.

I know this isn't a great shot but I love the red with the Human Rights Museum.

And a green one to end it for me!  Lovely!

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