Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MPQ - 2014 Quilt Reflections Show and Conference

OMGG I’m just not keeping up with much in my life lately!  I need to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN n RELAX but when?  LOL!

We have the Manitoba Prairie Quilters “Quilt Reflections” Show and Conference this weekend.  Just before Christmas I signed up to assist the Quilt Raffle Chairperson who was going away January-March and would not be at the Show.  So I’ve been a little busier with those responsibilities and now looking after the actual Quilt Raffle ticket sales at the show this weekend and on Sunday coordinating the actual “draw” of the lucky recipient to receive this lovely quilt.

Also at the show are the Challenge Quilts which are on for Auction this weekend – bids open till 3:00 pm on Sunday, March 30th and then the lucky winner declared!  Here’s my entry (#25) taken in the “jungle” at my niece’s.

And here’s the link to view other donations for this Challenge Auction – my sister Sylvia’s is #29 – I think it’s AWESOME!

So if you can make it to the Quilt Show and Conference, March 28th – 30th, here in Winnipeg MB at the CanadInns – that would be GREAT!!!

Then this last year I finished off two original design wall hangings as retirement gifts for fellow co-workers and they so kindly allowed me to borrow them so that I could enter them into the quilt competition.  So who knows, they’ll be judged, on display and I will get a picture of myself beside them and possibly a ribbon if I’m fortunate to win a prize.  I’ve also a couple of my own quilts and my popular needlecases in the Boutique for sale.  Yes a busy weekend coming!

AND last week I had the unfortunate happenstance to be out on the windy day and while getting out of my van the gust tried to close the door on me – catching me on the left wrist.  Just about had me on my knees in pain and naturally a nice blue bruise with swelling but it didn’t hurt that much – unless touched.  Well after a number of days the swelling was going down and as I moved the wrist more the pain was increasing – off to PanAm walkin clinic to have it checked out.  So on Friday I had the xray, Dr followup and sent to “casting” – nope not gonna be a famous movie star!  I’ve made it this far in my life and here I’m put into a permanent rock hard cast to immobilize that wrist to help reattach this small “chip” off one of the smaller wrist bones next to the outside knuckle.  SHEESH why not one of those velcroed splints instead – this is a pain in the !@#$ that is for sure and quite a hindrance to my hand stitching especially!

So here I am with loads of hand and machine stitching to do and I’m in this awkward cast!  GRRRR!!!!  Not sure if I’ll get much accomplished this next two and a half weeks but that better be it for this cast – I do not want it now - never mind longer!!!  Never mind trying to walk on our icy and snow packed sidewalks – that’s all I need is to slip and do something else!!!  At least with the velcroed walking cast I had for the dang broken big toe was tolerable as I could remove it to relax and bath, this dang thing NOT!!!  Oh well two weeks will go by real fast - time usually does!!!