Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Busy Few Days

Well it's been a jammed packed day but I survived it and was lucky to get my baby cleaned inside and out just before this "whiteout" happens again.  She smells new again!  Can't believe January will be 2 years for us touring around!

Today I walked Polo Park instead of in the windy and icy outside and took this selfie.  Finally for the first time I met up with Jacqui and her hubby who always walk there!

Also here are the four notebook covers (notebooks inside) I sewed up from a panel of selvedges fabric from the weekend.  Plus the coffee fabric I found and stitched up some mug rugs, the larger round one can be a hot matt with the silver heat resistant fabric under the backing.



Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cookie Bake Sale

If you've the time please come check out the Cookie Bake Sale with a few craft tables with various items for sale.  I'll have a table with some of my sewing needlecases n thread catchers and various mug rugs, table hot matts and toppers - maybe my tatted snowflakes if I get them started this week.

Also was shocked to see a beautiful fox walk across the front yard, between the two vehicles and down the road before I got out there.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

I'm blaming it on "no sun!"

See this morning while I was checking my BP and BS readings Zero was beside me.  Once I pricked my finger he rushed over and put his head on my thigh and after the test and all cleaned up he raised it onto my bent elbow.  I felt bad upsetting him and gave him ear rubs telling him I'm OK!  Gosh darn guess the Alpha male and I have bonded!

I'm not with it today or past few days.  The day was good as 6 of us showed up for Aurora's gathering at Sobeys - so nice.  I even got the two bookmark fronts for the Dryden show sewn up there too.  I dropped off all my sewing at home and just going to veg out tonight.

I was away at my quilting meeting and they both were very happy to have me back and followed me from room to room.  Then just now Zero's been running in and out stopping to put his head onto my arm or up on my shoulder - gave him more ear and back rubs.  Guess he's reading my frumpy mood today?  No hiding the truth with a smile etc from him!  LOL!!!

Manitoba Craft Museum and Library Update

Finally the long desired exhibit is opening!  Now to check it out, find Sylvia's and my small quilts and find out how the bidding works.

From their site:

Canada 150: Craft in Red and White
Opens to the public tomorrow!

Our gallery is getting a very Canadian makeover! Exciting works are going up for our new Canada 150: Craft in Red and White exhibit.

Join us as we look back on 150 years of Confederation through the work of historical and contemporary Manitoban craft artists.
November 25, 2017 – January 13, 2018

Opening reception: Friday December 1, 2017 – 7-9 pm

Friday, November 24, 2017

Busy Couple of Days

Well I'm still having fun making up selvedges fabrics for pot holders, coasters, notebook covers and now individual placemats or table toppers.  The other day I stitched up two Christmas stocking fronts.  Even enjoying the effects of fabric and thread trimmings filling up the quart jar!  Wonder if there's something creative jelling here?  Both dogs are napping on the leather loveseat!  Definitely not for company.  LOL!!!

The picture below - one on the right I alternated a few stretch stitches.  This take too long and harder to control fabric too.  😁   The other one is gold triangles.  The stockings were like a closed cross stitch in iridescent - doesn't show up disappointed.

Sky looks like it should be SPRING not the seasonal WINTER!  As the sun sets colour gets deeper rain stormy!

Don'tcha LOVE this table and matching glasses /dishes?  Leftovers for supper but just as yummy looking and tasting!

OK I'm calling it quits for sewing tonight and packing up my machine etc and dropping it off at home tomorrow.  These last two will become individual placemats or table centres.  The one on the left will need finishing strips to cover over the meeting edges.  I would say since Wednesday evening I've sewn up close to a metre of selvedges fabric ready for whatever projects they go into.  And this jar of trimmings is intriguing me more and more.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Full Wednesday

Today I looked for reasonably priced food items at Wal-Mart and was surprised to get a smaller shrimp ring for $5, 2 pork bacon wrapped fillets for $6 and chicken thighs package for $7 - WOW I was impressed.  So here's my supper tonight!  Wish I'd had some white wine too but not tonight.  BTW I'm not eating all the shrimp tonight!  DELICIOUS!

I'm settled in, dogs finally stopped going in and out and on the napping and I'm set up and stitching Christmas stockings using my stash of Christmas, winter or tree selvedges for donation to a women's shelter through MPQ next month.  They are also collecting travel sized toiletries and hair accessories, socks etc to stuff them with too.  AWESOME!!!

Ohhh guess it's this table, chair or I was not sitting properly as my back is killing me after sewing up two Christmas stocking fronts.  I'll probably applique a star or garland of lights and if I can find my white fur - I'll trim the tops with that.  Now feet are up and I'm watching the Jets hockey game before crashing.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Finally Finished

Fire truck and rescue are out front for some reason.  No alarm on here.

Anyway I've finally finished the commissioned special snowflake (4.5 in) and am pleased with it in the end!  See first stiffening was not enough so made a different one but did not like it so restiffened it after my friend said the first was probably A-OK.  She was right and so I attached the angel.

Yesterday I picked up the boxed star ornament as a gift and also bought these two cute porcelain keychain dolls which I'm changing to tree ornaments for myself from Aunt Monica's Attic store on Regent.  Contact Monica if you want unusual but very educational and awesome children's gifts or tatting supplies.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'm Home!

Well my ride back was uneventful thank goodness.  It was snowing and blowing for about 15 minutes out of Dryden then light drizzle to Vermillion Bay and then clear.   Kenora to Wpg was no snow or rain but in between the trees in Manitoba's divided highway the passing lane was slushy.  My car handled awesome!  Now to repack for my MPQ craft sale this evening.  😁

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Accomplished Weekend

Glad of the quilting I managed to get done after the ladies breakfast out and then a visit at McD's with the group and a bit of shopping etc.  This weekend I quilted 7 of the 10 projects I'd planned for plus I sewed up 3 table runners.  Now to hope this fog warning does lift overnight as they say and then I'll get on the road after 10 am back to Winnipeg.

I think I overdid the colour today! 

I LOVE this one!

These cuties are free motion quilted and walking foot edged.

First one - basic quilting.

Second one - experimented with geometric triangles.  LOVE this one. 

Third one - cross hatch quilting.  Interesting. 

Sylvia just loves her Pfaff Ambition 1.0 and sewed up 3 table runners and even quilted the first one but needs it's binding hand stitched.  The other two are full of pins waiting to be quilted.  So she was more productive than usual.  I think I tired her out!

Crazy Monday

Went out for breakie with the group then home to sew while Sylvia and Len went with Florence and Roy to Vermilion Bay for their group's monthly lunch.  When they got back we went for a quick bit of shopping then back to the sewing machines for both of us.  Pizza ordered in for supper and back at it but Sylvia quit earlier while I plugged on and finished my third runner top today.  Just to quilt and bind them and a good days effort.  Now got my feet up and crocheting a couple kitchen towel toppers before bed.

Got called the Green Monster by on of the coffee gang!   HMMMM!

First used a border print plus my brown.
Love how it turned out.

This was following the pattern fabric suggestion.

This was using up my stash
and I think my favourite.

A Determined Sunday

Both of us are determined to get things done.  Sylvia LOVES her differential feed built in (no walking foot needed) and I did better in my first topper than the second in my free motion quilting (3 out of 5 quilted).   Now I'm changing to the walking foot and some straight quilting to relieve some tension I've built up.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Both Feeling Determined!

Both of us are determined to get things done.  Sylvia LOVES her differential feed built in (no walking foot needed) and today I did better in my first topper than the second in my free motion quilting (3 out of 5 quilted).   Now I'm changing to the walking foot and some straight quilting to relieve some tension I've built up.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Relaxing With Sylvia and Len

Quiet morning with Len and Sylvia watching services from Ottawa, working on my kitchen towels and then the afternoon sewing, with Sylvia trying her NEW PFAFF machine and I quilting one of my toppers.  Then I helped make salmon fillets for supper and relaxed watching curling and soon the Winnipeg Jets again.  This time I hope to stay awake longer!

Reading before testing! 

Now working on a runner.

Looking good!

My quilted topper - 4 more to go.