Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Crazy Monday

Went out for breakie with the group then home to sew while Sylvia and Len went with Florence and Roy to Vermilion Bay for their group's monthly lunch.  When they got back we went for a quick bit of shopping then back to the sewing machines for both of us.  Pizza ordered in for supper and back at it but Sylvia quit earlier while I plugged on and finished my third runner top today.  Just to quilt and bind them and a good days effort.  Now got my feet up and crocheting a couple kitchen towel toppers before bed.

Got called the Green Monster by on of the coffee gang!   HMMMM!

First used a border print plus my brown.
Love how it turned out.

This was following the pattern fabric suggestion.

This was using up my stash
and I think my favourite.

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