Monday, October 31, 2016

Onto a New Project

OK the three of us got together and packaged up goodies for 135 ghosts n goblins - it's drizzling so not sure how many we'll get tonight.

Now Sylvia and I are tracing out the kazillion itsy bitsy pieces onto heat n bond lite and then I have to trace the whole picture onto a clear plastic overlay.  THEN I get to cut out the kazillion pieces, pick out my 12 fabrics from the piles i brought with me and finally get to play and build the heron scene!!!  Wish me luck in getting it right and hopefully fused in place by Saturday so I can pack it up to head home on Sunday!!!!  Please, pretty please???

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dryden Retreat - Last Day!!!

OK let's see what I remember of this final day of retreat!  We started with breakfast with Sylvia and Len's friends then back to the Ag Ctr to sew more!  When I got back to my table I found the beach wall hanging that Sylvia and I made in that challenge and this lady won when auctioned off - she gave it for me to finish off and donate to St. Amant Ctr.  I got pictures of both our Bargello table runners and a cardinals project I need to make for myself and then I started sewing another nifty table runner and Sylvia back to her log cabin blocks, then it was lunch time.  It was too bad I did not do the hall video from the stage on Saturday when we had 75 ladies sewing but you get the idea plus we all had a banquet table each!  We had a few minutes more of sewing and then it was Show n Tell time - thanks to Adina for the Bargello table runners groups - before packing it up.

It was BEAUTIFUL out and once home and  unloaded, I headed out for a walk and clocked 6.93 km at a brisk pace of 5.2 km/hr.  I truly enjoyed the sunny warm temps but was leary when a truck with darkened windows slowed down and kept turning around to slowly go by me four/five times.  Once even stopped just ahead of me and that's when I was thinking I'd run upto someone's door.  Finally it left and I speeded up for home.  Next time I'm doing a different route - not that country walking path again.

Then I ordered pizza for supper while Sylvia did laundry and we're relaxing watching curling and now baseball.  Down time!

Also Pat phoned and told Sylvia that she'd sent a picture to me of her quilt that was hanging at Crafted this weekend at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and will be donated to a youngster in hospital here.  Congratulations Pat!!!

OK my video would not work so here are pictures around the hall.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dryden Retreat Day 2

Oh boy what a day at the retreat!!!  First off Joan had chosen 3 teams of two quilters each for a bit of creative fun.  None of us nor the retreaters knew what was happening until it was announced at 9:30 and then we were given 2 hours to complete a wall hanging.  We had a bag of supplies and fabric and told afterwards the projects would be auctioned off.  So off we were and lucky Sylvia had ideas running through her head all night as she had a lake beach kids scene and I agreed and added a sand castle to it.  So we had added the lake to the muslin beach, then added the sand castle, umbrella, pail, shovel and rake, beach ball and flip flops.  We finished our idea off and just barely sewed on the black borders when the time was up - we were first finished!  So a handsome sum was earned and all six of us received a card and $25 each for our efforts.

I finished off my Bargello with dark green borders (same as this smaller piece) and spray basted sandwiching it ready for quilting.  Then I worked on my left over pieces and came up with this wall hanging.  Sylvia sewed up 6 more log cabin blocks along with finishing her Bargello top - no borders yet as she's not sure about the layout.

Coffee break was an around the room of retreaters tips, ideas etc exchange with a brief exercise event.  Then off for supper and back to the Ag Centre for some Kenora ladies entertainment - talk about a load of laughs!!!  Another great day!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Dryden Retreat Day 1

SHEESH on our way back from supper out, a large sized deer jumped out of the ditch from between a couple of busnesses and ran across the busy Trans-Canada and RIGHT in front of my car.  Just lucky I saw something and slammed on the brakes, arm out to keep Sylvia back and lucky no one was on my ass end!  I avoided contact just barely.  
Well Day 1 of the retreat here in Dryden ON is over for us two - just too tired to start something new at 8:30 so home to rest we went.  I prepped veggies for my contribution to goodies for tomorrow - already lots of sweet stuff!  So here's what we accomplished today.
1.  Sylvia finished sewing up 12(?) Log cabin blocks early on while I finished off my Fold Snip Tear Drop and Pass kid friendly quilt top started at Adina's retreat last weekend.  Sylvia was glad I picked a different sashing/borders fabric than originally planned AND it was bought from Julia very recently - put to good use it was!
2.  Both of us sewed up infinity scarves from Australian fabrics that Adina was demoing last weekend too.
3.  Then both of us worked on this weekend's Bargello table runner project and I finished off the inside part - tomorrow it's decide on my borders and maybe quilt it too???
Besides all this a particular fun trouble maker on the guild, Joan, informed Sylvia before I arrived here that the two of us were going to provide two hours of quilting know how tomorrow morning along with two more couples!!!  Hmmmmm!!!  Here she is preparing kits for us but won't give any details until start time.   I'll get someone to take pictures for me.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back to Normal!

OK I've finally straightened out my stupidity today by getting my Dr to fax my high blood pressure prescription to a Dryden pharmacy and after 2.5 days without meds (probably on my kitchen counter???) I'm starting to feel more relaxed.  👍  Sylvia and I spent the past couple days getting our Bargello "stratas" ready for our class we're doing this weekend plus finally hung up their living room curtains and valance.  Sylvia sewed them - she's one talented lady.  Now to relax before heading to our quilting retreat tomorrow morning.   ☺  At least we get to come home every evening and return to the centre which is nearby in the morning.  Lunches are provided for us along with coffee and water.  Also there are SEVEN vendors there - good thing this one is very very very reasonable!!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Walking with Friends

Walking with Prairie Pathfinders (63 of us today) over the Esplanade from the Forks into St. Boniface and along the Seine River pathway.  Beautiful day.  Michelle and Edna both joined me and Edna had lunch at Sal's with me too.  Then back home to do laundry and repack clothes and change sewing projects for the next retreat in Dryden ON this coming weekend and an extended stay sewing with Sylvia the week after!!!  Even get to join Sylvia and Len for her birthday supper this year!!!  😊

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Retreat Pack Up!

Well here is Sylvia's finished kids quilt and my blocks minus sashings n borders.  Also Sylvia's blueberry table runner - her second project.  The first project she's not happy with her fabric choices so it's not finished.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Having a Blast!

And some aren't quilting at all - playing Cards Against Humanity!!!  But having loads of laughter that's for sure!!!

Getting Things Done!

While waiting for this retreat's Fold, Snip, Tear, Drop, Pass It project to start I sewed up the pincushions that I cut out late last night.  They all will be stuffed with wool from Egli's Sheep Farm in Oxdrift ON and finished off with a button on both side in the centre to give it some indents.  Then after lunch Charlene and Corné, the organizers,  presented Adina with the quilt made from blocks the October ladies group stitched last year along with a photo album signed by each contributor.  It's just awesome and many a pair of moist eyes around, not just Adina's!!!  In the second last picture you'll see my block - the bowler trailer that they have and intend to camp with.  In the last picture in the bottom row, third from the right is Sylvia's block.

Finally after lunch the 7 of us who brought our one metre kid friendly fabrics played the fabric game and now we're all stitching like mad!  This completed quilt has to be returned next year and all such quilts from the other retreats will then be delivered to the hospitals for their nurseries and or neonatal areas.