Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dryden Retreat - Last Day!!!

OK let's see what I remember of this final day of retreat!  We started with breakfast with Sylvia and Len's friends then back to the Ag Ctr to sew more!  When I got back to my table I found the beach wall hanging that Sylvia and I made in that challenge and this lady won when auctioned off - she gave it for me to finish off and donate to St. Amant Ctr.  I got pictures of both our Bargello table runners and a cardinals project I need to make for myself and then I started sewing another nifty table runner and Sylvia back to her log cabin blocks, then it was lunch time.  It was too bad I did not do the hall video from the stage on Saturday when we had 75 ladies sewing but you get the idea plus we all had a banquet table each!  We had a few minutes more of sewing and then it was Show n Tell time - thanks to Adina for the Bargello table runners groups - before packing it up.

It was BEAUTIFUL out and once home and  unloaded, I headed out for a walk and clocked 6.93 km at a brisk pace of 5.2 km/hr.  I truly enjoyed the sunny warm temps but was leary when a truck with darkened windows slowed down and kept turning around to slowly go by me four/five times.  Once even stopped just ahead of me and that's when I was thinking I'd run upto someone's door.  Finally it left and I speeded up for home.  Next time I'm doing a different route - not that country walking path again.

Then I ordered pizza for supper while Sylvia did laundry and we're relaxing watching curling and now baseball.  Down time!

Also Pat phoned and told Sylvia that she'd sent a picture to me of her quilt that was hanging at Crafted this weekend at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and will be donated to a youngster in hospital here.  Congratulations Pat!!!

OK my video would not work so here are pictures around the hall.

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Anonymous said...

The bargello quilts are all great! Love the cardinals one.