Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Thursday.  Go figure it has to be inclement weather in the works just cause I'm heading to Dauphin!!!!  Just got a call from my sister and her hubby is BBQing steaks for supper "in the rain" - AHHHH!!!!!  I'm going for sure now!!!

Friday.  Well the rain let up about half hour east of town and changed to flurries.  And in the time I've stopped it's increasing.  Ok wonder what the rest of the trip will be?  ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends!  No snow here yet but definitely coming in the cool air.

Saturday.  PUZZELS I just love and Florence always has one on the go!  But this dang one is gonna still be here at Christmas - one year since opening the box.  A Nearly New shop 25 cent purchase.

Sunday.  Yes Florence is roasting turkey today!!!  Not my favorite but the trimmings make it all yummy!

Ahhhh so outdoorsy but so sweet too!!!
"Let a little light shine tonight ❤   |   From last night's amazing engagement session."  Hawthorn Images.

Then on my way back made a side trip to visit April Burdeny and Brennan south of Neepawa - lovely - before heading south to Carberry and Hwy #1 home.  On this venture into country I've never been to I saw a flock of white swans in the field with Canada geese.  Then further on a torn apart deer carcass with a huge vulture along with a bald eagle and a large number of ravens having a feast.  And finally when leaving April's & Brennan's there was a lovely scene of a deer up on the bluff overlooking the valley and further up a red fox ran out of the ditch but quickly turned back safely.


More wildlife on this one trip than others.  Oh and April's flocks of chickens, guineas and turkeys roaming the yard.  ๐Ÿ˜Š

OK I'm back from a lovely visit with family in Dauphin even if the weather did not cooperate - at least no snow - and I even got in an 8.5 km walk on Saturday.  But not today so gotta get out tomorrow.   I was very good and only had one helping at meals and not overly large either but had seconds of salads!!!  ๐Ÿ˜Š  First time I think in my life so far that I was not stuffed even if Wayne tried to tempt me with sauerkraut perogies ongoing!!!!

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