Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Well this is the weirdest New Years Eve in Winnipeg I've had.  It started out changing pet house sitting locations and then hearing Taunya missed her flight back so I had to go feed her dogs supper.  I waited to hear she was in the air then I headed back home to drop off my car and walked to Graham Ave to catch a bus partway.  As I'm walking I could hear fireworks - OK it's for the kids right?  Then another short walk to Waterfront Dr and finally home with Hamish - here's the lobby I forgot to post earlier.  So no Santa Lucia pizza and wine but that's OK.  Now I've googled and find we only had the 8pm fireworks period!  What gives they should be at midnight - the end of the year!!!!!

Feeling Hopeful!

Changeover days are always tough on me and now Taunya isn't feeling great and missed her morning flight so back this evening, I hope!  So I'm still back and forth between the two places today for mealtimes but then staying put for two weeks.  Who knows what's after that!  So here's my home away from home with Hamish greeting and accepting me right off the bat.  All is normal in his life except no Mom and Dad!  And I'll see the fireworks out the dining room windows with fireplace comfort.  280 Waterfront Drive.

Off entrance


My room for a bit

My bathroom across the hall

Long hallway

Master bedroom

Ensuite right side

Ensuite left side

I didn't take pictures but there is an office den just before the living room and an ensuite walk in closet next to their bathroom.  Now to keep the cat hair under control!  No sewing here just tatting and relaxing!  And I'm not far from the Forks.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday Update.

Well I left Edna sewing her tote with both dogs seeing me off before going back downstairs to keep Edna company.

I went to check on Hamish and he's A-OK which I'm very happy with.  I stayed and played and did his housekeeping too before heading back to the dogs and continue to assist Edna with her Emmaline Bags tote.  She packed up noonish and prepared to head to lunch.

But first an update on my banging myself up on the 26th and feeling pleased I didn't bruise.  Well I squealed in the bathroom and disturbed Zero when I looked in the mirror and saw yellow bruising.  Dang it!  My tinted moisturizer didn't help much.  Hmmmm!  Not a great picture but shows bruise on nose pad markings and bluish below eye on right side of picture.

I didn't argue when Edna suggested borscht for lunch!  Comfort food!

Dang it's cold out there!  I took Edna grocery shopping so she didnt have to bus it and then back to visit Hamish for supper and back to the dogs for one last night.

Sewing with Edna n the Dogs!

Yesterday we're sewing and the dogs are napping with Canada USA Jrs playing.  Jets on tonight.

Oh and Edna brought me homemade turkey mulagutany soup and mushroom rolls (like perishke) - spoiled me.  Meals for the next cat sitting session.

OK I had to run over to the downtown condo and check on Hamish before supper.  All was good and he briefly played with bird toy plus short visit on my lap.

YUMMY Santa Lucia Pizza and Yellow Tail chardonnay!!!!!  And the Jets!

Edna shut down the quilting retreat at nine so we're having more wine with salsa and nachos!  Watching JETS then replay the taped Jrs.  Definitely relaxing.  Dogs sleeping beside Edna on the couch.  Shuttin er down Saturday is another day.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Feeling Happy

I'm still feeling good and especially after Fred finally ate after missing two meals previously!  Apparently he's not keen on the new dog food but ate up Zero's lickety split instead.  And I've completed the two guild bookmark kits plus six of my own to add to the Dryden guild's quilt show.  Oh and here's a pic hours after that morning compliment.  Really do I look 38?????  Also these are machine embroidered tree decorations hung at KTR!  There were more but these are the ones I really LOVE!

Bottom left and top right are guild ones.

See no visible bruising unless you're really up close and know where to look.

LOVE this one!

Feeling Fantastic!

Well I had a wonderful compliment from one of the apartment tenants this morning!  He was going out for a smoke and asked if I was heading to work.  I smiled and said no I'm retired.  WELL his eyes opened wide and said no way you're way too young to be retired - you can't be more than 38!  WOW!!!!  My hair cooperated this morning - guess that helped!  At this I laughed nicely thanked him and said I've worked for 41 years it was time to retire.  He still shook his head and was aghast when I told him my age.  He adamantly shook his head and I thanked him again.  Well half hour later I'm still smiling.  Now at the Pancake House to have a Baby Apple pancake with Florence and Wayne.  🤗

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Switching Day!

I'm kinda wimpy today!  Had a good night's sleep etc even if woken by the pups 4ish but this time I ignored them and they also went back to sleep till 6ish.  But it was so cold when packing up I  started the car right away to warm it up.  I had the hatch up but for some reason it didn't stay there and came down solidly onto the back of my head.  Then I met my new clients before stopping at home to get my sewing machine n stuff before heading over to my next pet sitting.  Well now I misjudged my door frame (usually put the machine in the hatch but no room) so slammed my nose, glasses (not broken) and cheek into it.  Both times I swear I saw stars and tears the last time.  I'm such a clutz when rushing!  Wonder if I'll be blue as my nose has a lump and cheek tender.  So I'm with Zero and Fred now and less up and down letting them in and out - they are older and more settled.  Well feet up watching the Junior hockey competition and relaxing.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve supper was at my great niece's with Sylvia and Len's girls and their families.   It was a different type of meatless celebration but delicious too (especially the new for me carrot parsnip mash)!  Thank you for hosting it Amanda and Justin and to all that brought food.  I left early to return to the dogs leaving the family to visit.  I think I agree with the weather forecast - it sure felt like the coldest Christmas!  Hope those travelling are warm and safe! 🎄

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Play Time!

It's playtime with Jake who finally came onto my lap (first time meeting him) and the pups who insist on crawling onto the chair with me!  Umm two (mini St. Bernard type) Bernese pups that I'm afraid would squash me if they climbed onto my lap.  So it was scratching Griffin's head/ears and foot tummy rubs for Wheeler, the kid who rapped his legs around my one to hold me there.  KIDS!!!!  Bella was napping as usual.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

I've gone to the dogs!!!

After supper update!

Well I've had my first cold weather scare.  Bella was outside a good 20 minutes and even treats would not coax her in.  Finally I broke down and started barking behind the partially closed door freezing and the two inside started barking and in she ran.  Grabbed her treats an stood by the door to go out again.  So I coaxed her to the couch where she's sleeping.  I'm frozen and glad she has Bailey's in the fridge and I baked apple crisp.  Hope I warm up or might have to find a blanket.


Well I'm settled in with the crew and WOW Wheeler the youngest pup 10 mths now is the largest dog and Griffin 16 mths is the smallest - but all are still big!!!  Jakie the new cat was keeping me company during my late lunch.  I'll get pics of the dogs when all together soon.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Feeling Excited!

That my tatted palm tree is part of Pat's project for a Christmas gift.  I hope she can get it finished and I can't wait for them to open it Christmas Eve!  Here is a nearly framed picture as the glass would create reflections when done.  And here's a pillow I'd like to make one day that I saw at the Outlet Collection mall while shopping with Sylvia and Len - in briefly for Christmas with their girls.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Feeling Happy!

HO HO HO!!!  I'm now finished with my Christmas sewing - the last of the Christmas selvedges projects for now.  And soon will pack my machine etc to await shifting over to Taunya's for pet sitting in a few days.  Edna may join me for a sewing day with wine from my recent gifts.  Also my Christmas days relaxing will be with my games, books and some tatting maybe.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Feeling Tired!

But sure accomplished a lot today before heading out for late but brief grocery shopping and back for a very late supper.  At last 4 pairs of pot holders complete and 2 more pairs for Thursday and then I'm done for Christmas.  I love them all!  Now to relax as tomorrow is gonna be a busy full day.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Feeling Energized

Well we got stood up by the winter walkers this morning at Kilcona Park BUT Edna and I proceeded to walk the perimeter and chat with the gazillion dog walkers out there.   The dogs were all very friendly along with their owners!  Awesome day and glad we walked as it'll be the last time till after Christmas.  And WOW my baby turned another milestone - hopefully many more to come for her and I together!

Then I finally met up with Tannis G at Tim's and gave her the Mickey & Mini Mouse and friends table topper and coasters - just in time to display it's Christmas theme.  She was thrilled I remembered that and can't wait to put it on her dining table.  YES she has been a Mickey Mouse fanatic since her teens and she's around my age!  Great to know someone else who's a kid at heart AND shares my birthdate too!

Then I delivered the palm tree to Pat and she'll now finish off that gift too!

Now I'm home again and gonna finish sewing up a few last minute gifts too!

My Tatted Palm

Last night I finished one more item on my to do list, this one for my niece.  I'll post a picture of the quilted project when she finishes it.

Yes I'm really glad that my tatted palm tree turned out so good!  My niece is very pleased with the pictures and I'm sure she'll be more so when I deliver it today!  Here is the wet blocked image and VOILA the true set one.  I LOVE it!

Just tatted and stitched tog.

The wet and blocked.

The finished palm!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Jazzy Day!

First off thank you FB for my 2017 photos in review.

Again another first for me - a Christmas concert by the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra at the Winnipeg Art Gallery - with my friends Linda and Patrick.  Thanks for getting the ticket for me and this time I reimbursed you mucho faster!  😉 🎄  Apparently after is horderves and coffee while mingling and meeting performers!  I'm excited!

AWESOME concert!  Now at the after show lobby mingle and listening to more jazz!

And to top off the afternoon is my new tree ornaments made by Linda!